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Get assistance for your businesses and startups in launching and maintaining your decentralized projects with our thorough smart contract audit services. Discover the magic of our extensive range of audit services to unleash the actual potential of your company.

Best Smart Contract Audit Company

Many businesses have already begun to employ smart contract development services to boost security. But even a small error during the development and execution of smart contracts might result in a huge loss. This is where the concept of security audit for smart contracts comes in handy. Choosing the best smart contract auditors is crucial to ensure rigorous evaluation of smart contracts in DApps and take your projects to the next level.

Maticz, the fastest-growing Smart Contract Audit Company, helps companies build and maintain reliable smart contract protocols. We provide a comprehensive range of audit services to enhance your business operations while maintaining authenticity. Our experts use their experience and knowledge to audit smart contracts and ensure the quality of the code. Several firms, including both startup and well-established companies, have relied on our smart contract audit and due diligence services.

Smart Contract Audit Services

Maticz, a reputable Smart Contract Audit Company, offers top-notch, reasonably priced auditing services that assist companies in fully reworking their smart contracts and improving their projects. All of our dependable Smart Contract Audit services are listed here.

Smart Contract Audit

Our professionals assist you in securing your decentralized applications by scanning for smart contract issues. We help you examine the smart contract code and uphold the security of your application throughout the development process while adhering to thorough smart contract auditing methods.

Security evaluation

We monitor your application to keep a check on its business logic whether it is implemented properly and to execute security measures recognized by the industry. Every line of code is meticulously examined to prevent hackers from committing cyberattacks.

Threat analysis

Our threat model is created and updated in a way that also counters current and future threats. Before starting work, we prefer to get a glimpse of the client's security requirements and the gravity of their risks, which provides us with a notion of how to visualize the project's attack surface.

Audit reports creation

After conducting a thorough smart contract audit, our team provides a complete overview of the project’s vulnerabilities and its corresponding recommendations to resolve the problem in the form of audit reports.

Security advice

Our skilled team of smart contract security audit professionals provides security counseling along with providing businesses with a full variety of services like auditing and testing smart contracts. 

Interim audit

Interim audits provided by our team help to monitor the early stages of constructing a smart contract when the developer has begun and check if everything is going the right way.

Full audit

Our Full audit service provides a rigorous code review by employing a combination of automated testing methods and manual examination from experienced and unbiased auditors. 

Round-the-clock audit 

Our auditors work with you throughout the development lifecycle of projects with several revisions and a defined roadmap, ensuring that new code is frequently verified.

Optimal Smart Contract Audit for Various Industries

Smart contracts offer a wide range of possible uses, and they have already been adopted by several industries, including real estate, entertainment, finance, and others to streamline several procedures. Whether it's for a DApp or Metaverse smart contract audit, our innovative auditing techniques and in-depth analysis from our subject matter specialists guarantee that your project is high on security and performance.

Defi Smart contract audit

To safeguard assets from hackers and guarantee the integrity of the project, we provide DeFi smart contract audit services for DeFi projects that manage large volumes of transactions.

dApp Smart contract audit

By doing the dApp audit with us, you can get aid in the identification of potential flaws and hazards that could result in downtime, hacking, or money loss.

NFT Smart contract audit

With the NFT smart contract audit offered by our seasoned team of NFT auditors, you can protect your assets and receive the necessary NFT Verification Stamp that certifies your NFT.

ICO Smart contract audit 

Smart contract audit for Initial Coin Offering ensures that the utility such as soft cap, hard cap, and other features remains unaltered after the token sale.

Decentralized application audit

A decentralized application audit is designed to audit the front end and back end of any decentralized program as well as the blockchain component of the application.

Blockchain protocol audit

Blockchain protocol audit ensures that your cutting-edge technology is free of defects that affect its basic functionality and security. Additionally, it guarantees that deployed smart contracts will be secure for end users without being vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Exclusive Smart Contract Audit Services on various Blockchains

Maticz has a reputation for providing impeccable Smart contract development services for a variety of businesses. We evaluate smart contracts created on a variety of protocols as a leading smart contract audit business with strong knowledge of numerous blockchain services.













Insights on our Smart Contract Audit Process

Smart contract audits play an important role in assuring the quality of mechanisms of decentralized applications using smart-contract-based protocols. Our professional and smart auditing team works together to document every smart contract audit report by using a following sequential approach 

Collecting prerequisites

Our smart contract audit services depend on having a thorough understanding of your project's specifics. To understand the intended functionalities of your code, we gather the specifications for it and analyze its design, build process, and architecture.

Code Testing

We execute many analytic approaches to check your source code for potential dangers that include syntax problems, security gaps, bugs, and other weaknesses using high-end tools and detectors.

Manual code and logic analysis

After automated code testing, we look for unexpected behavior and other security weaknesses such as overflows, denial of service, time manipulation, malicious libraries, and logical errors in the smart contract along with recommending appropriate fixes.

Initial Audit Report preparation

After reviewing your smart contract for vulnerabilities, our developers give you an initial, thorough audit report including all the findings and practical solutions to the problems. This paves way for the developers to work on modifying the code to address them.

Testing with automated tools and fixing bugs

We review the modified code and run several tests after making the necessary changes to the code to see if the quality has improved and if all issues have been resolved.

Final Audit Report Preparation

We record every detail and significant information of our smart contract audit in the final phase to deliver the customer with a fully personalized, open, and comprehensive report.

Prospective Benefits of Smart Contract Audit Services

Maticz is made up of a select group of blockchain experts who focus solely on this technology and have produced ground-breaking Smart contract Audit solutions with a range of following advantages for various sectors. 

Improved review

Our team of skilled security auditors works together to check your code for problems of any sort and fix them from the ground up.

After-launch Assistance

To continue giving its clients the best support even after their smart contract application launch, We offer post-launch audit services.

Safety Agreement

To avoid disclosing any details or concepts about the project, we sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients.

Interdisciplinary group

With the support of our experienced specialists, you can improve your offering, get the finest IT solution, and even set up communities and campaigns.

Greater Efficiency

Our Smart contract audit before deployment will help ensure that there are no errors when your smart contract is automated, which will enhance its overall functionality.

Enhanced Performance

By ensuring that your code is well-written and organized and that all functions are precise through smart contract audit, you can run your code more efficiently.


By deleting bugs and insecure code, appropriate smart contract audits assist in identifying potential security faults and risks, keeping the system impermeable and secure from hostile attacks.

What makes Us the top Smart Contract Audit Agency?

Maticz is the top-rated smart contract audit agency working with the industry's best smart contract auditors. Our goal is to assist companies and organizations in using smart contracts successfully and safely by making them secure and dependable. We prioritize manual review while carefully using automated technologies to keep the cost of the final smart contract audit to a minimum. 

Our experts help manually double-check code to examine and test each line of code within your smart contracts. We analyze and test smart contracts to find any potential flaws or problems using both manual and automated methods. Utilize our smart contract audit services to examine your smart contract carefully and increase its effectiveness. Get in touch with the top-notch Smart Contract Audit Company to secure your smart contracts.

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