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Seamlessly achieve all your cryptocurrency trading goals by utilizing a technologically advanced crypto trading bot and successful crypto trading strategies stated in this blog.

What is an Automated Trading Bot?

Automated Trading Bots are automated computer algorithms that automatically trade cryptocurrencies on one or more trading platforms on behalf of the owner. Bots automate trading strategies and maximize profits.

Bots use advanced technologies like machine learning, AI, etc., and enable traders to automate third-party or tailor-made trading strategies.

Crypto Trading Bot Strategies

Crypto trading bot strategies are computerized programs that assist users in analyzing the market, executing orders, and identifying profitable trades with the help of automated trading bots. These crypto trading bots can be used both automatically and manually relying on the user's choice. They are used to take advantage of market inefficiencies and look for arbitrage possibilities to turn a profit while reducing risk. 

The usage of the crypto trading bot strategies can be valuable to traders in several ways. This helps the users to identify the best trading strategies for their particular situation and to refine their trading approach over time. 

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and are affected by many external factors like demand, supply, media presence, etc. Experts implement many trading strategies to navigate volatility and diverse trading portfolios. This will safeguard them from risks and gain positive traction in the moving market. Following are some of the best-proven crypto trading bot indicators or strategies to monetize your automated crypto trading bots.

10 Best Crypto Bot Trading Strategies

Here are the 10 best crypto bot trading strategies for beginners and pro-level traders to use in their crypto business.

Moving Average Trading (SMA, EMA)

The Moving Average (MA) is a technical analysis tool that untangles the price data by creating an average price (constantly updated). It identifies direction (price trends) and evaluates support (price goes up) and resistance (price decreases) levels. This strategy generates a trading signal when asset costs cross their moving averages. It is a popular strategy and can be customized to suit long-term and short-term investors.

There are two main types of this category which are defined below.

Simple Moving Average - Calculates the new average every day based on the five most recent closing prices. 

Exponential Moving Average - Calculates average price based on many weighing factors and reflects price changes more quickly than SMA.

RSI Crypto Trading

Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) is a momentum indicator that determines the speed and magnitude of an asset's recent price changes to assess overvalued (higher trading rates) or undervalued (least trading rates) price conditions of that asset. RSI indicator also reveals the bearish and bullish price momentum of the specific asset. If the RSI is above 70, it is considered overbought, and oversold if the RSI is below 30.

But, if the RSI line of an asset moves below the overbought line or above the oversold line, traders consider it as an indicator to buy or sell. The combination of RSI and other technical indicators helps traders make better trading decisions. RSI works better in trading ranges than trending markers. 

MACD Trading

Moving Average Converge or Divergence (MACD) trading strategy shows the relationship between two Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) of an asset price. It is a trend-following momentum that captures gains based on an uptrend or downtrend price range of an asset. MACD line is calculated by subtracting 26-period EMA from 12-period EMA, and the nine-day EMA of the MACD line is called the Signal line. 

MACD trading strategy generates a trading signal when the MACD line crosses above the signal line (to buy) or comes down the signal line (to sell). It helps traders find whether an asset is overbought or oversold and alerts them about bullish/ bearish divergences and potential price reversals. 

Fibonacci Retracement Strategy (Fibonacci Divergence)

Fibonacci retracement levels are horizontal lines that indicate hidden support and resistance levels likely to occur based on the Fibonacci sequence. It does not have any formulas, and when these indicators are applied to a chart, they generate lines (percentage of prices) based on two points (typically a high and low point) selected by the user. The displayed percentage levels are the areas where the price could stall or reverse for that amount. 

They are the percentage of the chosen price range, and the commonly used Fibonacci ratios include 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 78.6%.RSI is used to ensure whether the Fibonacci series is repelling prices. Divergence in the Fibonacci shows where the price makes higher gains and indicates a slower momentum. Slower momentum in a resistance level is a favorable trading opportunity.

Pivot Reversal Strategy

A Pivot Point Reversal strategy is a trading analysis indicator that evaluates the overall market trend and price reversals over various time frames. This strategy is based on the pivot point, which is an average of the intraday high and low and the closing price of the previous day's trading. On the next day, trading above the pivot point implies a bullish sentiment, while trading below the pivot point implies a bearish sentiment. Day traders calculate pivot points to find the entry, stops, and profit-taking. 

The pivot point indicates support and resistance levels based on the pivot point calculation. Traders can examine these levels and find the trending direction based on the price moving direction. 

Supertrend Strategy

The super trend trading indicator is similar to the Moving average strategy and is best suited for intraday trading due to its simplicity. This indicator gives precise sell or buy signals with the best strategy in a trending market. It is a simple technical indicator constructed using a period and multiplier. On the chart of a particular stock, set the default time interval as 10 minutes and 3 for its multiplier to find the super trend indicator.

