White label cryptocurrency wallet development is a step-by-step process to create a white label crypto wallet from crypto wallet design to deployment in the server. White label crypto wallet development is suitable for any blockchain projects, crypto exchange platforms, DEXs, investment platforms, etc. By opting this service, you can launch cryptocurrency wallet as desktop apps, wallet apps, and web browser extensions.

Maticz is a pre-eminent white label crypto wallet development company specialize in web and mobile cryptocurrency wallet development. Our iconic white label crypto wallet development services includes both custodial and non-custodial crypto wallet development. We also develop custom white label cryptocurrency wallet for any of the trending blockchain networks. After a complete analysis of the current market need, our experienced crypto wallet developers have developed a multi chain supporting white label web3 wallet. Our white label cryptocurrency wallet is subjected to a number of immune test to withstand from attacks and hacks and capable of processing unlimited digital assets at a time.

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What is White Label Crypto Wallet

A white label crypto wallet is a prebuilt, multi-tested, and ready-to-market crypto wallet to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc. In other words, a white label cryptocurrency wallet is a self-contained platform for storing, managing, and trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The white-label crypto wallet includes a market-ready backend and a customizable front end that is simple to adapt, enabling speedy deployment and launch. A white label crypto wallet is available in two modes namely, an exclusive crypto wallet app for mobile and a versatile crypto wallet for web.

White-label cryptocurrency wallets are developed with the help of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, react, node.js, MongoDB, etc. Blockchain-powered smart contracts are the actual building blocks of crypto wallets as the entire process of the crypto wallet is handled and triggered by it. Every blockchain wallet or crypto wallet stores a private key for keeping your digital assets safe and accessible. As the crypto wallet is a white label software, new features and functionalities can be added based on your business requirements. Maticz offers a turnkey white label crypto wallet software to start your crypto wallet business.

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White label crypto wallet app is an exclusive blockchain application to manage cryptocurrency, stablecoins, tokens, NFTs and other digital assets. By installing white label crypto wallet app on mobile, users can send, receive, stake, store cryptocurrencies like ethereum, bitcoins, binance coin, etc. A white label crypto wallet app is of two types namely, a custodial crypto wallet app and a non-custodial crypto wallet app. Both the wallet apps are operated with the help of smart contracts over a blockchain network. These white label crypto wallet applications can be easily installed on mobile devices and readily available for crypto transactions.

White label cryptocurrency wallet app is very easy to use and well-suited for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies from one wallet address to another wallet address. White label cryptocurrency wallet app gives full control over your crypto assets and enables hassle-free sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies. The wallet app comes with both private key and public key to safeguard, and transact digital assets. Avail white label cryptocurrency wallet app from Maticz and get into the billion-dollar crypto business.

User friendly UI design
Two Factor Authentication
Push & Pop Notifications
Biometric Authentication
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White Label Crypto Wallet App

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White Label Crypto Wallet App Development

White label crypto wallet app development is a step-by-step process to develop a white label crypto wallet app from crypto wallet design to deployment. The development process starts with designing a suitable UI for the crypto wallet app followed by the development of wallet utilities, core functionalities, and deployment of white label crypto wallet app. White label cryptocurrency wallet app development includes the development of both custodial crypto wallet app and non-custodial crypto wallet app.

Maticz is the top-notch white label cryptocurrency wallet app development company that offers the best crypto wallet app development services to launch a decentralized crypto wallet app with market-pulling features. Our crypto wallet developers builds a robust crypto wallet applications that provides instant access to digital assets as long as it is connected to the internet. Maticz’s white label crypto wallet app development is known for developing crypto wallet apps with much more enhanced security features such as multi-sig support, fingerprint recognition, backup support, cross-platform portability & digital receipt.

Secure code and database
Version upgradation support
CSRF Protection
Micro Service Architecture
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Our Elite

The professionals of Maticz offer a number of premium white label crypto wallet development services which has been designed for various requirements. And the crypto wallet designed by our developers will let you acquire incredible benefits while using these crypto wallets for various occasions in the crypto sphere. Avail the premium white label crypto wallet development services that satisfy your business requirement. Also, connect with our experts to bring up a customized crypto wallet that suits the best for your project.

Multi-Sig Crypto Wallet Development
Blockchain Wallet Development
Custom Crypto Wallet Development
Centralized Wallet Development
Decentralized Wallet Development
Web3 Wallet Development

Multi-sig crypto wallet development to create multi-sig crypto wallets that provide multiple signature keys to authorize transactions before they can be executed and offer more security to prevent assets from money laundering and fraudulent activities.

Get your blockchain wallet from our certified blockchain developers that involve the work of advanced blockchain tools to set up advanced features and functionalities to bring in various services within a single blockchain wallet.

Our dedicated blockchain expertise work on various custom crypto wallet development that holds various requirements with multiple features and also we develop custom wallet that gives access to various blockchains and also gives access to multiple built-in decentralized application.

White label centralized wallet offers the wallet owners to have absolute control of the crypto wallet. To ensure genuine transactions in a crypto exchange platform, a white label wallet safeguards users’ private keys and whitelists wallet addresses.

Decentralized wallets are also known as personal wallets. Here people can store private keys and manage their digital assets by themselves. Instead, they reside on a computer or portable disc, obviating the need for third-party services.

Maticz offers a premium web3 crypto wallet development service that gives lets users to access multiple digital assets that include cryptos, NFT, tokens, and more. Also gives access to the popular decentralized application and lets the user swap the cryptos with any tokens.


The certified experts of Maticz have made their works on various blockchain networks that results in developing a refined white label crypto wallet.

