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Maticz offers multiple asset tokenization platform development services which let our client build up their business empire in the digital space with the help of blockchain technologies.

What is Asset Tokenization?

Asset Tokenization brings the physical asset into the digital space backed by a token developed over any of the blockchain networks. Asset tokenization helps in connecting the digital world with the physical world. NFTs have brought digital assets like art, videos, images, movies, and many other digital collectibles into the blockchain network in recent years, and the asset tokenization concept is similar to it where all the physical world assets can be handled with the help of blockchain technology.

Asset Tokenization may sound similar to NFT but on a whole, the concept differs from the NFT's role in digital space. The NFTs are finally represented as digital assets whereas the assets backed with tokens help the users in transferring the property from one person to another at ease without taking time, this helps in saving time and removes the work of third-person in monitoring the transaction between the two persons.

Asset Tokenization Platform Development Company

Maticz as an Asset tokenization platform development company put forth its effort into the development of an advanced tokenization offering platform. The platform is developed to ease the working of every person's asset tokenization and other work involved in the change of property from one person to other. With a team of experienced blockchain developers, Maticz work on the development of your platform and presents the best features and functionalities in the platform that helps users in multiple ways.

Asset Tokenization Platforms can be developed with white-label asset tokenization software or developed from scratch. Asset tokenization platform drives young users all around the globe to your platform as the future generation is fond of blockchain and is moving towards blockchain solutions. With a team of 100+ experienced professionals, Maticz comes with the best asset tokenization platform development services.

Asset Tokenization Services

The professionals of Maticz are keen on developing blockchain solutions dedicated to every industry. Here are our premium services related to asset tokenization

Real Estate Tokenization

Maticz has set up a team for asset tokenization dedicatedly for the real estate business, the real estate industry was the first to adopt blockchain where real-world assets are backed with tokens.


Even the commodities may be backed with digital tokens over blockchain networks and this will also help in the export and import of trading goods between persons or even between two nations.


All government documents, certificates of individuals, and other documents can be backed with tokens and can be used for future purposes in the digital space as well as for real-world activities.

Utility Assets

Every utility asset of a person can be brought into the digital space as a token and we design a platform that helps the users to give a digital transformation to their utility assets backed with the tokens. 

Precious Metals

Precious metals and even gold jewelry and other ornaments can be brought into the tokenization concept instead of the present bonds system which helps in securing the assets over a blockchain network.

Equity shares

The equity share bought by a person or the equity assets of a company can be brought into the blockchain space where it can be backed with the advanced tokenization concept over trending blockchain networks.

Features of Asset Tokenization Software

We develop your asset tokenization software with the advanced blockchain network which results in providing advanced features of the platform.

Fractional ownership

The tokenization concept helps persons to buy high-value assets in fractional where the user may buy a fraction of the asset on basis of the amount the user has.


Every person gets easy access to the assets present in the global platform and can access and trade any assets present anywhere around the world.

Blockchain Immutability

The asset tokenization platform is developed by the experts of Maticz over any of the blockchain networks the client needs which makes it highly transparent and immutable.

Programmable securities

The platform is developed over a blockchain network making the platform decentralized where smart contracts are deployed for security reasons of the assets.

Real-time transaction

The platform is designed in a way that works on a real-time transaction that helps users of the platform to make their asset purchase in minutes from anywhere in the globe.

High liquidity

The asset tokenization platform brings in many investors around the globe which brings in high liquidity automatically, resulting in the purchase of many digital assets.

Benefits of Asset Tokenization

We plan the development of any kind of asset tokenization platform with advanced features that benefit the users in various ways as well as the admin.


The platform is built over a blockchain network making the platform more transparent where every asset purchase is shown from the time the asset is backed as a token.

No intermediaries

The asset tokenization platform built over blockchain helps in the transfer of every property between two people without an intermediary in the transaction process.

24*7 market accessibility

The platform is designed to perform any kind of recommended services at any time whoever accesses the platform from any part of the globe.

Highly secure

The platform is highly secure with many additional security features which prevent the platform from any kind of invasive hack attacks and more.


The asset tokenization platform helps in making the platform transaction faster than in the real world where all the processes can be done in minutes.

Global Reach

The platform would drive traffic from all over the globe resulting in the global reach of the platform and improving the values of the asset present in the platform.

Why bring Real Assets into Blockchain?

The blockchain trend is raising continuously behind the volatile crypto market where blockchain tech can bring in various benefits and governments have started implementing blockchain solutions in their operation. Many governments have been working on the digitalization process where they have planned for providing certificates and other rewards over Soulbobund Tokens(SBT) backed with blockchain technology. Not just SBT but even other internal government operations are planned with blockchain technology because of the security reason present behind the blockchain.

In that way, the real assets will be brought into the blockchain network helping the users to make their asset transfer at ease without any intermediaries and this would also result in quick transfer of assets to any person around the world. Bringing in real assets into the blockchain network helps in securing the data related to the asset and would be available to anyone over years resulting in the future use of the asset.

What Makes us a Top Asset Tokenization Software Solution Provider?

Maticz has been revealed as the top asset tokenization software solution provider in the blockchain industry as it has helped hundreds of clients in setting up their business idea with blockchain solutions including the asset tokenization platform. With more than 100+ experienced professionals in blockchain solutions and we have delivered 250+ platforms in the digital space. The work of our professionals makes us the top asset tokenization platform development company.

Asset tokenization platform will let you earn profits in millions as a commission for every service provided in the platform to the users. If you are looking on for the right tokenization platform over any of the trending blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, and more you can connect with the experienced professionals of Maticz and bring your dream platform to reality.

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