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Remitano Clone Script To Start P2P Crypto Exchange Like Remitano

“The remitano clone script helps to you create a cryptocurrency exchange platform precisely like branded product with your own distinctive features and ingenious ideas”


Cryptocurrencies are the future digital currencies that can breaks the restrictions of middlemans & authorities, spam attacks, cross-border payments. Cryptocurrency Exchange and trading is a multi-billion money making industry that is emerging at an exponential rate. Peer-to-Peer crypto exchange helps to make decentralized, transparent, tamper-proof transactions across the world. .

However, there was a need for the middleman to verify buyers & sellers of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to avoid scammers. Here comes the P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform to step ahead with a secure transaction of crypto coins between verified traders.

How to Start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Website like Remitano?

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange and trading business is a wish for many cryptoprenuers becuase of its demand. But some of them don’t know how to build a trusted and reliable exchange platform like Remitano. Here Maticz gives some helpful points below, and by following few steps it is very simple.

1. First, you need to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange development company to buy the highly secured Remitano clone script. Clone scripts are always the best choice to buildup the replica of another website. 

2. You need to check the existing features and add-ons in the Remitano exchange website. By checking this kind of things you can enable additional unique features in your exchange platform. So that your exchange business can beat your competitors.

3. Eash and every countries has its own laws, terms and conditions on the cryptocurrency businesses. so you should check for the jurisdiction of the country where you have planned to start a cryptocurrency exchange business.

4. Knowing the cost of developing a crypto exchange is a important one for cryptocurrency exchange platform development. 

Maticz technologies offers complete cryptco exchange development services with affordable cost. We are not compel anyone to buy our script or services. Talk to our experts and Just compare our features and services with other service providers in market. Then you can decide who is the best team and who can take your exchange business to the success edge. 

Our P2P crypto exchange clone scripts like Remitano Clone Script, Localbitcoins Clone Script, Binance Clone ScriptWazriX ClonePaxful Clone, and more are scalable and can be customized with future requirements. 

Lets see about Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script

Remitano clone script is the peer to peer crypto exchange Solution to start your own crypto exchange platform like Remitano. It provides Crypto exchange and trading services in multiple countries. Remitano Clone script has a well-designed interface and it offers a great trading experience for its users. The business-ready white-label Remitano Clone Script has all the necessary features essential that are key to running the exchange platform successfully.

The Remitano Clone platform has a powerful dispute management system that allows the website admin to moderate, intervene and resolve controversy between the parties involved in a decent manner.

The Remitano Clone Script and Clone app makes easier for users to trade whenever and wherever as it is available on the Web, mobile apps for android and iOS devices.

See our Demo Version

How Does Remitano Clone Script Works?

1. Signup/ Login : At an starting stage, the traders need to register and login to begin trading process. 

2. Account verification : Verification link was send in their email. Verify the link by clicking the verification link which is sent to the registered email ID. 

3. KYC/AML : Once logged in, escrow secured wallet gets created for traders. Need to upload the authentic document that shows their citizenship of the respective country. User have to check their account status after the verification process.

4. Browse matching orders : user can browse the matching order to make trading. 

5. Create Buy /sell ad : Exchange admin can create matching order ad. Through your ad the traders can connect with you.

6. Seller requests for escrow service : Once a seller/buyer has been connected with you, the seller transfer their digital assets to the escrow. 

7. Buyer completes the transaction : Once the buyer completes the payment, they attaches the payment proof in the chat.

8. Payment Confirmation from seller : After the payment confirmation, the seller will click the option “I receive payment” the crypto is released directly from escrow to buyer wallet.

9. Buyer receives the crypto coin in exchange wallet : After realizing the cryptocurrency from escrow, buyer can receive payment in their wallet.

Exclusive Features of Remitano Clone Software 

1. Robust Escrow System                               2. Secured Transactions Handling

3. Payment Gateway Integration                   4. Unhackable Offline Trading

5. Low Transaction Fee,                                 6. Multi-currency Support,

7. Trading Bot Integration,                            8. Liquidity API, 

9. User-friendly Admin Dashboard,               10. Multi-sig Integrated Wallet, 

11. Trade Matching Engine,                           12. Dispute Management

Security Features of Remitano Clone Script

1. Two Factor Authentication,                    2. Email/SMS Verification, 

3. CMS security,                                         4. Escrow wallet, 

5. KYC/AML Verification,                           6. Encrypted Chatbot, 

7. Anti-phishing software,                         8. DDOS mitigation,   

9. Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) protection

Remitano Clone App Development

Maticz technologies caters remitano clone app development services that will bring your crypto exchange world into much smaller screen. Our remitano clone app drafted for android, Ios, cross platfrom traders. By getting our eminent remitano clone mobile apps you can stand out from the crowd.

Remitano Clone App Demo!

Remitano Clone App Features

Biometric facial recognition

Notification Alert

Multisig wallet

Location tracking

QR Code Scanner

Session logout timing

Two-factor authentication

Escrow Protection

Ad-Posting facility

Encrypted private key

Trading Bot

White list option

Live chat options

Location tracking

Supports Android/iOS/Windows

Special add-ons for your remitano clone website :

We offer an exhaustive list of add-ons that make your exchange stand out from the crowd. Here are a few:

Trading Bots

Trade Simulator

Trade Calculator

Customizable Trade Options

IEO Upgrade

Benefits of Using Maticz’s Remitano Clone Script:

Admin side benefits :

The admin can block the traders who makes fraudulent, spam activities, can see the other traders profile details, transaction history and more.

Admin can automatically approve the user’s KYC verification document through software.

Generate profit through some fees like trading fee, listing fee, commission fee etc.

The admin can allow the buyers and sellers who are willing to list their tokens in the website

Admin can show the various type of trading like margin trading, binary trading, p2p lending methods more.

User’s Side benefits:

The buyers and sellers can trade their digital currencies in a fast, secure, and hassle-free manner.

The traders can list own token in the exchange website by simply filling the form

They can generate additional revenue by choosing affiliate program.

Track the crypto market trend using trading bot.

Multiple payment options.

Can trade all cryptocurrencies.

Become an investor with Initial exchange offering.

Technologies we use to create Remitano Clone Software

Java Platform: Spring, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring MVC

Nodejs Platform: Expressjs , nodejs 

FrontEnd Framework: Angular , Reactjs , Vuejs

Database: Mysql, Postgresql, and Mongodb


Architecture: Microservice 

Our Remitano Clone Script Development Process 

 We follow a structured workflow that enables us to build Remitano Clone script and app of high quality and ingenuity

Preliminary documentation and project draft will be shared.

Basic platform will be created that will host with all the client’s desired features

We get a confirmation of design and we develop the project after client conform the design. 

Once complet the project development, the remitano clone software will be installed on your server

Our client’s feedback will be integrated into our working at every stage of the project

Our marketing experts will also help you with to do the marketing and promotion of your exchange and trading platform

Our post-sales program helps you with updating and upgrading your platform

Maticz’s Remitano Clone Script and Remitano Clone App 

If developing a  Remitano clone script for your exchange business is what you are looking for, we got the right people with the right skills to serve you a cryptocurrency exchange clone script like Remitano. 

Besides that, we do extensive research on the current crypto market demands to launch your coins with wonderful features and specification. Get wonderful features that you would wish to give your customers. Our services come in different types and prices, hence feel free to quote your budget and we assure zero-compromise on quality. Surf our site  a little more to uncover our client-specific services.

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