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Maticz is one of the best cryptocurrency wallet development companies in the market that have developed more than 15 crypto wallets. Our crypto wallet developers specialize in developing both web and mobile crypto wallets supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, tokens, NFTs, etc.

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Crypto Wallet Development

Crypto Wallet Development is a set of activities followed by blockchain wallet developers to develop, design and deploy crypto wallets. The development process starts with designing a suitable UI for a crypto wallet followed by UI conversion, features & functionalities inclusion, coin installation & API integration, testing, and crypto wallet deployment.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development is a million-dollar opportunity for entrepreneurs to kick-start their crypto wallet business for long-lasting revenue. Picking the best cryptocurrency wallet development services provider might be a great challenge today because there are a lot of crypto wallet solution providers around the world. This is where Maticz the leading player in blockchain technology comes into action.

Maticz is a leading Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company offering custom crypto wallet development services with the industry’s best crypto wallet developers. With hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, web3, and smart contracts, we develop next-gen crypto wallets that are highly secured, compatible, and future-proof. Our crypto wallet developers are extremely proficient with several tech stacks like Web3, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Node.js, JavaScript, React, React Native, etc.

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Mind-blowing Key Stats and Facts

The adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to surge, and the demand for crypto wallets is at an all-time high. On this note, investing in crypto wallet development is one of the paramount aspects of the crypto business realm.

  • The global cryptocurrency wallet market is expected to reach USD 48.27 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 24.4%. This depicts that crypto wallets are a worthwhile business option in the crypto market.
  • Making investments in a crypto wallet serves as a gateway to securing cryptocurrencies against data hacks by implementing advanced encryption techniques.
  • Investing in crypto wallet development sets a foundation for future-proofing the crypto assets which will accelerate financial inclusion and greater financial independence.
  • Crypto wallets empower users to take complete control and ownership of their assets eliminating the need for any third parties and serving as an alternative to traditional banking systems.
  • Financing in crypto wallets opens up avenues for potential investment opportunities and diversifying the investment portfolio which will aid in maximizing return on investments.
  • Crypto wallets facilitate global expansion and reach as the blockchain industry continues to grow and thus businesses can stay ahead of the curve in the competitive landscape.
  • Capitalizing on crypto wallets aids businesses in improving their return on investments by exploring new markets and expanding their offerings in business.
  • Crypto wallets unlock diverse monetization opportunities for businesses which include transaction fees, token sales, premium features, subscriptions, etc.

Crypto Wallet App is a software application that allows you to store, send and receive digital assets. They're easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, even in physical stores. The app stores the user’s public and private keys and provides an interface that helps the users to track the balance of cryptocurrencies and also monitor the history of transactions.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development refers to the process of building a wallet application from designing a suitable UI for the Crypto wallet app to wallet deployment in the server. As cryptocurrency is becoming more popular nowadays, the crypto wallet business idea is emerging as the best choice for entrepreneurs looking to get into the crypto business.

Maticz is a prominent Crypto Wallet App Development Company that develops next-gen crypto wallet applications supporting multiple digital assets. Our Cryptocurrency Wallet App Developers have in-depth knowledge of several wallet development platforms and blockchain networks. We have developed several crypto wallets ranging from multi-sig crypto wallets to the current trending web3 wallet app.

Maticz is one of the best Cryptocurrency wallet developers in the market with rich expertise and experience in developing crypto wallets quickly and easily. Our strategy suggests that better results can be achieved through dedication and we are committed to providing a smooth development process for your crypto wallet project. In addition, we offer post-launch support and crypto wallet maintenance services to help your business grow profitably.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

Our End-to-End

Our team of blockchain developers has the expertise to provide enterprise-level cryptocurrency wallet development services. By using our unique solutions, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

  • Web3 Wallet Development
  • Defi Wallet Development
  • NFT Wallet Development
  • Multicurrency Wallet Development
  • Centralized Wallet Development
  • Coin-specific Wallet development

Web3 Wallet Development

Our expert crypto developers offer bespoke web3 wallet development services that pave the way for developing web3 wallets that come with the capability of interacting with decentralized applications and advanced trading features

Defi Wallet Development

Plunge into the defi space by availing of our defi wallet development services that help users seamlessly sell, buy, trade, lend, and borrow tokens which offers the users complete control over their funds.

