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Looking for the right agency to create your own token? Maticz is the best token development company to create token on desired blockchain network in a short span of time. We have certified blockchain professionals who can develop custom tokens with tamper-proof security practices that safe-guard tokens from hacks and attacks.

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Token Development

Maticz is the premium token development company offering fully-packed token development services with all essential features of desirable blockchain networks. With 5+ years of experience building 100+ tokens, we’re the experts in delivering top-class token creation services that help you launch crypto tokens to expand your presence in the crypto market. Our token developers have vast experience in developing custom tokens tailored to meet your specific use case, budget, and timeline to give unimaginable satisfying results.

Maticz’s token development services lay a strong foundation for your crypto business with the agile token development process finding use in a number of domains that include security token offering (STO), initial coin offering (ICO), initial exchange offering (IFO), and unique non-fungible tokens (NFT). Our vast experience in various blockchain networks is the additional advantage to giving comprehensive help for your token ideation till the launch. Get started today, and let us help you harness the power of the crypto economy.

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Token development starts with the right plan from token creation to deployment. The major process of token development is blockchain selection, choosing the right blockchain network will attract more crypto users. Ethereum, binance smart chain, and tron have a mass user base, and recently cardano, polygon, and solana have joined the club and attracting more crypto audiences.

Maticz offers the best Crypto Token Development services that enables entrepreneurs and startups to create their own token and boost your revenue within a short span of time. We develop tokens with all stipulation features including smart contract accessibility, API accessibility, and GUI. Our unique techniques will always create a massive impact to streamline your crypto business and grow its revenue. Our experts will handle all of it from start to end like the design of the token and website till the token launch.

We have 5+ years of experience in cryptocurrency & token development, we provide a variety of enhanced coin development services. Our certified cryptocurrency developers will complete your token project flawlessly and will provide post support for future updates. We will give full support and stand with you throughout the entire token creation process. We are ready to elucidate all your technical doubts and bugs everywhere at any time.

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Crypto Token Development Services


Premium token development services for startups and enterprises to develop scalable tokens with an extraordinary security implementation to regulate, track and trace every token transaction. Here are some of the core services that we offer for crypto seekers all over the world.

  • Ethereum Token Development
  • Tron Token Development
  • BSC Token Development
  • Solana Token Development
  • Cardano Token Development
  • NFT Token Development

Ethereum Token Development

Exclusive ethereum token development services to create tokens on any of the ethereum standards like ERC721, ERC777, ERC223, ERC827, ERC1155, etc. We have certified ethereum blockchain developers specialized in developing custom ethereum tokens with tamper-proof security implementations.

Tron Token Development

Create tokens on tron blockchain that uses a consensus mechanism that is very well known as the delegated proof of stake (POS). It plays a vital role in safeguarding the tron blockchain network from vulnerable attacks and hacks. Tron network is known for very less gas fees and faster transactions.

BSC Token Development

Our outright BSC token development services help you launch native BEP tokens which are operating in binance smart chain. Launching BEP-20, BEP-2 tokens results in more revenue generation as the binance chain is the most preferred blockchain network used in recent days among investors.

Solana Token Development

The Solana token creation services lead to the development of tokens that operate by making use of solana blockchain. It uses a PoS (proof of stake) consensus mechanism and handles up to 50,000 transactions per second. SPL token on solana blockchain used in defi exchanges platforms and solana dApps.

Cardano Token Development

Cardano token development is the process of leading to design and development in their native token ADA. Cardano is the first blockchain to introduce a (PoS) consensus mechanism. Creating tokens in cardano gives multi-asset capabilities, interoperability, scalability, and the safest platform to create tokens.

NFT Token Development

The Non-fungible tokens are the current sensation, it is a special type of ERC-721 or BEP-721 token that cannot be readily involved in an exchange with other types of tokens. These types of tokens are pegged to a digital asset that remains unaltered. Create NFTs to get into the hot topic of the digital town.

ICO Development

Launch your own ICO that can help you to raise maximum capital by developing a specific number of crypto tokens and selling tokens to the investors through an efficient ICO launchpad.

IDO Development

Avail an interesting IEO development to launch your IEO platform and offer crypto tokens to your traders for projects, as well as raise funds by partnering with a crypto exchange platform.

IEO Development

IDO development to launch an Initial Dex Offering platform providing decentralized liquidity exchange. Entrepreneurs raise capital from investors for the objective of further development.

STO Development

STO Development helps you increasing capital investment between investors and owners by providing high liquidity. By launching the STO Platform, you can acquire a lot of perks such as utility and equity.


We help you in developing and launching Tokens for wide range of crowdfunding platforms

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Our Token development services is packed with top-notch features that brings huge benefits to both users and owners of the token. Here are some of the outstanding features of our tokens that may delight you.

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Token Burn

Token burn is the core characteristics of tokens which is necessary to permanently delete the number of tokens from the token circulation. For which the tokens are sent to the frozen private address and cannot be retrieved.


Token Minting

Token minting is one of the more mandatory processes which is nothing but token creation (i.e) creating a new one with the same features and functionalities. Such minted tokens are readily available for circulation.


Agile Token Listing

After token deployment, the token listing is the more vital process. We develop tokens that can be easily listed on any of the exchange platforms. Quickly listed tokens will have more exposure for further processes in an agile way.


