The Data obtained from the clients through this website is solely maintained and tracked down by Maticz Technologies Private Limited. The Citations "we", "us", "Our", "Maticz" are used o refer to us the Maticz Technologies Private Limited. as part of the company guidelines we look forward to ensuring a primary degree of security to our participants. owing to our privacy policies the participants can access most parts of the site without even mentioning their personal identities.

Client Info Acquirement

This section holds the data which the client wished to share through our contact us section or else through the upload resume sections of the Careers tab. This section also keeps track of the client data entered through the queries or even through the mails sent as response generating entities to the company.

Other zones of Interaction

We also allow the participants to reach us through the online forums. but under such circumstances we strongly recommend you to be your own responsive authority of your personal data provided on those sites. we personally recommend you not disclose any data on those sites.

Passive Insights

Keeping in mind market requirements we get access to the client information directly without them even reaching out. This by no means contributes to endorsing or involving in any forms of promotion.

How we Handle Personal Data?

We hold your personal data within our superlative secured databases for a specific period of time until the proceedings are done positively.

Data Procured through Applications

Regarding the applications submitted for career-based proceedings, the participants are requested that they give prior access to Maticz to progress their details and arrive at the fairest deals in accordance with the GDPR community-driven guidelines.

Third-Party free Data Procurement

We don’t involve in disclosing the client Data to any third parties on any occasion, under some special cases we look forward to executing data procurement through our internal policies.


From designing to deploying, Fintech to Media we take care of the complete development process and provide full-stack Web 3.0 development services to diverse industries. Here we listed a few,

  • Client Info Acquirement
  • Other zones of Interaction
  • Passive Insights
  • How we Handle Personal Data?
  • Data Procured through Applications
  • Third-Party free Data Procurement

Insights on

Our Refund Policy is put up with fair assessment practices based on standardized practices. Further, below are the guidelines you need to follow to claim a refund, originating from different needs and business situations.

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We Maticz accept payments in two available modes one is by processing the payment for initiating while the other mode is by accepting full payments for processing project progress.

If at any cost you are not satisfied with the quality of service, you will be permitted to abandon the quality of service within a span of 15 days from the date of initiating the progress and proceedings, in that case, the Maticz will look to clear out and cancel the deal.

The Amount once remitted for initiating the process by no means will be refunded to the participant at any cost.

Queries and Project outcomes are very well to be discussed well in advance.

The Refund is applicable to those who have remitted the entire fee and look to abandon the project within a span of 15 days.


You acknowledge and agree that the confidentiality of the information thus provided over the internet cannot be assured of secured custody. Hence we plead you to be in complete precision while providing the personal data. Maticz hereby disclaims any liability on itself, its affiliates, and contractors for any personal data procured through our site or through any available sources.

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