NFT Wallet Development

Enter the remunerative NFT world with our exceptional NFT wallet development solutions that aid in launching robust NFT wallets to store and manage NFTs. Our NFT wallet solutions encompass various features including multi-platform support, security, compatibility, etc.

Multicurrency Wallet Development

Empower users to store and manage multiple assets by leveraging our multicurrency wallet development services offered by our proficient crypto wallet developers. We craft multicurrency wallets that support a wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies and tokens which ultimately maximize your investments.

Centralized Wallet Development

Build a full-functional centralized crypto wallet with our end-to-end centralized wallet development solutions where the transactions are controlled by a third party. We build a power-packed centralized wallet boosted with multi-layer security protocols.

Coin-specific Wallet development

Our expert crypto wallet developers provide coin-specific wallet development services that help cryptopreneurs launch crypto wallets that are specifically designed for certain cryptocurrencies offering exceptional user experience.

Push notification

You will always be kept up-to-date on the latest changes in the value of cryptocurrencies. You can choose to disable notifications for price alerts, signals, and other market activities if you prefer.

QR Code scanner

The wallet address and public keys can be automatically scanned if your cryptocurrency wallet app includes a QR code scanner. It improves cryptocurrency transactions as a consequence with just one click.

User authorization

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security feature used on some websites and apps to make sure you are who you claim to be. Multiple-factor authentication (MFA) is a type of two-factor authentication that adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to use more than one method to prove your identity.

Real conversion rates

Our cryptocurrency wallet development solutions keep you up-to-date on exchange rates so you can make informed decisions. This helps you see charts and graphs that help you understand cryptocurrencies in more detail.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways can make it easier for people to quickly and easily buy and sell digital products. For example, a payment gateway that simply deposits and withdraws money can be helpful.

Optional Session Logout

If your wallet is inactive for a set amount of time, it will automatically log you out to prevent fraud. If you need to access your wallet, you will need to enter your password.


Our secure and fast crypto wallet solution can help you launch non-custodial wallets and grow your portfolio to a larger network of clients. Let us go over some of the essential features that a cryptocurrency wallet app should have.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

Cryptocurrency wallet app development is not a simple process. A basic cryptocurrency wallet needs to have enhanced functionality combined with detailed business requirements. To fully understand the procedure, let's delve in.

Examine And Finalize The Prerequisites

Our process for Crypto wallet development begins with gathering and analyzing requirements to ensure that both parties are in agreement. After understanding your specific requirements, our development and designing team will collaborate to choose the features to be added and the technology stack to be used for your wallet development.

Prepare A Blueprint

We get confirmation from you before we proceed. Based on the information we've gathered so far, we'll create a blueprint for the architecture of your wallet to ensure all the components work together seamlessly.

Design UI/UX Of Crypto Wallet

What we design for the user interface in front-end development is what users see onscreen, so it's important to make it appear impressive. Our team of experienced UX and UI designers ensures that the wallet provides a smooth user experience and features a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Develop Backend

Backend developers ensure that the backend program meets the needs of front-end users. They use codes, tools, and frameworks to communicate with data and add components, such as smart contracts, tokens, and coins.

Prepare Smart Contracts

Our experienced blockchain developers write custom smart contracts that meet your specifications and execute them flawlessly. With our sophisticated features, such as smart returns and batch transactions, you'll be able to manage your finances more efficiently than ever before. Being a smart contract auditing company, we make sure that our contracts are thoroughly tested and bug-free.

Employ APIs

The Application Programming Interface (API) in Crypto wallets makes it easy for developers to access the backend codes and manipulate documents. It acts as a connecting bridge between the user interface and the code, making it a helpful tool for anyone wanting to use wallets.

