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As a pioneer in offering peerless Stablecoin development services, we aim to provide solutions to the volatile crypto market. Connect with the globally renowned Stablecoin development company to provide stability to your business regardless of fluctuations in the global market.

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In the crypto sphere, stablecoins are introduced to tackle the volatility in price associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. In simpler terms, Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose prices are fixed and attached to real-world currencies or assets. Stablecoins leverage the benefits of both cryptocurrencies (speed, anonymity, and security) and fiat (volatile-free nature). Stablecoins allow easy exchange of digital currencies for fiat cash or real-world commodities and vice versa.

Stablecoins, backed by blockchain technology, are the stablest and safest form of cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins tend to become a global currency via decentralization, thus facilitating trustless and cross-border transactions while easing crucial financial transactions. The high liquidity, stable and transparent nature of Stablecoins will create new business verticals like DeFi lending and borrowing, etc., and opens an array of investment opportunities for investors or enterprises. In addition, Stablecoins allows businesses to raise funds seamlessly and transparently by utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology.

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Stablecoin Consulting

Our experts help you enhance the prospect of your stable-coin development project. We offer best-in-class Stabelcoin consulting services like market surveys, roadmap creation, and defining technical and business strategies for your project.

Whitepaper Creation

Our subject matter experts offer meticulous technical whitepaper writing services. Our team of qualified professionals develops a technical whitepaper that clearly explains how your proposed project could be a game-changer in solving many real-world applications.

Stablecoin Creation

Maticz offers comprehensive Stablecoin development services like cryptocurrency-based, fiat-based, and commodity-backed Stablecoin creations. In addition, we offer multi-collateral type Stablecoins, which use various crypto or fiat currencies as collateral.

Stablecoin Marketing & Promotion

Apart from helping you develop more advanced and secure Stablecoin, our marketing experts help you seamlessly attract your target audiences. We use various marketing hack strategies like PR outreach, social media marketing, etc., to amplify your online presence.

Payment & AML/KYC services

Maticz provides multi-payment services that enable users to transact using credit & debit cards, virtual IBANs, etc. In addition, we help clients to verify and validate investors' profiles by integrating AML/KYC services.

Community Management

Our support staff provides streamlined client support services via ticket systems, live chat, and crypto forums. We offer 24/7 support to ensure that the queries and concerns of our investors are resolved in no time.


As one of the best Stablecoin development companies, Maticz offers end-to-end Stablecoin development services, from consulting to Stablecoin development. We help startups and enterprises develop a customized Stablecoin that aligns best with their business requirements and stabilizes their business operations.

  • Stablecoin Consulting
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • Stablecoin Creation
  • Stablecoin Marketing & Promotion
  • Payment & AML/KYC services
  • Community Management


You’ve reached the right place if you are looking for the best Stablecoin development company to transform your Stablecoin business insights into a beneficial coin. Maticz offers versatile Stableocoin development solutions for diverse industries to help them accelerate and enhance their businesses.

To redefine the crypto landscape and stabilize the volatility of cryptocurrencies, we offer the requisite solutions for your Stablecoin business requirements. Our Stablecoins offerings are classified into Fiat-backed, Crypto-backed, Commodity- backed and algorithmic stablecoins, which differ in the underlying collateral structure. All our Stablecoin development solutions resonate well with your goals, and developed Stablecoins can be pegged to the equivalent of any collateral with endless possibilities.

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Fiat-Based Stablecoins

Fiat-based Stablecoins are the most popular type, whose values are tied to real currencies like USD. These Stablecoins are also known as off-chain assets, and Tether (USDT) is the popular Fiat-based Stablecoin.

Cryptocurrency Based Stablecoins

Crypto-based Stablecoins values are designed to be pegged to other cryptocurrencies. To buy or sell, lock your cryptos or Stablecoins into Smart contracts and receive Stablecoins or Cryptos of equal value. DAI is the most prominent Stablecoin.

Commodity Based Stablecoins

Commodity-based Stablecoins uses real-world assets as collateral, and their values are attached to commodities like gold, silver, or other precious metal, real estate, etc. Tether Gold (XUAT) is the prominent liquid gold-backed Stablecoins.

Algorithmic Stablecoins

Instead of using fiat or cryptocurrency as collateral, algorithmic Stablecoins use specialized algorithms and more advanced Smart contracts to manage the supply of created coins in circulation to stabilize the prices of Stablecoins.


