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Widen your reach in the blockchain realm by developing decentralized games on blockchain networks by partnering with the field-proven Blockchain game development service provider that nurtures your gaming ideas into reality.

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Blockchain game development is the process of developing games based on blockchain technology. This enables gamers to have immersive gameplay and empowers them with the true ownership of in-game assets. The decentralized nature and complete ownership made blockchain a suitable technology to develop online video games with high gaming standards. Hence many game entrepreneurs are leveraging blockchain to build intuitive games enriched with metaverse and web3 concepts.

We have an experienced team of developers on board who bring out advanced game development strategies to create games that fit the current gaming trends. Our expert team develops your ideal blockchain game and selects the right technology stack to ensure the success of your game. Build an ultimate blockchain gaming platform that delivers an immersive experience that empowers startups and enterprises in their digital business.

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The online gaming business has always been a potential investment for all game entrepreneurs. The gaming industry exploded in recent times by leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain games have been in existence since 2017 and they grew 2000% in the past year by witnessing $2.5+ billion in investments. Many industry veterans are now marching toward blockchain gaming with the uptrend in the blockchain gaming industry.

With the widespread adoption of blockchain technology, the architecture of the gaming industry was reshaped. Blockchain combined with NFTs, game-fi, and social-fi elements helped the players earn passive income through the play-to-earn games. High transparency, decentralized nature, secure payments, and complete automation made blockchain the most suitable one to develop gaming platforms.

Blockchain game provides a decentralized ecosystem to gamers which helps them have complete control over their digital assets and use it over other blockchain games. In most blockchain games, the play-to-earn model is one key facet that helps the players potentially earn cryptocurrencies. So, the players earn rewards that have real-world value. Blockchain games provide impressive gameplay to the players with the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

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Blockchain Game Development Company

Being the industry-leading Blockchain Game Development Company, Maticz transforms your gaming idea into a real-world blockchain game that adds value to the user's game experience. Our technical team has a state-of-the-art approach to developing a gaming platform on various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, EOS, BSC, Stellar, Avalanche, etc. Our specialists develop unique features and functionalities that rivet your target audience.

Having in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the blockchain industry we are capable of developing gaming platforms of any complexity. Our designers create highly appealing and stirring games that make the players delve into them. Our top minds at maticz have the necessary niche skills and hands-on experience in using blockchain game development tools. We strive to materialize your game ideas with our advanced services that help you stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Game Development

We have experienced blockchain developers who put their technical expertise into developing high-profile and high-quality games. Our professional experts bring a whole new level of brand customization to the games incorporating all web3 and metaverse elements as per the user specification.

In-game Asset Management

We design and develop blockchain games with tradable tokens and in-game assets to make use of them in the premium game versions. We provide in-game asset management services to manage your in-game assets.

Avatar and Character Creation

Our experts design and develop a wide range of 2D and 3D avatars that meet the user's business goals and requirements. The developed avatars are suitable for various fantasy games, multiplayer games, play-to-earn games, and other role-playing games.

NFT Marketplace Creation

We also offer sharp-witted services to develop the NFT marketplace which helps the gamers safely store and transact their in-game assets. These nft marketplaces are built with high-end features and an appealing user interface helping the gamers to easily access them.

Maintenance and Support

We deliver top-notch maintenance and support services to ensure the gaming platform is functioning properly and running with 100% efficiency. Our expert team focuses keenly on reducing bugs and eliminating instances that affect the quality of the platform.


Stand out from the crowd by developing Hitech blockchain games with our blockchain game development services.

  • Custom Game Development
  • In-game Asset Management
  • Avatar and Character Creation
  • NFT Marketplace Creation
  • Maintenance and Support


As a top-ranking game development company, Maticz specializes in crafting blockchain games for various genres that set new benchmarks in the gaming industry.

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Action Games

Our blockchain game developers design and craft blockchain-based action games implementing dynamic action scenes offering high-octane gaming experiences.


Adventure Games

We develop blockchain adventure games that will stir the curiosity of gamers with unparalleled visuals leveraging virtual reality and artificial intelligence to offer a high level of realism.


Puzzle Games

Our game developers craft blockchain-powered puzzle games integrating captivating themes that elevate critical thinking and creating thinking.


Simulation Games

We craft blockchain simulation games aiming to deliver breathtaking experiences to users by perfectly recreating real-world activities without compromising on visuals.


Play To Earn Games

Maticz is known for developing blockchain-based play-to-earn games with stunning visuals where the users earn rewards by achieving game milestones.


