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DeFi Staking Development Company - Experts on Ethereum, Tron Blockchain

The financial industry is changing at a rapid speed that the world has not ever seen before and this sudden break out is due to the introduction of DeFi technology. There are a lot of decentralized finance use cases & solutions are emerging in the live market and available for the financial experts to explore the financial sector and to serve a variety of needs. 

The adoption of DeFi technology in the financial sector is sky-rocketing nowadays and the investment in decentralized finance platforms has spiked to 8 Billion USD. One of the hottest topics in the DeFi space is the Crypto Staking and more importantly the Ethereum Staking & TRON Staking.

The Proof of Staking consensus mechanism is more efficient than Proof of Work because it doesn’t require a huge investment & expensive equipment. DeFi Staking is more profitable comparing to traditional investments and mining!

Cryptocurrency Staking Development For Ethereum, Bitcoin, TRON

Maticz Technologies is the pioneer Cryptocurrency Staking Development Company that provides Ethereum Staking Development, Bitcoin Staking Development, Tron Staking Development Services that support all major Ethereum and TRON based tokens.

If you’d like to start the DeFi Crypto Staking platform, Connect with Blockchain Experts of Maticz.

Crypto Staking  

Generally Staking means holding crypto assets in a crypto wallet like trust wallet for a particular period of time and then in return getting the digital assets with some rewards which are denoted as staking rewards. Anyone can participate in cryptocurrency staking on any blockchain operating a Proof of Stake (PoS) System. PoS have several variations, which allow users to participate in crypto staking.

At present, Ethereum based Staking is at peak and some of the Tron based Staking is also gaining importance among financial experts.

How does Cryptocurrency Staking work?

Staking is very simple; just hold some cryptocurrency and receive a staking reward, but there are a lot more things involved. In Proof of Stake(PoS), you don’t need any special computers and hardware to solve mining. Because new blocks are verified and produced by staking.  But to verify the transaction in the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism, a new block needs to be mine. (For e.g bitcoin). 

The staking rewards depend on how many crypto coins you are holding. PoW requires a significant investment in hardware, But PoS Staking requires direct investment in the cryptocurrency. Besides the fact that with staking, you provide support and strengthen the network, it also increases scalability.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Staking

The most important benefit of crypto staking is the opportunity to make income from locking up digital assets. 

For users, Staking provides an opportunity to be an active participant in their favorite blockchain projects.

Anyone can join and don’t need any expensive equipment.

Simple and easy to use.

Energy efficient which means staking is better than mining 

Conditions for Crypto Staking

The following rules are applied most of the time in staking:

The crypto wallet like trust wallet, Meta mask, etc., has to be online 24/7.

The crypto wallet should support staking.

Usually your holding cryptocurrencies have to mature for a couple of days before you receive a staking reward.

There may be a minimum amount.

Ethereum Staking

As we said above, Ethereum staking means staking ethereum with ETH in your wallet and you can gain rewards in ETH for staking, which can be quite satisfying depends upon the price of ETH at the time you receive it. Currently, Ethereum (ETH) uses a Proof of Work mechanism. However, Ethereum plans to switch to a PoS network with its 2.0 upgrade. 

When that happens, it will allow Ethereum users to hold their ETH and earn a passive income. Ethereum staking is made to be more efficient than the Bitcoin network and other cryptos. People who want to participate in Ethereum staking should need at least 32 ETH. 

User doesn’t need ASCI devices and special computer to stake ETH. Users need to be available and stay online consistently to validate nodes. Users may need some technical knowledge in order to run Ethereum’s node software. Ethereum staking will be profitable for people who keep their digital assets on exchanges. 

Benefits of Ethereum Staking 

Ethereum Staking is a better way to safely get a return on the user’s initial crypto investment. 

Ethereum PoS is more efficient. Because PoS does not require large amounts of electricity to implement.

User will not need any special hardware to do so

Staking rewards expected to be between 4%-10%.

Ethereum Staking Development

Maticz provides Ethereum Staking Development services to build your Ethereum Staking Platform. You can develop an Ethereum Staking-as-a-Service platform or integrate Ethereum Staking in your cryptocurrency exchange website. 

Our certified ethereum blockchain experts will now take over the Crypto Exchange project from the research team and start working on developing a cutting edge exchange platform development with Ethereum Staking Services and with custom requirements.

