Blockchain Wallet Development

Customizing our turnkey Blockchain wallet Development solutions under your needs will assist you to create a multi-chain crypto wallet. Maticz offers world-renowned solutions and assures long-term profitability via various revenue models.


Blockchain Wallet Development Company

Maticz is an Enthralling Blockchain Wallet Development Company that offers white-label and high-standard wallet applications to startups and large-scale enterprises also. We develop a multi-chain wallet incorporated with cutting-edge features and elite functionalities and also use suitable frameworks that provide a seamless trading experience to the users. Our proficients create a Multi-layer secured crypto wallet using blockchain technology to streamline transactions.

Our Blockchain wallet has advanced payment gateway integration solutions and lightening speed transactions hence paving the way to the top Crypto business development. Avail of our Blockchain wallet Development services to leverage our business-centric crypto wallet solutions. Our team of Blockchain innovators is committed to delivering highly effective crypto wallets for digitalized assets for long-term profitability.

Supports Unlimited Cryptos, Tokens
Advanced Security Protocols
Certified Blockchain Developers
100% Bug-free Source Code

50 +


300 +

Projects Delivered

350 +

Total Projects

Blockchain Wallet is an encoded computer application or software that allows crypto users to hold and execute transactions with their cryptocurrencies by interacting with the native blockchain network. To receive cryptocurrencies, Users can send requests and receives via QR codes or unique wallet addresses sent to the sender.

Every transaction of the cryptocurrencies is recorded on the blockchain network. When it comes to the blockchain wallet, the transaction becomes much more secure and encrypted than in other wallets. Traders can utilize both device-based and online crypto wallets to store their cryptocurrencies. The process of crypto transactions on a blockchain wallet might seem identical to a digital wallet.

Send & Receive Digital Assets
Store Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Advanced Decentralized Technology
Secured Crypto Transactions
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What is a Blockchain Wallet


Blockchain Wallet Development Solutions

Blockchain Wallet Development has expanded to evolve productivity for every type of transaction. It triggers the creation of multiple tokens or coins resulting in demand for managing and storing the cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, Blockchain crypto Wallet development services are very useful for every type of virtual storage and business transaction. Multi-chain Wallet Development has revolutionized crypto transactions by allowing inflation-free and global transaction capabilities.

Maticz provides a standardized multi-chain wallet solution with function-rich asset management functionalities. Hire our proficient experts to create blockchain wallets that are extraordinary with their security features and eye-catching interface. Our Blockchain wallet is not only designed to save your cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and much more but also facilitates transactions through managing multi cryptocurrencies. Connect us to make your business ideas for Blockchain wallet development the next turn.

Smart Contract Audited Code
Multi Blockchain Compatability
Faster Crypto Transactions
Market-ready & White-label Solution
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NFT Wallet Development

Avail of our NFT wallet development services and let your wallet users experience the receiving, transferring, and a string of NFTs.

DeFi Wallet Development

Build a non-custodial and decentralized wallet with Maticz’s DeFi wallet solutions, and get the most cutting-edge security and elite features.

Blockchain Web Wallet

With the help of extensive technologies, We provide a highly secure blockchain web wallet to store, receive, and retrieve cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Wallet App Development

Our Blockchain architects provide spectacular mobile wallet applications that assist users in tracking cryptos without any complications.

Blockchain-Crypto Wallet Integration

With the integration of a Blockchain-powered crypto wallet, traders are extremely satisfied as it tends to store various cryptos & tokens.

Centralized Wallet Development

Our centralized wallet development solutions assist to protect your user’s private keys and provide them with a secure trading experience.

Coin-Specific Wallet Development

We offer highly-reliable Coin-specific wallet development for your users, who need the specific cryptocurrency and its value of returns.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Maticz provides a Bitcoin & multi-currency wallet solution, that supports a set of crypto assets, and permits our users to store various crypto assets safely.

Tron Wallet Development

We provide Customized wallets like Tron for both startup and established businesses to manage their TRX, Tron native currency.

Our Elegant

Maticz is highly recognized for offering top-rated blockchain wallet development services with the industry’s best blockchain wallet developers. Here mentioned below are the proven blockchain wallet development services that we offer to crypto aspirants.

