Casinos have been a popular source of entertainment and income for many people for over a decade. Despite the industry's changes, including the shift towards digital platforms, people's enthusiasm for casino games has remained constant. The evolution of technology has revolutionized the way people engage in gambling.

The popularity of online casino platforms has skyrocketed with players enjoying top casino games from the convenience of their mobile devices.

The demand for casino games is increasing rapidly, motivating entrepreneurs to develop the best online casino games to attract more players. If you want to create a great casino game, this blog will explain how to use a white-label casino software solution. You will learn about white-label casinos, their statistics, market analysis, types, features, revenues, and more.

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Key Stats and Facts on Online Casino Games

The casino industry has undergone significant changes over time, with the emergence of online casinos as a promising business opportunity in the gambling sector. As a result, it is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs to have a solid understanding of the key market statistics to succeed in the competitive casino market.

(i) 16% - Rise of US mobile-based casino game spending and reach over the $4.8 Billion mark. (Source: Sensor Tower).

(ii) According to the reports from Statista, the global market volume of the online gambling market is projected to reach $131.90 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 8.54%. 

(iii) The total revenue of the European online gambling market was valued at 30.5 billion euros which is projected to reach 52 billion euros by 2026. 

(iv) Monopoly Go was the top-grossing casino game in 2023 generating over 87 million U.S. dollars through in-app purchase revenues.

(v) Udonis says that during the Pandemic, Social Casino games generated a revenue of over $1 Billion.

(vi) According to Statista, the total growth value of social casino gaming was $6.2 Billion in 2020. By 2026, this amount will reach over $7.5 Billion and above.

By grasping these numbers and trends, one can increase their chances of success in the online casino industry.

What is White Label Casino?

If you're looking to start an online gambling business, White Label Casino may be the perfect solution for you. 

White Label Casino is a customizable online casino software that gives access to a wide range of casino games and secure payment methods. It supports multiple casino games and undergoes rigorous technical testing to ensure an optimal experience for your customers. With White Label Casino, you can launch your own online casino business in no time with ease and confidence.

At a feasible cost, our bug-free white-label online casino delivers a hassle-free gaming experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

Being a leading White-label casino solution provider, Maticz offers a comprehensive white-label online casino solution that helps you launch casino games on time and within budget. Our white-label casino software is highly customizable and provides a complete range of online casino services. Ready for a quick launch? All you need is a new brand name and design, based on your personal preferences.

Why Invest in White Label Online Casino?

The market of online casinos is anticipated to continue expanding at a rate of 13.70% from 2021 to 2028 when it is projected to reach USD 144.74 Billion.

Source: Data Bridge Market Research

If you're a startup with an idea for launching your own online casino business using a White Label Casino, then it's worth exploring the potential of the online casino industry and white-label solutions, regardless of your experience. This industry has become one of the most successful internet businesses in today's tech-driven world, offering maximum profitability in a short period.

When it comes to setting up a casino, opting for white-label casino software can be a profitable and reliable choice as it is more cost-effective than building a casino from scratch. Are you considering using white-label casino software? You can rely on Maticz for its exclusive and ready-to-launch white-label casino solutions.

Maticz is one of the best white-label casino providers, known for offering futuristic white-label casino software solutions. Our proficient team of developers possesses advanced technological knowledge and is capable of building cutting-edge online casino platforms.

Types of White Label Online Casino

We offer a wide range of White Label Online Casino Solutions including slot machines, pokers, sports betting platforms, and next-gen blockchain-based casino platforms supporting cryptos, tokens, etc.

Online Casino Betting Solution

It is one of the types of white-label casino solutions that permits the users of the platform to bet along with their exciting gaming experience. 

Fantasy Casino Platform

We provide a brand-new gaming method in our white-label casino software called the Fantasy Casino Platform, which can be an attractive concept for gaming enthusiasts.

Blockchain Casino Solutions

Blockchain Casino is a highly transparent and high-end securable way for casino users in our platform to render gaming services. 

Crypto Casino Software

With our Cryptocurrency Casino Software solutions, your users can pay or bet with cryptocurrencies more rapidly in a highly secure manner. 

