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In crypto trading, sometimes the activities of the market price are not visible to our naked eye. However, technical analysis permits you to read these imprints. At the same time, the traders will able to make preferences in trading that have reliable historical data backing, enriching the odds of earning revenues through their daily activities.

To get a trading benefit over those who trade without the usage of technology, an ample amount of crypto traders use technical analysis indicators to exploit their decisions. Some traders use these superficial indicators with Automated crypto trading bots to enhance their level of accuracy. This facilitates buying and selling cryptocurrency to maximize profits. 

In this article, we are going to see the factors that every trader needs to consider if you plan to use technical indicators with crypto trading bots. 

What are Indicators?

Indicators in crypto trading bots are used by traders to provide indications of how the market is moving. They can be utilized to exhibit price behavior patterns. They are also used to keep up-to-date on any news or activities in other markets that may affect the price.

What is the Purpose of using Crypto Trading Bot Indicators?

Crypto trading bots utilize numerous indicators that can help the traders by prompting actions for buying and selling, that are related to effective techniques. These bots can make focus-based determinations that improve their chances of earning a profit. 

Standard technical trading bot indicators for trading platforms fall into four different categories. These categories apply to general asset trading and are not limited to crypto trading. This drives them very widespread in the trading community. 

5 Types of Indicators in Crypto Trading Bot

1. Momentum

2. Volatility

3. Trend

4. Volume

5. Sentiment

These are different crypto trading bot indicators. Most of these crypto bot trading ensure that they use at least one indicator from each of the four types. This makes it necessary for the bots to execute profitable Crypto trading bot strategies after an exact analysis. 

All traders need to dedicate their quality time to understanding the mechanisms and benefits of indicators and crypto bots. After getting a grip on how to use crypto trading indicators with trading bots, Here is an individual look at the most popularized indicators to use with cryptocurrency trading bots. 


The Momentum Indicator makes use of an asset's latest closing price and compares it to its previous closing price at a certain period. This indicator renders an accurate history of price changes that can be beneficial while making trades in the future. 

Due to its mechanism, the Momentum Indicator remains one of the most vital aspects in sizing up the current state of the market. This is also the reason that it is regarded as one of the renowned indicators for traders looking for day trading or long-term investing. 

Due to the unpredictability that is associated with digital asset markets, a momentum indicator is used for cryptocurrency trade. Traders integrate the usage of these indicators and crypto trading bots to get an insight into the market. 

One of the Perfect examples of momentum indicators is called - The Relative Strength Index (RSI). It estimates recent price changes to choose the conditions of overselling and overbuying a particular asset. 


Volatility indicators simply refer to the state when the market is at a high or low volatility level. It operates by analyzing the dynamic peculiarities in the market constantly, volume, and prices over time. 

The high market volatility signifies that it is more beneficial to buy and sell digital assets. This is because price volatility can lead to getting more opportunities, improving your chances of making significant profits via long and short-term trading positions.

When comes to lower market volatility, this indicates that the market can proffer the traders with assets that enjoy more stable prices. It is good if traders looking to make prudently small profits without risking major losses. 

One of the best examples of a Volatility Indicator is Bollinger Bands (BB). This indicator is common in all the best crypto trading bots. It operates by using three lines representing a state when the volatility market level is high, low, or average. Using this data, traders can make a profitable trading decision. 


Trend Indicator explores market movements in the past, keeping in mind the various conditions and times, to get specific trends in prices and activities. 

These trend indicators follow the moving averages. So that it is difficult to track through manual tracking strategies. But provide useful results when used with crypto bots. To identify these market movements, various trend 

indicators use unique mechanisms. However, no matter what mechanisms are used in these indicators, they have a common aim of looking at the movement of the market from a different viewpoint. 

Using different trend indicators with available crypto bots can render you an edge by determining market conditions that are not easily noticeable through the other three indicators. Also, with these indicators, you can formulate a multi-layered approach to trading that other traders do not have.

Here is the most popular trend indicator - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence simply called MACD. This indicator follows two kinds of moving average prices of the same digital assets. This offers an accurate and unique market insight not common in other indicators. 

Because of its design mechanism, it can be pretty similar to a Momentum Indicator. So, you can find these indicators within the momentum indicator section of many crypto bots trading. 


Another type of indicator is Volume. It provides you an insight into how an asset is executing among buyers & sellers, After researching the trading volume of the market. If the volume of the trading is high, it indicates that there are good conditions for buying/selling assets without a major price drop. When comes to low trading volume, on the other hand, indicates the assets come at a lower price but it is difficult to sell.

Although, a lower volume does not necessarily mean a lower price. This indicator is a good reference point. But it doesn't provide a conclusive trading statement. It is still an efficient way to determine long and short trading positions for your investments. 

The On-balance Volume (OBV) is one of the most popularized Volume Indicators. This refers to the decision of the Volume of the market, to reminisce changes in retail prices.

Sentiment Indicators

Sentiment Indicators can be effective tools for foreseeing market sentiment in the crypto trading sector. However, it is crucial to realize that no single indicator can be utilized alone to make exact predictions. Instead, traders can use a combination of many indicators to get a full view of market sentiment. 

