Crypto Payment Gateway Development

Avail of our crypto payment gateway development services to seamlessly launch a next-gen portal for faster and more secure crypto payments. This will help you expand your market reach to tech-savvy customers and capitalize on the growing popularity of the crypto market.


What is a Crypto Payment Gateway

Crypto Payment Gateway is a payment processing platform that allows users to make cryptocurrency payments securely. It eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks and brokers while making it simpler for users to transfer money straight from one wallet to another. Both traditional and crypto payment gateways function alike. The only difference is that with a crypto payment gateway, users must add crypto funds to the platform rather than linking bank accounts like we would with a traditional payment gateway.

With Crypto Payment Gateway, one can accept, receive and store digital coins easily. It makes transactions in a blink of an eye by being anywhere in the world since it involves a few stages for payment processing. People who are not used to cryptocurrencies can use these decentralized gateways effortlessly.

Real-Time Conversion
Instant Settlements
Faster Transaction
Lower Transaction Fees

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It is undeniable that traditional payment methods have been effective in many ways, but they also come with certain disadvantages. It requires middlemen to make transactions and takes a long time to process cross-border transactions. Blockchain has already transformed several industries, including finance, healthcare, education, and banking so the payment industry is no exception. Cryptocurrencies quickly took the place of fiat money as a means of payment.

Crypto payment gateways have come as a boon to those who were looking for a better payment system to enhance their businesses. By making payments and accepting cryptocurrencies on a transparent network, the Crypto payment gateway has solved all the issues that were present in earlier payments. They have helped many established companies as well as startups in safely transferring cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

Access to Tech-Savvy Customers
Diversification of Payment Options
Reduced Chargeback Risks
Secure Payment Processing
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Why develop Crypto Payment Gateway

Industry's Best

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

Everyone is aware that payments made using cryptocurrency are the wave of the future. Numerous businesses and companies now accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Payments made using a Crypto payment gateway have the power to open up and globalize the economy, which was once only a pipe dream. Developing a Crypto payment gateway is one of the most successful cryptocurrency business ideas in the modern digital world since there is a huge demand for it.

Being the leading Crypto payment gateway development company, Maticz provides startups and business owners with high-quality and cost-effective Crypto payment gateways. Our crypto payment gateway developers have a strong understanding of the most recent technology to help in incorporating these gateways into your current payment system along with building feature-packed gateways. We develop a crypto payment gateway with a high degree of scalability that completes transactions instantly and without any latency.

Multi-Currency Support
Payment Tracking and Reporting
Enhanced Wallet Management
Adherence to Compliance and Regulation
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Multiple Currency Exchange

Crypto payment gateways make it possible for users to do cryptocurrency trades across countries. Exchange payment gateway systems are developed with the premium security features of the user’s choice to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. They need not pay any transaction fees even on international payments.

Secure Crypto Wallet

Secure white-label crypto wallets allow users to store cryptocurrencies and keep track of their account’s currency balance. Being integrated with a cryptocurrency payment gateway, cryptocurrency wallets help users to send and receive numerous cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain payment

Crypto payment gateway makes transactions on a blockchain platform that follows a distributed network. It accepts cryptocurrency payments over any blockchain and offers users the full security they deserve.

Multiple Payment options

Crypto payment gateways enable users to convert fiat money to cryptocurrencies and vice versa, regardless of their preferred payment method. One can utilize wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and other cryptocurrencies to make smooth and secure payments.

API Plugins

Cryptocurrency payment API is used to speed up the automated payment process by making transactions more efficient, secure, and dependable. Scalable API manages both payment and non-payment transactions.

Mobile Application

When it comes to desktop-based crypto payment methods, mobile apps make things simple. Users can access their accounts, make payments, and convert cryptocurrencies at any time and from any location using mobile apps.

User managed funds

Users can have complete control over their funds, private keys, and cash with the Crypto payment gateway. It ensures transparent and secure transactions with no intermediaries.


We specialize in providing a secure cryptocurrency gateway at reasonable prices that can be linked with payment processors. Being a pioneer in the creation of crypto payment gateways, Maticz is dedicated to providing a wide range of cryptocurrency payment gateway development services at the highest level of quality.

