NFTs are the buzzword that goes on the mainstream of the crypto space. It has seen a massive explosion over the past year and NFT-related projects have taken millions & millions of dollars as a profit. People are endowing in virtual currencies and NFTs to get multiple returns on investment. In the simplest form, NFTs transform the digital assets into a kind of token that can be traded on the blockchain. It may be associated with Arts, music, metaverse, sports attributes, virtual lands, photos, videos, and much more.  

NFT Staking is one of the hot trends in the NFT space after NFT Marketplace. Apart from commissions from the trading of cryptocurrencies, staking helps to earn inactive income. This attracts more people towards it. In NFT staking, people can lock up their NFTs on the blockchain network to get rewards according to the staking period. This allows users to get massive income while maintaining their digital NFT assets. The staking platform determines asset value with its rarity and issues rewards according to that. It is one of the ways to earn passive income and is considered a safe and low investment risk.

How to Create an NFT Staking Platform?

The creation of an end-to-end NFT staking platform will incorporate more stages. To make a fully functional NFT staking platform requires a team of experts. So, uphold the following mandatory steps on your mind while developing the NFT staking website, and don't forget to add it to your platform.

1. Exploring NFT space and knowing about the market trending businesses.

2. Select a niche - elect the best tech development team to get extraordinary output

3. Choose a blockchain network that you wish to develop your platform 

4. Select NFT assets to tokenize on the platform

5. Specify user roles and authorizations on the platform

6. Overview of the technical flow of the NFT staking platform

7. Define an attractive landing page(UI/UX) to attract users 

8. Develop and Employ smart contracts based on staking functionalities

9. Quality assurance, testing & bug fixing

10. Deployment on the clint’s server and product release 

NFT Staking Website Development

Staking facilitates users to lock up their NFT assets in an exchange and earn a reward based on the NFTs staked on the platform. This means smart contracts are established between the platform and those who tend to stake their assets. It gives exclusive benefits & rewards to the stakeholders. The NFT Staking Website plays a vital role in the crypto sphere after the NFT Marketplace. 

Maticz is the top-notch NFT Staking Website Development Company that develops custom NFT Staking Platforms with high-end security features comprising all the necessary features for successful marketplace launching. Our NFT Staking Website Development Services help you to convert your use cases into actuality. We provide sophisticated NFT staking website development services to our clients.

NFT Staking Platform Development Services

The staking of NFTs helps stakers to unlock rewards effortlessly. These assets help to establish a liquidity pool in the NFT space. The staking of NFTs provides much more benefits such as bonuses, airdrops, incentives and transparency on a specific platform, and monetizing NFTs. Development of the NFT Staking platform can be created in various categories such as gaming, sports, asset-based, and industries such as banking, education, etc.

Maticz is acknowledged as the most promising NFT Staking Platform Development Company delivering a premier steadfast and stable NFT staking platform. We offer profit-driven and tested platforms to entrepreneurs that take their business to the next level. It is the right time to kick start your business with our adequate NFT staking software solutions. Establish your versatile NFT staking platform to fetch more benefits.  

NFT Staking Development on Various Blockchain Networks

NFT Staking Platform Development on Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the leading blockchain networks that provides Smart contract solutions & decentralized applications. It was established with wide aims to leverage blockchain technology and furnishes dozens of blockchain applications in diverse categories. NFT staking is capturing investors who want to get high APY(Annual Percentage Yield). Therefore, launching an NFT Staking Platform on ethereum gives more benefits since it gains more credibility across various business industries. 

NFT Staking Development on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BSC gets popular due to its unchanging gas price, faster adoption rates, and affordable transaction fees. It managed a protected and desirable place in the market, with numerous adoption and a burgeoning ecosystem of NFT Staking Platforms, Yield farming, and DEX exchanges. BSC adopted staking instead of mining as they have prioritized the speed of the network and protection. Also, staking models are more user-friendly and support quicker block generation.

NFT Staking Platform Development on Polygon (Matic)

Polygon is the world's first blockchain network gaining real-world traction that operates on POS protocol. Billion dollars worth of digital assets and cryptos has been bridged into polygon via some biggest names like NFT, Defi. Another key benefit of the polygon is low transaction fees, extremely fast transactions per second, and the adoption of projects both oversized & small. The launching of the NFT Staking platform on the Matic network is a more sustainable and efficient option that enables stakers to stake and receive rewards at a fraction of the Ethereum gas fees.

NFT Staking Platform Development on Solana

Solana blockchain is well-known for its high performance that supports 50,000+ TPS without sharding. The primary goal of this blockchain network is to provide secure, scalable, verifiable platforms that support high TPS while also providing incentives to the people who want to stake NFT for rewards. Developing an NFT Staking platform on this blockchain facilitates people to control all staked tokens that they may have chosen to delegate. By staking tokens with a validator or validators, the token holder reveals a degree of trust in the validator they chose to delegate to.

NFT Staking Website Development on Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a third-generation decentralized application and a public blockchain. It offers numerous benefits such as quick transactions, reasonable gas fees, a higher degree of decentralization, eco-friendliness, and passive earnings. Cardano authorizes people to earn passive revenue by staking their digital assets. It is completely decentralized, and transparent and allows people to build a rich decentralized platform. It works upon the idea that those with a big stake in Cardano will have an interest in maintaining it safe and steadfast.

Features of NFT Staking Platform

1. API integration - To improve efficiency and speed up the process, third-party payment gateways and wallets can be integrated with the staking platform.

2. List of supported assets and their protection - Protocols, and firewalls withstand any security breaches. Protection is an assertive factor when picking an NFT platform for staking. 

3. Exclusive add-ons - Integration of enticing features such as impressive thumbnails and UI/UX to automate platforms and gain more attention in the NFT community. 

4. Rewards calculator - Rewards for the staking assets can be calculated with the inflation rate of the coin, the time duration of staking assets, and the type of asset staked on the platform. 

5. Payouts - It provides an exact picture of how they will acquire their shares of rewards to the people. Also displays transaction history to track their past actions.

Why Choose Maticz for NFT Staking Platform Development? 

Maticz, an expert in NFT Staking Platform Development, keeps track of the NFT market and its upcoming empowerment of the NFT community. Being the most reputed NFT staking development company, we offer our development services on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Solana, and Cardano. Our elite tech team will give their support to your project until it is successfully entered into the business market. 

Being the leader of the NFT staking website development, we always provide best-in-class, feature-rich, utmost secured NFT staking platforms to our customers. We pride ourselves to deliver the best quality platforms around the globe. Unlock the potential of blockchain and collaborate with us to launch your ground-breaking solutions.

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