Cryptos are virtual currencies and require a high degree of precision and protection to transact assets, transact your assets securely with primary security over an Escrow enabled P2P Crypto Exchange Platform.

Bitcoin Escrow Script

Bitcoin Escrow Script is an extra secured Script that powers up endless and Exclusive Exchange of Bitcoins over a dedicated framework.  The Bitcoin Escrow Script’s services improve the highly beneficial features like the scam-free transaction, prospective matching, and create a smooth relation between the buyer and seller.

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LocalBitcoins like Bitcoin Escrow Script

Local Bitcoin Escrow Script is designed to deliver the Exchange of Bitcoins with features that remain on par with the Globally recognized Bitcoin Escrow powered exchange platform - LocalBitcoins. The delivered features include,
<< Dispute Resolvancy
<< Ad-based trading
<< Escrow wallet provision
<< Multilingual access
<< Online/Offline Trade

Remitano like Bitcoin Escrow Script

Our Bitcoin Escrow Clone Script comes out with the highlight features resembling the Remitano Exchange Platform. The Escrow powered Remitano Exchange Script offers highlight features that include White Label Solutions, multiple trade APIs, customizable Business strategies, and algorithms. 
The Features that offer correlation with Remitano Script include,
<< Improvised Security
<< Customizable UI/UX design
<< Multiple payment modes
<< Advertisement Options
<< Instant Buy/Sell Bitcoins
<< Customizable Contracts

Paxful Like Bitcoin Escrow Script

Our Bitcoin Escrow Script is designed to deliver the desirable features like the Paxful Cryptocurrency Exchange promoting the Crypto assets to be transferred without much hindrance to Exchange.
The Features that make our Bitcoin Escrow Script synonymous in line with the Paxful Script include,
<< Completely Decentralized
<< Multi-currency Support
<< Multi-Tested Product delivery
<< Ready to market source codes
<< Multiple Payment Gateway integrations
<< Sequential Upgrades
<< Rewards on Referrals
<< Gift card-based reward schemes. 

Why go for Bitcoin Escrow Script?

<< Unlimited payment modes
<< Modular and modifiable code
<< Multiple Monetization fee
<< Gift Cards & Referral options
<< Secured buy/sell Bitcoins

How does Bitcoin Escrow Script work?

The BTC Escrow Script works in five simple steps that include,
<< Connect request
<< Slot Allotment
<< Seller Matching
<< Escrow Acceptance
<< Buyer Matching
<< Connect Request:
The buyer as well as the seller has to get connected first through the connection request. After making the connection request the transactions will be redirected to the Escrow portal.
<< Slot Allotment:
After receiving the connection request, the Escrow Portal allocates slots to the participants to carry out bidding based upon their requirements. After completion of bidding the Escrow, the portal allows for Seller as well as Buyer matching.
<< Seller Matching:
Sellers place requests to the Escrow Portal when they have a considerable amount of Bitcoin to be transacted to the desired amount of Altcoins. They will be given specific keys that will function as an entry control code to take part in the trade, the seller on getting compromised with his bid will match pass keys with the buyer.
<< Buyer Matching:
Buyers also place requests like that of sellers, on successful bidding, the buyer also matches pass keys with the seller. On successful cross-matching of keys, the Bitcoin will be transacted for an alternate coin.
<< Extra Security Features of the Escrow Portal:
There will be widespread doubt, what if the funds get lost through the Admin panel of the Escrow Portal? The solution to this query is that there will be a maximum of 3 pass keys to carry out transactions. The participant will be able to successfully complete the transaction only after matching a minimum of two passkeys.

Bitcoin Escrow Script Wallet

The assets are stored in secured custody of a Bitcoin Escrow Script Wallet. The wallets are the primary definition of the security associated with that of entire transactions taking place with the Script. The wallets are accessed only by the Admins of the Escrow portal which is a primary secure attribute.

Features of Bitcoin Escrow Script

<< High-speed Trade Engine match
<< Multi-Sig Wallet enabled
<< Smart Contract operated Security
<< Multiple API Integration
<< KYC and AML guideline compliant
<< Compliance as per GDPR guidelines
<< High-Speed Trade Engine Match
The Bitcoin Escrow Script comes out with a high-speed Trade engine that reaches out to corresponding sellers in a fraction of seconds. This attribute accounts for the efficient performance of any Escrow aided services.
<< Multi-Sig Wallet Enabled
The Bitcoin Escrow script is provided with a Multi-Sig wallet which is a highly considered factor adding up to the security features of any Exchange Script.
<< Smart Contract Operated Security
Smart Contracts offer a high degree of permanency and privacy to the transactions, the BTC Escrow Script is secured with a Smart Contract operated process that adds up to the Security of transactions.
<< Multiple API Integration:
The Bitcoin Escrow Script offers integration with multiple recognized APIs of the current Crypto world. The APIs include CoinAPI, ICOsAPI, due diligence API, GBX, Coinbase API, Coinmarket API, Bitcoinity.
<< KYC and AML Guideline Compliant:
The Bitcoin Escrow scripts offer excellent compatibility with KYC and AML guidelines and execute safe and secure transactions through a dedicated framework.
<< Compliance as per GDPR Guidelines:
The transactions taking place concerning the Bitcoin Escrow Script are compliant with the globally available security guidelines such as GDPR guidelines.

Security Features of Bitcoin Escrow Script

<< Multi-tested
<< Multi-Sig Wallet Enabled
<< AES guideline-based Encryption techniques
<< Intruder mitigation tested
<< Extremely Secured Withdrawal modes

Business Benefits of BTC Escrow Script:

Through the use of BTC Escrow Script, any beginner-level participants can ensure revenue by starting up their portal service. The participant will be made as an Escrow admin of his site to carry out transactions by staying as the mediator of transactions. These services can be extended to a large number of Crypto-related exchanges to more countries, which can considerably contribute to the participant’s revenue.

Why Choose Maticz for Bitcoin Escrow Script?

Maticz the pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company design and develop the Bitcoin Escrow Script with highly beneficial features finding use in the ICO and STO Development, increased speed of transacting assets mediated access control by an extra secure protocol.
We #Maticz develop the Escrow Script along with on-time delivery, pre and post-product delivery assistance, all-time active support team providing the desired products with advanced build-in architecture, superlative server maintenance, and bug-free source codes to the choice of the BTC Exchange seekers.       

What We Can Do For You?

Maticz is a one stop place for making your business ideas into reality. Top companies and start-ups hire developers from Maticz for their top projects.

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