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Web3 Game Development

Web3 Game Development provides a decentralized gaming experience to gamers where every game data and in-game items are stored over multiple nodes of blockchain. The gaming industry is working on the incorporation of web3 technologies into their gaming models which brings new-age components and gaming elements into gameplay. Blockchain plays a major role in setting up the web3 game where our experienced blockchain developers work on the right blockchain suitable for their web3 game. This adoption in the gaming industry has led to the development and launch of many play-to-earn games in the digital space.

The development of web3 games is gaining popularity in the gaming space because of its unique features and functionalities that attract gamers. To achieve this the developers bring in any of the blockchain networks as per the game requirement. Apart from game developers, here blockchain developers also play a major role in development. Our game developers simultaneously work on the environment setup with game engines like Unreal Engine, Blender, and Unity 3D apart from this blockchain developers work on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, or any of the networks to set up a complete web3 game.

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Web3 is the evolution of the internet world from web 2 where the whole web will be developed under any of the decentralized networks which improve the security of the internet for every application and person and more importantly it gives privacy control to the users over the web.

The web3 solutions bring up an interactive internet to the users with this concept many web3 lifestyle platforms and web3 gaming platforms are developed around the globe where the physical world activities are connected with the web3 world.

Web3 game is a decentralized gaming platform developed with the most advanced blockchain networks to eliminate the central authority and offers ownership of gaming assets to the players. Web3 game is completely different from web2 or traditional games bringing a new gameplay experience to the gamers. Web3 brings in NFT adoption to the gaming industry replacing the in-game assets which gives a complete ownership of the asset to the gamers. Also, web3 has introduced many play-to-earn game models to the digital space that attract gamers of all ages.

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Why Build Web3 Games


Best Web3 Game Development Company

With over a hundred billion dollars global market, the gaming industry has got an ultimate key for its next level of growth which has the ability to double up the revenue of the gaming world and open up a new path for gamers and as well as for developers. Web3 gaming is based on any of the trending blockchain networks where it has a number of virtual assets that can be traded by users for further use in the web3 gaming platform where the ownership completely falls under the user's account.

Maticz is a leading web3 game development company that makes its work more peculiar in every web3 game development by adopting advanced technologies. Our web3 game development starts with analyzing the project requirement from the client side and also by analyzing the game from the user's point of view to bring up the best web3 game to the global gamers with all new gaming techniques that attract the players to the game. On the whole Maticz focus on the best outcome of every product which lets our clients compete in the global market at ease. Our developers use the best tech stack in the industry that suits the best for web3 game development.

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Web3 Game In-app Design

Our dedicated game developers work on the design of in-app elements like avatars, NFTs, and more to make your platform more attractive and engaging to the game players.

Web3 Game Consultation

Our certified blockchain experts give a complete solution on the web3 gaming platform from design to implementation and with all the required tech stack for your web3 game.

Custom Web3 Game Development

Our blockchain experts and game developers will be put together to develop a complete web3 game from scratch as per your requirements. We also employ our developers to create and implement unique features in the existing game models.

Web3 Game Testing

Our blockchain professionals also work in testing the web3 gaming platforms on the testnet and fix all the bugs and vulnerabilities before deploying them on the client's server.

Porting Web2 Games to Web3

Maticz also works in the development of the present web2 game into a web3 game platform with all the required gaming elements, features, and frameworks for the game.


Here check out what our web3 game developers are doing in the web3 gaming world.

  • Web3 Game In-app Design
  • Web3 Game Consultation
  • Web3 Game Engine Development
  • Web3 Game Testing
  • Porting Web2 Games to Web3


Maticz gives its best development where the developers present the best features in the platform that attracts users around the globe.

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The purchased in-game assets can be used by the player anywhere on the web and these assets act as an NFT in the digital space.


The user owns the complete right of the digital assets purchased in the platform not only in the particular game but throughout the web as an NFT.


The platform is completely decentralized which removes the control of a central authority in the platform and it is transparent between the players.

Highly Secured

The web3 platform is completely secured as it is developed over blockchain technology in addition various security features are added up.

Flawless Payment Gateway

The game is designed with various payment gateway to make various transactions without any error for the trade of NFTs and other game activities.

Gaming Economy

The web3 games would create a gaming economy with respect to the player's activities and this may end up with the cryptos or tokens in the real world.


The platform will be more impressive and interactive which makes the users more engaged in the platform for a long time period.


The decentralized world has brought the concept of a revenue model for users in recent days with respect to their activity on the platform.


