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E-learning App Development

Maticz is one of the leading companies in e-learning app development that tops the list and provides you with a unique learning platform with all the requirements. The team of professionals provides you with the exact scenario behind the development process at every step of the development process from the analysis to the deployment of the project in client-server. As a team, we keep on implementing advanced innovative tech like Web3, Blockchain, AI, etc in the development process to provide the best application in the industry.

The e-learning application development starts with the process of analysis of the usage of the application and the content over the platform. The development process takes time to set up the framework and storage so that the users will be able to go through an uninterrupted learning process without any lagging. We are clear in providing a user-friendly, cross-platform custom eLearning application that helps in reaching out to the maximum number of users around the globe with the platform.

Education App Development

Educational App Development has become one of the most important ones for the major institutions as many major institutions are attracting youngsters from all around the globe and this has made them make their online presence. With the growing digital space, online learning applications have become a major concern that lets users get connected with their colleagues despite their present locations. We come up with the right plan for your application that covers all the points to provide a good learning experience to users.

In the education app development process, we look out for the platform usage and frame the app to perform seamlessly even if thousands of users access their way through the application. If you are looking for a specialized education application for your institution we are there to provide it which represents your vision. We as a team have worked on many online learning application development for multiple institutions and schools which have improved their work in the digital space.

Educational App Development Services

With a team of well-experienced mobile app developers, we provide a variety of educational app development services to clients around the globe based on their requirements.

Custom eLearning App Development

Plan your custom e-learning app development with our experts who represent the vision and mission of your work. With our customizable solution, we provide you with an advanced eLearning application developed over innovative technology.

AR/VR Learning App Development

We also work in the development of AR/VR learning apps that would let you reach thousands of users. Plan the right virtual learning application with our experts and take your service to every nook and corner of the world.

Language Learning Apps

We also work on the development of dedicated learning apps like language learning apps and more which are specially designed in a way to ease the process with just the required features for the learning process which makes the app more stable.

Institute Educational Apps

As many institutions are offering online courses to global countries and with the concept of globalization many institutions are coming up with their own are you one of them? Then here we are there to launch your institute's educational apps.

On-demand Learning Apps

Maticz offers you a feature-packed Online learning app that allows you to reach more users via the digital space. Get in touch with our experts and we provide you with a suitable solution that satisfies your requirements and resembles your project vision. 

Corporate Training Apps

Corporate companies want to keep their employees updated and want them to learn more innovative technologies and want them to be motivated by new technologies for which we design your corporate training app with the much-needed requirements.

Features of Our E-learning App Solution

With our hands-on development process, we never miss out on providing the best features in our E-learning app solutions. Here are a few top-notch features of our learning application


A dedicated forum section is planned and developed for every course that helps the learners communicate and helps them connect with their colleagues.


A specialized assignment section is added which lets the course provider evaluate the users and provide them certificates for their performances.

Audio Streaming

The application is planned with the features of audio-streaming that help the users to go through the course materials even in their travel with the audio function.


The application provides push notifications to the users at the right time which helps the users to do their work at the right time without fail.

Video Streaming

Along with audio streaming functionality, the app is designed especially for video streaming, and that lets the users to hold on the platform.

Interactive Graphics

We provide innovative graphics throughout the whole application that helps the users to access every feature of the app with ease.

Benefits of E-learning Application Development

We provide an online education platform with much-needed benefits in our E-learning Application Development. Here are a few notable benefits

Multiple Language

The application supports multiple languages which helps you to plan your application launch over many countries beyond language boundaries.

High Security

The app development indulges multiple security features that improve the security of the application and prevent any sort of invasive hack attacks.

Chat Support

We provide 24/7 chatbot support to the users which benefits them at any point while accessing any course on the application.

High Scalability

The platform is highly scalable and performs seamlessly even with more than thousands of active users present over the platform.

Easy Interface

The application is designed in a way to easily access the entire app's features and functions with ease because of our specially designed interface.

Payment Integration

The application is developed with multiple payment integration options that help the users make payments of their choice for the registered course. 

What Makes Us the Best Education App Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best education app development companies that offers custom education app development services at an affordable cost. With 100+ professionals the team is working on the advanced platform development process with much-needed features and functionalities. As a leading Mobile app development company, We have successfully launched more than 250+ software products over different requirements.

Online learning application development has been one of the top-notch services provided by the team of Maticz. Education Apps have made transformations, where it is not just focused on students but also many others, who will get access to courses and to their study materials. Plan your e-learning app with the industry experts of Maticz, just take a step forward and we will bring your platform to the digital space.

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