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Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script is a P2P Crypto Exchange Script that enables you to start a Cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano. Remitano Clone Script provides a well-designed user interface and it offers a great exchange and trading experience for traders.

The ready-to-use White-label Remitano Clone Script has all the necessary and leading exchange business features that are key to running the cryptocurrency exchange platform successfully.

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The Remitano Clone Platform provides a powerful dispute management system that allows the exchange website admin to change, intervene, and resolve the controversy between the buyer and seller involved decently.

Features of Remitano Clone Script 

1. Robust Escrow System                               

2. Secured Transactions Handling

3. Payment Gateway Integration                   

4. Online/Offline Trading

5. Dispute Management

6. Multi-currency Support

7. Trading Bot Integration                           

8. Liquidity API integration

9. User-friendly Admin Dashboard               

10. Multi-sig Integrated Wallet                         

Security Features of Remitano Clone Script

1. Two-Factor Authentication                   

2. CSRF Protection

3. CMS Security

4. Escrow Wallet 

5. KYC/AML Verification                           

6. Encrypted Chatbot

7. Anti-Phishing software                         

8. DDOS mitigation   

How Our Remitano Clone Script Works?

1. Signup/ Login: At the starting stage, the traders need to register and log in to begin the trading process. 

2. Account verification: A verification link is sent to their email. Verify the link by clicking the verification link which is sent to the registered email ID. 

3. KYC/AML: Once logged in, an escrow-secured wallet gets created for traders. Need to upload the authentic document that shows their citizenship of the respective country. Users have to check their account status after the verification process.

4. Browse matching orders: Buyer and seller can browse the matching order to make trading. 

5. Create Buy/Sell Ads: The exchange admin can create a matching order ad. Through your ads, the traders can connect with you.

6. Seller requests for Escrow Service: Once a trader has been connected with you, the seller transfers their digital assets to the escrow. 

7. Buyer completes the transaction: Once the buyer completes the payment, they attach the payment proof in the chat.

8. Payment confirmation from seller: After the payment confirmation, the seller will click the option “I receive payment” The crypto is released directly from escrow to the buyer's wallet.

9. Buyer receives the crypto coin in exchange wallet: After realizing the cryptocurrency from escrow, the buyer can receive payment in their wallet.

Remitano Clone App Development

Maticz technologies cater to Remitano clone app development services that will bring your crypto exchange world onto a much smaller screen. Our Remitano clone app possesses cross-platform compatibility that is capable of operating on multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, etc. By getting our eminent Remitano clone app you can attract mobile crypto traders.

Remitano Clone App Features

•  Biometric facial recognition

•  Notification Alert

•  Multisig wallet

•  Session logout timing

•  Two-factor authentication

•  Escrow Protection

•  Ad-Posting facility

•  Trading Bot

•  Live chat options

Special add-ons for your Remitano Website Clone 

We offer an exhaustive list of add-ons that make your exchange stand out from the crowd. Here are a few:

•  Trading Bots

•  Trade Simulator

•  Trade Calculator

•  Customizable Trade Options

•  IEO Launchpad

Benefits of our Remitano Clone Script

Admin side benefits :

• The admin can block the traders who make fraudulent, spam activities, and can see the other traders' profile details, transaction history, and more.

• Admin can automatically approve the user’s KYC verification document through software.

• Generate profit through some fees like trading fees, listing fees, commission fees, etc.

• The admin can allow the buyers and sellers who are willing to list their tokens on the website

• Admin can show the various types of trading like margin trading, binary trading, p2p lending methods more.

User’s Side benefits:

• The buyers and sellers can trade their digital currencies in a fast, secure, and hassle-free manner.

• The traders can list their tokens on the exchange website by simply filling out the form.

• They can generate additional revenue by choosing an affiliate program.

• Track the crypto market trend using a crypto trading bot.

• Multiple payment options.

• Can trade all cryptocurrencies.

• Become an investor with an initial exchange offering.

Our Remitano Clone Software Development Process 

We follow a structured workflow that enables us to build Remitano clone software of high quality and ingenuity

• Preliminary documentation and project draft will be shared.

• A basic platform will be created that will host all the client’s desired features

• We get a confirmation of design and we develop the project after the client confirms the design. 

• Once the project is developed, the Remitano clone software will be installed on your server

• Our client’s feedback will be integrated into our work at every stage of the project

• Our marketing experts will also help you with the marketing and promotion of your exchange and trading platform

• Our post-sales program helps you with updating and upgrading your platform

Technologies We use to Build Remitano Exchange Clone

Java Platform: Spring, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring MVC

Nodejs Platform: Expressjs , nodejs 

Frontend Framework: Angular, Reactjs, Vuejs

Database: Mysql, Postgresql, and MongoDB


Architecture: Microservice 

Why Choose Maticz for Remitano Clone Script?

Maticz, an ardent Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company that develops a world-class crypto exchange platform that helps in procuring surfeit income. Our developers at Maticz deliver a foolproof Remitano clone script that is exceedingly robust and reliable. We are pledged to proffer stupefying cryptocurrency exchange services with an agile approach along with pre-post project assistance. 

Maximize your trading volume by availing of our delicate Remitano Clone Script that succors the crypto capitalists to launch their P2P crypto exchange at a stroke. Our techie team at Maticz has extensive experience in developing feature-packed P2P Crypto Exchange Software at an affordable cost. Our Remitano clone is multi-tested, has multi-device compatibility, and encompasses all the ineluctable security features that take your exchange business to a triumphant verge.

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Remitano Clone Script is a ready made p2p crypto exchange platform that is developed similar to the Remitano exchange platform with all the features required by the crypto users.

Our Remitano Clone Script provides you the premium features as robust escrow services, secured transaction handling, trading bot integration, Liquidity API integration, etc. also with the best security features.

Our Remitano Clone Development benefits the user with the security and trading features where the admin benefits in the business with our secure, fast and hassle free product.

Remitano Clone has the best feature for trading crypto currencies with all its trading bots, multiple trading options, escrow protection than any other p2p exchange platforms.

Maticz, leading P2P exchange development company has successfully completed 25+ Crypto Exchange projects with our well-experienced team. Our experts will deliver your product at the best service in a shorter period.

Disclaimer: The term "Remitano" is used to provide quick understanding to readers. Our services are not meant to brand or influence any entity.

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