White Label Crypto Wallet

Grab the well-engineered ready-made white label crypto wallet from Maticz the maestro of the crypto industry.


White Label Crypto Wallet Solution

White-label crypto wallet solution is a pre-engineered software that can be modified per the project's need and launched as a brand-new crypto wallet in the global market. Our ready-made wallet solution comes up with all the futuristic options and offers various services like managing NFTs, fiat currencies, crypto tokens, and more that attract many users of various minds to the crypto wallet once launched.

White label crypto wallet is suitable for any blockchain projects, crypto exchange platforms, DEXs, investment platforms, etc. The wallet is capable of processing unlimited digital assets at a time and subjected to a number of tests to safeguard the assets from attacks and hacks.

White label crypto wallet is aiding many entrepreneurs start their crypto business in a short time and more over the solution is 100% customizable. This customization option is attracting many business minds to start their businesses. With a minimum investment as the wallet is pre-defined with all the necessary features and functionalities, only the additional options have to be developed and tested to make it more efficient and accessible.

50 +


300 +

Projects Delivered

350 +

Total Projects

Maticz is the dominant player in the crypto space, showcases its world-class work in white label crypto wallet development making it more reliable and trust worthy. The development process comprises a diverse teamwork of multiple teams from designing to testing. Maticz employs its well-trained developers to develop client project ideas into a futuristic business model. Our professionals are working with the most advanced tools and technologies to develop and showcase a world-class crypto wallet to global users.

By opting white label crypto wallet development services, you can launch crypto wallet as desktop apps, wallet apps, in-built apps, and web browser extensions. Also, we offer a diverse range of services in developing and customizing the pre-defined white-label solution according to the client's vision and project idea.

Creative Designers
Dedicated Developers
Secure Codebase
100% Customizable
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World Class

White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development


White Label Crypto Wallet App

White label crypto wallet app is an exclusive blockchain application to manage cryptocurrency, stablecoins, tokens, NFTs and other digital assets. By installing wallet app on mobile, users can send, receive, stake, store cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. Maticz with the industry's best developers delivers the best white-label crypto wallet app to its clients around the globe. The app is designed with the most advanced tech stack and tested multiple times to remove any kind of glitches, bugs, and vulnerabilities.

The white-label crypto wallet application is developed with all the features like buying tokens to NFTs, swapping, staking, crypto payment, and many more. Also the wallet supports unlimited tokens, cryptos and makes it more reliable. This has helped our clients make a better outcome by gaining more users for their business. The wallet app is compatible with multiple devices which encourages many users worldwide to sign up for the app besides what device or OS they use.

Two Factor Autentication
Device Compatibility
Multi-Chain Compatibility
Smart Contract Audited
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A Diverse

Maticz offers premium white label crypto wallet development services on a wide scale bringing in various factors and functionalities that help our client's ideas.

  • Multi-Sig Crypto Wallet Development
  • Crypto Wallet Browser Extension
  • Custom Crypto Wallet Development
  • Custodial Crypto Wallet Development
  • Self-Custodial Crypto Wallet Development

What We Offer With Our

Along with the white label crypto wallet development, we come up with the most futuristic features that help your crypto space business to grow around the globe.

Unlimited Cryptocurrencies

Our White Label wallet is developed with the most advanced tech stack which provides a hassle-free reliable wallet solution even after performing intense operations. In addition, the wallet is tailored to handle unlimited cryptos.

  • Cryptos
  • Tokens
  • Buy/Sell/Swap

Handle NFTs

The wallet is also designed to work with NFTs, where the users can collect NFTs and store those NFTs in their wallet for a long time. Our white-label wallet solution supports multi-chain compatibility making it more accessible.

  • Store NFTs
  • Multi-chain Compatibility
  • Transfer NFTs

Crypto Staking

The most user-favorable feature, we built a cryptocurrency wallet that has a staking option in the wallet which lets users earn rewards for staking their assets for a period which provides liquidity. Also, it offers

  • Liquidity
  • Borrowing
  • Lending


The wallet is built out with multiple transaction options where the user will be able to transfer their crypto assets and NFTs in various ways. Also, the wallet has an instant payment option where users can pay bills with cryptos.