Role Play Games

Our blockchain game developers build RPG blockchain games with fascinating storylines, themes, and character customization to deliver a realistic gaming experience.

Blockchain games are developed with pre-determined steps that impart proper execution of the platform aiming to offer an immersive gaming experience.

Game Conceptualization

The fundamental concept of the blockchain game is determined and a thorough analysis of the ideas is conducted. The gaming genre, game mechanics, storyline, and target audience are defined.

Create a Game Design Document

Once the game is conceptualized the game design document is created which serves as the blueprint for further development. This document outlines the overall game mechanics, gameplay, in-game characters, game designs, levels, etc.

Choose Appropriate Tech Stack

Choose the perfect tech stack that includes the game engine, blockchain network, programming language, and other tools. Ensure to choose the appropriate blockchain network such as Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, etc, and game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine.

Develop Game Assets

At this phase, the game assets are designed and developed according to the gameplay. The game assets include 3D models, textures, characters, objects, environments, music and sound effects.

Design and Develop Blockchain Game

Now the game developers design the whole game to deliver appealing visuals and gaming experience and further they proceed to core blockchain game development. The developers meticulously code and implement the game assets, game mechanisms, and sound effects to create a pitch-perfect blockchain game.

Blockchain Game Testing and Deployment

Once the development is completed the blockchain game is subject to testing to ensure the game performs perfectly and is free from bugs and glitches. Finally, the blockchain is ready for deployment and is deployed across various platforms which is accessible to gamers.

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Maticz is experienced in working with various blockchain networks that ensure a vital foundation for our game development projects redefining the standards of gaming.

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Maticz being the leader in blockchain game development has a diligent team of blockchain developers who have served in various industrial verticals with an average of 7+ years of developer experience. You can get full advantage of hiring our adept blockchain game developers who strive to build gaming platforms leveraging cutting-edge game strategies.

Our blockchain game developers have proficiency in building a full spectrum of blockchain games incorporating ingenious technology stacks and tools. By hiring blockchain developers you gain full control and direct communication which helps in monitoring their work. Maticz has qualified developers who give greater flexibility and productivity to meet the client's requirements.

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Our adroit developers develop inspiring blockchain games with all the benefits that contribute to the better functioning of the platform.

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Transparency is the major benefit for the games developed using blockchain technology. Any kind of data transfer and transaction will be visible to everyone at any point in time.


In-game currency

The players can gain complete access to the in-game currencies they receive by participating in the games. They can be stored in wallets and can be used to play other games.



The micro-payments within the gaming applications enable smaller transactions. This helps to monetize your games by adding real-world values and it enables subscription services to the users.


Enhanced Security

Blockchain games are developed with powerful encryption techniques. This makes the gaming platform more secure by adding an extra protection layer to the platform.


Quick Settlement

Blockchain applications allow faster settlements, unlike other banking systems. This helps the player and users to make transactions quickly.


Reduced Revenue Loss

Blockchain games reduce revenue loss with zero cost for any chargebacks and failed transactions and being immutable it avoids fraud activities.

Top Blockchain Game Development Company

Best Blockchain Game Development Company

Maticz is one of the best blockchain game development companies that designs and develops captivating blockchain game platforms by setting high game standards. We have seasoned blockchain game developers who follow a dynamic approach to building blockchain games. We ensure that your game presence is superior in the market by edging out the competitors.

Our professional team provides dexterous services that will escalate your gaming business. We are big enough to handle massive projects and have outreached our services across the globe. Our experts at maticz are committed to completing the projects on time at an affordable price. We provide interminable support throughout the development process to develop your own desired blockchain games.

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A blockchain-based game incorporates blockchain technology and applications like NFT, Crypto, Metaverse, etc., that deliver surreal gameplay and allow gamers to earn, buy or trade digital assets for cryptocurrency or fiat.

Blockchain game development involves the creation and deployment of engaging and rewarding new-age decentralized gameplay. It also integrates Metaverse, Web3, NFT, Crypto, etc., to build a GameFi ecosystem.

Yes, blockchain gaming is profitable for both investors and gamers. For instance, gamers can earn rewards via NFT or cryptocurrency while investors can earn from various revenue sources like ads, in-game stores, etc.

The cost to develop a next-gen blockchain game depends on factors like blockchain selection, resources available, tech stack, required features & add-on services like an in-game store, etc. It is better to get a quote from the best blockchain game development company like Maticz.

Blockchain games reform traditional games with decentralization, micropayment, and asset ownership while helping players generate a passive income via digital assets that can be exchanged for real money on suitable exchanges.

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