Launchpad is the means to showcase the tokens and upcoming projects and make them available for sale even before they are available in the crypto market. This contributes to the improved use cases of the tokens developed and makes the sale even more efficient and effective than the actual mode of trade through which the scheduled project would make it to the market. 

Crypto Launchpad Development 

Maticz is a prominent Crypto Launchpad Development Company that offers White Label Crypto Launchpad Development Services that help you build an ecosystem for the crypto startups who strive to raise funds for their business. Our professionals design and implement advanced solutions that guarantee to prevent your platform from scams and fraud. We have a blockchain expertise team that focuses on providing quality services that meet your business objectives. Make use of this opportunity to upgrade your business to the next level.

Crypto Launchpad Development Services

Our Crypto Launchpad Development services find use in,

1. IDO 

2. ICO

3. IEO

4. ILO

5. IIO

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) 

Initial DEX Offering is the current talk of the Crypto town. Our Launchpad development service effectively contributes to the IDO services by availing secure Smart Contracts executing faster trading off Tokens making use of the Decentralized Exchanges.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initial Coin Offering is also the primary domain benefitted through our Launchpad Development Services. The Initial Coin Offering is the forerunner of the Initial DEX Offerings, the only difference being the platform over which the Tokens are showcased for sale.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Initial Exchange Offering is the process relating to the pre-sale of specific Tokens over which the Exchanges dominate a supreme role in the display and trading-off of the Tokens for listing in the future.

Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILO)

Initial Liquidity Offerings are finding use due to the enormous number of Crypto Products emerging daily. The key aspect is to fund the DeFi project with Liquidity. Our Launchpad Development Services find use in this domain too.

Initial Insurance Offering (IIO)

Though not mostly sought, Initial Insurance Offering is beginning to find its use case in the Financial domains. Our Launchpad Development Services effectively contribute to the Initial Insurance Offering thereby increasing the number of participants making use of this financial service.

White Label Launchpad Development Services & Solutions

White Label Launchpad Development Solutions are customizable Launchpad software solutions availing quality service to the crypto aspirants by satisfying their requirements. We provide white-label launchpad solutions for aspects like NFT and cryptos that will propel your project visibility to the highest levels in the market attracting investors and new customers.

We provide full-fledged white-label crypto launchpad development services incorporating various fundraising models like IDO, IEO, ICO, ILO, etc on various blockchain networks.  Our multi chain launchpad is integrated with necessary features and functionalities which make users interact with the platform effortlessly. We assure to develop a crypto launchpad leveraging pertinent technologies that will exceed your expectations.

Top White Label Launchpad Solutions

We at maticz develop high-performance white-label launchpad solutions to build crypto launchpad platforms that cater to diverse business needs. 

White Label Crypto Launchpad 

We at maticz provide a white-label crypto launchpad solution that aids in developing crypto launchpad platforms on various blockchain networks incorporating top fundraising mechanisms. The solution is completely customizable and user-friendly helping the users list their crypto initiatives and familiarize themselves with potential investors. 

White Label NFT Launchpad

Our experts at maticz develop well-structured white-label NFT launchpad solutions which help in developing an NFT launchpad in a short span of time and it can be modified based on the user requirements. White Label NFT Launchpad Software is developed with alluring features like a multi-tier staking module, built-in wallet, liquidity pools, and other standard profit-yielding streams.  

White-label Token Launchpad

We at maticz develop a probable white-label token launchpad solution that helps in launching a crypto token launchpad where the users can list and launch their tokens for the early sale providing the investors an early opportunity to access the token sale. The solution can be tailored to the user's specifications thereby maximizing their return on investment.  

White Label IDO Launchpad

Our diligent professionals at maticz create impeccable white label IDO launchpad solution which helps in launching IDO launchpad where the users can list their crypto projects through a decentralized exchange. The solution is developed in such a way that it provides secure funding using smart contracts.  

White Label ICO Launchpad

We develop a white-label ICO launchpad solution that helps in launching the crypto launchpad platform by adopting prominent fundraising models such as initial coin offering and initial dex offering. The solution can be developed by adopting features required based on the crypto market and is subjected to rigorous testing to avoid pitfalls.

Why go for White Label Launchpad Development?

- Advisory on upcoming services

- Best in the market mentoring

- Large scale Adoption

- Expanding Ecosystem

- Community backed

- Investor-Influencer centric

- Vetted projects

- Rug-pull free

- Multi-chain compatibility

- Flexi-Pools

- Monitored Price Manipulation

- OpenSource

- Permissionless 

- Global Volume trade-off

- Inclusivity and fairness

- Due Diligence test cases

We also Develop Crypto Launchpads like

- Binance Launchpad

- BSCPad

- PinkSale

- DXSale

- Red Kite

- TrustSwap

- PolkaStarter

- DuckStarter

Crypto Launchpad Development Process

Our Crypto Launchpad Development process is carried out through a number of sequential steps mentioned below.


The planning phase is the initial phase of every crypto product scheduled to meet the crypto market. The planning phase involves the pre-setting and defining of the zones of operation of the Launchpad prospective to be developed, and the qualities of services that remain inherited with the development of Launchpads. 

White Paper Drafting

Based on the gathered requirements from the planning phase and identifying the specific zones of operation, the White paper is compiled for the Crypto Launchpads. These ease up the development of similar platforms and associated applications in the future. The white paper is a direct measure signifying the end-to-end deliverables of any platform designed and developed. 

Design and Development

The key phase of the Launchpad life cycle is the Launchpad design and development. This phase involves the collection and compilation of certain specific codes that define the entire operability of the Launchpad desired to be delivered. The design is done in a way that contributes to the scalability of the platform along with attributes promoting improved exposure to the crypto domains. 

Token Creation

Token creation is also the base process associated with the design and development of any cryptocurrency-based project. The token creation phase specifies the token burning and token minting mechanism over which the tokens associated with the platform are generated. This phase classifies the tokens based on their availability into the token mintable and token minted modes.

Token Distribution

The token distribution phase is responsible for availing the platform seekers of the actual number of tokens created and burned at that point in time. The token availability is specified through the tokenomics plan which denotes the entire number of Tokens actively available for taking part in the trade-off and transactions.

In the Market

This phase displays the developed tokens and plans to effectively take part in the market. This phrase denotes the key core ideology of the Launchpads. The Launchpads are usually sought to avail this service in the names of pre-sales and special case sales. 

Token Listing

Token listing is the ultimate motto of any crypto token developed. In the case of the Launchpads, The tokens form a variety of modes including the Initial DEX Offering, Initial Farm Offerings, and Initial Coin Offerings. Token Listing enlists the superiority of the Token subject to design and development.  

Product Development

The end product of Launchpad development is product development, this phase is a market-ready phase making the product take part effectively in the transaction associated with the current Crypto market.

Features of our Crypto Launchpad Development  

Crypto Launchpads are known for availing certain features accounting for improving the scalability of the platform built.

Future vision-based

Compatible with all Fundraiser Models

Innovative Investment model

Multi-Wallet Integratable

Multi-module Staking

KYC validated transactions

Trusted mode to build Business options

Automated Leveraging Liquidity Protocols

What Makes Us Top Crypto Launchpad Development Company?

Maticz the pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company contributes to the Pre-sale of crypto tokens finding use through numerous platforms of Initial DEX Offering, Initial Farm Offering, Initial Coin Offering, and Security Token Offering through its premium crypto launchpad development services. 

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