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Smart contract development can bring a radical change in the way businesses are performed by automating processes and minimizing paperwork while promoting cost-efficiency. Smart contracts are self-executing programs backed by blockchain technology, which makes the transaction details end-to-end encrypted by recording them in an immutable and transparent way on the distributed ledger. They are made up of a predefined set of rules and conditions, making them effective and authoritative tools for creating contracts between different parties. The main purpose of developing smart contracts is that they are digital and automated, eliminating the need to spend time manually filling in documents.

Maticz is a top-tier Smart Contract Development company that offers end-to-end smart contract development services that are tailored to the specific needs of your project. Our tech-savvy developers, who are highly proficient in working on various blockchain networks and protocols, bring on customized self-executing protocols without compromising their quality and reliability. We have a passionate team of experts who are capable of collaborating well with our clients to accelerate their projects and deliver high-quality services within the stipulated time.

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Custom Smart Contract Development

Our Smart contract experts design and develop customized and scalable smart contracts with interoperable features and functionalities on a wide range of blockchain networks to power up your business

Smart Contract Strategy and Architecture Design

Our professional team of smart contract developers follows agile development methodology to design high-end smart contract strategies and architecture that are in line with industry standards without compromising their quality and reliability.

Smart Contract Audit

Being the leading provider of smart contract audit services, our certified smart contract auditors execute meticulous testing by fixing technical vulnerabilities and security issues to validate the bug-free nature of your smart contracts before their deployment.

Smart Contract Optimization

We at Maticz provide tried and true smart contract optimization services to improve the performance and security of your smart contracts and also cut down on average gas fees and the developmental costs of computational resources.

Smart Contract Integration

Our experienced team of developers extends the interoperability of your smart contracts by integrating them with payment gateways, third-party applications, and advanced features.

Smart Contract Consulting

With extensive expertise in blockchain technology, our go-to experts deliver valuable insights and perceptions into your smart contract development to make the most of it and also advise on the appropriate blockchain network to choose for your project.


Being a leading player in smart contract creation and auditing, Maticz is known to incorporate next-gen technologies to let businesses streamline their workflows and scale down operational costs. We have listed below our best-in-class Smart contract development services that help you achieve your business goals.

  • Custom Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Strategy and Architecture Design
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Smart Contract Optimization
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • Smart Contract Consulting


Smart Contract Development Solutions

Smart Contract for DeFi

Our highly reliable smart contracts deliver traceable, coded agreements that provide frictionless transactions and greater accessibility to financial services.

Smart Contract for DEX

We develop smart contracts for decentralized crypto exchanges to enable businesses to automate their processes and safeguard digital assets, private keys, etc. while retaining the confidentiality of data.

Smart Contract for NFT

Our team of experts offers customized NFT smart contracts and also ensures that your smart contracts are highly secure and tailored to your NFT requirements.

Smart Contract for dApp

With our effective and trustworthy smart contracts for decentralized applications, you can rest assured that your brand-new apps have high levels of scalability.

Smart Contract for Token

We create Ethereum-based smart contracts to automate the transfer of ERC-20 tokens across wallets, simplifying the procedure and saving time.

Smart Contract for Digital Wallet

With our reliable smart contract development services, we can help you build a highly secure crypto wallet for your business.


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The Smart contract is proved to be an indispensable tool for vast applications across industries with its self-functioning potential. As technology evolves and time lapses, almost all industries including insurance, logistics, etc., will adopt this phenomenal tool into their business process for enhanced operations.

The potential applications of Smart contracts are manifold, and several industries like real estate, film, etc., have incorporated Smart contracts to simplify various processes. Maticz understood the versatility of Smart contracts and developed scalable and industry-specific Smart contracts to satisfy the increasingly arising demand for these powerful protocols. Our experts analyze the clientele's smart contract requirements and help them incorporate a scalable and more secure smart contract based on their industry requirements.

Banking & Fintech

Banking & Fintech

Blockchain-powered smart contract facilitates the faster approval of loans (once the user meets the specified criteria) in the banking and fintech industry without loan executive and tedious paperwork.

Real estate

Real estate

To improve transparency in the real estate business and to reduce the documentation work, we enable real estate and escrow entities to leverage our robust Smart contract development services to organize their operations and tackle inefficient sales processes.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Content theft and copyright issues are ever-resolved issues in the art & entertainment industry. Our reliable Smart contract development solutions help media & entertainment industries ensure content ownership and tackle copyright conflicts.



Healthcare is one of the many industries that benefit from the Smart contract in many ways. A smart contract makes it feasible to share patients' medical records between global healthcare centers, medical claims verifications, etc.


Smart Contract Development Process

Smart contract development is the process of creating self-executing digital contracts on a blockchain platform. These contracts automatically enforce the agreed-upon terms and conditions without the need for intermediaries. Let’s take a look at how we develop our smart contracts.

Analyze The Requirements

As a first step in the smart contract development process, we analyze the problem it aims to solve and define the rules, logic, and functionalities it should possess. After the analysis, we clearly outline the requirements and specifications of the smart contract.