Bitcoin Casino Platform

With our Bitcoin Casino White label solutions, you can enable the most widely used and encrypted Bitcoin transactions, you can improve the customer's reliability and trustworthiness. 

TRON Casino DApp Solution

Digital transactions may be managed conveniently and completely decentralized through smart contracts with the Casino Tron Decentralized Applications.

Revenue Models of White Label Casino

Entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in opting for white-label online casino solutions owing to their immense benefits. The online gaming market has been growing steadily over the past few years, going from a value of $25 billion in 2011 to $51 billion in 2018. As new casinos enter the market every year, there is plenty of room for growth, creating excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to operate an online casino. 

There are two main business models for online gambling enterprises:

1) The first involves applying certain commission-based charges to bets placed on Poker, Bingo, and Betting Exchanges.

2) The second model involves assuming the risk and forecasting the estimated probability of a result while paying out less. For example, in a casino game like Roulette, the odds of a result may be 37:1 or 38:1, but the payout is only 36:1.

The challenging task for online betting companies is to balance the costs of gaining and maintaining clients for less than the revenue generated by various products. It is half the battle to square the numbers because online betting companies are many and typically require a license, as well as tax responsibilities, to operate.

Advantages of White Label Online Casino

Availing of white-label online casinos provides countless benefits for anyone who wishes to enter the igaming industry. Explore the key benefits of white-label casino software.

Ready-to-go Product

The white-label online casino is a pre-fabricated solution that helps to launch your casino platform rapidly in the market and helps businesses to swiftly enter the casino market. 

Cross-platform Compatibility

The white-label casino solutions improve player engagement as they are implemented with cross-platform compatibility support on various devices and platforms.

Regulatory Compliance

Business owners need not worry about legal issues as the white-label casino solution comes with built-in regulatory features and it aligns with the legal requirements. 

Multi-Currency Support

The players can gain access to multiple currencies which helps facilitate transactions seamlessly and captivates a wide range of players. 

Secure Payment System

Secure payment gateways are integrated with the white-label casino allowing users to make transactions using a wide range of payment methods combined with high-security protocols. 

Automated Mailing System 

The automated mailing system helps the players and operators make informed decisions, provides updates, promotes new games, and keeps the players connected.

How Cryptocurrency Shapes the Online Casino Industry?

Cryptocurrency has become one of the most significant trends in the online casino industry, revolutionizing the way online casinos operate. The integration of cryptocurrency has opened up exciting opportunities for both players and operators, transforming the industry in many ways. Cryptocurrency has had a profound impact on online casinos, providing enhanced security, improved privacy, low transaction costs, and rapid transactions. Despite the risks associated with it, cryptocurrency is the perfect fit for the online gambling industry. 

The incorporation of cryptocurrencies has increased financial security and anonymity, making it a borderless solution for online gambling. The level of security and transparency provided by cryptocurrency has helped players trust and remain loyal to online casinos, unlike traditional payment methods. As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, online casinos are expected to adopt cryptocurrency to enhance the overall gambling experience for players.

White Label Crypto Casino

The white-label crypto casino is the off-the-shelf solution to launch online casinos with the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This turnkey solution empowers entrepreneurs to launch crypto-based casinos by blending the breathtaking benefits of cryptos. The white-label solutions facilitate rapid market entry with the flexibility of customization based on the respective business's requirements and brand identity. Thus the white-label crypto casino solution has become the gateway for tapping into the thriving iGaming market.

Maticz excels in developing perfect white-label crypto casino solution that helps to craft unique gaming experiences for the players. Our team of adroit game developers is committed to creating cutting-edge white-label casino solutions by harnessing the complete potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Maticz focuses on offering tailored solutions integrating key features like enhanced security measures, payment solutions, reduced transactions, etc. resonating with the client's vision and goal.

Features of White Label Crypto Casino

PAM System

The Player Account Management (PAM) system in our white-label crypto casino solution makes it convenient to maintain multiple casino player accounts. 

