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Technology evolves so does everything around us! Soon, every industry will incorporate blockchain technology for enhanced operations, and the messaging platform is the quick niche to adapt.

Next-gen Web3 Messaging App 

Web3 is presumed to be one of the most significant advancements in the digital world that envision a decentralized and open web with greater utility. Web3 is an entirely decentralized infrastructure that implies no complete control by corporations or the government. Web3 messaging app or platform provides increased scalability, data security, anonymity, etc., while allowing users to own and sell their content via peer-to-peer marketing without relying on a third-party platform like Instagram or Amazon.

Why Create Web3 Chat App?

Web2 services enable users to utilize the offered services in exchange for their data, whereas Web3, a third generation of the World Wide Web, safeguards and gives users complete authority over their digital data. Web3 chat app is one of the revolutionary outcomes of this promising technology that ultimately aims to protect user privacy. In addition, it eliminates data breaches or illegitimate utilization of users’ personal and digital data. 

Web3 messaging app delivers a self-custody, blockchain-supported, and entirely decentralized messaging environment where users can chat, buy, sell, exchange, transfer, and transact seamlessly and securely. It is an end-to-end encrypted application that enables users to log in using their decentralized identities (DIDs). Apart from being the safest place for community development, the Web3 messaging app unlocks many potential revenue sources for users.

Web3 Messaging App Development

Web3 messaging app development involves the development of a highly secured and more advanced messaging application where no central authority or third party is involved in managing the conversation and contents. In the Web3 messaging application or platform, a fraction of the conversation will be transformed into a single transaction ID and stored in an immutable way on the blockchain network. Currently, many Web3-based tech companies aim to harness the potential of decentralized finance and decentralized communications to create a decentralized chat application.

Maticz, a prominent Web3 messaging app development company provides best-in-class web3 chat app development services to create completely decentralized web3 chat applications. We are the earliest adopters of web 3.0 technology, offering end-to-end web3 development services with our industry’s best web3 developers. After a complete analysis of the market trend, we have developed this web3 messaging/chat application. 

We create Web 3.0 messaging apps that redefine the existing centralized messaging platform where the right to privacy is sabotaged. Our Web3 messaging app uses a Smart Contract for its entire operations, thus eliminating the requirement for an intermediary.

Web3 Messaging App Development Services

Maticz experts started working on Web3 messaging app development while it was still a concept. We offer comprehensive Web3 messaging app development services, and the following are just a glimpse.

In-built Web3 messaging software

Enterprises can improve their internal communication by availing of our in-built Web3 messaging app development and enhancing the outcome of their operations.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Seamlessly help your users connect their crypto wallets (hot or cold) with the messaging app for effortless trade and transactions.

Web3 Platform 

We also offer peerless Web3 messaging platform development services to help enterprises launch a robust Web3 messaging platform with a strong security protocol.

Payment Gateways

Connect your Web3 messaging app with multiple payment gateways like crypto wallet, and credit/debit cards and enable your users to transact seamlessly and securely. 

Defi development

Avail our Dcfi development services and bring the remarkable features of a decentralized chat app and decentralized finance under one roof.

Post-launch support

Our relationship with the client does not end once the product launches into the market. We constantly work to upgrade your existing Web3 messaging app as the market demand grows.

Features of our Web3 Messaging App Development

Web3 focuses on creating content (semantic web) rather than just reading and writing it. So, the Web3 messaging application must be packed with powerful features which allow users to chat, create & send content, transfer, pay, etc. Even though it is said that the web3 messaging app can be customizable based on the business needs, the following features are requisite.

User login

The login procedure is the same for both Web3 and Web2 messaging apps. The only difference is that the Web3 app allows users to log in using their DIDs (Crypto wallet address) instead of email, phone, etc. 

Private or Group chat 

Web3 must contain both personal and group chat spaces like centralized messaging applications. These features enable users to read and send messages or participate in a group conversation in a decentralized and secure environment.

Voice & Video calls

Like any messaging app, the Web3 messaging app comes with voice & video call features. These features will attract millions of target users and must-haves in all Web3 messaging apps.

Content Creation

As stated before, the Web3 messaging app allows users to create and share content like the Instagram platform but the only exception is that the users own complete authority over their content instead of the third-party or service provider.

Income Source

Web3 messaging app allows users to earn a share of online revenue from multiple channels like Value Weighted Messages (VWM), which allows users to appreciate the poster content with a small fraction of crypto or fiat.

Web3 messaging app development services include advanced features like crypto wallet & payment integration, bot support, Tor network integration, etc., based on the application.

Our Web3 Chat App Development Workflow

Maticz gained a massive reputation for delivering web3 chat app development solutions with our unique product-based and agile development methodology.


As a first step, we carefully evaluate clients’ business ideas, identify the required tech stacks, and prepare a solid blueprint to help them visualize their Web3 messaging app visions.

Market Survey

We thoroughly analyze the existing social messaging market to forecast future demands and develop a new-age messaging app to cope with future market trends.

Blockchain Determination

Once the pre-development process is over, we determine the best blockchain network based on the Web3 messaging app requirements and market trends. 


This step involves the development of a Smart contract and a comprehensive Web3 messaging application with intended features. 


Testing involves the rigorous testing of the developed app to ensure it is free from technical glitches and that all the features deliver their intended functionalities.

Beta-testing and Launch 

Finally, the precisely developed messaging application will be launched, after making enhancements based on the feedback received during beta testing.

Benefits of Web3 Chat App Development

The applications of Web3 technology are manifold, and decentralized messaging app benefits immensely from this tech. Some of the undebatable benefits of our Web3 chat app development are summarized as follows.


A decentralized environment allows users to chat in a highly secured encrypted architecture where they are solely responsible for their data and content.


Web3 messaging app relies on the permissionless blockchain so anyone can access digital services irrespective of gender, income, social status, or geographic location.

Data Ownership

Unlike traditional messaging apps, Web3 messaging apps allow end users to gain complete authority over the data they hold.

Instant Data Access

The interlinked ecosystem of Web3 messaging app architecture supports interoperability and instant and secure access to information.

Increased Security and Privacy

Decentralization enables users to choose who can access their data and contents and how. And, blockchain technology ensures that there is no place for data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Direct Trade

Creators can benefit immensely from Web3 messaging applications. They can create and sell content directly without a central authority.

What Makes Us a Top Web3 Chat App Development Company?

Maticz, an industry-best Web3 chat app development company, is known for its prompt measures in adapting to technological advancements and offering state-of-the-art software development services. We are one of the quickest firms to recognize the underlying potential of Web3 messaging applications. We utilize groundbreaking technologies to meticulously craft a future-oriented Web3 messaging application with the above astonishing features and functionalities.

Our portfolio of successful Web3 development services demonstrates our expertise in this niche. Maticz helps Startups and SMEs to successfully launch a next-gen Web3 messaging platform in a short time, and within their capital. Our experts follow agile development methodology to build a prominent Web3 messaging app and accelerate market-launch time.

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