Paxful Clone Script

Be the pro-player in the P2P crypto exchange business by using Maticz’s feature-packed, multi-tested and white label Paxful Clone Script to launch an escrow-powered P2P crypto exchange platform like Paxful with unlimited cryptocurrency and payment gateway support.

White Label

To Start a P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful

Paxful Clone

Paxful Clone Script is a P2P Crypto Exchange Script executing functionalities similar to Paxful and enables the exchange and trade-off of bitcoins, altcoins, tokens, etc. Maticz offers a White Label Paxful Clone Script that allows customization of the P2P Exchange Platform based on customer requirements. The Paxful Exchange Clone Script is designed and developed based on Microservice Architecture that safeguard the P2P Exchange Platform from ransomware & malware attacks. Maticz’s Paxful Clone comes with the exciting core features and functionalities like Buy/Sell Ads Posting, Escrow Trade, Referrals & Gift cards, etc.

Become the part of the P2P Exchange revolution by launching a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform using a turn-key White Label P2P Crypto Exchange Software - Paxful Clone Software. The premium quality of the White Label Paxful Clone Software is its ability to get customized, customization attribute accounts for the scalability of the exchange platform and for the leveraged number of participants making way through the direct use case of the P2P Exchange Platform.

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Multi Payment Acceptance

The Paxful Clone Script accepts payments to it from a variety of sources making it the most simple and stable platform to take part in the desirable trade-off of the Bitcoins as well as other Cryptocurrency pairs. Multiple payment modes makes transactions very simple.

Multi Currency Interoperability

Multi-currency Maticz’s Paxful Clone Script comes up with an attribute promoting the eased up access of the Multiple Cryptocurrencies operating in current Crypto trends. This Interoperability, pulls more traffic into the platform.

Secured Escrow Trade

Maticz's Paxful Clone Script comes up with an extra secured escrow platform, which acts as a mediator monitoring the end to end transactions associated with the Crypto portfolio. Escrow exclusively ensures security in the minds of the in-platform users.

Integrated Core Wallet

The Paxful Clone Script has an integrated core wallet that has the capability of effectively managing the funds and transactions associated with the Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange. The integration of the core wallet makes it easier for the participant to ease up his asset monitoring.

Buy/Sell Ads Posting

The Paxful Clone Script is designed with an ad posting scheme that auto matches buyers with that of sellers. The Buy/Sell ad posting is an interesting attribute promoting the trade match between corresponding buyers and sellers within a fraction of seconds.

Dispute Management

Paxful Clone Script has an attribute promoting the Dispute Management, the Dispute Management in direct sense lies in line with the factors causing the hindrances to the transactions of funds at both ends. The Transactions remain hindrance free from hack attacks.


Paxful Clone Script avails countless benefits to cryptopreneurs through its certain basic definite features

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Launch P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful

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Instant Buy/Sell Bitcoins
Dynamic Token Adding Tool
Multi Language Support
Full Source Code Access
Referrals & Gift Card options
Over-the-Counter Trading
Online/Offline Trading
Cold/Offline Wallet Support
Core Multi-sig Wallet Setup
3rd Party Wallet Connectivity

With our highly effective Paxful clone script, Users can easily trade cryptocurrencies. Here is an exclusive process that users need to follow to initiate trading.


Once the user successfully registered their account, they need to move on to KYC verification, once it's done, you can process into the next step.

Choose Bitcoin Amount

Once KYC is done, the user can participate in trading, then he/she can choose the bitcoin amount and related business needs in the exchange.

Explore Sellers

Users can get connected with various sellers for the trade by leveraging the power of automated matching engines.

Enquire Sales

Users have examined the details of open orders, seller availability, and payment methods to select a potential seller.

Initiate Trade

In the Paxful clone exchange, Users can start buying by selecting a seller and entering the amount they need to spend.

Payment And Confirmation

With the help of the escrow service users can reach the seller and confirm the requested amount of bitcoin instantly.

Wallet Transfer

After that, The bitcoins and cryptocurrency are then transferred to the user's wallet in our Paxful clone script.


How does Paxful Clone Script work?


A feature-enriched Paxful Clone Script facilitates you to initiate a crypto exchange business like Paxful instantly along with multiple perks.

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Highly Secure Transactions

Users are provided with a Paxful Clone script that includes cutting-edge security features, specifically biometric authentication.


Anti-Spam Protection

Our Paxful Clone is covered with advanced security features, that offer enterprise-grade protection against fraudulent activities.


Forefront Technology

Our Paxful Clone Script has been integrated with a plethora of forefront technologies, providing you with a competitive advantage.


Escrow Service

Utilize the Escrow service for solving customer disputes. It acts as an intermediate between both participants (buyer and seller).


High ROI

Our Paxful clone script assists you in maximizing Return on Investment by leveraging numerous sources of income.


High scalability

Our Software enriched with error-free backed Paxful clone demonstrates the app's capability to manage millions of users

Cryptopreneurs get a chance to enhance their crypto business growth by using our ready-to-market Paxful clone script that offers the traders hassle-free bitcoin, and altcoin trading.

