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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency is introduced to promote a decentralized payment system and remove the involvement of third-party. The cryptocurrency exchange platform bridges the gap between virtual currency and the modern economy while helping cryptocurrency become mainstream. So, the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency and decentralized global payment solutions can be made possible through robust cryptocurrency exchange development.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are a core part of the modern economy due to the acceptance and popularity of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Further, the cryptocurrency niche witnessed a significant rise in trading volume due to the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Maticz, an iconic cryptocurrency exchange development company is a pioneer in delivering scalable crypto exchange solutions and implements proven development methodologies and best security protocols for effective Cryptocurrency exchange development. It is essential to deploy a futuristic and user-friendly crypto exchange platform with cutting-edge features and functionalities that allow crypto traders to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies.

Maximized Liquidity
Enterprise-grade Security
Next-gen Trading Features
More Revenue Sources

As a well-versed cryptocurrency exchange software development company, we offer versatile cryptocurrency exchange software solutions that resonate well with the client's business needs. For instance, an exclusive admin panel will be integrated into a centralized exchange and a DAO ecosystem in a decentralized crypto exchange platform.

In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange solutions are customizable and come with various business models, which results in cost and time-saving. Cryptocurrency exchange of any module (centralized, decentralized, or hybrid) can be launched with minimal development to deployment time with market-ready solutions. Further, the cryptocurrency exchange software supports multiple devices and more than 1000 cryptocurrencies while facilitating 100k transactions per second.

Certified Developers
Secure Codebase
NDA Signed
Agile Approach
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Mind-Blowing Key Stats and Facts

The cryptocurrency exchange has become one of the most profitable cryptocurrency business ideas in this digital era. The following stats & facts describe why you should establish a new-age cryptocurrency exchange to maximize your ROI.

  • According to Cryptoslate, Binance generated an astonishing $12 Billion in revenue in 2022 and is the largest cryptocurrency exchange (based on revenue and volume).
  • Coinbase has over 95 million users and is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, as per Statist reports.
  • According to Decrypt, Cash App, a popular cryptocurrency application, is the second largest platform (based on revenue).
  • According to a report from Analytics Insight, the global cryptocurrency market was valued at USD 858.43 bn.
  • The average daily trading volume on crypto exchange platforms was over $47 bn and the figure is expected to increase constantly, as per stats on the Influencer marketing hub.
  • According to Young and Invested, there are more than 590 cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • As per a report from Grand View Research, the global cryptocurrency exchange platform market was valued at USD 37.07 billion IN 2022.
  • The same survey predicts that the crypto exchange platform will reach USD 264.32 billion at an estimated CAGR of 27.8%.

Our top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development services involve the development of robust and reliable cryptocurrency exchange solutions for clients across diverse verticals. A broad range of services helps the enterprise meet its requirements.


Centralized Exchange Development

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform that delivers the exchange of cryptos mediated by a central controlling body, offering an extreme degree of security and a trustworthy degree of transacting the cryptos with Maticz.

  • An intuitive admin panel
  • More Revenue model
  • Highly secured exchange

Decentralized Exchange Development

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform that promotes the exchange of cryptos over the decentralization phenomenon with transparency, extreme anonymity, and middlemen-free crypto transfer by onboarding with Maticz.

  • Highly Transparent
  • Anonymous
  • Decentralized Infrastructure

Hybrid Exchange Development

Avail the features of both the centralized and the decentralized exchange by building up a hybrid exchange supporting the crypto trading, thus improving the versatility of the exchange platform.

  • Scalable solutions
  • More advanced features
  • DAO controlled exchange

P2P Exchange Development

Carry out end-to-end trading of Cryptos without middlemen through a dedicated framework by opting for a Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency exchange. Maticz offers a hassle-free mode of Crypto asset transfer with scalable P2P exchange solutions.

  • No third-party
  • Economical
  • Hassle-free

Escrow Exchange Development

Build an extremely secured Crypto exchange platform monitored by Escrow protocol offering a speed trading engine, Multi-currency pairing, unlimited Crypto token support, and error-free source code by teaming up with Maticz.

  • Audited source code
  • Multi-currency support
  • Secure Transaction

OTC Exchange Development

Build an exclusive platform to carry out a voluminous amount of Cryptocurrency trade by opting to build an Over-the-Counter Exchange with Maticz. The OTC carries out direct trading without the supervision of an Exchange.

