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Maticz is an established telemedicine app development company that develops telemedicine applications with advanced features and futuristic functionalities that can add more value to your business.

Telemedicine App Development

Maticz is an expert in telemedicine app development that offers end-to-end telemedicine software solutions to launch a feature-packed telemedicine app. We have a team of highly qualified telemedicine app developers with years of experience in developing custom telemedicine applications based on the client's requirements using cutting-edge technologies and tools. 

Through our next-gen telemedicine app development services, We have satisfied customers from around the globe who are now actively offering hassle-free telemedicine services. Our experienced telemedicine app developers have vast experience in creating a feature-rich, interactive, and secure telemedicine app that can meet your requirements cent percent. We are capable of both building telemedicine apps from scratch as well as adding an extra feature to your existing application.

Telemedicine Software Development

Maticz is a leading telemedicine software development company that offers custom telemedicine software with advanced features and functionalities. We have a dedicated telemedicine software development team to take care of your telemedicine business requirements starting from project consultation to telemedicine software deployment.

We develop telemedicine software that brings doctors and patients closer in a digital environment that allows patients to interact with doctors anytime and anywhere. With the aid of an audio and video conference, our telemedicine software enables real-time interaction between doctors and patients, benefiting both parties.

Telemedicine software has significantly reduced patient waiting time. With the help of this software, patients can meet their doctors virtually in just five minutes, eliminating the need to wait for hours in the waiting room. In addition, medical records, blood tests, and lab reports can be stored and shared through the telemedicine app, making it easier for doctors to access the patient's medical history and provide efficient medical care.

Telemedicine App Development Services

Our telemedicine app developers are skilled in providing versatile telemedicine app development services to satisfy diverse clients all around the globe and take their businesses to new heights. 

Custom Telemedicine Software Development

Maticz provides next-gen custom telemedicine software development services to create customized telemedicine apps based on the client’s business requirements and needs. Our certified software developers are here to help you launch a feature-rich and futuristic Telemedicine software application.

Telemedicine App UI Development

We have a team of expert UI/UX designers to create an eye-catching telemedicine app that attracts users with a user-friendly design and makes it easy to use for app users without any complications.

Telemedicine App Testing

No one wants to use an application that is filled with bugs. Our quality assurance team will make sure that your telemedicine application is free of bugs by testing various automation tests to give a better experience to the user. 

Telemedicine App Integration 

Integrating additional features to the telemedicine application is possible based on the customer's requirements that facilitate the perfect telemedicine application for patients and doctors.

Telemedicine App Maintenance & Support

As an expert in healthcare app development, Maticz provides continuous technical support for future app updates and new functionalities inclusion. We care about customer feedback and make changes to your application even after project deployment.

Benefits Of Our Telemedicine App Development

There are several strong reasons to adopt telemedicine in healthcare. Here are some of the salient benefits for both organizations and patients in opting for telemedicine app development.

User Benefits

Wide Specialists

Telemedicine provides a wide range of specialists so the patient can choose any doctor he likes, and it also helps the patient to derive healthcare even from a remote location with the help of telemedicine.

Low-Cost Service

Telemedicine provides a low-cost treatment for the patient compared to traditional healthcare. The cost of telemedicine is 15 to 20 percent lower than traditional healthcare.

Quality Care

This radical telemedicine technology gives the best care to the patient by checking the high-risk remote patient's symptoms over a while and monitoring them with high-quality care 

Saves Costs and Time

This telemedicine will drastically save the patient's time and money. by taking the real-time conference with the doctor without a waiting period and also reducing travel expenses and much more.

Organization Benefits

Work Optimization

The Telemedicine application provides quick access to patient medical records to doctors, which has a complete record of the patient aiding in the vital decisions by Medical personnel about the patient's health. 

Minimal Paper Work

Telemedicine apps will provide the chance to drastically eliminate the paperwork of the patient's medical records by alternatively records being stored in digital format. According to the Deloitte report, telemedicine will eliminate 60% of medical paperwork.

