Casino or Gambling is one of the oldest games still people are getting interested to play and earn money. Over more than thousands of years of casino and gambling games, one thing that is remained constant - is people’s passion and frenzy for them. However, from the initial point, it has undergone crucial changes like going digital!

Casino Application is an important hit among players these days. People can relish playing top casino games online in today’s techy world, where the concept of mobile-based casino game apps comes from realistic life.

Currently, the hype of developing a casino game is drastically improving which motivates them to develop premium online casino games to get better traffic towards their venture. Want to create a mind-blowing casino game? Here this blog explains to you that entitles White label casino software solution. This includes the topic of white-label casinos, statistics, Market analysis, types, features, revenues, and more.,

Let’s dive into the blog.,

Key Statistics about Casino Game Software

(i) 16% - Rise of US mobile-based casino game spending and reach over the $4.8 Billion mark. (Source: Sensor Tower)

(ii) Udonis says that during the Pandemic, Social Casino games generate a revenue of over $1 Billion.

(iii) According to Statista, the total growth value of social casino gaming was $6.2 Billion in 2020. By 2026, this amount will reach over $7.5 Billion and above.

Sounds Great! Right! These numbers and years might have obligated you to taste the water of white-label casino software. Let’s see a glimpse of White label casinos. Stay Tuned!

What is White Label Casino?

White label casino is an online casino software that renders fully-fledged casino games, payment methods, and multi-platform support, that are subjected to rigid technical testing - this is a main advantage of this white-label casino solution. White Label Casinos are the quickest way to initiate your online gambling business today, and you can do it today. 

So, this white-label solution is bug-free, resulting in a smooth and hassle-free experience for your customers at a feasible cost. This directly enhances customer satisfaction and contributes to your revenue growth.

Maticz's top-most gaming solution offers you ready-to-launch products that would complete your entire project within your budget and time. We offer our clients highly customized white-label casino software solutions that render the complete scope of online casino, that is ready to quick launch, requiring only a brand new name & design, selected based on your personal preferences. 

Market Analysis of Online Casino Software

The market of casino online gambling is anticipated to continue expanding at a rate of 13.70% from 2021 to 2028 when it is projected to reach USD 144.74 Billion.

Source: Data Bridge Market Research

If you are a startup and have an idea to start your own business with a White label casino, then explore the potential of the online casino business and white label solutions, regardless of your experience. This industry has grown into one of the most thriving internet businesses in the current techy world, which renders maximum profitability over a short period.

Starting a White label online casino software is a very profitable and reliable business. Also, the cost of this white label solution is comparatively low. Are you interested to start a white label casino software? Maticz can offer you exclusive and ready-to-available to launch White label crypto casino solutions for your online casino business. We have a team of proficient developers who have strong knowledge of advanced technologies and build avant-garde software solutions. Being a renowned white label crypto casino provider, we have earned a track record as offering the best white label crypto casino software options.

Types of White Label Casino Game Software

Online Casino Betting Solution

It is one of the types of white label casino solutions that permits the users of the platform to bet along with their exciting gaming experience. 

Fantasy Casino Platform

We provide a brand-new gaming method in our White label casino software called the Fantasy Casino Platform, which can be an attractive concept for gaming enthusiasts.

Blockchain Casino Solutions

Blockchain Casino is a highly transparent and high-end securable way for casino users in our platform to render gaming services. 

Crypto Casino Software

With our Cryptocurrency Casino Software solutions, your users can conduct transactions more rapidly in a highly securable manner. 

Bitcoin Casino Platform

With our Bitcoin Casino White label solutions, which enable the most widely used and encrypted Bitcoin transactions, you can improve the customer's reliability and trustworthiness. 

TRON Casino DApp Solution

Digital transactions may be managed conveniently and completely decentralized through smart contracts with the Casino Tron Decentralized Applications.

Revenue Model of White Label Crypto Casino Software

Currently, Every Entrepreneurs mindset is to start their own Online casino Game business. Also, it has practical reasons. You can see the market value of online gaming slightly increased from 2011 to 2018 from $25 Billion to $51 Billion. Every year, new casinos enter the market, and the business expands that is excellent news for anybody wishing to operate an online casino. 

