NFT Game Development

NFT Game Development involves the creation of a Decentralized platform functioning with the prime aim to boost the participant’s collecting experience and exposure. Most NFT Games are available as collectible-oriented games which allow the participants to showcase their ability to collect rare game attributes. NFT Game Development has also paved the way for metaverse-like virtual land holding, thereby having fractional ownership of virtual assets.   

Maticz is the renowned NFT Game Development Company that offers top-notch NFT Game Development Services to create NFT-based games. The NFT Gaming Platform is developed to improve NFT exposure through the gaming experience as well as improve the Liquidity provisions of the platform.

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NFT Game Development Services We Provide

Full-Cycle NFT Game Development

We deliver top-class NFT games supported for all cryptos and not only that our services will be functional across all devices.

NFT Game Marketplace Development

We have dedicated team members who can build any kind of NFT Marketplace development. So that users can without experiencing any hindrances while buying, selling, or trade-off NFTs, that benefits the final users.

Design for NFT Game

If you want to design your NFT with well-professional designers, then this is your place to accomplish your dream NFT game design with our design experts. Our experts have experience in crafting virtual assets like avatars, trading cards, game characters, and other animated services.

NFT Game Development on Various Blockchains

Also, we have more than 10 years of experience in the blockchain field. Almost We can make your NFT game with market-leading blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Binance smart chain, and Cardano.

NFT Game Maintenance and Support

After the launch of the NFT game, we are agile to ready to give support it should be in new content, execute the appropriate changes, and also provide other types of support.

NFT Game Development Solutions 

Being an industry-leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company Maticz offers top-class NFT Gaming Development Solutions on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Binance Chain blockchain networks. Though the Non-Fungible Tokens are known for their collection ability, the NFT-based games can be developed for any number of domains serving any concept. The genres in which the NFT gaming platform can be deployed include 

<< Action Genre Game Development

<< Adventure Genre Game Development

<< Sports Genre Game Development

<< Fantasy games Development

<< Prediction games for Bidding

<< Metaverse like Game Development for Virtual Lands

Binance Smart Chain NFT Game Development

Binance Smart Chain NFT Game Development involves the design and development of an NFT based game executing core functionalities making use of Binance Smart Chain as its operational framework. Binance Smart Chain is sought by the NFT aspirants due to its plenty of benefits that include effective interoperability with other chains and optimized platform usability costs. The Binance Smart Chain NFT Game Development is currently in the limelight with its interest in launching its own NFT Marketplace upcoming in June.  

Ethereum NFT Game Development

The Ethereum NFT Game Development is the process relating to the creation of an NFT gaming Platform extending its services of collecting, creating, and selling digital assets through making use of the Ethereum Blockchain Network for its operation. Ethereum Platforms are said to be the forerunners in Non-Fungible Token Development, through their standardized set of tokens such as ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC998 supporting the uniqueness of the NFTs to be developed. The Ethereum Framework’s architecture was the very first to offer a separate domain for digital assets to be tokenized through the specified NFTs.

NFT Game App Development on Android, iOS

Maticz - The leading NFT Development Company develops NFT-based games over different blockchains to be readily available to its users through a number of modes. The NFT Gaming Platforms can be obtained as a cross-platform compliant platform operating over multiple platforms of Android and ios. Cross-platform compliance improves the number of participants making use of the platform for their gaming and collecting experience.

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Benefits of NFT Game Development

<< Delicate Dashboards

<< Mining Pool Provisions

<< Farming Pool Provisions

<< NFT Auction Market enaction

<< Airdrop Benefits

<< Referral Schemes 

<< Leader boards and rewards

<< Leveraging Rewards on Returns

NFT Gaming Industry

The NFT Gaming Industry is very well served through the Ethereum-based Tokens ERC721 and ERC998. The ERC721 is the best-used Token in the NFT Gaming Industry due to its ability to get reproduced and obtained in copies, (i.e.) the master copies can undergo structural copies. The comprehensive NFT Gaming industry is very well served through platforms readily finding use in NFT Asset issuance and management, NFT Showcasing and Displaying, Trading along with Gaming.

Top 10 Famous NFT Games in 2023

Though there are plenty of NFT-based Gaming Platforms, these platforms enlist themselves as the best-performing NFT Games on the DApp Radar listings through their enhanced and globalized performances.