Time Management

Administrative tasks and Classified information are stored Digitally, This eliminates manual inscriptions and Erratical mistakes and conclusively Reduces time.

Data Security

HIPAA compliance for telemedicine applications will encrypt the client's medical record and the conversation between doctor and patient, so there is no chance of unauthorized data access or a data breach.

Features of Telemedicine App Development

These are the must-have features in your telemedicine application so the user can use the full potential of your platform. Get a feature-rich application from the experts to satisfy every user.

In-app Chat

The in-app chat between the doctor and the patient enables the patient to ask about minor problems to the doctor without making a video call. This leads to lots of trust among the patients.

HIPAA Compliance

This is a must-have feature in the telemedicine app. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has a framework that protects confidential patient data. A HIPAA compliance system encrypts patient data and makes it impossible to leak. 

Multi-Platform Compatibility

It is necessary to have your app compatible with all devices. Incompatibility with certain devices and browsers limits the audience. It is vital to ensure that your application is compatible across various OS, browsers, and devices. 

Chat Moderations

Chat moderation is the act of reviewing and regulating the user's messages on the platform to prevent discriminatory language, offensive speeches, and any other forms of harassment that take place on the platform.

Screen and file sharing

While taking the video conference with the doctor, sharing the patient's screen to show the particular document to the doctor will make it easier to analyze the patient. Also, the doctor can share their treatment method with patients for better understanding.

Payment Gateway

Having all forms of transaction for the doctor consultation will make it more reliable for users to pay for their consultation, so having a maximum number of payment options in your app, like credit/debit card, net banking, online payment, etc., will make it more user-friendly.  

Telemedicine Software Development Solutions

Maticz has vast experience in developing several types of telemedicine software for specific user needs. Here are some of the common telemedicine software development solutions that are widely used across the globe. 

Telemedicine Software:






Mental health

Telemedicine Application Development Process

Here is our complete process of developing and deploying the telemedicine application.

Project Analysis

Understanding the project requirements is the first and foremost step. In this step, we analyze the specifications and requirements of the telemedicine app required to meet your business goals.

UI Design

Our designers bring eye-catching designs to your application, which makes it more user-friendly to use your application and facilitates effective functionality.

Front End Development

Based on the design of your application, our front-end developers will start curating functionalities to the design and effectively focus on the site’s design, personality, feel, and overall User Experience.

Back End Development

Our Back-end developers focus on databases, back-end logic, application programming interface, and servers, and start coding for the backend functionality of the application.

Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Our quality assurance team and software testing team will ensure your application is free of bugs under numerous tests, like alpha and beta tests, this is to make sure your platform is up to standards and is satisfactory.

Telemedicine App Deployment

Once all checkpoints have been met and the project satisfies all client-requested business requirements, we deploy your project into the market. 

Techstack We Use For Telemedicine App Development

Our experts cover a wide range of trending tech stacks, whatever stack you are interested in using to build your application, our experts will get you covered. 


React Native








What Makes Us the Best Telemedicine App Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best telemedicine app development companies that offers custom telemedicine software solutions at an affordable cost. Our telemedicine app developers have a vast knowledge of the healthcare industry and can integrate HIPAA compliance in all development stages to reduce the risk of patient data loss and also reduce the chances of hacking. 

As a leading Mobile app development company, we make sure your application meets every requirement and checklist to launch your telemedicine application. Blockchain and VR compatibility are two technological advancements that are in high demand in the telemedicine sector. Maticz is also able to integrate blockchain and VR into your telemedicine app which can raise the standard of your telemedicine services without a doubt.

We have a proven track record of success in healthcare software development services tailored to individual clients with a 100% client satisfaction rate. Our developers follow efficient strategies to bring high performance to your application with cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our tailored strategy will reduce the development cost of your application, and also stick to your deadline.

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