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Playing games online and offline is getting popular among many players, particularly those who enjoy playing games online that are always more enjoyable, entertaining, and have the potential to be rewarding. 

Right! One such game in the casino world is Bingo, where the players should have enough casino knowledge and game capabilities to get the winning moment, or we can say luck, but it mainly relies on chance. 

In this article, we will delve deep into one of the types of online casino game - bingo game development, and its services, features, cost, benefits, and more., Let’s dive into the topic.,

Bingo Game Development

Maticz is a prominent bingo game development company that offers white-label bingo game software solutions at an affordable cost. Our proficient team of bingo game developers stands out in providing the best bingo software for various bingo game business needs. Also, they excel at providing futuristic features in the bingo game applications on the top streaming operational system such as iOS, Android, and more., 

Our bingo game developers offer White label bingo software with market-pulling features and functionalities to maintain the performance of online bingo games. We use cutting-edge technology and the perfect mix of languages, databases, and frameworks to develop future-proof bingo games. Maticz’s bingo software is future-proof and equipped with customized UI designs to keep the players more engaged to stay on the platform. Connect with us and enter the casino world by launching a first-rate bingo game platform. 

Bingo Game Development Services

Are you seeking end-to-end bingo game development services or planning to start your own online casino game business with an excess number of games? 

Maticz is a leading casino game development company that offers custom bingo game development services with the industry’s best game developers. We can assist you to overcome the technology challenges by rendering the mentioned bingo game solutions.

Custom Bingo Software Development

We provide highly customized bingo software development services that assist you to create a ready-made bingo game with an impeccable gaming experience using enticing UI/UX and high-end features integrated with outstanding graphics. 

Bingo Game on Desktop & App

Our bingo gaming innovators have expertise in creating your bingo game development solution on web and hybrid gaming applications for both desktop and mobile devices with the help of HTML5 Programming.

2D & 3D Bingo Game Creation

We develop 2D/3D bingo games with stunner graphics and realistic movements using cutting-edge technologies. Our game developers use advanced game engines like Unity, and Unreal Engine to create captivating bingo games. 

Payment Gateway Integration

We can develop a fully-fledged personalized player portal with the help of this feature entitles payment gateway integration and incorporation of popularized third parties including Neteller, Adyen, Intercash, and Skrill, money transfer abilities, customized e-wallet development along with Bitcoin APIs integration.

Payout Percentages

With the inclusion of the payout percentages feature, we program bingo payout solutions to estimate percentages, receive top-level results, program payout percentages, jackpots, and play/win ratios. We integrate pre-fabricated software solutions that will enhance profitability, increase payout accuracy, and strengthen data security. 

Cross-Platform Bingo App Development

Maticz offers cross-platform bingo game app development that programs mobile gaming applications for iOS and Android while utilizing cross-platform development tools. 

Crypto-based Bingo Game Development

This game is the blockchain version of the traditional bingo game. We offer crypto-based bingo game development that includes smart contracts and blockchain cryptocurrency bingo could help enhance transparency in the game, attracting even more players.

Features of Bingo Game Development

3D Dice Rolling

This impeccable feature can permit players to experience the realistic world of bingo games. Rolling a 3D dice provides ample amount of benefits to the users as well. 

Multi-Lingual Support

We develop bingo gaming software with the integration of multi-lingual facilities and geographic locations so that players can play smoother and get a seamless gaming experience. This eradicates several barriers.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support service and resolve your doubts and queries as soon as possible. This assists you to build a trustworthy and highly reliable user engagement. 

Game Types

Maticz’s Casino game software development solutions include a multitude of types of games such as Class 3 and Class 2 game forms. Both beginners, as well as pro-players, can try their luck.

Player Management

We took more care of the account of the user, and their fund withdrawal and payments. With our player or user management dashboard, players can experience the fantastic bingo game that reaches the next level. 