1. Axie Infinity

2. Gods Unchained

3. The Sandbox

4. Decentraland

5. DeFi Kingdoms

6. Splinterlands

7. Parallel

8. Sorare

9. Treeverse

10. CryptoKitties

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Advantages of NFT in Gaming Platforms

Though gaming platforms can be designed and developed through a number of available sources, The Application of Non-Fungible Tokens would benefit the gaming industry through certain benchmark benefits that include,

  • In-Game assets can be easily customized
  • Native Token Utility is fairly improved
  • Creates an ardent platform for showcasing collectibles
  • NFT-based in-game components can take part in Cross-chain bridges
  • The Non-Fungible Tokens offer Immutability to certain in-game assets
  • NFTs can pose as alternates to fiscal money and earnings
  • High Rewards and Returns for your unique piece of Collectibles and assets
  • NFTs When Listed can pull more Audiences to the Marketplace

NFT Game Tokens Development

NFT Gaming Tokens Development is the process serving the development of specific Non-Fungible Tokens that define the operation of Gaming Platforms developed. The Tokens hence developed also pose as a basic unit of transactions within the specific type of Gaming Ecosystem hence developed.  

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Features of NFT Gaming Platform

The NFT Gaming Platform can very well be defined through certain definite features that account for the long run of the platform.


The Process associated with the Gaming Platform Developed is entirely transparent due to its Decentralization attribute. Due to its Transparency, the In-game purchases are done on a highly secure note.


The Process associated with the NFT Gaming Platform Development accounts for improved Validity. The Transactions and purchases associated with the Platform are very much accurate and pose much validity.


The NFT Game Development appeals to improve the scarcity of the Token associated with the Platform. Mostly the native tokens are prone to improved usability and utility through any NFT Platform Developed.

Cross-Chain Compliance

The NFT Gaming Platform Development offers cross-chain compliance. The Gaming Platform hence developed can be made to avail quality services to its seekers taking part through multiple Blockchains.


Since the NFT based Gaming Platform is entirely dependent on the Blockchain, the assets associated with the Gaming Platform Developed are subject to offer cent percent permanency.

Efficient Storage

The NFT Gaming Platforms are provided with provisions for ample storage. The Ample storage accounts for sequential upgrades and updates that remain in line with the current Cryptosphere and its requirements.

Algorithmic Sale Pop-ups

The NFT Gaming Platform Developed is entirely based on the concept of Algorithmic trade-off. The Prospective buyers and sellers are reached through their past searches and preferences automatically.

Simplified Source Codes

The NFT Gaming Platform is developed with a standardized set of codes. These codes are simple and are made available to the platform seekers through its code available on GitHub promoting complete Decentralization.

NFT Game Development Process

Project Requirement Discussion

We collect all relevant information about the project from the client to develop a plan and choose the suitable workflow for the project with deadlines and milestones.


We analyze the market and compare it with your scope to get a flow chart of the final product.


Our Blockchain experts will create your NFT game using top-notch tools by implementing all necessary crypto integrations.

Game Testing

Bug-free & without any technical glitches is our main priority Our quality experts will check out the whole NFT game to follow and run all kinds of testing to ensure your NFT game will be 100% bug-free.

Final Release & Maintenance Support

The final stage of your NFT game is getting ready to launch on your desired platform. Our team will take care of the future updates of your NFT game and provide continuous support even after the launch of the game.

Why Maticz for NFT Game Development?

We Maticz Technologies the prominent Game Development Company design and develop the NFT Gaming Platform with attributes contributing to its improved use cases in the current Crypto market. The Attributes include,

<< Accurate & Realistic

<< Creative Game visuals

<< Preferable Gaming UI

<< Asset Listing at its best

<< Chains Interoperability

<< Simplified Deployment

<< Enhanced Marketplace

<< Superior Market analysis

We are also pioneers in NFT MarketPlace Development to develop NFT products that are use case-specific such as the NFT Marketplaces which exhibit quality services over specific chains such as the Rarible and OpenSea. We deliver the White-Label NFT Marketplaces - Rarible Clone, OpenSea Clone with highly optimal precision and optimized pricing for the ready Crypto Entrepreneurs.

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