Escrow Enabled Security
Two Factor Authentication
Email Enacted Security
Anti-DDos Protection
Time Limited Withdrawals
CSRF & SSRF Protection
Bi-lateral Dispute Resolvance
Multi-Layered Security


Maticz’s Paxful Exchange Clone is one of the most trusted white-label crypto exchange platforms among crypto investors as the platform offers top-notch security with scalability through its most advanced security practices.

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User Dashboard Admin Dashboard

Insights on

We are offering some competitive features that make our Paxful clone script unique and more successful.

Let's see the modules of the admin dashboard included in our Paxful clone script that makes a seamless trading experience.

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Instant Buy/Sell
Payment modes
Create, Buy/Sell Ads
Language selection
Offer tracking
Dark theme provisions
For you section
Useful links
For your Business
About the platform
For your community
Terms and conditions
Buy Anywhere
Store availability

Paxful Clone App is a feature packed peer-to-peer mobile application built with the latest technology stacks operating similar to Paxful App. The Paxful Clone App is designed to serve the cause of audiences looking to extend their P2P Crypto Exchange Services through phones as their key source of operation. White Label Paxful Clone App is a cross-functional platform executing the functionalities of Exchange over peer to peer modes on different Operating systems like Android, iOS, windows, etc. White Label Paxful Clone App that allows customization of the Crypto Exchange App based on customer requirements.

Maticz offers a robust and scalable Paxful Exchange Clone Script that brings the P2P Crypto trading experience in the palm of your hands. As a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, we develop an advanced crypto exchange application that outfits your business requirements cent percent. It’s the right time to attract the Crypto Exchange App users with your Paxful like P2P Crypto Exchange App.

Cross Platform Compatibility
Push & Pop Notifications
Buyer/Seller Chat Option
Light/Dark Theme Support
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To Start a P2P Crypto Exchange App like Paxful

Paxful Clone App
Features Security Features


Our Paxful Clone App provides the best features and improved security to crypto exchange app users with digital asset trading and other in-app properties.

Our robust Paxful Clone App provides high-end security features that assist clients to eliminate fraudulent activities.

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Versatile Trade modes
Multi-Payment Gateway access
Abundant Fiat currency access
Scalability at the Palmtop
Network free wallet operations
Premium pop-up notification
Recurrent upgrades
Keeping track of the market
Biometric Unlocking
Pass code verification through OTP
Email access code generation
QR Scan Mode Provision
Multi-tiered security modules
Limited time transactions
Dedicated domain allocation
Provisions for Hard wallets
For Paxful Website Clone Development

For Paxful Website Clone Development

We Maticz the best in the Market Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company design and develop the White Label Paxful Clone Script to effectively contribute to the cause of the audiences looking to take part in the brilliant P2P Bitcoin business in trends. We offer a multi-tested and ready to deploy Paxful Exchange Clone that allows instant launch of a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform similar to Paxful.

If you are an active Crypto investor looking to maximise your Crypto portfolio, seek the help of the pioneers in Crypto Exchange Development, the Maticz and make your decision count. We aim at pioneering the art of Crypto solution provision through its quality set of developers, hire our dedicated team of expertise and make the best out of the Peer to Peer Crypto Exchanges.

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Paxful Clone Script is a readymade P2P Crypto Exchange Software that performs similar to Paxful and comes with the user-desired features of the Paxful Exchange.

We Maticz the best in the Market Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company design and develop the Paxful Clone Script to effectively contribute to the cause of the audiences looking to take part in the brilliant Bitcoin business in trends.

Our feature-packed Paxful Clone Script is designed to provide the users with desirable features of Paxful exchange that includes features like P2P Exchange, Escrow, Wallets, Trading bot, Instant buy & Sell bitcoins & altcoins.

Our Paxful Clone Script comes up with an extra secured Escrow wallet acting compliant with GDPR guidelines and an automated Smart Contract duly verified through Two-factor authentication methodologies.

We at Maticz through our qualified set of developers who have thorough knowledge in concepts of Crypto-Exchanges have opted to develop the Clone of Paxful to deliver the desiring features that operate upon cross-functional platforms to the endless benefits of the customers.

This Paxful clone consists of various security features, like two-factor authentication, KYC authentication, SMS/Email verification, Anti-phishing code, and more., Also, it is fully customizable to integrate more features for security.

Based on the client's business requirements, the cost of the Paxful-like crypto exchange may differ. Besides are many other aspects that contribute to overall prices, like location, customized features, etc. To get a pricing plan contact here:

With this Paxful clone, the owner of the exchange can earn revenue made easy as you can get paid via commissions, promotion fees, transaction fees, third-party advertising, and more.,

You can earn charges for every transaction that the user creates on your crypto exchange platform. Other possible revenue streams include trading fees, listing fees, and deposit or withdrawal fees.

This Paxful clone can be deployed within a week. The time frame might differ based on the add-on features and security options that you want to add to your crypto exchange platform.

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