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If you’ve been following the news, then you may know that everybody talks about blockchain. Techies are predicting and belive the blockchain technology will disrupt every industry. The blockchain technology is now being applied to eLearning. In this article, I'll give a brief description of blockchain technology and how blockchain technology is impacting the e-learning landscape.

So what is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the decentralized digital ledger that facilitates secure online transactions. Transactions are recorded and made available to the public. The decentralization is the nature of blockchain that means everything isn’t located in one place, making it more secure. Every new transaction record is called Blocks, are linked together like a chain by cryptographic technologies.

The blockchain is disrupting just about every industry including online education. User retention and completion rates represent is the biggest problem for online courses. So, some online education startups are planning to use the blockchain technology to solve the most common problems in the e-learning industry.

How is Blockchain technology impacting the e-learning?

Blockchain technology is disrupts e-learning is four ways. They are following,

1. Helps to secure student records:

With an increased demand for E-learning, the market of fake degrees is also rising as well. Blockchain can play a vital role in ensuring the student's credentials as well as professors are accurate, genuine, and updated. Blockchain technology helps how to identify their students and protect their records and data. 

2.  Increase Retention Rate:

In online education, only 5.5% of candidates who enroll in online courses can finish and get a certificate. The e-learning industry is not able to meet their goal. Student’s eroding interest in the courses is the main reason for such shortfall. Blockchain can play a vital role in reviving efforts by offering certain tokens or rewards.

Typically, when students are enrolled in an educational course, they receive the grade as a reward. This reward can make some motivation. If students are given the tokens, then they can exchange for other cryptocurrencies and eventually receive cash for, then they will have added motivation to complete online courses.

3.  Secure certification:

Blockchain prevents hackers from creating fake certifications to say that they passed or excelled at a particular course. When an instructor includes a student’s certificate to the record, all the details not only get immutable but are openly accessible and isolated from the issuing foundation. At present, the employer can confirm an employee’s qualifications is by reaching the individual instructors. Even if the interviewee has all the educational certificates in hand, a background check is required. It takes a lot of time as they have many high schools and universities degree to show.

Educational management can refer to all the online student’s records to check the interviewer’s potential. Students can likewise gain full control of their educational information by a similar measure. They can access and confirm everything about their history via online. These records are permanently inscribed on the blockchain.

4. P2P Networking : 

A peer-to-peer E-learning platform is gearing up to bring the out of the model education sector into the new by becoming a one-stop-shop for tutors and students. A lot of tutors are using social media platforms like YouTube, to reach out to their students, the transparency is still questionable. Blockchain is being like a bridge between students and tutors to establishing a strong peer-to-peer network.

The blockchain, technology will be a direct connection between tutor and student, in terms of interaction and payment. It will help students to select the right tutor from the available pool and tutors will get ranked by the students based on the quality of materials they provide. It will also motivate tutors to improve their quality to get the attention of students. 

Build blockchain-enabled e-learning platform with maticz

There are some companies creating e-learning platforms with blockchain technology. Maticz technologies are one of the best blockchain development company to help for e-learning startups to enable the blockchain in their platform.  

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