Pick Up A Blockchain Platform

Once we are done gathering requirements, we select the appropriate blockchain platform based on your project requirements, security considerations, scalability needs, and community support.

Select A Programming Language

Smart contracts are typically written in specific programming languages that are compatible with the chosen blockchain platform. We ensure that the chosen programming language caters to all of your specific project requirements.

Develop Smart Contract

The Smart contract development process is the crucial stage that involves the implementation of the proposed Smart contract solution, client evaluation, feedback gathering, and smart contract updates, if any. We write the smart contract code following the predefined requirements and logic.


Once we are done with smart contract development, we test the smart contract extensively to identify and resolve bugs or vulnerabilities. This process includes rigorous testing using various tools and other testing frameworks specific to your chosen platform.

Security Audit

It's highly recommended to conduct a formal security audit of your smart contract code by independent blockchain security experts or auditors. This step helps identify any potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Smart Contract Deployment

Once the contract has been thoroughly tested and audited, it's ready for deployment on the blockchain. During this process, the smart contract code is uploaded to the blockchain, where it becomes part of the immutable ledger.



Maticz is known for its expertise in developing flawless blockchain applications across various blockchain platforms. It’s a piece of cake and takes no time for our blockchain experts to develop and deploy an advance and secure industry-specific smart contract on renowned blockchain platforms like EOS, TEZOS, Ethereum, etc

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We at Maticz deliver innovative smart contract solutions to help businesses take full advantage of them to automate their business operations and reap the following benefits.

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Enhanced security

Our smart contracts are made using the highest level of data encryption and cryptographic tools to make secure and tamper-proof transactions, making it impractical for malicious users to gain access.


Guaranteed outcomes

We use an agile methodology for seamless and efficient smart contract development and deployment that provides guaranteed outcomes and operations to ensure your investments have a significant impact.


Post-launch Support

Our dedication does not end when the product or service is delivered. We will assist you in updating the smart contract following global market trends, technological changes, and client requests.


Financial savings

You can achieve efficient work and process management using our interoperable Smart contracts. It avoids the need for third-party in all industries and cuts their associated costs.


No Intermediaries

Our smart contracts eliminate the involvement of intermediaries and third parties, which not only mitigates risks but also promotes transparency among all involved parties.


High Transparency

The transparent nature of our smart contract is undebatable, making it impossible to manipulate data for personal benefit. All the transactions or data are encrypted and stored on a blockchain ledger.

Hire our certified Smart contract developers, who provide unrivaled Smart contract development services, to reap the full benefits of blockchain technology, regardless of the sector you are in. Maticz creates and implements optimized, cost-effective, and high-quality blockchain-based smart contracts for a variety of applications to manage business operations and smoothly complete difficult tasks. We provide you with complete control over selecting a Smart contract developer for your projects, on your terms.

Our Smart contract developers provide an effective solution to help you overcome all of your worries with painstakingly developed smart contracts, regardless of the complex tasks you have in your organization or the obstacles you experience in developing improved processes. Connect with a world-class Smart contract development company like Maticz to engage with highly talented Smart contract developers and advance in this digital race.

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Top Smart Contract Development Company

Top Smart Contract Development Company

Maticz is one of the top Smart Contract Development Companies in India that provides custom-built Smart contract development services for clients across the globe. Our blockchain professionals, who have expertise in working with cutting-edge technologies, provide superior Smart contract solutions to several businesses in various sectors. Our smart contract developers have extensive knowledge and skills in modern technology stacks and can help you improve all of your business operations and workflows.

Our dynamic team of smart contract developers thoroughly analyzes your smart contract requirements and assists you in implementing the best available solutions for your business. With a focus on addressing our client's demands and needs, we can help you reach your business objectives and provide high-quality smart contract creation services. Collaborate with us to easily automate and optimize your company's whole process and shine bright in this thriving area.

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The main aim of the smart contract is to simplify business or trade by executing certain functions when pre-defined conditions have been met between two unknown or known parties, thereby eliminating the need for an intermediary. The purpose of smart contracts is manifold and varies from industry to industry. Currently, the applications of smart contracts can be seen in the crypto space.

There are many factors such as cost, traceability, speed, the technology required, usability, etc. need to be considered before selecting a blockchain network for your smart contract development. Some of the suitable blockchain platforms for smart contract development are Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Stellar, Solana, Cardano, and Polygon.

The cost to audit a smart contract and fix its vulnerabilities will usually depend on the intricacy of the code, tech stacks used, project management costs, and maintenance services. In general, certified smart contract developers usually charge around $5,000 to $15,000 and it might be higher in specific situations.

Smart contracts are the most powerful and safest protocols that automatically execute certain functions on a blockchain network. The process of developing a Smart contract with pre-defined conditions and self-executing nature is called Smart contract development.

Maticz consists of a dynamic team of blockchain developers and subject matter experts who offer best-in-class and customized Smart contract development services. Maticz is undoubtedly the best Smart contract development company that has offered industry-specific Smart contract solutions to global startups and enterprises.