Wallet Compatible

We are known for developing tokens that are highly compatible with any of the crypto wallet apps on the market, and they will have a unique name, symbol, and other features which is easily accessible to the users.



Capped process means that no one can create a token without exceeding the predetermined number of tokens. We guarantee that we will not create more tokens that have been disclosed as part of the capped procedure.


Token Pause

The token pause method is used to put a halt to the transaction of crypto tokens. We have the ability to postpone the movement of crypto tokens. As a result, all token transactions are frozen in trade prohibition.

Crypto token development company, Maticz provides A to Z crypto token development services ranging from ERC20 token development to NFT development. We have a team of blockchain professionals who are the pioneers in developing robust tokens on any blockchain network. It's the right time to scale up your crypto business by availing of our exclusive crypto token development on your desired blockchain network at an affordable cost.

We develop token on different blockchains using various token standards such as ERC20, ERC 1155, ERC223, ERC721, ERC1400, ERC777, ERC827, ERC998, ERC10, ERC721, TRC-10, TRC-20 and other popular token standards.

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Client Specific

Token Development on Various Blockchain

Insights On

Here we bring you the list of Token parameters that must be considered while creating a Token.

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Purpose Parameters

The purpose parameters define the domains or the main purpose for which the cryptocurrency tokens are designed to exhibit their functionalities to the users seeking their ready use.

Governance Parameters

The governance parameters of the tokens grant the Tokens the access to make the right decisions at the right time corresponding to domains that comprise core protocols, product roadmap, etc

Functional Parameters

The functional parameters include the functionalities transfer of, the balance of, transfer from, total supply, allowance, approve of, owner of, mint of, and decimals of, these functions define the efficient token functioning.

Technical Parameters

The technical parameters are base parameters that define the architecture type or the algorithm over which the tokens are designed to deliver their functionalities of parallel processing with the native currencies.

The token development process involves a set of sequential steps to build and design the crypto tokens in various blockchain networks for the optimal use of the participants seeking exchange of assets in the form of tokens. Get involved in every phase of the development process.

Gathering Requirements

Making a fulfilled consultation helps to gather business requirements, which is the initial process where we make a proper plan and appraisal based on the requirements of the business needs to satisfy the customer query.

Blockchain Selection

Since the Tokens are Smart Contracts operated over the Blockchain, it is essential to select the framework over which the Tokens will be effectively operated upon to deliver effective Token Supply Management.

Coding Smart Contracts

Crypto tokens are mediated and made to work on the basis of Specialized Softwares called Smart Contracts. These Smart Contracts are programmed with operational specifications that promote efficient asset transfer.

Setting Up Token Identity

Setting up token identity will undergo a tertiary but significant process in the token development process (i.e) Identity selection, user-specified name, symbol, and operational functionalities are set for the token development.

Token Out For Use

After setting up Token identity, it is made available in the transfer window of the Cryptocurrencies, the Token gets listed in the transaction window and made available for use to the general Crypto participants.

Our End to End

Token Development Process


Planning to create a token? Here are the benefits that Token creation brings to your business.

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Intermediate free transaction

There is no mediator in the middle of the transaction to transit the asset anywhere in the world. Users can transact their funds without any intermediary; it removes a lot of barriers in the system.


Transaction speed

Transactions speeds are faster when transacting with tokens compared to other cryptocurrencies and it plays a vital role in making payment secure and easier in every transaction.



The token is easily flexible and interchangeable with any kind of asset and it has high liquidity. It holds a real value and also can be exchanged but most prominently they represent physical assets.


Brand Awareness

By using crypto tokens, You can get brand popularity among your users all over the world through airdrops and bounty. It helps to get a high liquidity and huge transactions for your own token.

Crypto Token Development Services

For Crypto Token Development Services

We at Maticz analyze the market performance of various cryptos and provide premium token development services that help entrepreneurs to create tokens with dynamic features such as fungibility, tradability, and scalability. These are the factors that count for the efficient performance of tokens in recent trends. Develop the desired crypto tokens with our exclusive functional parameters for the optimal use of the participants at an affordable price. Here below mentioned some of our core strengths for your consideration.

Multiple Token Development
Quality Assurance
Experienced Token Developers
Round Clock Availability
Unshakeable Experience in the Field
Transparent Development Process
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Token development is a set of process involved to design and develop the crypto tokens on a specific blockchain network. Token development starts from token creation to deployment and aids the token with smart contract accessibility, API accessibility and GUI.

There are two possible ways to create a token, The First one - Create from scratch. The Second one - Custom token development. You can create tokens like BEP20, TRC20, ERC721 and more by connecting with our technical team.

Yes, you can make money by creating tokens then speared it thorough crypto market for trading. But you need an experts to create a token. Maticz, the highly needed token development company here to help you.

Maticz Technologies, the preeminent token development company in the crypto market. We should keeps an open eye for market requirements, develops products that promote scalability and gives productivity.

Maticz avails token development at an highly affordable pricing, best in the market. Based on the requirements and query the price finalization and negotiation can be effectively calculated. Connect with Our Experts (WhatsApp: +91 9159159202, Telegram: @maticzofficial) and get the quote for your own token development.

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