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A video game is an electronic game that can be controlled using a device like a keyboard, console, etc. Video games have been the buzzword ever since their emergence and have made a positive impact on society with recent developments.

The video gaming niche grabbed attention and became mainstream when arcade games, gaming consoles, PCs, etc., were introduced. After its introduction, it became one of the most popular modes of entertainment. Further, the internet, LAN, multi-player gaming, etc., took gaming to the next level and contributed to the grand success of the niche. In recent years, the video gaming niche made a paradigm shift and played a crucial part in solving real-world problems and imparting knowledge to children.

Maticz is a pitch-perfect video game development company that helps you develop new-age video games across different gaming platforms. The video gaming development process is massive with requirements like unique selling propositions, captivating gameplay, high-end graphics, etc., so leveraging cutting-edge technology is required and we help you scale your game development capacities.

As a next-gen video game development studio, we take full responsibility (from design to updates) for developing a market-trending game that aligns well with game requirements. We develop video games that enable people to socialize with the help of AR, VR, etc., and the technological advancements in blockchain technology helped them unlock various monetizing opportunities and revenue sources.

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Mind-Blowing Key Stats and Facts

Mind-blowing statistics & facts prove the popularity and insane craze for modern video games, so ultimately investing in video game development results in long-lasting revenue.

  • According to a report from Marketer, almost 3 billion people worldwide have played video games, and the figure will rise with the popularity of online gaming.
  • As per reports from Statista, PC gaming alone will generate a massive $46.7 bn in revenue by 2027.
  • As per an estimate from PR Newswire, the gaming industry will reach around $300 bn market cap by 2023.
  • Mobile gaming is the most popular type of game, while gaming consoles and PC gaming occupy the next two places.

The above stats & facts describe the craze over video gaming and the market demand for fine-tuned development services.

Custom Video Game Development

Custom video game development services accompany the client and help them develop and launch custom video games in any format (PC, Mobile, or Console) with around-the-clock post-launch support.

NFT Game Development

High-end NFT games with striking gameplay, reward factors, revenue sources, etc., are delivered via customized NFT game development that attracts millions of gamers and NFT enthusiasts and encourages NFT investments.

Unity Game Development

Unity game development projects are outsourced to top-tier game development studios. A Unity game developer can be hired to save the cost & based on the requirements. In addition, these game development firms provide real-time project consultation.

Unreal Game Development

Unreal engine game development projects are outsourced to top-tier game development studios. A Unity game developer can be hired to save the cost & based on the requirements. In addition, these game development firms provide real-time project consultation.

Mobile Game Development

We offer next-gen mobile game development services to help you launch engaging mobile games across various operating systems like iOS Android, Microsoft, etc. We plan, develop, test & launch a next-gen mobile game that thrives in the smartphone app marketplace.

Our End-to-End

Maticz offers premium video game development services by making use of cutting-edge technology tools and advanced game engines to create next-gen video games.

  • Custom Video Game Development
  • NFT Game Development
  • Unity Game Development
  • Unreal Game Development
  • Mobile Game Development


Monetization opportunities of video game development created confidence among investors and helped them unlock numerous money-generating sources. Some popular monetization opportunities are

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In-app Purchases

Some games are free to play and gamers purchase in-game assets or other gaming features to optimize their gameplay. Thus in-app gaming purchase is a profitable business model, and the pricing should be reasonable.

In-app Ads

In-game advertisements are very popular among game developers and studios, where third-party applications or platforms promote their brands in popular games. In-app ads are available in various formats like Native banners, playable ads, and bonus & rewards ads.


Subscription-based gaming models are the recent developments in the gaming niche, and gamers should buy any of the available subscription packages to play the games rewards, coupons, etc., are some common ways to encourage subscriptions.

Purchase to Play

This option allows gamers to play the game after it is purchased, and it is the most expensive model among others. The price of the game differs from console to console, and it is one of the most sold business models despite the cost.


Development Tools

High-end programming languages like solidity or other suitable software are required to develop a new-age game with ground-breaking features and gameplay.


Database Management System

A database management system is essential to securely manage or organize the in-game assets, player information, transactions, etc.


Gaming Engine

To build a captivating game & to render the graphics or animations, gaming engines like Unreal Engine or Unity are implemented in the game development process.


Cloud Hosting

To enable continuous gameplay and host the game & stabilize the infrastructure, cloud hosting services like AWS or Google Cloud platform are integrated.


Blockchain Technology

For cutting-edge metaverse, web3, or NFT-based gaming ecosystems, the inclusion of blockchain technology is essential for secure transactions and data storage.

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The video game development process implements cutting-edge technological frameworks and proven development standards. Some tech stacks integrated into video game development are.

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Hire Video Game Developers

Looking for a team of video game developers to initiate your dream project? Hire the young minds of well-established video game developers who have delivered numerous game projects on a global scale. With rich expertise in advanced gaming technologies such as cloud gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and many more, our developers work the best way out for the success of every project.

By hiring our video game developers, you can expect the best results as we follow a standard process that sets your project apart and makes it unique in the global market. Our development team consists of young and analytical minds that approach projects from various perspectives, enabling them to provide the right solutions to all your problems within the given time frame. Our team is equipped with advanced tools, game engines, programming languages, and technologies to develop high-quality video games.

Our developers have contributed to the creation of critically acclaimed games across genres. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality work efficiently, ensuring that your project stays on track without compromising on creativity or precision. Ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled gaming excellence? Hire our video game developers at Maticz. Contact us today to get started.

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Best Video Game Development Agency

Best Video Game Development Agency

Maticz became the best video game development agency in a short time with its diverse portfolio. We developed and deployed 300+ epic games across various platforms like iOS, web, Android, AR & VR, etc., and the new-age game development studio. We are experts in unity and unreal engine game development and have delivered top-notch 2D and 3D games with precise performance in this niche. To help you meet your gaming requirements within your investment, we offer multiple engagement models like T&M models, resource-based, etc.

Our video game developers create innovative games with solid designs, user-friendly tools, and engaging gameplay. In addition, we provide game maintenance services to an existing game and provide reliable post-launch support with ground-breaking updates. In the case of video game development, approach the top game development company to realize the dream of developing a futuristic game with numerous monetization opportunities.

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Video game development is the process of developing, designing, creating, and producing interactive electronic games. It includes a collaborative effort by a team of proficients, including game designers, artists, programmers, sound engineers, and testers, to bring a game concept to life.

Some popular revenue streams in Video game development are,

  • In-app ads
  • In-app Purchases
  • Subscription
  • Purchase to play

The process of creating a video game typically takes from one month to a few years. In a nutshell, video games can cost you from $25,000 for a simple version with limited features to $50,000 for an action-packed large version of the game.

There are various benefits to outsourcing video game development to a game development studio, including:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Takes lesser time
  • Reduced overheads
  • Risk management
  • Staffing flexibility

Maticz is the leading video game development company that provides top-notch video game development services. We specialized in creating different types of games such as puzzle games, iOS games, Unity games, Android games, adventure games, action games, cross-platform games, etc., Hire our proficient game developers to accelerate your video game software development.

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