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Ethereum Wallet Development

The Ethereum wallet allows convenient trade, transmission, and storage of ETH and ethereum tokens. Scalability, usability, and security must be considered when choosing a wallet. In this case, the ethereum wallet is an ideal choice.


Tron Wallet Development

Tron is a well-known decentralized platform hub. We provide TRON wallets that can be customized to meet the needs of a business, allowing customers to safely manage and trade their TRX tokens while maintaining complete control over their cash.


Bitcoin Wallet Development

The bitcoin wallet software is designed to provide a safe environment for storing, and exchanging bitcoins. It's a prerequisite for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Bitcoin wallets are generally compatible with The iOS and Android operating systems.


Binance Wallet Development

Binance wallet is an exclusive crypto wallet developed to store BNB and binance based tokens. We have developed a multichain supporting binance wallet to connect different blockchains and is used to store multiple cryptos in a secured manner.


Trust wallet clone is a white label crypto wallet app that operates similar to trust wallet. The inbuilt features and functionalities in the wallet offers a secure and convenient way to store, send and recieve cryptocurrency, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc.


Meta mask wallet clone is a well-known plugin for interacting with Ethereum based distributed applications with faster transactions. We offer the metamask wallet clone for browsers along with installation services for both web and mobile.


Tron link wallet clone makes it easier to access the tron blockchain. Users can quickly link the website to the selected form of tron link wallet clone in order to send and receive assets since it is available as a browser extension and an Android and iOS app.


Here are the Trending crypto wallet clones offered by our developers to the clients which can also be customized as per their requirements.

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Here are the significant benefits of Maticz’s White Label Crypto Wallet that attracts users to avail the crypto wallet in the crypto sphere for every transaction they make in the crypto space.

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Highly secure

The white-label crypto wallet is safer and secured with additional security features that protect every digital asset in the crypto user wallet.

Stake Cryptos

The wallet can be designed with the staking option which brings an additional passive income to the user with respect to the locked cryptos.

Low Transaction Fee

Every transaction in the crypto wallet will be faster with any kind of cryptocurrency or token and in addition, it acquires only a less transaction fee.

Easy Use

The wallet is designed in a way where even a beginner in the crypto sphere will be able to handle all the actions in the crypto sphere with the wallet.

Access Multiple Cryptos

The wallet is designed to handle hundreds of cryptos/tokens in the crypto sphere where the users will be able to access cryptos of their choice.

Instant Transaction

Our white label crypto wallet process the transaction instantly from one wallet to another wallet once the user approved whether it's crypto or NFT.

White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

Maticz is a leading white label cryptocurrency wallet development company that offers white label cryptocurrency wallet for web and mobile with enhanced security features. We put our experience and technological powers to create a feature-packed white label cryptocurrency wallet that solidifies your reputation in the crypto world. Our crypto wallet developers have developed 25+ crypto wallets that are now top-performers in the market.

Our white label cryptocurrency wallet is a turnkey crypto wallet solution to unlock the world of crypto. Giving instant access to collect, send and receive cryptos, tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets. Our cryptocurrency wallet is smart contract audited and comes with a 100% bug-free source code and thereby enabling a hassle-free digital asset management. Opt for Maticz’s white label crypto wallet and kick-start your crypto wallet business journey in no time.

Multi-chain Compatibility
Store Unlimited Digital Assets
Smart Contract Audited
Pre/Post Project Support
Cross Platform Compatibility
Crypto Staking, Lending
Multi-lingual Support
NFT and DeFi Support
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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


White Label Crypto Wallet is a 100% customizable crypto wallet solution that can be modified at any cause with respect to the client's project proposal where any features or functionalities can be added to the product which makes the project unique and completely different from the existing one.

Maticz adds up futuristic features to the product with respect to the client's project requirement and here are some basic features of white label crypto wallet, staking, multiple crypto access, instant trading, and more we add up to white label crypto wallets.

Opting out a white label crypto wallet development helps in various ways from development to attracting users and one of the benefits that really matters is the time required in the development process is less and the cost required for the development is also less.

Maticz's white label crypto wallet comes with advanced security features such as multi-sig-support, micro-services architecture, biometric authentication, cross-platform portability, backup support, multi-currency compatibility, Web 3.0 support, EVM compatibility, digital receipts, multi-chain wallets, etc.

Cryptocurrency wallet plays a prominent role in the market. One of the highest revenue-making streams is starting a crypto wallet business that makes huge ROI by charging for certain transactions, crypto staking, and wallet consultation services.

The price of the white-label cryptocurrency wallet varies depending on the type of wallet, white-label solutions for the wallet, and the integration of features and functionalities of the cryptocurrency wallet. A basic white-label crypto wallet with fundamental features can be starting from the price of $10,000.

If you plan to use the white-label crypto wallet solutions then it can take just 2 - 3 weeks to launch your own Crypto wallet app. However, if you plan to create a wallet from the scratch, then it’ll take 3 months depending on clients’ needs.

A Multi Chain wallet enables users to store multiple crypto assets belonging to various blockchain networks. It has always held security as its top-notch priority. Its security architecture efficiently resists hacks and ensures a strong, reliable base model for further development.

Yes! Your Cryptocurrency will keep increasing as long as it's kept in your wallet by the process of 'staking' in which you can stake a part of your holdings and eventually earn a percentage reward.

Drop us your queries here to get a crypto wallet business quotation and our technical team will get back to you as soon as possible. Meet with our specialist to explore more about modernistic technology, and High-ROI business ideas in 2023.

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