Seamless Payment Method

Our White Label Casino System includes effortless payment methods that accept both fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Bonus & Reward System

This system represented in our White-label crypto casino solution assists in improving the retention rate of your users by engaging them with lucrative rewards. 

Control Management

Robust Management and the scrutinizing system are represented in our white-label casino game solution for permitting admin to keep a centralized track and control of various activities on the platform.

RNG Based System

Because our White-label casino solution is an RNG-based system, you can be confident in the fairness and flexibility of the gameplay.

Games Control Module

On our White label Casino game software, we provide you the ability to manage multiple casino games conveniently.

Player Lobby

White-label crypto casino solution offered by Maticz that supports a user-friendly player lobby or game lobby.

On-demand Customizations

We simplify you to get seamless customization possibilities in our white-label crypto casino as we can customize everything in the software per your business needs. 

UI Engagement

Our White-label casino game solution has a user interface that is appealing and easy to use and can be customized that meet the client's necessities.

What We Offer In Our White Label Casino Software?

Our white-label casino software comprises an expansive range of games that cater to players' preferences offering thrilling game experiences.


Poker is a popular casino card game played between two to ten players where they bet to hold the best possible hand of cards. The person with the best cards in hand has a high probability of winning.


Baccarat is one of the staple card games with simple gameplay where up to fourteen players can play. The players don't have control of the cards they win or tie by placing bets based on the outcome.


Slot machines are a popular casino game often referred to as a one-armed bandit. The players place bets by spinning the reels to align with the specified combination to win rewards and bonus rounds.  


Roulette is a famous casino game with a spinning wheel and ball the players bet based on the outcomes where the ball lands on the wheel. The game includes several various French, American, European, etc. 


Bingo is a social game where numbers are called out randomly to achieve a pre-determined pattern for winning. The bingo game has several variations such as U-pick’Em bingo, Shotgun bingo, Quick shot bingo, etc. 


Blackjack is a popular strategic casino card game that is often referred to as “twenty-one”. The game is played using a deck of cards against the dealer. The player with hands of cards close to twenty-one wins the match.

How Much Does White Label Casino Cost?

The cost of a White Label Casino typically ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. However, the final cost may vary depending on the specific features and functionalities that the client wants. The cost of the white-label casino software is influenced by factors such as the complexity of the UI design, the platform chosen, and the features incorporated into the app. It usually takes at least three months to launch the casino platform, depending on the client's business requirements.

Why Choose Us for White Label Casino Development?

Maticz is a reliable casino game development company that offers a highly advanced white-label casino solution to casino business operators. This enables them to launch their own casino business quickly and efficiently. Our team of skilled developers creates these exceptional white-label online casino solutions after conducting thorough quality checks and tests to ensure their quality and reliability.

If you want to establish your brand reputation in the online casino industry quickly, you can use our white-label casino software. Our gaming studio offers a range of white-label casino solutions, including dedicated game solutions, live dealer solutions, sportsbook solutions, and their respective variants.

If you're looking to hire a white-label casino provider, Maticz can provide you with readily available casino solutions for web (Windows and Mac), mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows), and web (cross-browser compatible) platforms. Our proficient developers use cutting-edge gaming languages and technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, C++, C#, Unity 2D, 3D, and more, to program and build white-label casino solutions.

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The white-label casino is a pre-developed online casino software that can be customized based on the client's unique needs and business requirements, allowing for a quick launch of their online casino platform.

Selecting the right white-label online casino is crucial for the success of any casino business. The choice of a white-label casino depends on several factors such as reputation, customer support, licensing, and more. Maticz is a top-notch white-label online casino software provider that offers casino solutions with market-pulling features.

The cost of developing a white-label casino ranges between $10,000-$50,000. This cost range is not fixed and may depend on several factors like licensing fees, customization, the complexity of the solution, game integrations, etc.

The white-label casino software is developed with plentiful benefits for entrepreneurs such as rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, cross-platform compatibility, enhanced security, multi-currency support, affiliate system, etc.

The timeframe to launch a white-label casino relies on various factors such as the complexity of the features, level of customization, etc. At an approximation, the duration for launching a white-label casino takes around 4 to 6 weeks.

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