Real estate tokenization company Maticz offers top-rated real estate tokenization platform services with the industry's best real estate tokenization developers.

Collaborate with the best real estate tokenization services company - Maticz and maximize your earnings by amplifying the liquidity of the illiquid asset class. Revolutionize the global real estate paradigm with a next-gen real estate tokenization platform. 

What is Real Estate Tokenization and how it benefits owners?

In Real Estate Tokenization, the assets are digitized or tokenized in the same manner as REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). An enterprise that owns assets can sell shares of digitized assets and allocate security tokens to the investors. The security tokens represent the fractional share of ownership of underlying physical property. 

Real Estate Tokenization helps owners manage their equity efficiently and investors effectively maintain their funds. Greater liquidity, easy market access, low costs, transparency, etc., are some advantages that imply that tokenization is the future of real estate assets. It also helps owners gain exceptional returns due to global exposure and investor interests.

Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development Company

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing all industries, and the real estate niche is no exception. Maticz is a top-notch real estate tokenization platform development company that optimizes real estate industrial processes by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. We meticulously curated top-notch asset tokenization solutions that avoid intermediary & paperwork, enable P2P transactions and dynamic investments, improve global exposure, etc. To help you save cost and time, Maticz also offers a ready-made real estate tokenization model that matches the expected standards and security.

Maticz offers peerless real estate tokenization platform development services that aim to transform the global real estate landscape with innovative features.  Some features include asset valuation, flexible investment options, fractionalization of assets, etc.  In addition, our real estate tokenization services include white paper creation, crowdfunding support, etc. All the asset tokenization solutions can be customized, according to startups and enterprises to meet their project requirements. 

Real Estate Tokenization Services

Maticz uses cutting-edge tools to develop a comprehensive real estate tokenization platform to enable buyers, sellers, or builders to connect and transact real estate assets in a decentralized environment. Maticz offers an array of real estate tokenization services to facilitate fractional ownership and amplify liquidity. 

Development of Property Listing Platform

Develop and launch a scalable Real Estate asset listing platform that enables the digitization and listing of real estate assets. The platform allows investors, builders, and property owners to buy or sell real estate security tokens globally. 


Security Token Offering (STO) represents sales of tokens at the initial level. We offer complete STO development services from white paper creation to digital STOs launches to help you raise funds by digitizing your real estate assets.

Fractional Tokenization Services

We offer impeccable fractional tokenization services that help owners divide their real estate assets into shares and sell them as Fractionized NFTs to the buyers. It generates numerous income opportunities and enables owners to diversify their portfolios. 

Leasing & Rental 

In addition to helping investors buy security tokens, our Real Estate Tokenization platform facilitates owners and builders to digitize a fraction of any real estate assets and connect them with the preferred tenants.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Apart from offering end-to-end real estate tokenization development services, we also help you run an efficient fundraising campaign through which you can gather sufficient funds for your digital real estate venture.

Loan & Mortgage Facilitation

Using loans & Mortgages, users can avail of the loans by using their security tokens as collateral. Integration of loan and mortgage services allows users to secure loans or transfer ownership of a digital property using security tokens.

Real Estate Tokenization Solutions

Some of our extraordinary real estate tokenization solutions include the following.

Ready-to-deploy Solutions

Development of a Real Estate Tokenization platform is a tedious and time-consuming process if it is built from scratch. Launch a feature-packed asset tokenization platform in a matter of time with a ready-to-deploy Real Estate Tokenization platform solution.


All the asset tokenization services are customizable, and the client can shape the platform from the front end to security features. Convert new or unique concepts into remarkable features with Maticz.

Legal & Regulatory Frameworks

In the case of real estate tokenization and platform, they must adhere to legal or regulatory standards. We will take care of all those grueling works and ensure that the digitized assets and listing platform strictly follow the regulations in all the regions.

Multiple Currency Support

Our real estate tokenization platform includes multi-currency support. It allows users to trade digitized assets using their preferred currency - cryptocurrency or fiat cash.

White-label Real Estate Tokenization Software Development

When businesses want to launch a real estate tokenization platform or asset owners need to quickly digitize their real estate properties, white-label real estate tokenization services could be the best choice. After years of extensive analysis and development, we crafted the best white-label solution that is second to none and can fulfill all your expectations. Our pre-coded white-label solutions can be customized and branded to meet a specific need. It improves business agility, security saves cost, and accelerates market launch time.

Our white-label real estate tokenization software development helps potential investors with many business benefits like globalization, increased liquidity, faster tokenization of assets, etc. Moreover, our cutting-edge white-label real estate tokenization platform simplifies and enables hassle-free real estate trading at a reduced cost. Our developers and SMEs consider various factors like crowdfunding, tax, etc., while tokenizing your real estate property and ensure that the token strictly follows the regulatory standards. 