  • Multiple Currency Exchange
  • Secure Crypto Wallet
  • Blockchain payment
  • Multiple Payment options
  • API Plugins
  • Mobile Application
  • User managed funds


Our team offers additional features to give you access to a reliable and secure Crypto payment gateway system. Even though the features of a crypto payment gateway are tailored based on the demands of the business, the following are essential aspects of a cutting-edge payment gateway.

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Cross border payments

With the faster transactional speed of the Crypto payment gateway, businesses of all sizes, be they small, medium, or large, can make payments for the import and export of goods in no time.


Multiple wallets

Users can add multiple wallets to a single application and make transactions using their community’s payment process in any way. This creates an intuitive experience for the users of payment gateways.


Multilingual support

Multilingual support breaks the language barrier and helps companies offer their services around the globe and broaden the audience for their cryptocurrency exchange. Users can proceed with transactions in the language of their choice.


Multi-currency support

Companies can make a list of necessary currency and cryptocurrencies on their point of sale page so that users can choose the type of currency in which they want to make payments.


Real-time confirmations

Advanced features in wallet programs of the Crypto payment gateway increase transaction speed by doing verifications and approvals in real-time.


User-friendly interface

The user-friendly interface of the Crypto payment gateway allows users to easily understand and navigate through the application efficiently.


Two-factor authorization

Users can employ two-factor authentication, which adds a layer of security to their accounts. To increase security, users must verify using a QR code and OTP or Pin code protection.


Peer-to-peer transaction

By incorporating a decentralized payment gateway into their current point-of-sale system, companies can accept payments directly from customers via a peer-to-peer network.


Easy integration

Crypto payment gateways are simple to add to an application that already exists. Users only need to add cryptocurrency plugins to accept cryptocurrency payments.


Real-time exchange

The real-time exchange capability of the payment gateway facilitates the quick conversion of coins into money. Some high-end decentralized payment gateways go beyond innovation by offering real-time price charts and other market information on the platform itself.


OS Compatibility

Decentralized payment gateways are compatible with numerous operating systems which allows users to quickly integrate them into an application without changing any settings.


Auto Settlement option

By utilizing a configurable auto settlement option, it is simple to link payment gateways to exchanges to swap and convert cryptocurrencies into cash, stablecoins, or traditional currencies.


Donation facility

Increased demand for digital currencies among users made crypto payment gateways to offer cryptocurrencies as donations. It provides details like QR code, wallet address, currency list, etc.

Instant processing

Processing cryptocurrency payments takes little time since it does not involve middlemen. It enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency and instantly convert it to money at any time.

Secure transactions

Transactions made through the Crypto payment gateway are extremely secure since no third party has access to the user’s data.

Multiple POS

Crypto payment gateways with point-of-sale applications help customers use cryptocurrencies in the store with a basic iPad.

24-hour withdrawal

Traders can increase their liquidity for business operations and withdraw profits faster than with any other payment option.

Minimal fees

The transaction charge has a minimum and a maximum range. This even applies to transactions that take place from one end of the world to the other.

Fastest uptime

One can have their Crypto payment gateway up and running in the fastest time so that the users need not lose business in the meantime.

Global usage

Using the cryptocurrency payment gateway development, anyone from anywhere in the world can pay businesses with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of their choice.

New customers

Due to the low transaction prices and quick transaction times, customers prefer to pay with cryptocurrency. Many can make their company more distinctive and practical as a result.


Decentralized payment gateways do not require registration or KYC for purposes of customer verification. Users who are concerned about privacy can instead sign up for the network anonymously.

Freedom from chargebacks

Once a Crypto payment has been processed through the payment gateway, chargebacks and refunds are not permitted, which has caught the attention of high-risk business owners.


Businesses that want to grow must include decentralized or blockchain-based dApps in their current payment system. With its advantages, including rapid transactions, connectivity with different wallets, and high security, traders can draw a lot of interest from cryptocurrency aficionados.

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Best Crypto Payment Gateway Development Company

Best Crypto Payment Gateway Development Company

Being the top-notch Cryptocurrency payment gateway development company, Maticz creates customizable crypto payment gateway for all types of businesses. Our experts develop customizable online and mobile wallets with a solid UI/UX design for straightforward payments and transactions. We create a variety of flexible, multi-currency, bespoke wallets and decentralized payment systems that are reliable and simple to set up. Contact Us to know the process in detail if you’re looking to create your Crypto payment gateway.

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