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Develop Avant-grade cryptocurrency applications by joining hands with the best cryptocurrency development company. Maticz assists you in developing multi-utility cryptocurrencies and altcoins with a rapid implementation strategy using ground-breaking tech stacks.


Bitcoin-like Cryptocurrency Creation Service

Cryptocurrency is on the verge of replacing conventional trading, and its applications are vast across industries. Many institutions like the government (western), banking, healthcare, etc., consider cryptocurrency the best alternative to fiat currencies. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are the popular online investment choice for many digital traders. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) invented to function as a reliable exchange medium. These virtual coins have the potential to become a global currency considering their popularity and demand.

Maticz is the best cryptocurrency development company that offers top-rated altcoin and crypto development services with certified crypto coin developers. We offer impeccable cryptocurrency creation services to help crypto enthusiasts develop a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It allows them and their target users to utilize the developed virtual currencies as utility or security tokens. Many Bitcoin-inspired cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., are launched after witnessing their widespread acceptance and massive success. Develop your cryptocurrency with unique functionalities and compete with these popular digital currencies.

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Cryptocurrency Coin Creation

Matiz offers peerless cryptocurrency coin creation services with a motive to stabilize the ever-changing crypto landscape. Approach us to turn any remarkable crypto ideas into innovative coins developed using advanced tech stacks.

ICO Development

We help startups to acquire funds for their projects with our scalable Cryptocurrency Legal Services services. Our customized and comprehensive Cryptocurrency Legal Services services offer end-to-end assistance from whitepaper creation to ICO market launch.

Custom Altcoin Creation

Develop a unique and lucrative digital currency like Bitcoin by availing of our Custom Altcoin development solutions. We offer complete Altcoin development services, including devising a solid blueprint for the liquidity of developed altcoin.

Cryptocurrency Whitepaper Creation

We have a team of expert writers who help you develop a detailed, persuasive and flawless whitepaper to secure funds for your crypto project from investors. Our whitepaper creation services involve a detailed market survey before development.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

The applications of digital wallets like cryptocurrency wallets are manifold and can be used seamlessly across supported platforms. Maticz offers multi-wallet development services with next-gen features and bank-grade security to facilitate faster and more secure digital transactions.

Cryptocurrency Legal Services

A cryptocurrency market launch requires adherence to the digital trading laws of certain countries. We help enterprises create appropriate legal documents and frameworks to overcome challenges in launching a new cryptocurrency, apart from providing legal consultations.

Our Versatile

Maticz offers best-in-class cryptocurrency development services that help our customers to integrate next-gen digital coins into their legacy systems. We help them develop and launch cryptocurrency or an altcoin which can be used as a utility token to purchase a product or service or as a ticket to various events. It can also be used as a security token to represent the ownership of stock or any other digital assets.

  • Cryptocurrency Coin Creation
  • ICO Development
  • Custom Altcoin Creation
  • Cryptocurrency Whitepaper Creation
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
  • Cryptocurrency Legal Services


As a prominent cryptocurrency & altcoin development company, we offer diverse cryptocurrency and altcoin development solutions with our altcoin developers. We craft meticulous code that helps you realize all your cryptocurrency project requirements.

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We adapt industry best practices and high-security rules to create more secure, transparent, and reliable cryptocurrency coins. Following the emergence of state-of-the-art distributed ledger technologies (hashgraph and DAG), our blockchain experts started implementing ground-breaking technologies to build and deliver a revolutionary cryptocurrency or an altcoin. Some of our cryptocurrency and altcoin development solutions are listed below.

Advanced Algorithm And Lightning Network Development

Maticz makes use of sophisticated and advanced protocols to build your cryptocurrency. The encrypted blockchain technology and the lightning network allow users to transact safely, quickly, and reliably.

Asset Tokenization

We help you seamlessly tokenize any real-world or digital assets with our unparalleled asset tokenization services. Our flawless crypto token development process enables the creation of highly secure, multi-functional, and scalable tokens.

Micropayment Solution

Micro-payment solution allows users to spend the desired amount to buy a product or service without transaction limits. It is a must-have cryptocurrency development solution that enables customers to transact as little as a fraction of a cent.

Sidechain Development

To efficiently process and validate cryptocurrency transactions, a robust sidechain that runs independently of the network is connected to the main chain by a two-way bridge. The sidechain also can be used to maintain the authenticity of the network in case of threats.

At Maticz, we have been implementing a proven and successful cryptocurrency development methodology for nearly a decade.

Requirement Analysis & Solution Development

At first, we analyze your requirements with absolute care and then come up with the best solution to make your cryptocurrency development ideas achievable targets.

Whitepaper Creation

After finding an appropriate solution, we imply those ideas and clearly explain everything about your cryptocurrency development project in a technical whitepaper.

Dashboard Development

This step involves designing and developing an intuitive admin dashboard that gives complete control of funds raised via ICO.

Wallet Setup

Wallet setup involves the creation of a robust and multi-currency crypto wallet to facilitate secure transactions and store private keys of various virtual assets.

ICO Development Services

We craft solid pre-ICO and post-ICO plans based on the base price of your tokens to raise the required funds for your innovative vision.

ICO Marketing Services & Coin Drop

We support you in effortlessly announcing your digital presence and raising funds for your crypto venture by leveraging the benefits of online marketing.

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Cryptocurrency Development Process

Our Expertise

With our strong expertise in cryptocurrency development services, the creation of a next-gen cryptocurrency on any blockchain platform is practically feasible. We can develop any cryptocurrencies that are analogous to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Nxt, Dogecoin, Peercoin, etc. Approach us for a cryptocurrency development with ground-breaking features on the blockchain network of your choice.

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We incorporate more advanced frameworks and algorithms to develop a multi-functional cryptocurrency with cross-chain compatibility.

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Top Cryptocurrency Development Agency

Top Cryptocurrency Development Agency

As a top-rated cryptocurrency development agency, we implement our expertise in developing cryptocurrencies or altcoins with our pre-vetted crypto developers. We transform any new cryptocurrency development ideas into practical coins using cutting-edge technologies. We implement a holistic approach, adapt agile development methodology, and accompany you in all the phases of cryptocurrency projects. We even help you seamlessly raise funds for cryptocurrency projects through unparalleled ICO development services.

Maticz, a start-up-friendly crypto coin development company, offers customized altcoin and cryptocurrency development solutions. In addition, we provide 24/7 customer support, post-launch technical and non-technical assistance, and much more. Maticz makes your crypto dreams come true thanks to our obsession with crypto space and blockchain experts.

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Cryptocurrency development defines the process of creating digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The ownership of these virtual currencies is stored on a distributed ledger of the blockchain network and uses a cryptographic hash to record transactions. In simple terms, cryptocurrency development either means digital coin or token creation.

Maticz offers remarkable cryptocurrency development services for startups and enterprises across the world. We help you develop a cryptocurrency with robust and scalable features within a short time. All our cryptocurrency development solutions are customizable and pocket-friendly.

Cryptocurrencies are required to facilitate transparent and secure digital transactions and are the best alternative to traditional currencies. Like every technology, blockchain-backed cryptocurrency has its pros and cons. But, the advantages of cryptocurrencies such as decentralized exchanges, secure and faster transactions, etc., outweigh their disadvantages.

Cryptocurrency development costs are associated with many factors like functionalities, customizations required, tech stacks, etc. In general, the average price of cryptocurrency ranges between $2000 and $5000, and the cost might increase depending on the utility and other requirements.

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