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Unity 3D Game Development

Games have become one of the well-liked activities people enjoy spending their time on, taking over the place of email which was once a popular activity. Unity is a powerful game development engine that can help you create amazing games with stunning graphics, a deep, involving story, and top-quality gameplay. It is packed with a lot of features like advanced APIs, engine, scripting, etc that can help your game the way you want them to be. Unity offers a quick way to code commands for your game which makes it simple to make games faster and easier.

Maticz is a renowned Unity 3D game development company that is known for bringing on innovative games to give players enjoyable and interactive experiences. Our team of skilled Unity developers can develop high-quality 3D games and applications for a variety of platforms like Android, iOS, and PC. We are experienced in creating games of all types, including simulations, web apps, and AR/VR experiences.

Cross-Platform Compatible Games
Both 2D & 3D Game Development
High Quality 2D, 3D Game Graphics
Game Version Upgradation Support

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Our team provides a comprehensive variety of game creation services and is well-equipped with the knowledge, abilities, and tools required for Unity game development.


AR/VR Game Development

VR/AR games allow you to experience things that are beyond your normal imagination. Unity Developers use creative design and advanced technology to develop VR/AR mobile games. These games can turn your ideas into a reality that is far beyond what you could have imagined.

  • Double-wide rendering
  • Unity Pro Builder
  • AR Occlusion

Full-cycle Unity Game Development

We provide game development across every genre and concept with our Full-cycle Unity 3D Game Development Services. Our Unity 3D developers produce games with fantastic features, spectacular audio, amazing graphics, and a compelling plot using their technical prowess and creative vision.

  • Easy-to-understand architecture
  • Robust animation tools
  • Beginner-friendly

Integration Services

We provide various integration services with which you can easily connect with other software in multiple ways. Our services include integration with an API, Webhook, and Unity Analytics, which makes it easy for you to create and manage games.

  • Unity Script
  • Cloud Build
  • Multiplayer integrations

2D/3D Unity Games Development

Our skilled game developers create 2D and 3D games that provide an immersive experience on multiple devices and platforms. Unity lets you create 2D and 3D games with ease, which makes your game irresistible to users.

  • Massive Asset store
  • High-definition graphics
  • Free-to-use platform

Cross-platform Game App Development

Unity supports different platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, game consoles, and the web. All of Unity's code is written in a way that is easy to work with on different platforms.

  • Social media integration
  • Multilingual support
  • LAN Gaming

Metaverse Game Development

We create decentralized 3D metaverse games that are especially suited to your business needs by fusing the strength of blockchain technology with Unity programming tools.

  • Improved digital collectibility
  • Crypto monetary solutions
  • Metaverse NFT games


We have the skills and resources needed to make your game come to life and help you create a game using Unity 3D. Let’s have a look at the following features that benefit the players as well as the game owners.

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Multiplayer System

We make fast and scalable multiplayer systems using matchmakers and relay servers, so people can get connected to the games they want to play without having to wait.


Developer Community

You can connect with the Unity3D development community that is formed by many people who work together to make Unity3D better. They help fix problems, produce documentation, and contribute to open-source tools.


Analytics Tools

You can find information about how people are using your game, and then use that information to make changes that make the game more fun and interesting.


2D and 3D Rendering

Unity 3D games allow artists to quickly create 2D renderings of scenes that can then be used to create high-quality 3D renderings.


Debugging Facility

In Unity3D, there is a game variable that is easy to see and use for adjusting and debugging your game easily.


Reliable Game Engine

Unity Engine is perfect for developing large and more complex games as it offers cross-platform compatibility and high-quality 2D/3D graphics.

Action Games

Using cutting-edge technologies and game engines, we are skilled at creating a variety of Action 2D/3D games. It supports multi-platform game concepts and assets that are well-optimized.

Puzzle Games

We create 3D Puzzle games using the Unity engine. We include several animations so that it can serve as your one-stop shop where you can have options based on various themes.

Casino Games

Casino games created in Unity 3D, deliver a gripping, alluring, and realistic gaming experience while making games more competitive, practical, and simple to use.

Simulation Games

In simulation games, Unity 3D offers a realistic gaming experience that allows players to explore and simulate activities they would do in the real world.

Trivia Games

Playing trivia games is a fun and engaging method to learn new information. Unity 3D offers an intuitive experience to learn new facts and broaden your knowledge base.

Arcade Games

Use Unity 3D to bring back the vanishing arcade games that were once the pinnacle of technology. It offers a simple gaming interface that keeps players interested.


As a top-notch Unity 3D game development solution provider, we specialize in creating games in the following genres.

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Unity 3D Game Development Process

We have worked on many projects over the years, and as our process has evolved, we've become more and more focused on quality in a shorter amount of time. Every project is different, so here is a general overview of how we work.


To come up with new game concepts, we use the Brainstorming technique and market research. By understanding what's popular in the gaming industry and what themes people are interested in, game developers can create games that people will enjoy.

Prototype Design

We make a prototype based on the planned features that will help you understand the game concept better. You can see which changes need to be made for the full version, and also it helps your business to understand what the game will look and work like.

Animation And Graphics

After creating the prototype design, we use the rigging process to create and animate the 3D models of the components and characters. For characters, we add human body animation, and for objects and environments, we add inorganic animation.


We write the code that sets the rules for how players interact with the game and the characters, objects, and settings within it. This includes using artificial intelligence (AI) to make the characters, objects, and settings behave naturally.

Quality Analysis

After the game development is complete, the next step is testing the game. This involves examining the code quality, loading speed, features, and other factors. Testing makes sure that the game is stable and bug-free before it is released to the public.


Once we finish testing the game, we want to have a word with you. After getting your approval, we'll use the Unity game engine to make the game available on different platforms.


We do LiveOps to find out the changes, updates, or improvements that are made to a game without having to release a new version of that game.


Our Full-Stack

Our specialists are certified developers who have been working in advanced technology for years. Here are a few of the tech stacks that we use to develop the Unity 3D game.

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Top Unity Game Development Company

Top Unity Game Development Company

Maticz is one of the top-rated Unity game development companies that has years of experience in the Unity game development engine and always keeps up with the latest technology trends and technologies for creating next-gen games. Our top-notch specialists can manage complex, high-assurance technology applications as needed by our clients. To create specialized solutions that fit our client's demands and expectations, we collaborate with them to understand their needs and expectations. From the moment you decide you want to create a game, we'll provide you with expert support through to the release of your final product.

Our programmers are experts in their field and always strive to find new ways to help our customers. At Maticz, we work together as a team to get the most out of our projects. We believe that teamwork is the key to success and always stick to meeting our deadlines and staying within our budget. By utilizing the toolkits and capabilities of our top-notch game engine, our developers can produce visually appealing and feature-rich games for all gaming platforms and genres. Connect with Maticz, a prominent Game development company to make your dreams a reality.

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