Features of our Real Estate Asset Tokenization Platform

Unique and compelling features are vital for the success of the real estate asset tokenization platform. Some essential features of our real estate asset tokenization platform are stated below.

Property Tokenization

Like the NFT marketplace, the real estate asset tokenization platform should provide essential tools to convert physical assets into security tokens. In addition, the platform should attract investors and support the token sale.

Property Management

The owner can efficiently manage their digitized real estate assets within the platform with security tokens. Owners can decide whether the token holder can sell the property or its shares by specifying ownership rights, asset issuance, token distribution, etc.

P2P Transaction

The Real estate asset tokenization platform should be P2P allowing buyers and sellers to transact without any intermediary and avoid fraudulent activities. It also enables instant settlements and saves costs.

KYC Compliance

The KYC & AML features ensure that all the users are verified and improve trustworthiness among the platform users. It also makes sure that buyers and sellers collaborate and make smooth transactions.

Track Ownership Efficiently 

All the properties listed on the platform are traceable with the ownership tracking feature. Buyers can easily verify the details of the assets like the current owner, previous owner, listing price, etc., before buying the tokens.

NFT-backed Asset Ownership

NFT-backed real estate assets enable fractional ownership and safeguard the ownership rights of the token holders. Tokenization also allows you to rent, sell or lease the properties according to your preferences.

Real Estate Asset Tokenization Development Platforms we focus

Maticz offers real estate asset tokenization and token development on all the variable blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Hyperledger, etc.

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization

The tokenization of real estate assets paves the way for global asset purchases where users can sell, buy or invest in properties and increase their returns without any intermediary.

Our real estate asset token tokenization favors the users with the following benefits.

High Liquidity 

One of the main advantages of tokenizing real estate assets is their improved liquidity. In addition, a Smart contract-enabled asset tokenization platform eliminates the need for an intermediary and cuts associated costs.

Instant Settlements

The platform uses blockchain to record transactions and exchange tokens. The incorporation of blockchain technology facilitates quick peer-to-peer transactions and settlements in a matter of time.


Digitization of Real estate assets according to the owner’s preferences is easy. The fractional ownership of assets allows builders, sellers, etc., to generate more revenue by selling the properties after fractionalizing them. 


The digitized real estate asset and tokens are distributed on a distributed ledger technology that improves transparency to a considerable extent. The higher the transparency rate, the higher the security, and the fractionalized assets purchase process is 100% transparent. 

Diverse Portfolio

Security tokens generate long-term returns, and NFT tokens provide fractional ownership. Investors can explore the array of real estate assets to make an investment of their choice and diversify their investment portfolio.


Smart Contract automates the entire process of asset tokenization, buying and selling of real estate assets.  Once the predefined conditions are met it enables instant transaction processing, ownership verification, etc.

Our Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development Methodology

Our Real Estate Tokenization development process involves agile development methodology to develop a next-gen platform with prerequisite features.


We evaluate project goals and find the right tech stack to develop a complete project blueprint that defines goals and project workflow.

Smart Contract Creation

Upon evaluation, Smart contract development begins to automate buying and selling of digitized assets on a blockchain network.

Security Token Development

Security Token creation is critical for trading the assets.  The owner should determine how many tokens are needed and the platform to sell them. 

Development & Testing

The development phase involves the creation of UI/UX, feature integration, wallet development, etc., followed by rigorous testing to ensure the platform is free from technical glitches. 


The Real Estate Tokenization platform is deployed and upgraded in line with technological advancement and market needs.

Remarkable use cases of Real Estate Assets Tokenization

In addition to digitizing assets, increasing liquidity, facilitating fractional authority, and removing entry barriers, tokenizing real estate assets holds many uses. Benefitting use cases of asset tokenization are stated below.

Property Ownership

Property ownership defines the ownership of the listed asset. The owners can decide whether they can sell the asset or dividends into shares.

Right to Vote

The owner can decide the voting rights for trading the digital assets while developing the token. The owners can state whether the token buyers can sell the entire property or share.

Access Rights

To raise funds for their project, owners can sell fractional shares and acquire the required capital, whereas token holders can retrieve their money and have no ownership of the project.

The use cases of real estate tokenization are manifold, and the integration of similar use cases in tokens is easy.

Why choose Maticz for Real Estate Tokenization Platform Development?

Maticz is a prominent Real estate tokenization platform development company that uses an advanced tech stack & tools to develop and deploy a property-supported token issuance platform in the real estate niche. The real estate tokenization platform can be completely customizable. Furthermore, Maticz helps you transform your unique real estate ideas into a stellar tokenization platform within the specified period. Additionally, develop security tokens on preferred blockchain networks, and versatile post-launch support is also available!

Being a leading Blockchain development company, Maticz offers enterprise-class real estate tokenization development services which are cost-efficient, highly scalable, user-friendly, and state-of-the-art. So, connect with a spirit-filled real estate tokenization company and launch a lucrative real estate tokenization platform with new-age features.

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