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Empower your taxi business in the digital space with the help of the Taxi Booking App. Maticz works in taxi app development solutions for start-ups and established companies using cutting-edge technology.

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Maticz is a pioneer in taxi booking app development that brings in next-generation technologies in the taxi app development process. We with a set of skilled developers are working in the process of advanced taxi booking app development that comes out with more futuristic features and functions. The taxi booking applications developed by our team are in use in numerous countries worldwide. We work on a pre-scheduled process after analyzing the project requirements to present the best taxi app to the users.

Maticz is unarguably the best taxi booking app development company that provides end-to-end taxi software solutions at an affordable cost. We have the industry’s best taxi app developers who have in-depth knowledge of building a successful taxi application. To provide consumers with a hassle-free riding experience, we mix innovation and talents to be at the top of the list for online taxi booking app development. We put our best efforts and use advanced tech tools in developing the futuristic taxi app that helps businesses move on a successful path. Do you have an idea or looking to bring changes to your current taxi business? Connect and discuss it with our experts

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With the ever-growing technology, the way people hire a cab has changed entirely. The days when people look for a travel agent to book a taxi or bus have gone by. Since it is much safer, affordable, and faster to book one online, customers rely primarily on these kinds of booking apps which affects traditional taxi services. To stay up with the constantly shifting needs of your customers, taxi booking businesses must have their taxi booking app.

Going on with a custom taxi booking app development lets you add up the necessary functions and features that are required for the client's project. This custom taxi app development lets you pay out only for the required features whereas opting out of a ready-made script will let you pay out the amount for all the pre-developed features. Our developers plan your customizable solutions from your point of vision and mission while developing.

Maticz provides custom taxi app development services to clients all around the globe concerning their project requirements. The professionals of Maticz are well-experienced in advanced tech stacks which let us build a custom taxi solution that would satisfy our clients. Need a customizable software solution for your taxi business? List out your requirements to our experts and our development team plans and develops your taxi application according to your business requirements

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The developers of Maticz are skilled in various taxi booking app development services and here are the key services we offer to our clients.

  • Taxi App For Customers
  • Taxi App For Drivers
  • Dispatch Software
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Integration

Taxi App For Customers

Customers will be using a separate application to book taxis as per their travel plan, this application is completely used by the users to locate their destinations and the app lists the driver info once confirmed.

Taxi App For Drivers

The app is completely developed from the driver's point of view to assist the drivers while driving by providing the exact location and the right route to the destination and other information regarding the ride.

Dispatch Software

We provide advanced dispatcher software to clients that helps in automating the business and also lets to manage every information of every ride. The software is planned with the admin dashboard which lets the admin manage the business and also analyze the growth of the business.

Maintenance & Support

We provide you with 24/7 support and maintenance even after the launch of the application and also continuously work on the development of the application to provide updates in app improvement.


Already running a business and want to integrate advanced solutions? We are here to integrate advanced solutions into your business by providing the right application that boosts your business growth.

Multilingual support

To cater to the needs of customers from different countries, our Taxi Booking app provides them with an option to select their preferred language. Users can also receive a booking confirmation mail in the language of their choice.

Push notification

The Taxi Booking app uses a push notification feature to inform users about the status of their rides or any changes that may have occurred. It informs them of any special offers or discounts that could be available and prompts them to rate one another after a ride.

Multiple payments

Multiple payment options allow users to accept credit cards, debit cards, online banking, and other cutting-edge payment methods. Also, it enables users to pay for their rides at a later time, which is advantageous for those who are short on cash.

Cancellation policy

The Cancellation policy for a taxi booking app will vary depending on the country it is being used in. Customers can cancel their bookings up to a certain period before the scheduled pick-up time.

Ride now or later

Customers can schedule rides in the future using the ride now or later option. They can arrange their transport conveniently in advance and avoid having to wait for a cab when they need one.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can share their opinions and give feedback on the services they have used through ratings and reviews, and business owners can use this information to improve their services and better fulfill the needs of their clients.


As a leading developer of Taxi booking apps, we have experience working with some of the most cutting-edge businesses, which gives us an advantage when creating apps with the following features to provide a better experience.

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Specialized Taxi booking applications with add-on features help users manage their taxi business at their fingertips from a single location and enhance the visibility of their brand globally.

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SOS Assistance

SOS Assistance enables customers to give their most recent ride information to the police and any additional emergency contacts. It increases the rider’s comfort level when using your mobile app.


Bill Splitting

Bill Splitting option is often used by people traveling together in the same cab. It allows users to split the cost of the ride among all the members in the group so that they can easily pay their portion of the fare.


Real-Time Analytics

Both customers and owners benefit from real-time analytics. Businesses can evaluate the success of their offerings and adjust them as needed. Customers can keep track of their journeys and plan their rides wisely.


Zone Pricing

Zone pricing allows customers to tailor fare to a specific destination or geographic area. They can select the specific area they need to travel to and the app will calculate the appropriate rate for that area.


Surge Pricing

Surge pricing automatically raises a ride's fare based on factors like supply and demand. Users can easily and quickly acquire a ride while the owners increase their profits during rush hours.


Smart Watch Access

Customers can receive notifications and directly order a taxi through their smartwatch. With the use of this function, customers can look up taxi availability, enter their location, and book a ride all from the convenience of their wrist.