One key thing to remember is that these Sentiment indicators are not failsafe. They are just tools that can assist traders in making better decisions. The trader is still responsible for analyzing the data and determining whether to buy or sell.

For Example, if a sentiment indicator reveals that most traders are excited about a specific cryptocurrency, this may suggest that the cryptocurrency's price is about to rise. However, if sentiment indicators show that most traders are bearish about a particular cryptocurrency, this could suggest that the price of that crypto is likely to fall.

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Top 5 Technical Indicators for Crypto Trading

If you are seeking the best technical indicators for trading cryptocurrencies in the year 2024, Here Maticz can assist you with effective crypto trading indicators that make an effective decision to get a seamless trading experience. 

1. Moving Average (MA)

2. Relative Strength Index (RSI)

3. Ichimoku Cloud

4. Bollinger Bands

5. Fibonacci Retracement

Technical Indicators
Moving Average (MA)
Evaluating average closing prices over a set period helps identify trends
Analyzes market trends, dynamic support/resistance levels
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
RSI assesses an asset's strength by examining the speed and direction of its price volatility.
Determines trend strength, overbought/oversold levels
Ichimoku Cloud
It is a technical analysis tool that integrates multiple indicators into one.
Identify trend direction, strength, and potential areas of support/resistance
Bollinger Bands
It comprises three main elements: SMA 20 line in the middle, upper, and lower band that aims to measure volatility via the widening and narrowing of these bands.
Effective in trending and low-volatility markets
Fibonacci Retracement
This tool helps find possible support and resistance levels by marking horizontal lines at key Fibonacci levels.
Determines support/resistance, helps in any market condition

Moving Average (MA)

What is the Moving Average and How Does It Work?

One of the commonly used technical indicators in crypto trading is the Moving Average (MA). These indicators smooth out price volatility over time by monitoring trends. A Moving Average (MA) is determined by summing up the closing prices of the token and then dividing by the number of periods.

Various types of Moving Averages (MA) include,

- Simple Moving Average (SMA)

- Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

This SMA averages closing prices evenly over a specified period, whereas EMA prioritizes recent price movements.

How to Use Moving Average (MA) to identify trends in Crypto Markets?

We use Moving Averages (MA), to spot trends in crypto prices. If the price is above the moving average, it is an uptrend; if the price is below mode, it is a downtrend. Traders often use this Moving Average with other indicators to ensure signals of the current market.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

What is the Relative Strength Index?

The Relative Strength Index is an indicator used to gauge the momentum of price shifts. RSI is a momentum oscillator that ranges between 0 to 100. 

A reading of RSI is above 70 which indicates an overbought state, while a reading less than 30 suggests an oversold condition.

How to Use RSI to spot overbought or oversold conditions in the crypto market?

Traders use RSI to spot trading opportunities according to overbought and oversold conditions. If the RSI surpasses 70, they might sell, which anticipates a price correction. When the RSI value is below 30, they might buy, expecting a price rise.

Ichimoku Cloud

What is Ichimoku Cloud? 

Ichimoku Cloud is a technical analysis tool that combines a variety of indicators to determine trend direction, support/resistance levels, and potential possibilities for trading. The Ichimoku Cloud consists of five lines and a shaded area, which develops a cloud-like pattern on price charts:

- Conversation Line (Tenkan-sen)

- Base Line (Kijun-sen)

- Leading Span A (Senkou Span A)

- Leading Span B (Senkou Span B)

- Lagging Span (Chikou Span)

How can Ichimoku help to identify Trends and Potential entry and exit points in Crypto markets?

The Ichimoku Cloud gives a complete picture of crypto prices. If the price is above the cloud, it signifies an uptrend, while below the cloud means a downtrend. Traders look for potential buy or sell indications when a line crosses. In addition, we use the lagging span to ensure we're going in the right direction with the trend.

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands Defined

One of the most trusted technical indicators used by crypto traders - Bollinger bands (BB). The momentum type of indicator determines price trends based on standard deviations. These Bollinger Bands include two lines:

- Moving Average Line, which acts as a Trend Indicator

- Standard Deviation Band, indicates volatility

How to use Bollinger Bands to trade and manage risk in crypto markets?

Traders employ Bollinger Bands to spot possible trading opportunities by observing price volatility. If the price of the cryptocurrency surpasses the upper band, it is seen as overbought. On the other hand, if it drops below the lower band, it is considered oversold.

Fibonacci Retracement

What is Fibonacci Retracement?

Traders use Fibonacci Retracement to find potential support and resistance levels on the price chart. It's based on the idea that prices often bounce back before resuming in the original direction. 

How can Fibonacci Retracement help identify Entry and Exit points in Crypto markets?

When the cryptocurrency's price bounces back from a recent high or low, traders use Fibonacci levels to spot potential support or resistance. If the price of cryptocurrency hits the 38.2% level, buyers might see it as a good time to buy. But if it reaches 61.8%, sellers of crypto might come in. 

Wrapping Up

Cryptocurrency trading bots are a crucial need not the owner of the platform, but also for the investors. Are you looking for the best crypto trading bot with the inclusion of these indicators or want to start a new crypto exchange with the integration of bot trading? Then Maticz is the perfect solution for you. We are a leading Crypto trading bot development company that will provide avant-garde trading bot solutions to boost the future of the modern economy. 

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