  • NFT Wallet Development
  • DeFi Wallet Development
  • Blockchain Web Wallet
  • Mobile Wallet App Development
  • Blockchain-Crypto Wallet Integration
  • Centralized Wallet Development
  • Coin-Specific Wallet Development
  • Bitcoin Wallet Development
  • Tron Wallet Development


Our Blockchain wallet software development solution is filled with top-rated features that make a competitive edge in the crypto business.

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In-chat Transaction

In-Chat transaction features permit wallet users to trade virtual currencies instantly without any intermediates.


User-friendly UI

We offer a bitcoin wallet solution with stunning user interfaces that ensure user-friendly for newbies and established traders.


Auto-Private Key Generation

Once the transaction is done on a cryptocurrency wallet, a new public key is generated. It helps to protect your crypto assets from hackers.


Near Field Communication (NFC)

The NFC features in our Multi-chain wallet development solutions allow the user to ensure that digital assets are exchanged between users in one tap.


Crypto Exchange API

With the integration of a mainstream crypto exchange API connection, the user can trade assets without leaving the platform in a trustworthy way.


OTC Trading Facility

Over-The-Counter(OTC) trading allows two wallet users to trade assets directly. The transactions are more securable and have a minimal latent period.


Automatic Conversion Rates

In this Automatic Conversion Rates feature, Users can check their transferred amount in USD, AUD, GBP, and other fiat currencies at any time.


Credit Card Purchase

With the help of Credit cards, users are allowed to purchase cryptocurrencies while assuring rapid speed and stable transactions.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

We create a crypto wallet that supports various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry and it is compatible with all desktop platforms also.

Our Blockchain Wallet App Development is an exclusive solution that helps to manage cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets. With the help of our multi-chain wallet app, users can store, stake, send, receive or retrieve their cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, Dogecoins, etc. in a highly secure manner. Our Blockchain wallet application supports custodial and non-custodial wallets that can be operated with the help of smart contracts. Maticz offers you the superlative White label blockchain wallet application that includes super flexibility in mobile devices to get effective transactions.

Utilize our high-quality Blockchain wallet app development solutions to clutch the lead in an extremely competitive field. We render this solution to both startup and established large-scale businesses. Our clients benefit from peerless performance, and user-friendly, and shatterproof security. We assure you that our customized or white-label wallet applications will satisfy your business requirements. Connect with our blockchain experts and create your future-proof wallet app solutions.

Ardent Dashboard
Biometric Authentication
Push Notifications
Splendid UI Design
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Our Elite

Blockchain Wallet App Development


Explore our fully-fledged blockchain wallet app security features that bring new crypto-based business opportunities for you.

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Password Protection

With the help of password protection, users can set a four-digit PIN to ensure secure authenticated access to their wallet.


Threat Protection

This feature aids to protect against security threats to secure mobile and web apps from various vicious attacks such as DDOS.



The owner of the wallet can set the withdrawal limit and can assign at most two co-signers to approve the withdrawal request.


12-word Mnemonic Phrase

If the application is moved to another device or deleted by mistake, the wallet recovery process is made simple by a 12-word Mnemonic Phrase.


Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is the safest verification process that adds multi-layer security to protect the user’s financial and personal information.


Breach Investigation & KMS

Ensuring the data authenticity, and scaling reports to maintain track of the breaches are some added security features in the wallet.


Email Authentication

To initiate a withdrawal request, users need to verify a verification mail along with an Email authentication, to make a secure transaction.


Optional Session Logout

When the user of the crypto wallet remains inactive for more than the usual time, the session is logged out automatically.


Biometric Authentication

The user is verified with Biometric security techniques such as facial recognition and fingerprints, every time a transaction is requested.

Maticz offers best-in-class multi-chain crypto wallet development services and solutions to our clients with best-in-class features. Our quick-witted blockchain wallet development team provides top-rated crypto wallet applications that support unlimited cryptocurrency, tokens, and blockchain frameworks.

Our Blockchain Wallet App Development is an exclusive solution that helps to manage cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets. With the help of our multi-chain wallet app, users can store, stake, send, receive or retrieve their cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, Dogecoins, etc. in a highly secure manner. Our Blockchain wallet application supports custodial and non-custodial wallets that can be operated with the help of smart contracts. Maticz offers you the superlative White label blockchain wallet application that includes super flexibility in mobile devices to get effective transactions.