The web3 platform showcase improved privacy than the web2 platforms where the user's details are not revealed and they will be playing the role anonymously.


The web3 platform will be retaining its users because they give an impressive experience to the users which makes the users attracted to the gameplay.


The web3 game provides a high return on investment as it attracts more users and develops a huge audience base for your platform.


Our professionals develop an astonishing web3 gaming platform that benefits both the users and the admin of the platform.

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Step By Step

Web3 Game Development Process

Maticz work on a structured flow for every web3 gaming project to present a well-performing platform in the global market.

Game Research

Our professionals discuss your game plan with you to bring the exact copy of your imagination and vision into action.

Determine Game Engine

Once our developers go through the game plan they come up with the right suitable game engine for your game development.

Determine Blockchain

Web3 Games rely on blockchain networks where the game is processed over the blockchain so based on the game feature our blockchain developers determine the suitable blockchain.

Plan Game Architecture

Our developers work out a flow and finalize the tech stack to be used for the development of the functionalities and other features.

Developing 3D Space

The required environment for the game is planned and developed with the best tech stack present in the industry to attract users.

Setting Up Marketplace

Most game applications hold a marketplace where the gaming assets for the gameplay can be traded with crypto tokens.

Adding Of API

Various APIs can be integrated with the game such as wallets, payment gateway, and more to make the platform easy to access.

Testing & Deployment

The platform is deployed once it completes sequence of testing phases where the bugs are fixed and vulnerabilities are removed.

Are you looking for the best web3 game developers to hire to build your web3 game with the best features and functionalities? Then you are at the right place to get connected with the experts of Maticz anytime where our game developers and blockchain developers work together to bring your idea and imagination to digital reality. Our game developers excel in new-age technologies and tools where we thrive to provide the best web3 gaming platform to gamers around the globe.

Hire Web3 game developers and plan your game development the right way, our developers work with all new-age technologies to bring your idea to reality. A dedicated team will be employed to plan and execute your whole game idea in the digital space working on all the best ideas to present the best-ever web3 game. You can hire our web3 developers and even opt out of a particular feature or functionality development in the existing game model. Also, our team works on a suitable blockchain network to replace your existing game model from present technologies to web3 tech.

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Top Web3 Game Development Agency

Top Web3 Game Development Agency

Maticz is a top Web3 game development agency focused on providing top-rated web3 game development services with pre-vetted web3 game developers. Connect with our blockchain game development experts for guidance if you are looking on to develop a web3 gaming platform. With a team of well-experienced certified blockchain developers and with 5+ years of presence in the world of blockchain, our professionals are working on the improvement of the web3 world.

The web3 platforms are quality assured with bug-free solutions, a realistic approach of the platform to users, results-driven platform development and with lot more features Maticz works on to present the best of the best web3 platforms to its clients around the globe. Join hands with our web3 game experts and make your footprints in the decentralized world by launching your Web3 game and adding up a business to your portfolio.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Web3 game development involves the development of a next-gen game over a blockchain network making the game decentralized. Web3 games are futuristic game solutions and this is one of the most futuristic techs that will be loved by the gamers of the young and future generations.

Maticz is a highly recognized Web3 game development company with a team of well-experienced game developers working on various game concepts on various blockchain networks for years. We work on advanced game engines and modern game designing software to develop next-gen games in the web3 space.

Every blockchain network has its unique features and functionalities that the gaming project requires. So choosing a blockchain network for a web3 game completely depends on the game development and the future updates of the game. As of now, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are entrepreneur’s most preferred choices in developing web3 games

Maticz comes up with advanced web3 game development platforms which involve the game development tech stack like unity 3D, unreal, and other 3D development tools like Blender and more. At the same time blockchain tools and networks like Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and more trending networks fall under it

We have been in the blockchain industry for years and we have successfully developed and launched over 200+ web3 platforms which include web3 games as well which makes us the top and reliable company where we have gained the trust of more than 200+ web3 founders.

The Web3 game development cost varies with the incorporation of the blockchain network and the usage of the advanced web3 tech stack required for the development of web3 games. The complexity of the web3 game development also falls under the estimation of the cost.

The development of the web3 game cannot be constrained within a time frame as every game has its gameplay and digital assets and story. Developing all these cannot be brought under the time frame. In normal a simple web3 game development may take up to a minimum of 4 weeks.

Maticz uses unity 3D, unreal, and more game engines in addition to trending blockchain networks. We come up with different tech stacks to bring up the best web3 games in the digital space. Looking to develop a web3 game you may know more about our work by connecting with our experts.

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