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Over the past decade, the online gaming industry has developed at an unparalleled rate, with the globalized market of gaming anticipated to reach $200 Billion by 2023. As the gaming enterprise continues to evolve, so does the necessity for new and innovative games. One of the latest trendsetters that rules over the gaming industry is Crypto Casino Games which allows users of the platform to gamble via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

What is a Crypto Casino Game?

Crypto Casino Game is a type of online casino gaming that involves the use of cryptos to participate in and play casino games. In traditional casino games, fiat is used for playing games whereas in crypto casino games, digital assets like bitcoin, ethereum, tether, Binance coin, etc, are used for betting and gambling in casinos. The huge popularity of crypto casinos among gamblers is due to the anonymity it provides. 

Crypto Casino Software is an online casino gaming platform that enables players to play casino games using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Crypto Casino Platforms are quickly emerging as the innovative big thing in the gaming industry with immense benefits for crypto investors. 

Crypto casino games provide both the users and operate with an ample amount of benefits with top-quality gaming experience and timely payouts.

Key Statistics of Crypto Casino Games

1. According to the report GrandViewResearch, the market size of global online casinos is estimated at USD 63.53 Billion in 2022. It is anticipated to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030. 

2. According to Statista, the total revenue in the Casino game market is projected to reach USD 29.28 Million in 2022. 

3. In the estimated time frame of 2021 to 2028, Asia-Pacific will be expected to have the quickest growth due to the region's greater proportion of younger people, adoption of smartphones, and legalization of online gambling. (Source: Databridgemarketresearch)

4. Statista report says that the market size of online gambling in the US has reached USD 9.5 Billion, an increase on the previous year’s total value of USD 8.7 Billion.

5. According to an analysis in Chainalysis, there are more than 70+ cryptocurrency online casinos available in the market, cashing in on $2.8 Billion worth of bets in 2022 alone.

Crypto Casino Game Development

Crypto casino game development is the process of creating a blockchain-based casino gaming platform that renders players total transparency, top-notch security, and a thrilling casino gaming experience. 

Maticz is a prominent crypto casino game development company that offers white-label crypto casino software solutions to kick-start the crypto casino business. Our crypto casino development services include custom casino game development, security management, fraud protection, and more.

Our crypto casino game developers have vast knowledge in developing online crypto casino platforms with an extreme degree of security and precision. Our pre-vetted graphic designers work diligently to launch your product in the market with extraordinary graphics. 

Through our crypto casino game development services, we provide custom gaming services such as design, animations, 2D/3D artwork, Game UI/UX, programming, and testing to ensure maximum reliability. 

Kick-start your highly profitable, revenue-generating crypto casino gaming platform instantly with Maticz and reap the ample benefits of blockchain in the gambling industry. 

Blockchain Casino Game Development Company

Maticz is deeply rooted in Blockchain casino game development and provides unique solutions that include our proprietary slot platforms, multi-player card games, table games, and other high-quality online casino solutions that are highly entertaining and visually stunning. 

As a prominent Blockchain casino game development company, Maticz has a proven record of developing highly proficient blockchain-based casino projects with an extra layer of security. 

With our future-proof blockchain development services, we can build exclusive casino games branded for you. We also provide render management of users and wallets, back-office customization with cutting-edge tools, detailed financial statistics, and integrated multi-payment options. 

Our experienced game developers create blockchain casino gaming platforms with advanced tech stack and monetization strategies tailored to your gaming needs. 

Types of Crypto Casino Games 

At Maticz we design and develop a diverse range of crypto casino games that are highly immersive and fascinating. 


Dice is a most popularized Blockchain Casino Game that offers simple gameplay and permits participants to place bets to win huge rewards. 


These games permit participants of the gaming platform to enjoy the classic card game while benefiting from the outstanding security of blockchain. 


Slot games are one of the popular crypto casino games that provide players an opportunity to win big while enjoying types of exhilarating themes and gameplay features. 


Roulette is another well-established casino game that has been adapted to blockchain technology, which allows players to put bets on the result of the wheel of spin. 


Poker is similar to Blackjack in that it also renders the game participants enjoy the classic card game online most securely and transparently.


Baccarat is a straightforward yet thrilling casino game that is gaining more and more popularity in the blockchain space, due to its quickest gameplay and potential for large payouts.

Crypto Casino Software Development Services 

Maticz offers several cryptocurrency casino software development services with innovative solutions that enhance the success of your casino game. 

Custom Crypto Casino Development

We offer custom crypto casino development services to build multi-functional online casino games of diverse game genres, serving standard mobile applications, as well as web-oriented applications. 

