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Enter the world of crypto gaming excellence by crafting immersive game experiences by availing of our prolific crypto game development services that set new standards in the crypto realm. 

Crypto Game Development

Crypto games are bringing a new era to the gaming industry by intertwining with new-age technologies. Crypto game development refers to the process of developing awe-inspiring games with the utilization of technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Web3, and Metaverse. Crypto games enrich player experiences with breathtaking graphics, smooth gameplay, and fascinating storylines and open the doors of ownership, authenticity, engagement, and economic potential. This fusion of technology offers the players earning potential through cryptocurrency rewards by achieving milestones in the gameplay. 

Maticz is the top crypto game development company that designs and creates engaging and powerful games with a wide array of crypto game development services. Maticz helps you harness the power of blockchain technology and helps your players take charge by creating high-quality games. We house a team of proficient game developers who utilize powerful gaming engines such as Unreal, Unity 3D, and CryEngine to create games with high-resolution animations and riveting gameplay. 

Crypto Game Development Services

Maticz has world-class crypto game developers who are determined to offer the best-quality crypto game development services that aid in the creation of next-gen games. 

Full-Cycle Crypto Game Development

Maticz with its sheer level of expertise offers full-cycle crypto game development services which help in crafting full-fledged games right from scratch to deployment. 

Custom Crypto Game Development 

Maticz is well-versed in offering custom crypto game development services to create games that can be customized and tailored to business goals and requirements. 

In-Game Asset Management

Our game developers create in-game assets and tradable tokens that offer true ownership to trade their assets within and beyond the gaming platform. 

Avatar and Character Development 

Maticz has expert designers who design and develop 2D and 3D characters and avatars that make the gameplay more interesting and immersive. 

Crypto Game Maintenance and Support

Our technical prowess at maticz offers robust maintenance and support services to address any issues promptly and ensure the game runs smoothly. 

Crypto Game Development Solutions

Maticz has expert game developers who create games for various gaming genres with jaw-dropping gaming experiences. Explore the top crypto game development solutions listed below.  

Play-to-earn Games

Maticz develops play-to-earn games that offer its players the ability to earn rewards within the games by achieving milestones and also making profits using their in-game assets which are represented as tokens and NFTs for real-world value. 

Move-to-earn Games 

Move-to-earn games are a type of blockchain-based game where the players earn money by participating in activities such as walking, running, and jogging. Our developers create move-to-earn games that enable the players to earn rewards in the form of crypto, NFT, and tokens. 

Metaverse Games

Maticz develops metaverse games that blend the real world and virtual world by integrating technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing an immersive gaming experience. 

Crypto Casino Games

Maticz creates intuitive casino games that bring a realistic casino game experience to the users. With the integration of blockchain technology casino games offer compelling benefits like transparency, high security, automated game mechanics, etc. 

Benefits of Crypto Game Development 

Crypto games offer a range of compelling benefits that set them apart from traditional gaming experiences. 

Complete Ownership

One of the significant benefits of crypto games is it offers true ownership. The players hold their in-game assets as NFTs which offers complete ownership and use them to trade assets within our platform. 

Improved Security 

Blockchain technology ensures in offering security by preventing the games and in-game assets from data breaches and fraudulent activities. 

Instant Transaction

The crypto games facilitate rapid transactions by enabling micro-payments and micro-transactions by leveraging blockchain technology making them secure and tamper-proof. 

Monetization Strategies 

The crypto games ensure to offer diverse revenue streams by employing play-to-earn models where players earn crypto rewards that hold real-world value. 

Cross-Game Interoperability

Crypto games leverage blockchain technology which is interoperable and thus the players can transfer their in-game assets across different games. 

Innovative Gameplay 

Crypto games offer unique and engaging gameplay by integrating technologies like blockchain, metaverse, and virtual reality which makes the game mechanics innovative. 

Crypto Game Development Process

The crypto game development process involves a systematic approach that helps in developing games with long-lasting gaming experiences.

Choose the Game Type 

The initial step in developing a crypto game is choosing the game type such as 2D games or 3D games and selecting the gaming genre based on the game concept and the budget specified by the client. 

Select the Game Engine 

At this step, the game developers proceed with choosing suitable game engines. There are a number of game engines such as Unreal Engine, and Unity 3D which offer unique features and functionalities. 

Develop a Game Design Document 

After considering the key attributes in the game development process, the developers proceed with developing the game design document. This document serves as a blueprint that outlines the storyline, gameplay, game mechanics, level designs, visual styles, etc. 

Design Game Structure 

Once the game design document is developed, the complete game structure is designed based on the storyline. The 3D avatars, characters, objects, play-to-earn game mechanisms, and other in-game assets, are developed in such a way that it captivates the players being more realistic. 

Integrate Animations and Graphics

After designing the game structure, the game graphics and animations of the characters are set up. The animations and graphics are the key aspects that bring out the best outcome of the games with high-quality visuals. 

Integrate Blockchain and Smart Contract

This is the pivotal step in the game development process, the suitable blockchain network which aligns with the game requirement is integrated. Then the smart contracts are developed and integrated which automates the in-game function and tokenizes the in-game assets. 

Implement Game Models

After the development and integration of key functionalities, and necessary coding the developed game models such as the 3D avatars, characters, and environment are integrated to bring out a completely developed game. 

Crypto Game Testing

At this step, the fully developed game is subjected to testing. Our software testing team undergoes some rigorous testing to ensure the game is free from bugs and issues and make sure the game performance is smooth. 

Crypto Game Deployment 

This is the final stage in the crypto game development process. The developed crypto game is ready for deployment in the respective environment and other platforms such as PCs, mobile devices, etc. 

Tech Stack, We Use For Crypto Game Development

Our experts at Maticz master in utilizing the technical tools to craft crypto games with an immersive gaming experience.

Unity 3D

Unreal Engine






Hire Crypto Game Developers 

Maticz being the leader in crypto game development has a seasoned team of crypto game developers who have vast experience in game creation. Our expert game developers have supreme skills to craft groundbreaking gaming experiences by embracing state-of-the-art technologies such as Blockchain, Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Maticz is packed with game developers who offer comprehensive crypto & blockchain game development solutions with amazing user experience for next-level entertainment. 

Our pre-vetted crypto game developers specialize in tailoring unique game mechanics, NFT integrations, and play-to-earn models to the business requirements. Our game developers have deep expertise in crafting your ideal games by leveraging the right tech stacks. Ready to establish your foot in the world of gaming? Then hire our adroit game developers who have a track record of delivering top-quality games across various gaming genres for clients across the globe. 

What Makes Us a Top Crypto Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the top crypto game development companies in India which offers full-scale cryptocurrency game development services to develop top-quality games that captivate players driving high user engagement. Maticz has a team of visionary crypto game experts who have in-depth expertise in blockchain technology that helps in crafting successful crypto games with unique functionalities resonating with the market trends.  

Maticz with an extensive knowledge in the gaming industry, seamlessly blends your game with innovative technologies that power up the game's cutting-edge gameplay. We are determined to push the boundaries of your imagination to craft games that are more realistic and engaging. We have served global clients and have set standards for developing games that stay in and out with uniqueness. Planning to venture into the realm of crypto games? Avail of our pitch-perfect game development services that reinvent novel gaming experiences for the players.

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