Tron Staking

Tron staking means holding TRX in a smart contract for particular days and getting it with some extra Tron staking reward. Tron network can achieve a high rate of transactions per second through a Proof of Staking mechanism. In the agreement, there are Super Representatives which are the block producers on the network. By making blocks those Super Representatives earn TRON rewards, that are redistributed to their voters.

Benefits of Tron Staking

Risk-free - Holding assets cannot be lost or stolen

High transaction rate - Highest transaction rates, making it very scalable by design.

Free transactions - You can receive extra bandwidth by freezing your assets.

Tron Staking Development 

At Maticz, Our Blockchain experts offer comprehensive Tron staking development services with core functionalities enabling consistent, secure, instant, and effective staking services on your staking platform for Tron based tokens. The development of the Tron staking platform or integrating Tron Staking in your exchange platform is a great way to make millions of dollars. 

Connect with our Tron Blockchain Experts to have a technical consultation for your Tron Staking project.

Bitcoin Staking

Generally, bitcoin doesn’t use for staking. Because staking needs a PoS network. Bitcoin has a system called Proof of Work (PoW). But with Maticz you can provide a bitcoin staking option for your user. Yes, we develop bitcoin staking like a traditional bitcoin investment business (Like Bitcoin HYIP, but not exactly like that). Users can invest or deposit their bitcoins for particular days and in return, users can get some extra bonus with their deposited bitcoins. 

Top Staked Cryptocurrencies 

Here is the list of Top 20 Cryptocurrencies used in Staking,





Loom Network










NOW Token  






Future of Crypto Staking

There is a wide range of staking coins scheduled to launch in the coming days, including Ethereum 2.0. Crypto Experts are analyzing and predicting that the New Year will see a growth of PoS Staking oriented projects. The opportunity of getting passive income in staking is a major reason for this shift.  

In this economy, constant inventions and better variations may promise more efficient experiences. The PoS assets give users an array of choices by taking up these variations. In the coming days, all assets fell under only one consensus.

Top 12 Staking Services Providers 






Figment Networks



Above we have listed the top Staking-as-a-Service Providers and Staking on Crypto Exchange platforms. If you have ideas to start your own crypto staking platform or planning to integrate the staking services into your exchange platform? 

You are in the right place! #Maticz Blockchain Experts will make your ideas into reality!

How to Start a Crypto Staking Platform?

Staking might be the best solution for crypto enthusiasts to earn profit without extensive research and investment. So at this time starting a crypto staking platform or integrating staking features in your existing crypto exchange platform may lead you to become a billionaire. 

By approaching the topmost crypto exchange and crypto staking development companies, you can start your own staking platform in a hassle-free manner. 

We Maticz Technologies, leading Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provide complete software solutions for Blockchain & Crypto related services. Our in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology enables us to deliver a 10X faster & highly secured DeFi Crypto Staking Platforms that support all major Cryptocurrencies & tokens

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Features of Maticz's Crypto Staking Platform 

Our Staking-as-a-Service platform is more user-friendly that allows anyone to take participate in staking even those without technical knowledge 

Exchange platform with staking allows investors to leave their Stakable digital assets in their trading account’s wallets to earn “interest” in the form of fresh tokens.

Staking Platform is flexible and customizable, meaning projects can decide for themselves

Various coins allowed for staking

Coin stakers can validate transactions on the network.

Staking-as-a-Service on Crypto Exchanges

Today, many cryptocurrency exchanges offer crypto staking services for PoS-based digital asset owners for daily income payments. The user can trade and withdraw funds at any time. For this, however, users can charge a 25% fee on their rewards, which is said to cover operating expenses and risks associated with the management of the service.

Maticz Technologies catering to the Staking Services for your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Why Maticz for Crypto Staking Development?

At  Maticz Technologies, We provide complete software solutions for Ethereum & Tron based Staking. Our blockchain developers are experts in developing highly customizable Staking-as-a-Service platforms and also specialized in developing highly secure and scalable crypto exchange platform with staking options that help our clients disrupt the crypto market. 

We help enterprises and startups to run their crypto exchange business successfully and to provide staking services on their exchange platform to take their business to the next level. Connect with us & we will assist you to launch your crypto staking platform with our effective Blockchain solutions.

Connect with Our Crypto Staking Development Experts!


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