Live Bingo Chat

Our bingo gaming software offers an exceptional feature of sending well-wishes and keeping you updated on the latest information about the top prize earnings. This assists foster a welcoming bingo community where players connect and share in the excitement of daily winnings. 

Anti-Fraud System

This built-in element of the anti-fraud system protects players from being taken advantage of by anyone. If any fraudulent activity occurs while a player is playing at a casino, it sends notifications and alerts.

Admin Panel

The administrator of the online bingo game software development can easily manage several operations that cover user management, transaction, and ticket management in a highly securable way. 

Player Tracking

The admin of the bingo game software can get comprehensive and exact statistics about the players to track and trace the data of the real-time game player.

Mobile Bingo

Mobile Bingo is getting more familiar, our exclusive bingo app development services facilitate the inclusion of various mobile bingo features so that all the bingo players can easily interact with the game via their mobile phones.

Blockchain-based Bingo Game Development Solutions 

Maticz provides three types of blockchain-based bingo game development solutions. They are.,

1) Blockchain-based Bingo Game Development

2) Crypto-based Bingo Game Development

3) Bitcoin Bingo Game Development

Blockchain-Based Bingo Game Development

Maticz's blockchain-based bingo game development solutions permit players to have a more secure and convenient way of transaction. Every transaction or activity on the blockchain is immutable as we know, that was carried out by the players, making the blockchain-based bingo game more reliable. Supported by high-end security protocols, here are a few benefits:

- Fully Transparent Ecosystem

- P2P Casino

- Highest Casino Limits

- Quick Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

- Basic Minimum Fees

Crypto-Based Bingo Game Development

Our unique bingo game development solution accepts all crypto payments thus offering players to prefer the digital currency of their own choice. Players can easily buy tickets and play bingo using digital assets. Transactions are carried out directly between individuals.

- High-end Security

- Adaptability

- Individual proprietorship

- Easier Global Transaction

Bitcoin Bingo Game Development

Our Bitcoin-based bingo game software supports Bitcoin as the payment method. Let’s see the following features integrated into the Bitcoin bingo game development.

- Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Support

- Secure Hosting

- High Enticing User Interface

- Pay-in & Pay-out Transaction via Bitcoin

Benefits of Bingo Game Development 

Zero Revenue Share

We have a zero revenue sharing policy that doesn't cost you anything more. We believe that you should make the most out of your investment.

Rapid Time to Market

Our proficient bingo developers constantly remain excited and motivated to make deliver on time. All of our solutions are user-friendly and market-ready.

Multiple Device Availability

Our Bingo gaming software solutions are built responsive so that the players can access the casino game from multiple devices.

Cost-Effective Bingo Gaming Solutions

Our bingo software developers use cutting-edge technologies to develop cost-effective bingo gaming software because we value your time and money. 

100% Customization

Our bingo game developers are always ready to take on challenges as our casino game software development is 100% highly customizable. 

Multi-Player Game

Our bingo game solution is highly scalable and supports multiple players on the gaming platform.

Cost to Develop an Online Bingo Game Solutions

The cost to develop an online bingo game can vary widely based on various aspects, that includes the game complexity, features and functionalities you want to integrate, the platform you plan to release it on various devices such as web, desktop, and mobile, the level of graphics and design, and the location and rates of the development team that you hire. 

Estimating the exact development cost of an online bingo mobile game takes a lot of work. This is because the price is determined by various aspects such as time, technology, resources, and feature integration. A tailor-made bingo game development solution would cost between $15,000 & $75,000.

What Makes Us Top Bingo Game Development Company?

Maticz is one of the best bingo game development companies in India that offers white-label bingo software solutions at an affordable cost. Our team of skilled game developers provides bingo gaming solutions that are alluring to attract an enormous crowd. We have sculpted innovative ways to create user-engaging bingo gaming platforms.

Being the leading game development company, We offer bingo gaming software solutions that are designed with magnificent UI and developed with a lot of market-pulling features and functionalities. Want to join the casino world strongly and inspire your market? Then connect with Maticz and attain your business to the next level. 

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