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Ecommerce Application Development

Ecommerce App Development is bringing several changes to the global e-commerce market year after year because of the incorporation of new technologies in it. The e-commerce application development brings the space for every product to be showcased to users, which lets anyone around the globe list their products and sell them to a wider audience base. 

E-commerce Application Development has spiked in recent days as most brands and products can reach their specific audience with ease with e-commerce platforms. Ecommerce app design takes a lot of processes from setting up the attractive UI to storage which includes many complex processes when it comes to a huge marketplace.

Ecommerce App Development 

Maticz is a prominent Ecommerce app development company that works on many attractive features and new-age technologies to present the best e-commerce app that satisfies clients' requirements. The ecommerce market is dominating the digital market space with every product being taken over to users around the globe beyond boundaries. So, we plan out the development with the most advanced tech stack to give a hassle-free and user-friendly experience to the users.

We are one the leading players in custom e-commerce app development working with the industry’s best ecommerce developers who can offer end-to-end services related to e-commerce applications. The digital landscape has opened the market around the globe and with the help of E-commerce platforms, every brand is making its view to open out its products to everyone in the world. The market is growing day by day as it eases the process of taking the product to the users.

Ecommerce App Development Services

Maticz offers premium e-commerce app development services to users around the globe in addition to the existing e-commerce platform models. Our premium e-commerce platforms make us stand out in this realm and here are a few services we offer to our clients 

Custom Ecommerce Platform

Looking for a custom e-commerce platform to be developed from scratch? Then, here we are, our developers plan and execute your e-commerce platform idea from scratch with all your requirements packed with it.

Ecommerce Web Development

We also work on the development of an e-commerce website that helps you target more audiences and build up a wide audience base around the globe. Ecommerce websites assist you in taking your business to a global space at ease.

Ecommerce Consulting

Want to launch an e-commerce store but have no idea about it? And don’t know how to take your business to the e-commerce space? Get in touch with our experts and our team will set up a discussion on how to enter the e-commerce market and plan your platform launch.

Ecommerce Integration

E-commerce platforms require the integration of multiple APIs and payment gateways at several points in time with the growth of business and we also offer dedicated services to clients who are looking to integrate new services into their platform.

Ecommerce Metaverse Store

Metaverse Store is the most advanced way to take your e-commerce business to new heights. The growth of the metaverse has opened up the way for a virtual e-commerce store that attracts a huge audience base from users everywhere.

Web3 Ecommerce Platform

Web3 is the next era of the internet and this is leading to a generation of internet evolution. If you are aware of it and looking to launch an e-commerce platform for the future then we are here to build and launch a Web3 E-commerce platform with all your requirements.

Cost For Ecommerce Mobile App Development

The cost for E-commerce mobile app development varies concerning the tools and tech stack used in the development process and also it includes the features and functionalities involved in it. The ecommerce application development costs around $25,000 - $150,000 where the inclusion of the features and other functionalities finalize the cost at the end. But from a basic point of view, e-commerce app design costs can be classified on the following basis


An E-commerce startup requires only a few features and functionalities when compared to an enterprise which lets it decrease the cost in huge numbers. Startups only target a specific region and start with a minimal product which reduces the development cost hugely. And if the startup goes with a normal tools and tech stack then the platform cost would be as minimum as $25,000 which may increase based on the tech stack.

Midsize Business

If you have a basic ecommerce platform and want to power up your platform and scale up your business then the cost involved in it is very low when we go with the same tech stack or else it increases the budget. If building from scratch a midsized e-commerce business requires better storage space and other requirements that automatically increase the budget to around $45,000 when the tech stack has to be replaced then the budget depends on the tech involved in it.

Large Business

A large-scale business requires a huge sum of amount and even if you have an old version, in most situations, the platform has to be built from scratch as it requires most new features and functionalities and it should be complex and time-consuming to set it up with the old tech which results in nearly the cost similar to the development from scratch. So, when it comes to a large-scale sector it's best to build it from scratch with most of the features and functionalities that cost a minimum of $100,000.

Future Tech We Use for Ecommerce Mobile App Development

Maticz works on next-gen technologies for online ecommerce mobile app development for every client as the future will be changing with the introduction of every new technology. So, going with the next-gen tech lets the clients use the present platform for more years without any change or incorporation of other technologies frequently. Here are a few techs we bring into for E-commerce app development.


Metaverse is one of the most unique ways to scale up your business within the young generation. The future will be mostly connected virtually so developing and launching an e-commerce store with Metaverse solutions will improve business sales.


Web3 is changing the whole internet world, Web3 is the evolution of Web2. The future of digital space is directly connected with the growth of Web3. Many are making their view on setting up a business with Web3 solutions and Maticz has worked on many Web3 projects.


AI is the hot trend in the tech space as it comes up with many solutions for existing problems. So, many youngsters have shown interest in AI evolutions which shows the future interest in AI development. Bringing AI into e-commerce platforms will help a lot in the future.

Ecommerce Store Development Process

Maticz’s work in e-commerce store development is well-planned with SOP for all our clients' projects to make them stand out and unique in the global market by bringing in all the requirements of our clients. Here is the standard overview of our work on every project

Setup Domain

Developers work on domain setup & analyze your project scope, and mission to figure out the best server and cloud to provide a hassle-free experience to users.

Choose CMS

Go with the right CMS or develop a dedicated content management system based on the project requirement and the business scale to ease the business process.

Choose Tech Stack

The tech stack plays a major role in the development of the ecommerce store and finalizing the tech stack is the primary key for every e-commerce store.

UI/UX Design

The designers and front-end developers work on the UI/UX design, the design is the first impressive material to attract users to your business.

Backend Coding

The backend developers work with advanced technologies resulting in presenting unique features and functionalities that attract the users to the platform.

API Integration

Every business platform needs a set of API Integration in that way our developers set up every needed API required in your business process.

Payment Integration

There are multiple payment methods at present and our developers figure out the best payment method for your region and add all the required payment options.

Product Listing

Once the platform is developed and every other process is done in integration initial products are listed to check out the flow of the platform for any issues present over.

Test & Launch

After every other process, the e-commerce store undergoes software testing to remove all the vulnerabilities and bugs resulting in the launch of the best platform.

What Makes Us a Top Ecommerce Application Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best e-commerce application development companies in India that has worked and successfully launched more than 200+ platforms in the past three years in the digital space. Maticz works with startups to enterprises for the development of various platforms that incorporate future technologies as well. With the minds of the young generation, Maticz comes up with unique ideas for all sorts of software development by incorporating all their needs.

The online shopping space is making multiple changes to the globe and with the growth of this e-commerce business, Maticz also gives its best efforts to help its clients move in the success path by developing a unique platform for the clients. Want to enter the e-commerce space connect with the experts of Maticz and discuss your idea to bring them live to the digital space.

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