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What is a Public Blockchain?

A public blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that runs on a decentralized network. Users remain anonymous and do not need any permissions to access this blockchain. There are various nodes in its network with no limitations that make it highly secure and impossible for hackers to do any cyberattacks. 

Anybody with an internet connection can access this platform, and there is no specific rule for how one should use it. Users can stay hidden and need not reveal their identity to take part in the various blockchain network activities. With a public blockchain, it is easy to exchange and mine cryptocurrencies using public keys. 

Public Blockchain Development 

Public blockchain development includes scalable services and solutions that can streamline business operations across diverse industries. With its industry-specific use cases, it has revolutionized the way we do business and eliminated manual work by automating everything. A public blockchain is a next-gen technology that is highly adopted in various domains.

Many businesses have started relying on blockchain development companies like Maticz to incorporate Public blockchain-based services and solutions for their businesses. We have a passionate team of blockchain developers who are experienced in working on various blockchain projects. Our experts utilize the pinnacle of technology to provide versatile public blockchain solutions. 

Public Blockchain Development Services 

We provide companies with next-gen public blockchain development services tailored specifically for their use case to help them achieve their business goals. We deliver a wide range of public blockchain services, which are as follows. 

Smart Contract Development 

We build secure and impeccable smart contracts using advanced tools and frameworks to perform efficient and well-organized business operations. It automatically gets activated when it matches the principles and criteria set during development. 

dApp Development 

Our professional team of developers builds open-source dApps on various blockchains, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Polkadot, etc., for seamless interactions in a wide range of applications. 

Wallet Development 

We provide full-cycle development services, from designing to launching customized and reliable wallets to make instant transactions across multiple locations and currencies. 

Asset Tokenization

We create digital tokens using various token standards on a public blockchain for startups and enterprises to securitize, tokenize, and have control over their digital assets.

Crypto Exchange Development 

Using innovative blockchain technologies, our experts develop crypto exchange platforms with high-level security and transparency to trade multiple cryptocurrencies and stay ahead in the crypto business.  

Crypto Token Development 

Our token offering service includes developing the token platform and delivering digital tokens with regulated securities based on the client’s investment requirements to facilitate money transfers in and out of the business. 

Features of Public Blockchain Development 

Revolutionize your business processes with our cutting-edge blockchain solutions, which help you stay ahead of the curve. Let’s explore the innovative features we integrate during public blockchain development. 

Distributed Ledger 

The distributed ledger of the public blockchain has complete information about the transactions and the people involved. Any modifications made to the ledger will be validated and updated immediately. 

Self-custodial Wallet 

With a self-custodial wallet, it is simple to access any public blockchain and defi products. You can choose the fees you pay the miners and validators of public blockchain during transactions. 

Proof of Work

Proof of work lets miners validate the transaction and check its authenticity to know whether it is done securely. Users will get rewards for the work they have done during the transaction. 

Hash Encryption 

In a public blockchain, all your data is kept safe and secure in the blocks, which are encrypted with a cryptographic hash. It verifies users with digital signatures and protects data from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

Consensus Algorithms 

Consensus algorithms present at the core of the network help nodes make quicker and more objective decisions about whether to accept or deny the transaction. 

Benefits of Public Blockchain Development Services

Public blockchain development has exploded in recent years due to its widespread industry adoption. Here we have listed down the benefits that foster business growth. 


All the transactions are validated by nodes, and there is no need for you to rely on any third parties for review and validation, which cuts off the cost and makes it highly cost-effective. 


What makes public blockchain development a go-to option is its transparency. Every transaction detail can be traced, like when, how, and by whom a transaction is done. 


A public blockchain powered by smart contracts executes business processes in a fraction of the time, which is way faster than the conventional way of verifying. 

Enhanced Security 

There is no way you can manipulate or hack the public blockchain network since the whole network is backed by smart contracts, which adds an extra layer of security. 


One of the unique things about the public blockchain is that users do not need permission from anyone to access and execute transactions on it. 

No intermediaries 

Since the transaction is carried out within a decentralized network, there are no middlemen involved, and the entire transaction becomes decentralized. 

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Public Blockchain Development Process 

At Maticz, we sequence each project to provide our clients with the top public blockchain solutions that support the development of their projects. An outline of our development methodology is provided here.

Step 1: Choose a suitable Use Case 

Before developing a public blockchain, it is essential to select the use case for which the blockchain is needed. There are plenty of use cases to choose from such as healthcare, finance, supply chain, media, etc. 

Step 2: Identify the Blockchain Protocol

The next step in the public blockchain development process is to select the appropriate blockchain protocols from a variety of protocols like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, etc with which you want to build your blockchain. To take your public blockchain to the next level, other components, like consensus mechanisms and smart contracts, are chosen to be used in the blockchain network. 

Step 3: Configure Nodes 

After selecting and gathering all the requirements, the next step is to set up nodes on your public blockchain. We create multiple nodes to ensure security and decentralization. 

Step 4: Develop Blockchain Protocol 

The most important step in public blockchain development is to develop blockchain protocol along with its parameters such as permissions, key management, Block signatures, etc. 

Step 5: Integrate Blockchain APIs

We integrate blockchain APIs such as data authentication, cryptographic hashes, digital signatures, etc. for the seamless performance of your public blockchain. 

Step 6: Create Smart Contracts 

Smart contracts remain the backbone of a public blockchain. Creating secure and error-free smart contracts following the chosen use case and its operations. 

Step 7: Design UI/UX 

Following the smart contract creation, we design an intuitive user interface (landing page) with advanced features that improve the efficiency of the blockchain. 

Step 8: Audit and Deploy Blockchain 

As a final step, we audit the smart contract to rectify errors and enhance its performance before deploying the blockchain. 

What makes Maticz the top public Blockchain Development Company?

Maticz is a leading public blockchain development company in India that seeks to provide flexible blockchain development solutions to diverse enterprises around the world. We work on a variety of blockchain concepts, from creating straightforward blockchain platforms to intricate public blockchain solutions. With years of experience in blockchain development, we offer a variety of blockchain services. Contact us right away to go over the procedure in more detail if you're looking for a great company to work with on blockchain development.

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