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Being an expert Unreal game development studio Maticz develops custom games across various genres with a team of highly-talented Unreal engine game developers.

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Unreal Engine Game Development

Unreal Engine Game Development is the most advanced and widely used way to create a 3D environment game with a realistic environment. Unreal game development offers an interactive environment to the users and gives a better gaming experience. Avail end-to-end Unreal games from us with all the plans for future updates. Unreal Engine lets users plan their games beyond the limits with all the attractive features and functionalities.

As a Unreal Engine Game Development Company, we offer a completely packed Unreal gaming solution developed over the Unreal engine which represents all your requirements in the game. Unreal is a versatile platform to produce a hassle-free game with all the required functionality. More than game development Unreal is widely used for various 3d development processes where gaming is the most focused one.

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Unreal game development is widely spread in the digital space because of the key factors that make the unreal engine most versatile under various dimensions. Unreal is keen on its realistic visuals which are preferred by most game developers and when it comes to a AAA game everyone is looking after Unreal for development. Also, Unreal Engine offers a wide range of tool kits which makes the developers implement multiple functionalities. The present games are more focused on the visuals to attract most players this is where Unreal is playing a huge role.

Unreal lets even a non-technical person create a game with its visual scripting system which makes it more easy for development. The use of powerful tools represents outstanding graphics and VFX which is loved by the present young generation. The development process over the Unreal engine lets the users access the gaming platform from desktop, mobile as well as console. Unreal lets you create a gaming platform by importing previously created models, animations, audio, and more. Key points in adopting Unreal game development

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Unreal Game Development


As a Unreal engine game development services provider here are the premium services we offer to our clients with respect to the Unreal platform. With a team of dedicated game developers, we provided dedicated Unreal gaming solutions.

  • Custom Unreal Game Development
  • Unreal Game Porting
  • Metaverse-Based Game Development
  • Game Update
  • Unreal Game Testing

Custom Unreal Game Development

The professionals of Maticz plan end-to-end custom Unreal game development & future updates with advanced features and functionalities that attract users to experience the gameplay of the platform.

Unreal Game Porting

Looking to change your tech from the existing one to the Unreal platform here are our experts who excel in porting the existing game to the Unreal platform with the existing functionalities and with better features and visuals.

Metaverse-Based Game Development

Maticz a key player in Metaverse game development is working on the development of Metaverse games by bringing in the Unreal platform for game development. If you are looking for an impressive gaming platform then Metaverse-based Unreal game development will be the right choice for you.

Game Update

Having a game with active users and wanting to improve your game to the next level we come in there to update your gaming experience with an update that power ups your game platform with advanced features and functions.

Unreal Game Testing

With a team of dedicated professionals, we go through a series of testing sequences to provide the best hassle-free gaming experience to gamers without any bugs, vulnerabilities, or glitches in the game.

Blueprint Visual Scripting

The blueprint visual scripting system lets to develop the best elements and helps the developers to design a platform with a better gaming experience.

Visual Effects

Unreal is named for its impressive tools for visual effects, the gaming engine is preferred for its ultimate VFX and graphics that improve the game visuals.


The gaming engine has pre-defined simulation tools that ease the process of simulation for every element and character present in the game.

Pipeline Integration

The pipeline integration brings the work of multiple tools under a single roof as a result it takes the development process to a better standard and reduces the time.


Tools like Machine Learning Deformer, Character animation authoring, Live link data streaming, Character retargeting, and Runtime animation makes animation better.

Nanite Geometry Tech

The new geometry that comes with the Unreal 5 update divides one element into many clusters for better rendering with the new internal mesh format and rendering technology.


The features of the Unreal engine for game development are huge which makes most developers choose the Unreal engine. Here are a few features that make Unreal really easy and effective for game development.

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Hire Unreal Engine Game Developers

Want to develop and launch your game in the digital space? Hire our dedicated team of Unreal engine game developers and bring your game from imagination to the real world. Get yourself to dive into the gaming space to explore and provide the most unimaginable gaming platform to the users with the assistance of our developers. Be part of the modern gaming era with your advanced gaming solutions developed by the leading Game development company - Maticz.

Give an immersive and unreal gaming experience to the users with our Unreal game development team. With our creative designers plan the visuals as you imagine in the game that attracts the gamers. Are you confused with your gaming idea? You may connect and discuss with the experts about your game plan and move on further with the development process after the complete work on your game story.

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We end up with multiple Unreal engine game solutions with well-experienced developers who have worked on multiple game development and here are a few Unreal game solutions for your views that we have been working on for years.




Using the Unreal engine we create action games with a perfect mix of dynamic visual and unique gaming experiences integrating features like multiplayer options, increased speed, etc.



We design and develop intriguing adventure games using an unreal engine by integrating pivotal elements like unique gameplay, exploration, puzzle solving, and, etc.



Using the unreal engine and blending cutting-edge technologies we create simulation games that simulate real-world activities where the players have complete freedom over the games.



We develop classic casino games where the players bet and win rewards based on the possible outcome. These games are developed with realistic graphics and exciting features.


First-Person Shooter

Using the Unreal engine we create First-Person Shooter (FFS) games which are more like a weapon-based game. We make the game more engaging and realistic with high-quality 3D ad VR graphics.



Racing games are one of the classic gaming genres commonly considered sports-type games. We create racing games with fast-paced gameplay and a realistic environment.



We develop classic card games which are similar to real-world card games. These games are made interesting with alluring features and are designed for people of all ages.



With pioneering technologies and an unreal engine, we design and develop sports-based games that simulate real-world games blended with unique sports tactics and rules.

Our End-To-End

Unreal Engine Game Development Process

In the Unreal Engine game development process our professionals work on a pre-defined schedule and here is the basic outflow of the development process

Game Ideation/Data Gathering

We work on the analysis of the game story and game plan to make your requirements clear and to present the best features and functionalities with the gaming platform.

Game Design & Prototyping

After the analysis, the game environment is designed under various steps and finally, the environment is taken through the approval of the client.

Frontend Development

Our professionals work on the frontend development after the design of the environment which enables the gameplay action visuals and attracts the gamers into the game.

Backend Development

Simultaneously our backend developers start their work in the development of the backend process to produce a complete gaming solution for the client.

Game Testing & Quality Analysis

After the development and integration of the frontend and backend development, the whole project goes through a series of testing to fix and remove the vulnerabilities and bugs.

Game Deployment & Post Maintenance

Once the game is developed and launched in the digital space we provide complete maintenance support and plan the future updates for the game.

Best Unreal Game Development Company

Best Unreal Game Development Company

Maticz is one of the best Unreal Game Development Companies in India providing multiple game development services on the Unreal game engine to clients at an affordable cost. Our pre-vetted Unreal game developers can develop a broad range of games that includes, mobile games, PC games, blockchain games, NFT games, and metaverse games as well. With years of experience in the digital space, Maticz has successfully developed and launched more than 200+ digital platforms under various categories which include gaming solutions as well for startups to enterprises.

With a dedicated team for Unreal engine game development, Maticz is one of the top-performer in the development of Unreal-based game development. Have a game story and looking for a dedicated team to set up your game here get in touch with the experts, set up a discussion, plan the game development process, and launch your game with all the requirements required for your game.

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