With the increasing demand for taxi booking and ride-hailing services, it's no wonder that many entrepreneurs are looking to enter into this market. Creating a taxi booking app like Uber from scratch can be a difficult task that requires extensive expertise and knowledge in mobile app development. That's where we are experts. Maticz is a prominent Taxi App Development Company that has a team of experienced app developers who can help you create a feature-rich online taxi booking app like Uber, Lyft, Bolt, etc that meets your business as well as customers' needs and provides a seamless user experience.

From extensive research, and analysis to testing our development process ensures that your app meets the highest standards of functionality and usability. We utilize the latest frameworks and technologies to build scalable mobile apps that can perform without any hassles at all times. Our developers work closely with clients around the world to understand their business needs and deliver a solution that fits your budget and timeline. So If you're looking to develop a taxi booking app like Uber, you're in the right place. contact us today and let's get started on your app development journey!

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Uber Like Taxi Booking App Development


Taxi Booking App Development Process
Requirement Gathering

The first step in developing a taxi booking app is to define the requirements of the app. This includes the features and functionalities needed, the target audience, the expected cost, etc.

UI/UX Interface

After defining the requirements, the next step is to design the user interface for the app. This includes the layout, color scheme, fonts, and other elements that will be used in the app.


Once the user interface has been designed, the next step is to develop the backend of the app. This includes the databases, API integrations, server setup, payment gateway, and other components that will be used to power the app.

Test And Debug

After the backend has been developed, the app needs to be tested and debugged. This includes testing different scenarios, making sure all the features work, and fixing any bugs that are found.


Once the app has been tested and debugged, it is ready to be launched. This includes submitting the app to the app store, setting up marketing campaigns, and making sure all the necessary paperwork is in order. The developed product undergoes testing to make sure the platform is error-free and tests the functionality, usability, performance, etc. Once the platform is tested, it is deployed in the client's mainnet.


With the Taxi Booking app, it is now easy to book a ride without having to call the taxi company and pay for their rides which saves time. It also enables users to track the progress of their rides in real-time.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking gives users peace of mind knowing that their taxi is on its way and that they can track its progress. Giving them information such as the driver's name, the route traveled, and the anticipated arrival time aids in ensuring the safety of the passengers.


Compared to conventional taxi booking centers, Taxi booking apps are more cost-effective. When customers make reservations in advance, businesses may offer reduced fares, which ultimately enables them to save money and make taxi rides more affordable.

Secure Payment

Customers can have a variety of payment options like a credit card, debit card, and PayPal in our Taxi Booking App. Multiple payment methods allow them to make payments easily and securely.


A customizable taxi booking app allows users to customize their user interface as per their preferences. This helps them find their desired services quickly and makes their overall experience better.

24/7 Support

One can simply hire a cab at odd hours with 24/7 support. Customers can easily contact customer support in case of any issue or query and they can receive quick responses and assistance at any time.


Maticz is made up of a select group of developers who focus solely on quality and have produced ground-breaking taxi booking apps. Here are a few advantages of taxi booking applications that make them successful and dependable for both passengers and taxi drivers.

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Every business has changed a lot because of the modern technologies used for business growth where the taxi business has also scaled up to great heights. The usage of modern applications has improved every business with a high return on investment and as well as growth concerning brand reputation. Are you looking to start a taxi business or an owner of a taxi business and are still stuck with the old business model? You are in the right place to change out your business flow with advanced tech solutions.

Hire taxi app developers and grow your taxi business for your business vision and your requirements. Maticz provides you the certified taxi app developers who are always open to working with new minds and producing new-age taxi applications for the globe that would attract users. With more than 100+ app developers we are open to hearing your ideas and ready to discuss our app development process powered up with all your requirements.

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Best Taxi App Development Company

Best Taxi App Development Company

Maticz is one of the best taxi app development companies with years of expertise in various mobile application development which includes taxi app development as well. We provide taxi booking application development that is reliable, effective, and complex and automates your company processes so that everything can be done wherever you are in real time. Our talented developers will assist you in more effectively promoting your company to the intended audience.

To meet various company demands, we provide a variety of taxi app development services. Based on your unique company requirements, our skilled mobile app developers work to create a taxi booking app that is highly optimized, reliable, and functional. Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, we aim to create a brand-new taxi booking app from scratch. To create a profitable app for your company, Maticz adheres to the highest industry standards, cutting-edge marketing techniques, and successful business practices.

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Taxi booking software is used by users to book cabs for their rides and this software lets the passenger book their cab at ease with their phone rather than calling out for a third person to book a cab. Also, this software helps the service provider to ease the booking process and generate higher revenue with effective business growth.

Maticz is one of the best Taxi booking app development companies in India that provides a taxi app developed from scratch with advanced next-gen technologies and also offers app clones & white label solutions on request of the clients.

The developers plan the taxi app development process in the following ways: Determine the tech stack to be used in the development process, set up app features and functionalities, design of app UI/UX, and finally developers integrate the whole system and deploy the app in the client's server.

Looking for an advanced taxi booking app with all the required features and functionalities then you may connect with the experts of Maticz who provide the best taxi app development services as per their client's requirements and project vision.

The best taxi app is figured out with top-notch features that benefit both the users and the admin. Here are a few top features that every taxi app works on tracking taxis, surge pricing, share ride, cancellation, review, navigation, multiple payment options, and more.

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