Token Development Services

Maticz, the leading Token Development Company develops Tokens over the recognized frameworks of Ethereum, Tron, and Ripple for the ready use of participants seeking Tokens for efficient digital asset management. Our Token Development Services include

Token Development Services

Token Development

The Token Development services contribute to the Ethereum Token Development process. The Ethereum Tokens include the ERC721, ERC777, ERC223, ERC827, and ERC1155. The Tokens are Developed for the specific audience looking to effectively manage their assets over the Ethereum Blockchain network architecture.

Token Development Services

Token Development

The Tron Tokens can very well be developed through the Token Development process, this process leads to the development of DeFi tokens executing the quality of service extensively over the Tron Blockchain network architecture. The Tokens include the TRC20 and TRC10. The Tron Tokens are preferred generally for their extremely low gas fees.

Token Development Services

Token Development

ERC20 is a standard Token that acts as a benchmark architecture promoting the further development of Ethereum based Tokens. Atomic Swapping, Super secured Smart Contracts over Solidity and compliance with other Currencies over the Ethereum Blockchain Network Architecture. ERC20 architecture is a very standard architecture that efficiently contributes to the developers seeking to develop a new ERC token.

Token Development Services

Token Development

The TRC20 Token is entirely similar in operation to that of the ERC20 Token, but exhibiting its quality of service over the Tron Network Architecture. The TRC20 Token Development is a set of streamlined processes leading to the creation of TRC20 Token along with features like reliable market performance and reasonable market pricing.

Token Development Services


The BEP20 Token development process leads to the design and development of tokens that operate making use of BNB as a base currency and offering compliance with the platforms deployed to operate chiefly over the Binance Smart Chain. The BSC products that efficiently make use of the BEP20 for decentralized financial services include the PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and beefy.

Token Development Services


The Token Development services contribute to the ICO Development, wherein the recognized Crypto service providers readily design and develop a wide range of varieties of Cryptos, allow them to be easily sold over the Exchange with utmost precision and pre-dominant mutual benefits promoting usability of the platform as well its scalability.

Token Development Services

Wallet Development

The Token Development Services contribute to the Token Wallet development services, the Token Wallet development services are provided along with hardware wallet as well as cold wallet provisions promoting the assets to be self-monitored even without the presence of activated data connectivity, this contributes to the primary security of the Platform developed.

Token Development Services

Listing Assistance

The Token Development services readily extend its hand into the promotion of a specific Crypto token on a recognized Exchange. The Tokens get recognition and exposure into the Crypto market through the process called the Token Listing Process. The Tokens get listed on the basis of the market cap and current market volume readily available for carrying out the trade.

Token Development Services

Token Development

The Non-Fungible Tokens are a special types of tokens that cannot be readily involved in Exchange with other types of tokens. theses type of Tokens readily finds a use case in the gaming industry. The NFTs are known for preventing identity thefts, NFT tokens include CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks. the DeFi projects include MEME, Bancor and Enjin.

Create Tokens On Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain

We develop all the tokens which have been introduced by the Ethereum (ERC) and TRC platforms. You can get ERC20, ERC223, ERC 621, ERC721, ERC827, ERC 1400, TRC10, and TRC20, etc.

Token Development ERC20
Token Development ERC721
Token Development ERC998
Token Development ERC1155
Token Development BEP20
Token Development TRC10
Token Development TRC20
Token Development TRC721

Why Go For Tokenization?

The Tokenisation accounts for availing the users with three attributes that include Liquidity Provision, Transparency in operations and Legal Compliance.

The Liquidity increases the chances of the assets to be traded in rapid fashion thereby contributing to increase the usability of the Tokens projected to be developed.

Transparency attribute enables every transaction to be tracked and contributes to effective asset monitoring.

Legal Compliance attributes of the tokens control the Token developed to lie within a certain Jurisdiction which improves the Security of the Token to be developed.

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Token Software Development Core Parameters

Tokens get considerable Reputation due to its core Parameters that account for defining its performance exhibiting functionalities over a number of domains. The Token Development is defined by 4 Parameters that include,

Token Software Development

Purpose Parameters

The Purpose Parameters define the domains or the main purpose for which the Cryptocurrency Tokens are designed to exhibit their functionalities to the users seeking its ready use.

Token Software Development

Governance Parameters

The Governance Parameters of the Tokens grant the Tokens the access to make right decisions at the right time corresponding to domains that comprise core protocols, product roadmap etc

Token Software Development

Functional Parameters

The Functional Parameters include the functionalities transfer of, balance of, transfer from, total supply, allowance, approve of, owner of, mint of and decimals of,these functions define the efficient token functioning

Token Software Development

Technical Parameters

The Technical Parameters are base parameters that define the architecture type or the Algorithm over which the Tokens are designed to deliver their functionalities of parallel processing with the native currencies.

Tokens in the Trends

These are the Cryptocurrency Tokens currently in booming trends. The Tokens are listed through a number of factors that contribute to the long-run of that particular Crypto-Token.

Features Of Cryptocurrency

  • Cold Wallets
  • Token Listing
  • Risk free Transactions
  • Improvised Liquidity
  • Simplified Implementation
  • Limitless Data access
  • P2P Payments and Processing
  • Pegging and Wrapping
  • Transactional Efficiency
Features of Token Development
Features of Token Development
Features of Token Development
Features of Token Development

Token Development Process

Token Development is the process specifying the set of sequential steps involved in building and designing the various Cryptocurrency Tokens for the optimal use of the Participants seeking exchange of assets in the form of tokens. Token Development take place through a series of steps that include,

Token Development Services

Smart Contract Setting up

Crypto tokens are mediated and made to work on the basis of Specialized Softwares called Smart Contracts. These Smart Contracts are programmed with operational specifications that promote efficient asset transfer.

Token Development Services

Token type selection for Supply

Since the Tokens are Smart Contracts operated over the Blockchain, it is essential to select the framework over which the Tokens will be effectively operated upon to deliver effective Token Supply Management.

Token Development Services

Adding transferable attributes

After selecting the desirable framework over which the tokens are activated upon, it is essential to make add ons or attributes that count for the Tokens to be transferred with much ease.

Token Development Services

Setting up Token Identity

They will undergo a tertiary but significant process in the Token Development Process (i.e) Identity Selection, user-specified name, Symbol, and operational functionalities are set for the Token developed.

Token Development Services

Token out for use

After setting up Token identity, it is made available in the transfer window of the Cryptocurrencies, the Token gets listed in the transaction window and made available for use to the general Crypto participants.

Factors that Count for Long-run of any Token


Token Development Company

Market cap denotes the pace at which the Tokens be Traded.

Price of the Token increases the number of users using it.

Token Development Company



Token Development Company

Circulating Supply is directly proportional to Token Scalability.

Trade Volume brings new potential investors into Tokenisation.

Token Development Company



Token Development Company

Percentage rise in volume highlights the Token’s Performance.

Slippage reduction reduces the Chances of loss to users.

Token Development Company


Why Choose Maticz For Token Development?

Token Development Company

We at Maticz analyze the market performance of various Cryptos and avail the users with Token Development Services providing dynamic features such as Fungibility, Tradability, and Scalability, These are the factors that count for the efficient performance of any Cryptocurrency Token in recent trends.

We Maticz develop the desired Cryptocurrency Tokens with specified functional parameters for the optimal use of the participants at an affordable price,the Parameters include,

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