  • Instant P2P Transaction
  • Pay Bills
  • Swap Tokens

Fiat Currency

We bring in the usage of fiat currency in the wallet which would help many users to buy/sell crypto with ease from the wallet. The usage of fiat currency encourages users to use the wallet for all their payments.

  • Buy/Sell Crypto
  • Transfer Tokens
  • Access to Debit/Credit Card

Multiple Cryptos

Access to multiple crypto tokens will attract a wide range of audiences around the globe of various mindsets to sign up for the wallet.



With multi-layer security features, the platform and assets are more secure and this can withstand any kind of invasive attacks.


Instant Transaction

The wallet app is developed with the most advanced tech stack which makes every transaction reflect instantly in a secure way.


NFT Access

We deliver the best crypto wallet solution with the option of handling NFTs where users can store or trade NFTs of various networks.


User-Centric Design

The crypto wallet app is developed as a user-centric design that lets the users handle every action of the app with ease and effectively.



The rewards are based on the client's idea where staking, lending and other related kind of actions lets the users earn rewards.


Maticz’s white-label cryptocurrency wallet presents the best product to the crypto space that benefits the users and the client in various ways. Here are a few benefits that are loved by users and admin.

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Best White Label Crypto Wallet Development Company

Best White Label Crypto Wallet Development Company

Maticz is a prominent white label crypto wallet development company speacilize in offering industry’s best cryptocurrency wallet solution. The wallet solution is well-planned and developed with futuristic options making our wallet stand out in the market in a more unique way. As we focus on the future market we come up with the best solution that the future world will be looking out for.

Maticz delivers the best white label crypto wallet to its clients with its best built-in features and functionalities that transform your business reach to a new height. Our team provides you with complete support and updates in the future to cater the best service to the app users. We have developed and launched multiple crypto wallets and many wallets have been listed on many app stores. Have an idea for launching a crypto wallet? Get in touch with our experts and launch your customized crypto wallet in the market.

Multi-chain Compatibility
Store Unlimited Digital Assets
Smart Contract Audited
Pre/Post Project Support
Cross Platform Compatibility
Crypto Staking, Lending
Multi-lingual Support
NFT and DeFi Support
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White Label Crypto Wallet is a 100% customizable crypto wallet solution that can be modified at any cause with respect to the client's project proposal where any features or functionalities can be added to the product which makes the project unique and completely different from the existing one.

Maticz adds up futuristic features to the product with respect to the client's project requirement and here are some basic features of white label crypto wallet, staking, multiple crypto access, instant trading, and more we add up to white label crypto wallets.

Opting out a white label crypto wallet development helps in various ways from development to attracting users and one of the benefits that really matters is the time required in the development process is less and the cost required for the development is also less.

Maticz's white label crypto wallet comes with advanced security features such as multi-sig-support, micro-services architecture, biometric authentication, cross-platform portability, backup support, multi-currency compatibility, Web 3.0 support, EVM compatibility, digital receipts, multi-chain wallets, etc.

Cryptocurrency wallet plays a prominent role in the market. One of the highest revenue-making streams is starting a crypto wallet business that makes huge ROI by charging for certain transactions, crypto staking, and wallet consultation services.

The price of the white-label cryptocurrency wallet varies depending on the type of wallet, white-label solutions for the wallet, and the integration of features and functionalities of the cryptocurrency wallet. A basic white-label crypto wallet with fundamental features can be starting from the price of $10,000.

If you plan to use the white-label crypto wallet solutions then it can take just 2 - 3 weeks to launch your own Crypto wallet app. However, if you plan to create a wallet from the scratch, then it’ll take 3 months depending on clients’ needs.

A Multi Chain wallet enables users to store multiple crypto assets belonging to various blockchain networks. It has always held security as its top-notch priority. Its security architecture efficiently resists hacks and ensures a strong, reliable base model for further development.

Yes! Your Cryptocurrency will keep increasing as long as it's kept in your wallet by the process of 'staking' in which you can stake a part of your holdings and eventually earn a percentage reward.

Drop us your queries here to get a crypto wallet business quotation and our technical team will get back to you as soon as possible. Meet with our specialist to explore more about modernistic technology, and High-ROI business ideas in 2023.

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