  • Exchange-free trading
  • No hidden costs
  • More Privacy

Derivative Exchange Development

Carry out Cryptocurrency trade based on the market performance of Cryptos by opting to build a Derivative exchange with Maticz. The Derivative exchange is capable of trading Cryptocurrencies over both DEX and CEX.

  • Low transaction cost
  • Price Prediction
  • Hedge risks

White Label Exchange Development

White Label Crypto Exchange Development can bring more corresponding participants seeking Crypto exchange and is entirely available in end-to-end customizability contributing to improved user experience.

  • Customizable
  • Better UI/UX
  • Less development cost

Binance like Exchange Development

Binance Exchange is said to be the forerunner of any available Crypto Exchange available in the current Crypto trends. Binance like Crypto Exchange Development is a benchmark standard contributing to the exchange seekers.

  • Secure and Trustworthy
  • High Transaction speed
  • ICO/IEO options

White Label

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency exchange software is a pre-coded computer program that enables development, customization, integration and deployment of crypto exchange platform for effective trading. Our cryptocurrency exchange software is unarguably the best crypto exchange product in the market with its market-stable qualities and non-volatile features. We help startups or organizations develop a user-centric and white-label cryptocurrency trading platform that is customizable, liquidity-ready, and instantly deployed.

Maticz is a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solution Provider that offers Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to businesses worldwide that fuel innovation & deliver success. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Developers bring tailored-fit solutions to help our clients get an edge over this relentless competition.

We develop crypto trading platforms based on cloud-based solutions, and modular and micro-service architecture, including fiat-to-crypto transactions and vice-versa. In addition, based on the client's business needs, an in-built core banking solution (without a third party or intermediary) can be implemented within the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Further, Defi-based solutions like crypto-insurance, crypto bridges, etc., can be incorporated into the exchange platform based on their applicability.

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We have created the cryptocurrency exchange software with an efficient admin panel that puts you in complete control over the exchange platform by analyzing operations in real time.

Manage Liquidity API
Trade Pairs Management
Monitor Transaction Record
Dispute Management
Unlimited Revenue Modules
Ardent and Multi-purpose Dashboard

Our crypto exchange software is built with the most advanced user features & functionalities for the best trading experience that empower your business.

Multi-chain Wallet
Multilingual Support
Powerful Trade Engine
P2P/Spot/ Derivative Trading
Transaction History and Order Book
Trade Analytics and Copy Trading

To build a more secure exchange platform, Our cryptocurrency exchange software is built with more advanced security protocols to protect user's data from threats and cyber-attacks.

Automated KYC & AML
DDoS Mitigation
Biometric Authentication
Two-factor Authentication
Data Encryption
Anti-whale Feature

To improve functionality and to make the exchange platform more user-friendly, Our Blockchain experts integrated these add-ons or plugins along with our cryptocurrency trading software.

Crypto Trading Bot
Staking, swapping, and Lending
Crypto Price Ticker API
Versatile Payment Gateway
Merchant API

Some Iconic

The features of cryptocurrency exchange software are next-gen that help traders trade efficiently and a multi-purpose admin panel to govern and retain the platform's authenticity from a single interface.

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To allow traders to effectively trade their virtual currency beyond the actual limit, we develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports Margin trading or leveraged modes of trade.

With the Peer-to-Peer or P2P trading mode, the anonymity and identity of the user are protected. In addition, the traders can make P2P transactions directly without an intermediary or third party.

Copy trading enables crypto traders to obtain an effective and scalable trading strategy that is currently trending in the market. It is a real-time-data-driven trading mode that allows traders to avail the most successful trading method.

Bitcoin Escrow Trading platform is one of the safest and most secure trading exchanges that enable both buyer and seller to trade Bitcoin by Escrow protocol based on the specified conditions.

Other trading attributes, including derivative trading (Future & Perpetual), Spot, Swapping, Staking, Over-the-Counter trading, etc., are included in the exchange platform as an add-on contributing to platform scalability.


To help businesses obtain the ground-breaking benefits of our business-centric crypto exchange solutions, we make sure to develop a multi-functional crypto exchange platform for all trading aspects.

Crypto Trading Platform Development Solutions

We provide the following cryptocurrency exchange development module to help enterprises and startups develop a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform within their capital.

Our Diverse

Crypto Exchange Development from Scratch

Crypto Exchange Development from Scratch

Cryptocurrency exchange development from scratch consists of building an exchange platform from the beginning with a support team of tech and legal experts. This process is normally preferred by enterprises and it requires enormous investment and resources and takes a lot of time.