Adding Crypto Wallet Security Features

Security is our top priority when developing a Crypto wallet. We use multiple layers of security including two-factor authentication, face ID, fingerprints, etc to make sure your funds are safe.

Integrate Frontend And Backend

Integrating frontend and backend makes it easier for users to have a seamless experience using our Crypto wallet. It becomes a communication layer that will allow the front and back end to exchange data easily.

Crypto Wallet Testing

We take great care in testing our crypto wallet before release to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Our rigorous testing process includes removing bugs or glitches and transferring them to our in-house team for additional checks.

Crypto Wallet Deployment

Deploying a Crypto wallet is a complex process that requires expertise in programming and software updates. We're here to provide support after the wallet is live, and we'll keep it updated with the latest features.


Global Reach

Investing in crypto wallet development helps businesses expand their reach beyond borders by captivating a large user base by offering customized services.


Diverse Revenue Streams

Investing in crypto wallets unlocks myriad revenue streams for businesses by integrating advanced features, subscriptions, and crypto exchange integrated services.


Enriched Customer Engagement

Crafting a pitch-perfect crypto wallet helps businesses boost customer engagement and loyalty by enhancing user experience with uninterrupted transactions.


Enhanced Security

The crypto wallet offers improved security to crypto holding by employing advanced encryption mechanisms such as two-factor authentication, biometric recognition, etc.



The crypto wallets offer unparalleled accessibility to crypto funds and let businesses empower users with seamless transactions by eliminating the need for mediators.


Crypto wallet development benefits businesses, serving as a lucrative business strategy in the competitive crypto realm. Uncover the key benefits of investing in the crypto wallet and fortify your users with secured crypto transactions.

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Best Crypto Wallet Development Company

Best Crypto Wallet Development Company

Maticz is one of the leading crypto wallet development companies offering end-to-end crypto wallet development services at an affordable cost. We develop crypto wallets that support unlimited cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, tokens, NFTs, etc. Our crypto wallet developers have rich expertise in cutting-edge blockchain technologies and can cater to various business requirements, no matter what sector they are in. Our team can handle even the most challenging crypto projects at ease, and we always explore new avenues to provide our clients with the best possible experience.

Hire our dedicated crypto wallet developers who guarantee you to meet your crypto business expectations with our custom wallet solutions. We offer White Label Crypto Wallet for customers looking for an instant wallet launch. It is a prebuilt, customizable solution and is multi-tested to ensure hassle-free usage and tamper-proof.

Our priority is always to please our customers, and we provide 24/7 support for cent percent client satisfaction. Our experts believe in answering as many questions as possible that a client may have. Get in touch with us and know more about how our developers can launch your cryptocurrency wallet with the greatest technologies!

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Crypto wallet development refers to the creation of a feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet. It provides a safe and secure way for users to store, send, receive, and manage their cryptocurrencies.

Maticz is regarded as the best crypto wallet development company as it offers complete suite crypto wallet development services satisfying the business needs of the clients at a very affordable cost. We have skillful developers who strive to develop hassle-free crypto wallets.

The cost of developing a crypto wallet depends on various factors such as the type of the wallet, its features, and functionalities, the complexity of the project, and the tech stack to be incorporated. Approximately the cost of developing a crypto wallet range from $10k to $100k.

The duration for developing a crypto wallet takes around 90 days depending on the features and functionalities of the wallet. It may also vary depending on the required specifications and standards.

Maticz offers noteworthy crypto wallet development services such as web3 wallet development, centralized wallet development, multicurrency wallet development, NFT wallet development, etc. Our services are tailored to your needs aiding you to create a featureful crypto wallet

Crypto wallets hold private keys and public keys in the user's address on the blockchain. The wallet's secured operation to verify the balance and send or receive cryptocurrency transactions is enabled by the combination of these keys.

A multicurrency crypto wallet is a type of crypto wallet that allows users to store multiple cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. They provide increased flexibility, accessibility, and security compared to using separate wallets for each currency.

The noteworthy benefits of crypto wallet development are increased security, compatibility, high reliability, complete financial control, protection from cyber theft and scam, long-term solution to store cryptos, etc.

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