White Label Crypto Casino Software 

We offer a pitch-perfect white-label casino software solution that helps launch crypto casino games quickly. The solution comes with seamless payment options and can be customized based on the requirements of the client. 

Turnkey Casino Software

We offer a turnkey casino software solution which is a ready-to-deploy solution. Our software solution is multi-functional and comes with unlimited customization opportunities and captivating features. 

Bitcoin Casino Software Solution

We at Maticz develop glitch-free Bitcoin casino software that is exclusively designed for playing casino games with Bitcoins. Our solution offers high-end security, rapid transactions, and enhanced retention of users. 

Sports Betting Software

We render Sports betting software solutions for startups and enterprises who are ready to develop their own crypto-based sports betting business. Our software solutions tend to work with sports betting executors. 

Features of our Crypto Casino Software

We offer crypto casino software with exclusive features that make the player’s gameplay unique and engaging. 

Crypto Wallet Integration

Our Blockchain casino game development incorporates the crypto wallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and more., on the gaming platform. You can easily customize and also add your crypto token. 

KYC Onboarding Technique

When the customer signs up, Blockchain casino gaming should respect regulatory regulations, accept and validate KYC documents, and so on.

Game Moderators

These features can assist you in monitoring and moderating game rooms. You can easily customize the reason for the platform while reducing all the vital elements from the casino platform. 

Business Loyalty Module

With these features, you can reward your loyal users, the loyalty module benefits you in perceiving members and rewarding them all from the dashboard.

Referral Trailing Method

With the inclusion of the Referral Tracking method, you can verify, track, and payout referral commission. Using these features, you can reward your users for suggesting their friends and family use the gaming platform. 

Smart Theme Integration

The Smart theme integration method permits the users to customize the appearance of the blockchain casino game platform easily. 

Benefits of Crypto Casino Game Development

Our Crypto casino game development services are garnering huge attention in the gaming industry owing to the profitable benefits. 

1. Faster Time to Market

2. Highly Transparency

3. Rapid Speed Transactions

4. Anonymity

5. Complete Knowledge for Players

6. Quick Market Entry

7. Instant Payment Processing

8. Enhanced Participant's Loyalty

9. Quicker Market Entry

10. Cross-chain Compatibility

Crypto Casino Game Development Process

The Crypto casino game development process entails developing online cryptocurrency casino games on the blockchain network. Here are some key steps involved in the Crypto Casino Game Development:

Select a Blockchain Platform

There are various blockchain platforms available in the marketplace, that includes EOS, Tron, and Ethereum. Select a platform that suits your requirements and supports smart contract development.

Game Conceptualization and Design 

Determine the type of game you want to develop, such as a slot machine or dice game, and outline the storyline of the game. Design the casino game that includes rules, payouts, and user interfaces that are user-friendly and appealing. 

Casino Smart Contract Creation

Blockchain-based Casino games involve using Smart Contracts to incorporate casino games with cryptocurrencies. Develop smart contracts that are necessary for working casino games along with cryptos, and test them completely to ensure they perform correctly. 

Crypto Casino Game Core Development 

Develop the front end and back end of the crypto casino games, which is the user interface that players will interact with. This comprises designing the graphics and layout of the platform and also integrating the required APIs. 

Crypto Payment Gateway Integration

To operate on the blockchain, the crypto casino software must support crypto payments. Integrate crypto payment options into the gaming platform that permit players to place bets using digital currencies.

Crypto Casino Game Testing and Deployment

At last, test the game to confirm that it works properly and it is free of errors and glitches. Make the game available to players by deploying it on the blockchain network as preferred by the client. 

Why Invest in Crypto Casino Game Development?

We are expecting much more innovation in this sector as the demand for crypto casino games improves. The use of blockchain technology is particularly exciting in one area of development. In the world of gaming, blockchain technology can be used to create evident fair games, where the game participants can confirm that the result of a game is fair and random. With technological advancement crypto casino games are evolving to be an important trend in the iGaming arena. 

Why Choose Maticz for Crypto Casino Software Development?

Maticz is a top-notch Crypto Casino Software Development Company with a proficient team of experienced game developers who specialize in developing online casino gaming platforms. With our strong technical expertise in Casino game development, We provide a reliable and user-friendly online casino gaming platform that will enhance the success of your crypto casino venture. 

We provide White label casino solutions that meet each of our clients' specific requirements, to ensure their vision is realized through the entire game development process. Immerse your players in the extraordinary gambling world by creating your blockchain casino gaming platform with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. 

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