Multi Blockchain Operability
Store Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Bug-free & Efficient Smart Contracts
Supports Cryptos & Token Staking


We design and develop Tron Tokens with a wide range technical expertise that define the standard and quality in product delivery. Tech requirements include

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Maticz provides institutional-grade Blockchain Wallet Application Development Services. Here are the amazing benefits that make your wallet impregnable.

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Instant buy/sell cryptocurrency

With our outstanding blockchain wallet application solution, users can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies instantly and acquire amazing benefits.

Quick Transactions

Users can make transactions rapidly with the help of multi-layered security. It is one of the most crucial benefits of a blockchain wallet.

Avoid Intruders and theft

Users can store and retrieve cryptocurrencies in a securable manner. Nobody can access the user’s wallet account which avoids online data theft.


An Immutable feature of the multi-chain wallet assures that the data stored on the blockchain can’t modify any part of the transactions.

Multi-currency support

Users can shift a multitude of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and more., across a single platform.

Auto-Denial Duplicate Payments

There can be no charge-back since the bitcoin wallet system automatically senses and rejects duplicate transactions and payments.

We specialize in your own bitcoin wallet with the help of our blockchain architects and focus on creating a crypto wallet that is highly scalable, and secure.

Global Compatibility and Reliability

Complete Financial Control

Merchant payment services

Bill payment for day-to-day activities

Automated savings process

Contactless payments

Budget planning

To get rewards, coupons, and discounts

Shared online accounts for project fund allotment.


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Blockchain Wallet App Development Process

Maticz offers ready-to-scale Crypto Wallet app Development services for both small to large-scale enterprises. Here is the stepping stone process of creating a bitcoin wallet app.

Discovery Workshop

In the first step, we understand your business requirements, goals, and priorities. These multiple ideas generating session aids us to outline your future goals

Strategy And Solution Design

After the first step, we gather your business demands in a whiteboard session, we start designing, prototyping, and user-testing your wallet solutions.


After the design is encoded, the design is approved by you. Our development lifecycle contains 3 stages: Alpha, Beta, and Release phase.

Testing And QA

We continue our data-acquired validation process and execute in-depth QA testing, for each release of your product. After that, it moves to the final release.

Launch And Maintenance

Once the product is satisfactory for you and approved the wallet solution, our developers publish the product in a live environment.

Support And Customer Service

To assure continuous progress, we perform endless product and platform maintenance and provide support anytime.

Top Blockchain Wallet Development Agency

Top Blockchain Wallet Development Agency?

Maticz, being the most reputable Blockchain wallet development agency, we have surpassed in crypto wallet development for businesses of any scale, based on their necessities. We assure high-quality wallet development by making use of our blockchain architects. Our development geeks ensure the creation of the best blockchain-powered crypto wallets with adequate digital asset management. Our wallet solutions are completely customized and support client-specific businesses.

We, at Maticz technologies, are frontiersperson in creating superior bitcoin wallets with top-level security that execute flawlessly over the blockchain with minimal intricacies. With world-class technology and resources, we have become a feature-packed Blockchain wallet Development company that provides notable crypto wallet development solutions for various globalized clients.

Highly Experienced Team
Secure Codebase
150+ Trusted Clients
NDA Signed
Agile Development Methodology
10x Better Communication
100% Quality Assurance
Pre/Post Deployment Support
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


We have vast experience in developing all types of wallets - such as DeFi wallet, NFT wallet, Bitcoin, Multi-currency wallet, coin-specific wallet, and more.,

We integrate cutting-edge security measures into our blockchain wallets to assure 100% error-free transactions. Some of our security aspects include Email authentication, 2FA, Biometric Authentication (for mobile apps), 12 world mnemonic phase, and more.,

  • High operability
  • Cost-effective
  • Legitimacy
  • Protocol-based working
  • Unbreakable security

The average storage capacity of the blockchain wallet is holding 100+ cryptocurrencies. The blockchain wallet that we develop can hold more than 150 cryptocurrencies including popular currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, etc., If you want to boost the compatibility of your wallet, we are ready to customize the wallet based on your business preferences.

Of Course! Yes! It is possible to connect your multi-chain wallet to other platforms with the help of API integration techniques, provided the respective platforms render API compatibility.

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