Hire Developers

A pitch-perfect cryptocurrency exchange can be built or an existing crypto exchange platform can be customized by hiring certified crypto exchange developers from us. Our crypto exchange developers cost around $25 to $75 per hour and this cost varies with the hierarchy of developers.

Crypto Exchange Clone Script

It involves the development of a crypto exchange platform using a pre-coded crypto exchange clone script of a popular crypto exchange platform. This script is customizable based on your requirements and requires limited resources and minimal time for deployment.

White-label Crypto Exchange

White-label Crypto Exchange

White-label crypto exchange is a simplified version of crypto exchange software that reduces development costs and time. It enables brands to develop and deploy a preferred cryptocurrency exchange (centralized, decentralized, or hybrid) with their branding and functionality.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Process

Our cryptocurrency exchange development process involves the implementation of proven development strategies which are described below.

Choose The Crypto Exchange Type

The first step that involves developing a crypto exchange is choosing the type of crypto exchange. Thus the developers decide on the crypto exchange type such as centralized, decentralized, or hybrid exchange based on the client’s preference.

Select Legal and Regulatory Compliance

It is essential to have a look at regulatory compliance when developing a crypto exchange platform. Based on the jurisdiction, it is vital to obtain the necessary license and adhere to AML and KYC regulations.

Select The Technology Stack

The next step is selecting the right technology stack as it impacts the platform's performance, scalability, user trading experience, etc. The key components to consider when choosing a tech stack are programming language, security protocol, hosting, etc.

Develop Crypto Exchange UI/UX Design

After choosing the tech stack the development starts with designing the UI/UX of the exchange platform. The developers focus on developing an intuitive, user-friendly user interface for easy navigation and a seamless user experience.

Develop Trading Engine

The trading engine is the core component of the crypto exchange architecture. A powerful trading engine is developed that facilitates matching transactions, managing order books, accessing order history, etc.

Integrate Crypto Wallet

After the successful development of the crypto exchange crypto wallet is integrated into the platform. This can be developed either from scratch or by integrating third-party wallets which ensures secure withdrawal and storing of the cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Integrate Liquidity Provider

Liquidity providers play a crucial role in developing a cryptocurrency exchange. Thus integrating a reliable liquidity provider helps in supplying sell and buy orders which ensures generous trading activity and enhances trading efficiency.

Connect Payment Gateway

The next step in developing a crypto exchange is to integrate a payment gateway within the platform. This provides a convenient way for the users to sell and purchase cryptocurrencies, and withdraw funds using various payment methods.

Incorporate Crypto Exchange Features

Further, the crypto exchange platform is integrated with market-pulling features such as API integration, Multi-currency support, Multi-language support, trading charts, notifications, etc. based on the client's need and market trend.

Crypto Exchange Testing and Quality Assurance

After completion of the development process, the next step is rigorous testing of the crypto exchange platform. Right from the security protocols to performance, every aspect is tested to ensure seamless trading for the users.

Crypto Exchange Deployment

The final step is the deployment of the crypto exchange. Once the full-functional crypto exchange is developed it is ready for deployment in the client’s server and made live in the market and for the traders.


Our cryptocurrency exchange software is scalable with various benefits that help you improve your business agility and maximize your ROI.

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The cryptocurrency exchange script is customizable (from the user interface to third-party integration) with various business models to help startups launch a ground-breaking cryptocurrency exchange within their investments.


Market-ready Solution

As mentioned earlier, white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is a pre-coded script that can be readily customized with specific features. A futuristic cryptocurrency exchange platform can be launched within a short period, thus giving you a competitive advantage.


High-end Security

The cryptocurrency exchange software enables the inclusion of high-end blockchain security protocols into the crypto exchange platform, thus improving its security and making it unhackable.


Cost Saving

Our expertise in developing a cutting-edge crypto exchange platform and the scalability of cryptocurrency exchange software help you save considerable cost and time. Cryptocurrency exchange of any standard can be developed and deployed within your budget.



The most beneficial aspect of the cryptocurrency exchange script is its user-friendliness which enables anyone to get a better grasp on the platform in a minimal time. Admin and traders can efficiently control or trade due to the platform's simplicity.


Revenue Models

One of the most crucial benefits of fine-tuned cryptocurrency exchange software is that it enables the integration of client-preferred revenue sources, making it an investor-friendly platform.

