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Introduction to the Cryptocurrency

In 2009, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto implemented the first public blockchain ledger after releasing the white paper establishing the blockchain model in 2008. No one would have imagined the current trend of crypto and blockchain before the first release of Bitcoin. Even though it was implemented in 2009 with bitcoin the current trend is after the arrival of Ethereum. After the launch of the Ethereum blockchain in 2014, the crypto world started its journey and now it has reached several heights and has made several transformations.

The crypto-related business's market value has crossed thousands of billions and will continue to make history in the upcoming years. Many entrepreneurs and investors have joined the crypto world with their owned platforms which have boosted the crypto business world. Here go through some of the most profitable crypto business ideas.

Best Crypto Business Ideas

Here are the 10 best profitable cryptocurrency business ideas that will make you a billionaire in the crypto space.

Start Crypto Exchange Business

The crypto world has crossed several milestones and made history, the crypto-linked cards have crossed $1 billion the crypto market capital has crossed $2 trillion at the start of 2021, and crypto has been legalized and used for digital payments in many countries. The crypto-related business platforms have emerged a lot in various aspects that benefit users differently. The available supply of the crypto is all traded through these exchange platforms.

Centralized Exchange

The centralized exchange is where the listed cryptos are traded within the authority of a third person. The person is allowed to trade the cryptocurrency in exchange for the equal value of any digital currency. A person using the centralized exchange has to be verified to start his crypto trade. The overall functions of centralized crypto exchange platforms will be monitored by an authority. Binance and Coinbase are the famous centralized exchange platforms with the most active users. Binance has a global presence because of its multiple various features available for users. 

Coinbase, Binance

Coinbase is the most used centralized crypto exchange platform in the USA and Binance has a global presence because of its multiple features for trading that help users. Maticz helps you develop centralized exchanges similar to Binance with our Binance clone to compete with the global market.

Decentralized Exchange

The decentralized exchange is well used as the centralized exchange for the trading of cryptos. Still, the change is the cryptos are traded within a decentralized system where an authorized person will be absent. Even the platform has to be monitored so smart contracts come in, these smart contracts will monitor the whole process that takes place in the platform. These smart contracts are preprogrammed and act as an authority. The person's identity and transaction data will not be revealed.

Hybrid Exchange

A hybrid exchange platform limits both centralized and decentralized actions. Hybrid exchange corporates both centralized and decentralized platforms with positive features. The wallets and the transactions are not revealed but the users will be allowed to use the available liquidity and as well as the person can use the security of a decentralized platform without revealing his identity.


Eidoo is one of the famous hybrid exchange platforms that provide debit cards for the Defi economy. Eidoo also has plans to support multiple accounts, NFT wallets, liquid wallets, and more. Approach Maticz to develop your idea for a hybrid crypto exchange platform.

P2P Exchange

The P2P exchange comes under the decentralized platform and the transaction in the P2P exchange takes place between two persons. Many p2p exchange platforms perform well in the crypto sphere. P2P exchange refers to the transaction of digital assets between two persons of equal value without any involvement of central authority. Paxful, Remitano, and Localbitcoins are famous P2P exchange platforms.

Maticz, the leading player in p2p exchange development offers readymade P2P crypto exchange platforms like Paxful clone, Remitano clone, and Localbitcoins clone for clients who wish to state p2p exchange platforms like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, etc.

Build DeFi Platform

Defi is a decentralized platform for trading digital assets such as cryptos, tokens, stablecoins, etc. Like centralized platforms having various services, Defi platforms are also designed for providing various services and it's all under a decentralized network, the platforms work without any third-person interference, and all the functions are performed and monitored with the help of smart contracts. Each Defi platform is designed and developed to perform various works.

DeFi Exchange

Defi exchange is the trending concept of 2021, Defi exchange is where the users are allowed to perform their roles in a decentralized platform under a blockchain network and these platforms use smart contracts instead of a third person to monitor and it's the reason the success of the Defi exchange platforms. PancakeSwap is the popular Defi exchange platform that runs on Binance Smart Chain it has been started as a Defi exchange and now offers various services from yield farming to NFTs. Maticz provides Defi exchange development from scratch as well as readymade software like Pancakeswap clone and Uniswap clone to launch Defi exchange platforms.

DeFi Yield Farming

Defi yield farming is the ultimate approach to earn rewards, this has brought many crypto users to the yield farming platforms. The user is allowed to swap the cryptos in exchange for tokens and the user earns the liquidity pool tokens which the user uses the tokens to stake in the liquidity pools and gain rewards from those pools. The defi yield farming concept has been integrated into various DeFi platforms as it attracts crypto users to their platforms. PancakeSwap and UniSwap are the famous DeFi platforms, and due to the crypto user's arrival, they integrated yield farming into their Dex platforms.

DeFi Staking Platform

Defi staking and yield farming come under the same concept but with a slight variation in the process of staking. LP tokens are staked in the case of yield farming whereas in staking the platforms offer staking of various cryptocurrency assets for a while. The users lock their idle crypto assets for some time and will earn an annual interest rate daily. The person will be allowed to withdraw his locked asset as well as the rewards at any time. Synthetix is one of the defi staking platforms that has locked more than $500 million worth of crypto assets. 

DeFi Aggregators

Defi Aggregator is a well-performing platform holding all the Defi-related branches under a single tree from swapping to staking. The aggregator platforms are the recent emerging platforms to attract most of the crypto users to their platform by offering various services. As most of the aggregator platforms are decentralized the platform gains more users. Zerion is one of the promising Defi aggregator platforms with 200,000+ active users as of June 2021 and has crossed $1 billion as of September 2021. Connect with the professionals of Maticz to launch your aggregator platform in the crypto sphere.