In the Supertrend strategy, the buy or sell signal is found when the indicator rolls over the closing price. This strategy indicates a buy signal when the super trend closes below the price and a sell signal when the super trend closes above the price. The super trend strategy can be combined with other indicators for better trading signals.

Parabolic Sar Strategy

It is one of the commonly used technical indicators that determine the price direction of an asset. Parabolic Sar Strategy is also known as the “stop and reversal system” It indicates when there is a change in price direction. It uses a trailing stop and reverse method called SAR to find the suitable exit (sells an asset/ security) and entry (buys asset) points. It helps traders gain an edge by providing entry and exit points and possible price reversals.

This strategy displays a series of dots on a chart depending on which direction the price is trending. When the price is trending upward, a dot appears below the asset's price. A dot appears above the price if the direction of the price is moving downward.

Bollinger Band Strategy

Bollinger band strategy is the most commonly used technical analysis that offers unique insights into price and volatility. In addition, it determines the overbought and oversold levels and is an indispensable tool for monitoring breakouts. It identifies entry and exit points for a trade. This strategy is a simple trading tool that focuses only on price and volatility. It determines asset prices that have deviated substantially from the mean.

Bollinger bands are made of three lines and calculated using a 20-day SMA for the middle line. The upper band is calculated by summing the middle band and adding 2X daily standard deviation, and the lower band is found by subtracting 2X daily standard deviation from the middle band. If the price of an asset falls below the lower band, it has reduced & awaiting a bounce and if the price rises above the upper band, it is overbought and is due for a pullback.

Mean Reversion Strategy

Mean Reversion Strategies suggest a regular price return to a particular average level on longer timeframes. The expected level of price reversion plays a major role in the performance. The process of returning to the average level is determined by the impact of positive or negative feedback. So it is the most significant step is analyzing a financial instrument for the presence or absence of reversion.

Arbitrage Bot Strategy

Crypto Arbitrage bot strategies are the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies on a different crypto exchange that yields lucrative profits from price discrepancies. These Arbitrage bots are automated trading programs that utilize algorithms to analyze the discrepancies of price across multiple crypto exchanges and execute trades on behalf of the trader. These bots can identify price differences and perform trades in a couple of seconds, much faster than any human trader could.

Types of Arbitrage Bot Strategies

There are many types of arbitrage bot strategies that assist in enhancing a seamless trading experience they are.,

Triangular Arbitrage Bot

Triangular Arbitrage is a trading strategy that ventures differences in exchange rates between three various currencies (trio) to make a risk-free profit. This strategy includes placing offsetting trades on three various currency pairs, to captivate the spread between the rates of exchange. Triangular Arbitrage is most efficient when the distance between currency pairs is relatively small but the discrepancies in their respective exchange rates are significant.

Spatial Arbitrage Bot

Spatial Arbitrage includes trading virtual currencies across two various exchange platforms. Spatial Arbitrage is an easier way to conduct crypto arbitrage. While this is an easier method for exploiting price discrepancies, spatial arbitrage exposes traders to risks such as transfer times and costs. This is an additional type of cross-exchange arbitrage trading. The only difference is that the exchanges are located in diverse regions. 

Cross-Exchange Arbitrage Bot

A trader uses simple arbitrage to buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell it on another crypto exchange where the price is higher. It is an easier strategy that can be implemented easily and quickly, but profit margins are frequently low due to market competition.

DEX Arbitrage Bot

This DEX Strategy permits trade arbitrage on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), such as Pancakeswap or Uniswap. If a particular digital asset is underpriced or overpriced, arbitrageurs can buy and sell digitalized assets through those diverse liquidity pools. 

Statistical Arbitrage Bot

Statistical Arbitrage is another popularized crypto arbitrage strategy. It includes analyzing price data and trends to identify patterns and predict future price movements. The strategy involves an in-depth understanding of market analytics, and it is frequently used by traders and investors.

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How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading Bot Strategy?

You can select various strategies from the table above and start educating yourself. Once you understand the basics, it will be easier to grasp the remainder, as they are interconnected and repeat each other in terms of core ideas. Assuming you are familiar with at least some of the concepts mentioned, you should be fine. 


The basic purpose of any strategy is to bring cash flow your way. There are three core steps to test any strategy, learn more about it, and determine whether it suits your trading style. 

Analyzing Market Conditions

The global economy has a significant impact on markets and defines overall liquidity, prices, and even important levels. Some strategies are designed for bear markets, while others focus on bull or flat markets. So you should mainly analyze the market to understand how it works now and what you expect shortly. Furthermore, you might end up with a useless trading strategy at best.