Comparison of Various

The cryptocurrency exchange development cost varies from business to business and depends on many factors. Here below listed are the estimated development cost for different cryptocurrency exchange models.

To develop a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance, a capital investment amount of USD 50,000 to USD 90,000 is required. Based on exchange platform requirements and time, the cost may rise to a notable amount.

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is the most common type, and its development usually takes around USD 40,000 for a basic exchange platform. Any additional or add-on packages like post-launch support may cost extra.

The cost to develop a robust cryptocurrency app like Coinbase normally costs around USD 55,000 to USD 90,000. The development fee may change from region to region and also based on other feature inclusion.

An advanced or hybrid exchange development requires around USD 35,000-$9,0000 and the cost may vary based on the hired developers or service provider. An effective development strategy and skilled developers can help you save costs and time.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost


The revenue modules of cryptocurrency exchange software are unlimited and help investors unlock a realm of monetizing opportunities.

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Transaction Fee

Whenever a buyer and seller complete a transaction on the exchange platform, a small percentage of convenience or a transaction fee (1% to 3%) can be charged by both parties to validate the transaction.

Digital Wallet Solution

Help your platform user seamlessly trade and store various cryptocurrencies by providing an in-built crypto wallet & maintenance solutions for which you can charge a reasonable amount from them.

Crypto Staking Schemes

Cryptocurrency staking means locking the funds of users in a smart contract and providing interest based on the amount they invested. Staking helps investors to unlock many revenue sources by diversifying their investments.

Listing Fee

A project owner should list their virtual token on an exchange platform for selling their new currency. It proves the authenticity of the new cryptocurrency and encourages traders to buy it. This revenue model helps crypto exchange owners earn a profitable amount per listing.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Maticz is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange software development company that offers end-to-end crypto exchange development services with the industry's best crypto exchange developers. We strive to deploy only the best crypto exchange solutions that create your success stories. We employ futuristic tools and tech stacks to develop a scalable crypto exchange platform and offer undebatable post-launch support.

Our team can develop and deploy a cryptocurrency exchange of any standard (including a basic crypto exchange or a more advanced platform) within your budget and specified timeframe. Further, our cryptocurrency exchange development methodology is transparent with an accelerated product launch rate. Collaborate with the pioneering cryptocurrency exchange development company in the market and conquer the cryptocurrency trading niche.

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No. of Employees

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Cryptocurrency exchange development is a step-by-step process to create a cryptocurrency exchange software from trading platform design to deployment in the server. It is increasingly popular with the growth of the crypto-based economy as cryptocurrencies become an essential part of our day-to-day lives.

In other words, cryptocurrency exchange development is the entire scope of activities that a blockchain development team carries out to design, develop, and deploy a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Maticz is unarguably the best cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers 100% customizable crypto exchange development services at an affordable cost. We have industry's best crypto exchange developers who can develop you the next-gen crypto exchange platform suiting all of your crypto business needs.

Maticz offers versatile cryptocurrency exchange development services from centralized to decentralized and from P2P to OTC exchange development. All our crypto exchange development services are pocket friendly and can be launched instantly.

Maticz helps startups and enterprises launch a customized crypto exchange within their capital and anticipated time. Maticz helps you monetize your innovative crypto ideas in a short period.

Cryptocurrency exchange software is a platform to buy, and sell digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc. Using which anyone with crypto market knowledge can start their crypto exchange business.

Some iconic features of cryptocurrency exchange software are captivating UI, an Order book, multi-wallet & payment options, liquidity, a dynamic trading engine, etc. The exchange must include KYC/AML and 24/7 support.

The must-have security features of crypto trading platforms are CSRF protection, registry lock, DDoS mitigation, database encryption, and biometric authentication. Further, two-way authentication and enterprise-grade architectural security are essential.

The cost of cryptocurrency exchange platform development relies on many factors including exchange features, project complexity, duration, tech stacks utilized, etc. It usually ranges from $10k to $90k based on the above factors

The time to build a cryptocurrency exchange takes a minimum of 45 days depending on the features and functionalities of the crypto exchange. It takes a longer time to develop a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch than opting for white-label cryptocurrency exchange development services.

Maticz offers versatile crypto exchange development services to benefit crypto investors quickly reach great heights in this thriving niche. Further, we continuously upgrade the crypto exchange according to evolving market and offer immeasurable post-launch services.

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