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Hire Developers in India

If you are looking to hire pre-vetted developers in India to create custom software solutions, then Maticz is your one-stop solution. By collaborating with our team, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of the industry’s best talents. Our expert programmers put their multidisciplinary talent and expertise into our clients’ projects to push them toward the verge of success.

If you want to speed up your business growth and transform your dreams into reality, then hire our top developers, who are proficient in working with groundbreaking technologies to come up with high-tech software. We are here to accelerate your business and boost your ROI by magnifying your productivity and cutting down on operational costs. 

- NDA Signed

- Flexible working hours

- No Legal lock

- Round-the-clock support

- On-time completion

- Agile Methodology

Why Hire Developers From Maticz?

Being the top Offshore software development company, Maticz has a pool of talented developers or programmers who offer custom software development services to facilitate businesses of all sizes, whether they are in the startup or well-established stages.

Client-centric Approach

Maticz has a passionate team of developers who work together on your projects and establish long-lasting relationships with our clients using a client-centric approach. 

Global Quality Standards 

Our Dedicated developers are committed to producing high-quality work with global quality standards. They have worked with a variety of technologies that can assist in your software development. 


With automatic time-tracking and everyday Improvisations, we present a transparent record of the progress of your project. 

Best-in-class Project Management 

Our qualified developers are easy to manage and focus mainly on what adds value to your business.

Timezone Compatibility

The main advantage of hiring developers from Maticz is that it is in India, which means it matches all your time zones with a minimum of four hours of overlap.

Cutting-edge Tech Stack

We have a robust team of software professionals who are specialized in advanced technologies that set your product apart from your competitors while satisfying your demands. 

Why Hire Developers in India?

India is a global hotspot for hiring IT professionals. There are numerous benefits to contracting with developers from India, some of which are mentioned below.

Professional IT Talents 

There is a pool of talented individuals who are certified and highly qualified in software development and programming. 

English Proficiency

Indian programmers are proficient in speaking multiple languages, especially the global language, which provides an interactive and hassle-free way of connecting and communicating with our clients from all over the world. 

Flexible Work Hours

With technology shaking up our lives with each passing day, there is a growing demand for developers who can work flexible hours, for which India makes the best option. 

Quick Onboarding Process

It is easy to onboard exceptionally skilled IT professionals with globally recognized approaches from India into your company. 

Expertise in Next-gen Technologies

Hiring Indian coders who are experienced in working with up-to-date and in-demand technologies results in a high-end product. 

Trustable Partner Authorization

Hiring Software professionals from a recognized and trustable Indian outsourcing company like Maticz will help you attain your business goals in no time. 

Hire Skilled Indian Developers/Programmers 

Get access to hire skilled Indian developers/programmers to develop a diverse range of software and applications. 

1) Hire Web Developers 

2) Hire Mobile App Developers 

3) Hire Front-end Developers 

4) Hire Full-stack Developers 

5) Hire Backend Developers 

6) Hire API Developers 

How to Hire Developers Through Maticz?

Being the top Nearshore software development company, Maticz has a track record of delivering agile software through result-driven approaches. Check out the well-defined and clear-cut process to hire developers from Maticz. 

Analyzing the Requirements 

As a first step in our hiring process, we connect with our clients and have a good understanding of the specifications and technologies they need for your project. 

Listing and Screening Developers

We start by providing you with a list of all the developers who have extensive expertise in handling complex projects and can be suitable for your business operations. 

Hiring Dedicated Developers 

Before hiring a developer, you can evaluate the qualifications of our clients. We let you hire our developers through screening to get the best ones for your project.

Assigning Tasks

We gather the requirements for your project before assigning the project work. You can choose from a large pool of IT talents to work on your project. Every project will have a dedicated project manager who will oversee its progress and keep you informed on it regularly. 


The development work on your project will start after you hire a qualified developer, and they will keep you updated as it progresses. 

Hiring Engagement Models 

Every project is different, and we think it should be approached that way. We design each framework with the true conviction that the key to defining collaboration between a client and a solution provider is an engagement model. 

Fixed Price Model

In this fixed-price model, we agree with our clients on a single project cost. We get clear requirements, a specified scope, and a predetermined timescale that best matches their paradigm. 

Dedicated Team Model

We provide a team of programmers for our clients to focus only on their projects as part of this framework for collaboration. This strategy works well for lengthy projects with flexible requirements, complex development workflows, or circumstances where the client wants to exert strict control over the development process.

Time and Material Model

We offer our clients a Time and Material framework for collaboration in exchange for the actual time and resources employed on the project. It is useful for projects that have vague or changeable requirements, flexible timetables, or when producing a high-quality final result is the main objective.

Extended Team Model

In our extended team model, we let our clients augment their internal teams with software developers from our company.  This approach is appropriate when a business needs to enhance its development capacity without adding full-time employees.

Why Hire Programmers from Maticz?

Maticz is a Top Software Development Company backed by certified programmers and experienced developers who provide reliable and scalable software solutions. We are an ideal digital partner to bring your idea to market, having delivered 750+ web and mobile applications for more than 500 top brands and companies around the world. With 250+ developers on board who have hands-on experience working on a wide array of domains and projects, we manage your entire project using a business-driven and growth-centric approach. 

Hire top Indian Developers with umpteen skills in Python, React, Swift, Node, React Native, Android, Java, DevOps, and many more. We choose our developers through rigorous tests and interviews, so there is no way that your project can go wrong. We have a collaborative team that is well-versed in data structures, coding languages, database knowledge, operating systems, debugging, and software frameworks. 

We are more than just developers who can come up with effective digital solutions for your real-world technical problems. There is no need for micromanagement since they take complete responsibility for attaining your project guidelines and goals. We provide a successful launch and a soft landing for your project. Then Why wait? Get in touch with us right away. 

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