Using the table above as a guide, you might do the following:

(i) Choose trend trading if you believe the current trend will continue for some time.

(ii) Use anti-trend strategies if you think the trend is temporary or a trap

(iii) Use flat trading for markets with no evident trends

Demo Account Tests

Backtesting is the process of testing a bot strategy that takes different types of data like analysis and historical data into account. Backtesting helps you identify the potential implementation of your methods. You might want to pay delicate attention to stats like risk, averages, volatility, and net profit and losses. The demo account is perfect for backtesting. If your automated software provider does not provide a free one, you could use backtest data provided directly or gather the cheapest membership with demo access instead.

The Control Glance

Once you've figured it out and backtested it, it's time to take it for a spin. Start with a small one and analyze each trade individually - the key criterion is the ratio of both win and loss. If things go well you you don't have more losses than wins, divide your transactions into groups of 10-20 trades and evaluate the results concurrently. If a group made you some profits, that is a good indicator. Otherwise, you can either analyze other groups or adjust the strategy.

Benefits of Crypto Trading Bot Strategies

Crypto trading bot strategies eliminate the grueling work of crypto traders, minimize human errors and enhance cryptocurrency trading. The trader should carefully set the trading parameters, and the bots process them to make a rational trading decision.

24/7 Automated Trading

Once the trading parameters and strategies are set, crypto trading bots trade 24/7 without human assistance and simplify traders' activities.

Gather Live Market Data

The crypto trading bot collects data from different exchanges analyzes it and concludes whether to buy or sell a particular crypto at that moment. 

Live Orders Execution

This module completes a buy or sell order strategically in the exchange on behalf of the traders. Trading bots use APIs to determine when to buy in bulk or opt for immediate purchases.

Indicators Calculation

AI-enabled crypto bots analyze an ocean of data in a fraction of a second and identify the best crypto trading indicators to generate maximum ROI.

Profit and Risk Estimation

One of the crucial aspects of any crypto trading bot is it uses global crypto market data to estimate the profits and risks involved with the specific market or cryptocurrency.

More Powerful & Efficient

Crypto bots can process massive amounts of data at a time to make plausible decisions. Bots can instantly accomplish millions of transactions and computations across time zones and exchanges.

Automated Crypto Trading Software

Maticz offers white-label automated crypto trading software development to help beginners and experts immediately optimize their cryptocurrency trading. Automated crypto trading software is a pre-built and market-ready crypto trade bot software that carries out trading based on the user’s conditions. This bot software is multi-tested, bug-free, and can be customized and deployed on time. It comes with interactive UI/UX interfaces to give users a surreal trading experience. In addition, the white-label automated crypto trading software is rigorously tested, to ensure it efficiently automates trading processes.

Further, the white-label automated crypto trading software contains the essential features for effective crypto trading. It is a start-up-friendly crypto trade bot solution that meets the standards and security levels of fine-tuned crypto trading bots. The above-mentioned crypto trading bot strategies can be included in this automated crypto trading software. It's the perfect time for collaborating with the pioneers in cryptocurrency exchange development, to showcase your trading skills.

Features of Automated Crypto Trading Software

We developed a white-label automated crypto trading software that helps traders cautiously trade and maximize their ROI. Some of the iconic features of our automated crypto trading software are listed below.

Arbitrage Trading

This feature enables traders to buy cryptos from one exchange and sell them profitably in other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Multi-Exchange Support

Our automated crypto trading software features multi-exchange support that facilitates the user to trade on multiple exchange platforms simultaneously.

Backtesting - Real-time & Past Records

Backtesting allows you to evaluate and improve your trading strategy in actual conditions based on your historical market data. 

Crypto Portfolio

Analyze and enhance your investments, active trading, PnLs success, etc., across all crypto exchange platforms in real time.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface enables users to navigate through all the features easily and efficiently. We deliver customized trading bot that matches users' expectations.

Complete & Semi-automated Bots

Automated bots help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies for maximum profits at the correct time, and in semi-automated bots, users should decide to set trade orders.

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Why Choose Maticz for Automated Crypto Trading Software?

Maticz offers unparalleled automated crypto trading software development services with undebatable security and quality. Our automated crypto trading software is 100% flexible and customized according to your crypto trading strategies and tactics. In addition, to help traders stay abreast of the global crypto market, we provide ready-made software of crypto trading bot applications like Cryptohopper, Mudrex, HaasOnline, etc.

Maticz, a leading Crypto trading bot development company is known for its 100% transparency and on-time product/application deployment without technical glitches. We will implement our strong expertise in cryptocurrency and AI technology to meticulously curate a top-notch crypto trading bot with pocket-friendly solutions. We offer 24/7 technical and non-tech support and continuously work on post-launch upgrades to help you make a fortune in this thriving industry. 

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