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As we are heading towards the next generation of the internet, it is important to create an innovative way to own and manage our digital assets in a highly safe and secure way. Web3 has just started and we're already witnessing this ecosystem getting powerful attention in the digital world.

Web3 Crypto Wallet

Web3 wallet is a perfect conglomeration of digital wallet and web3 technology to store, send, receive and manage digital assets from fungible to non-fungible and to use Defi protocols. Being built on a decentralized network like Blockchain, it gives users easy access to DApps without involving intermediaries in trading and lending assets. Unlike crypto wallets created to hold only cryptocurrency, web3 wallets can store all kinds of digital assets like NFT, SBT, and Cryptocurrencies. Simply, a web3 wallet is a tool to access the web3 ecosystem.

Why Web3 Crypto Wallet?

Finding a digital wallet that can store and manage multiple types of cryptocurrency in a decentralized way makes it stand out from other types of crypto wallets. Web3 wallet is a house of security and privacy as it doesn’t bring about any transaction without approving the user’s wallet address which also serves as an identity to access web3 apps. Using web3 wallets, users can not only easily keep a check on their balance and send tokens but also set up an account in minutes.

Web3 Crypto Wallet Development

Web3 crypto wallet development involves a long process right from requirement gathering to deployment. Maticz is a prominent web3 crypto wallet development company that develops custom web3 crypto wallets with the industry’s top web3 crypto wallet developers. Our enterprise works to give life to your wallet business ideas and needs with our new and advanced technologies and develop the best products in the industry.

Web3 Wallet Development Process

Technical analysis

During web3 wallet development, our developers primarily analyze the purpose of the project and what outcome is expected from them by the clients.

Project Plan

Once the project-related requirements are drawn from the clients, our team starts designing the architecture of the web3 wallet after discussing it with designers and strategists.

Front-end development

Following the blueprint of the project, processes related to front-end development like designing UI and UX are done to improve the aesthetic experience of the product by identifying and solving problems that users may face while using it.

Back-end development

Our smart back-end developers produce high-quality code using advanced tools, frameworks, databases, and back-end logic and ensure that the product meets the client’s requirements before testing.


Our QA team makes sure that the back end responds quickly and perfectly to the requests of front-end users. If any issues are spotted, they will be forwarded again to the development team for resolution.


After ensuring that every feature of the product works well and getting approval from the client, the web3 wallet will be deployed to get exposure among customers. 

Web3 Wallet Development Services

Being the pioneer of blockchain wallet development, Maticz started to experiment with the Web3 wallet when it started to emerge. Let's have a look at a glimpse of our Web3 wallet development services.

Multicurrency Web3 Wallet

Multi-currency web3 crypto wallet simplifies the trading process by allowing users to store, buy, sell and manage digital assets like NFTs, cryptos, and tokens by being in any part of the world via the internet. 

Web3 Mobile Wallet

Since the web3 mobile wallet is designed to please mobile phone users who constitute a wide audience, it lets users make remote digital payments and transactions through mobile.

White Label Web3 Wallet

With a White label web3 wallet, it is effortless to send and receive cryptocurrencies from one wallet address to another wallet address. Since it comes with both private and public keys, users are given full control over their assets.

Web3 Tron Wallet

Web3 Tron wallets make it easy for users to trade Tronix hassle-free and protect their private keys and TRX coins with advanced security features and encryption.

Centralized Web3 Wallet

Unlike decentralized wallets, Centralized web3 wallets allow users to store personal and tactful information using private keys and control the accessibility limit to make it invulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Decentralized Web3 Wallet

Decentralized web3 wallets allow peer-to-peer digital transactions by eliminating the threat of corporate or government financial surveillance and help users connect and interact with DApps effortlessly.

Features of our Web3 Crypto Wallet Development

Our Web3 crypto wallet is packed with the following requisite features though it can be customized according to the business needs.

Multi-currency support

With its feature of multi-currency support, users can do trading using various currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins with which they are comfortable.

Multi-Platform compatibility

Web3 crypto wallet can be compatible with various hardware platforms and operating systems.

Two-factor authentication

In case of sensitive information stored in the wallet, users can make use of two-factor authentication which requires them to have another layer of security to their account.

Automated session logout

The wallet session logs out on its own if the screen remains idle after a specific time to prevent deceitful activities and phishing attacks.

Multi-crypto payment gateways

In Web3 crypto wallet, multi-crypto payment gateways allow users to trade in more than one cryptocurrency by accepting multiple cryptos and making payments in various cryptos.

Wallet Backup

Users can restore their data with the help of a backup feature that is incorporated within the wallet thereby preventing computer failures and human errors.

What Makes Us Top Web3 Wallet Development Company?

Maticz is a top-rated and highly professional Web3 wallet development company. It is possible to develop your Web3 wallet quickly and efficiently with the help of our talented web3 developers who never get tired of approaching the product with unique strategies until getting satisfactory results. 

Our company remains a one-stop shop to paint all your needs and requirements with our colorful ideas and value-driven development process. Being an expert in providing various web3 solutions, we can undertake even complicated projects with proficiency and ease.  Get started today and collaborate with us to develop your Web3 crypto wallet.

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