Day-to-Day Payments

Stablecoins are legally backed and secured, whose values are tied to the price of fiat, cryptocurrencies, or real-world commodities, thus easing and empowering digital transactions and exchanges.


P2P Payments

The development of Smart contract-enabled Stablecoins enables two anonymous or known parties to transact in a decentralized environment, which removes the need for an intermediary and associated costs.


Smart Escrows

The volatile-free nature of Stablecoins makes them suitable for digital real estate & escrow operations since the price of cryptocurrencies is unstable. The utilization of Smart contracts and Stablecoins enhances and simplifies escrow processes.


DApps Empowerment

Stablecoins, with their low fluctuation rates, can empower decentralized applications to a greater extent. Stablecoins power the dApps especially, dApps based games which enable gamers to earn real money.


Permissioned network

Stablecoins enable banking and fin-tech industries to transact scalably and securely in a permissioned blockchain network. The price stability of Stablecoins makes them applicable in these industries for operations enhancements.


International Transactions

Stablecoins optimizes international transactions using which an individual can send money to anyone across the globe at much lower fees. All the global transactions are traceable and verified via blockchain.


The salient features of Stablecoins like transparency, high liquidity, constant value, intuitive integrations, etc., make them an indispensable asset for businesses to cope with the ever-changing digital economy. Some of the major use cases of Stablecoins are:

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Stablecoin Development Process

We incorporate ground-breaking technologies and agile development methodology to craft a peerless stablecoin to stabilize your business irrespective of market volatility.

Token Creation

Our Stablecoin developers assist you in developing a secure Stablecoin of your preference based on parameters like supply, price, etc., with a hard and soft cap.

Branding & Promotion

Our dynamic team of Stablecoin experts offers you comprehensive Stablecoin branding and promotion services, from designing an appropriate logo to a stablecoin launch.

Smart Contract Creation

The Smart contract creation involves developing a self-executing code with pre-defined rules and conditions to facilitate the automatic management of developed Stablecoins.


A crucial step in the Stablecoin development process involves the development of Stablecoin with intended features and pegging it to the specific fiat or commodity.

Testing & Deployment

After development, Stablecoin is rigorously tested to ensure it is flawless and bug-free followed by impactful deployment.

Our Stablecoin development services include a prominent feature that gives you complete freedom to choose a specific team or expert to enhance your existing Stablecoin according to the latest market trends. Our Stablecoin experts audit your existing Smart contracts to enhance or upgrade them as required.

To help enterprises and startups cope with the advancement of technology and changing landscape of the crypto sphere, Maticz offers flawless Stablecoin development services, including the freedom to hire a certified Stablecoin developer. Our experts are skilled and proficient in developing a multi-functional Stablecoin on any blockchain network. Connect with the leading Stablecoin development company, hire a professional, and upgrade your typical Stablecoin into a futuristic coin with cutting-edge functionalities.

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The Best Stablecoin Development Company

Maticz, the best-in-class Stablecoin development company, consists of a 50+ dedicated team of blockchain experts who are known for creating a customized Stablecoin with cutting-edge features. We offer pocket-friendly and result-driven stablecoin solutions that help clients resolve their business hurdles and enhance their operations.

With the line-up of unparalleled Stablecoin development services, Maticz is the preferred one-stop solution for global firms and techpreneurs who wants to develop a futuristic Stablecoin and travel beyond the crypto space. Our dynamic team of Stablecoin developers is proficient in developing a Stablecoin with adaptability, credibility, sustainability, and many ground-breaking features. In addition, we offer customized Stablecoin development services at competitive prices.

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Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.


Stablecoins reduce the volatility of cryptocurrencies by managing collateral in the form of standard reserves like US dollars or real-world commodities like gold. In addition, Stablecoins allow individuals to send cryptocurrencies to anyone without an international bank account.

Maticz is undoubtedly one of the best Stablecoin development companies, offering comprehensive Stablecoin development services for nearly a decade. Our team of experts comes up with the best state-of-the-art and pocket-friendly Stablecoin development solutions for enterprises and startups.

The first step in creating a Stablecoin is to craft a solid business plan along with a whitepaper. Once the intended functionalities of the Stablecoin are finalized, approach Maticz, the finest Stablecoin development company that assists you in all your Stablecoin development journey from whitepaper creation to coin launch.

The developmental cost of Stablecoins depends mainly on the business requirements of clients. However, in general, the cost of Stablecoin development is based on available resources, the tech stack used, the time period, the extent of features, etc. Connect with our experts, and get the best quote for your Stablecoin development project.

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