Online Gambling enterprises use two main business models:

1. Certain commission basis charges are applied to bets put on poker, bingo, betting, and exchanges.

2. Assuming the risk and forecasting the estimated probability of a result while paying out less. For Example, Casino (think Roulette, with a 36:1 for a result with an opportunity of 37:1 or 38:1) or Sports Betting.

The challenging task is to balance the costs of gaining and maintaining clients for less than the revenue generated by various products. It is half the battle to square the numbers because online betting companies are many and typically require a license (and tax responsibility) to operate.

Advantages of White Label Casino Software 

1. Ready-to-go live project

2. Cross-platform solution

3. Multi-currency

4. Unlimited Number of languages

5. Highly secure payment system

6. User-friendly interface

7. 10k+ games from top-tier providers

8. Affiliate System

9. CRM & Automated Mailing System

10. Feature-rich bonus system

Important Factors of White-Label Crypto Casino Software

PAM System

Player Account Management (PAM) system in our White label crypto casino software solution makes it convenient to maintain multiple casino player accounts. 

Seamless Payment Method

Our White label casino system includes effortless payment methods that accept both fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Bonus & Reward System

This system represent in our White label crypto casino solution assists in improving the retention rate of your users by engaging them with lucrative rewards. 

Control Management

Robust Management and the scrutinizing system are represented in our white label casino game solution for permitting admin to keep a centralized track and control of various activities on the platform. 

RNG-Based System

Because our White label casino solution is an RNG-based system, you can be confident in the fairness and flexibility of the gameplay.

Games Control Module

On our White label Casino game software, we provide you the ability to manage multiple casino games conveniently. 

Player Lobby

White-label casino solution offered by Maticz that supports a user-friendly player lobby or game lobby.

On-demand Customizations

We simplify you to get seamless customization possibilities in our white label casino game software as we can customize everything in the software as per your business needs. 

UI Engagement

Our White label casino game solution has a user interface that is appealing and easy to use and can be customized that meets the client's necessities.

Development Cost of White label Casino Software Solution

The estimated cost to develop a white label casino game solution is between $15,000 and $100,000 and it takes at least three months. However, the budget may vary based on the various aspects that the clients want. The location of the developers, features you incorporate into your app, the complication of the UI design, and the platform you choose are some of the major aspects that might affect your final white label casino game software cost.

Why Choose Maticz for White Label Casino Game Platform Development?

Maticz is a trustworthy Casino Game Development Company that provides casino business operators its highly cutting-edge white-label online casino solution so that they can launch their own casino business in a short interval of time. The highly proficient developers at our Game development company craft these extraordinary white-label crypto casino solutions after in-depth quality checks and tests. 

You may quickly establish your brand reputation in the online casino industry by using our white label casino software. Our gaming studio creates a variety of white label casino platform solutions such as dedicated game solutions, live dealer solutions, sports book solutions, and their respective variants.

Hire White label casino provider - Maticz Technologies and get readily-available solutions for desktop (Windows and Mac), mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows), and web (cross-browser compatible) platforms. With the help of cutting-edge gaming languages and technology including HTML 5, Javascript, C++, C#, Unity 2D, 3D and more., our proficient developer's program and build white label casino solutions.

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The white-label casino is a pre-developed online casino software that helps in launching your online casino platform quickly and can be customized based on the client's unique needs and business requirements.

Choosing the best casino software provider is vital for the success of any casino business. The best casino software provider is chosen on various factors like reputation, customer support, licensing, etc. Maticz is the leading white-label online casino software provider that delivers casino solutions integrating market-pulling features.

The cost of developing a white-label casino ranges between $10,000-$50,000. This cost range is not fixed and may depend on several factors like licensing fees, customization, the complexity of the solution, game integrations, etc.

The white-label casino software is developed with plentiful benefits for entrepreneurs such as rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, cross-platform compatibility, enhanced security, multi-currency support, affiliate system, etc.

The timeframe to launch a white-label casino relies on various factors such as the complexity of the features, level of customization, etc. At an approximation, the duration for launching a white-label casino takes around 4 to 6 weeks.

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