Create a Token Launchpad/Presale Platform

Launchpad is a platform to start a token journey and lift those tokens to the next level with a huge supply in the market. Launchpad is used to launch new tokens into the crypto world. The launchpad business has its market as many tokens are created and brought into the crypto sphere. Every creator will approach a platform like DXSale, to bring out their tokens into circulation. DxSale clone is one of the most famous launchpad software, which is involved in various token launches and brings many tokens into circulation. Maticz offers top-rated crypto launchpad development services with our experienced blockchain professionals to launch your launchpad platform.

Launch Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Decentralized apps are applications that run under a decentralized network. From browsing apps to payment apps that perform their roles under a decentralized network are Dapps. Several platforms are performing their work but the most efficient are the browsing sites and the Dapp games. Brave is one of the well-performing browsing apps under a decentralized network. The Dapp games were the first to perform under a decentralized network.

Maticz, the pioneer in Dapp development offers custom DApp solutions for various industries like healthcare, education, entertainment, banking, manufacturing, etc with our experienced dApp developers. 

DApp Games

Dapp games have driven the attention of gamers in recent days. Dapp games have gained popularity in the crypto sphere because of gamers. Many of the Dapp games are inspired by PokemonGo games. Many Dapps involve cryptocurrencies or similar functionalities but most of the Dapp games are developed to just play and these Dapp games offer many rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Mycryptoheroes is one of the Dapp games where you need to create a team, arm up your warriors, and battle against the other player.

Crypto Lending and Borrowing Platforms

Crypto lending and borrowing platforms are used by crypto users, where the users are allowed to borrow or lend cryptos to several users. These platforms have getting the attention of crypto users in recent days as cryptos are being legalized in many countries and used as a normal currency for every transaction in many countries, which resulted in the development of these crypto lending and borrowing platforms. Celsius is an astonishing platform that performs well in the crypto world. Maticz provides versatile blockchain development solutions with the industry's best blockchain developers to launch your crypto lending and borrowing platform now as it has a brighter future.

Start Crypto Wallet Business

Most of the apps developed within the blockchain networks require crypto wallets and the users use these crypto wallets for every transaction within the blockchain network, mostly these wallets are integrated with the decentralized platforms. Crypto wallet products will be an evergreen business idea as every user will be using a wallet to be alive in the crypto sphere. Users will not be able to make any transaction in the crypto sphere and without these crypto wallets, users cannot perform any actions in the decentralized network.

Crypto Wallet App

Crypto wallet apps are used for crypto-related transactions in the crypto sphere; these crypto wallets may also be used as third-party wallets in Defi platforms. These crypto wallets are used to earn, store, exchange, and perform numerous actions within the crypto world. Trust Wallet is one of the promising crypto wallet apps with multi-functional use and different features. These crypto wallet apps accept multiple cryptocurrencies. Maticz the pro-players in blockchain wallet development works on your ideas and develops them as a worthy platform to perform well in the crypto sphere. Thinking of a Trust wallet app then Maticz is there to develop a Trust wallet clone for you.

Crypto Wallet Extension

Crypto wallet extension is used as an extension in a browser that has attracted many crypto aspirants to use this feature available in wallets. Metamask is a well-performing crypto wallet extension used in many decentralized platforms. Because of the extension feature, the wallet is used on many platforms. Developing an extension-based crypto wallet will rule the crypto sphere. Creating a Metamask like a crypto wallet with high-security features helps the platform in securing a better position in the crypto sphere.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

The crypto wallet which has the feature of accepting and trading various cryptocurrencies will be used by most crypto users. As most of the platforms in the blockchain world will be using multiple cryptocurrencies for performing numerous actions in their platforms, developing a crypto wallet accepting several cryptocurrencies will benefit the growth of the cryptocurrency wallet. Maticz is the predominant player in crypto wallet development that has developed various crypto wallets and is successfully deployed in the crypto sphere.

Make Money with Crypto Crowdfunding - ICO/STO/IEO/IDO

Crypto crowdfunding platform is used to gather funds for the development of other crypto platforms. Tecra Space is one of the crypto crowdfunding platforms used to raise funds for various platform developments. 

(i) ICO - Initial coin offering is a process fundraising method where the startups will be raising funds by issuing tokens.

(ii) STO - Security token offering which is also used for fundraising by providing crypto tokens to the investors where the investors can use those tokens in the exchanges.

(iii) IEO - Initial exchange offering which performs the same role of fundraising but with a third party authority to neglect them fraudulently.

(iv) IDO - Initial Dex Offering and it's the same way of raising funds for the projects but the process takes place under a decentralized network with the help of smart contracts.

Build a Crypto Payment Gateway

The crypto payment gateway is used by the crypto user or by any company to accept crypto for their payments. As many countries have legalized cryptos in the past two years these payment gateways have been initiated and used by most business people. Coingate is an astonishing platform that has recent growth with nearly 300,000 active users, 1.5+ million merchant orders, and 1.7+ million transactions. Crypto payment gateways are gaining popularity with the growth of crypto. 

Kick-start NFT Business

After the launch of the Ethereum blockchain in 2014, the blockchain-related business underwent various transformations, and there comes the NFT business it has been the trend of 2021 and the NFT business will reach ultimate goals in the upcoming years and is making history in the crypto world, as of the analytics the NFT business will be the future for all kind of digital assets. The NFT business has acquired various forms here are the most promising NFT business ideas.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is one of the most well-performing platforms of the year 2021 with multiple updates in its platforms. The NFT marketplace is a digital space to list digital assets in the form of NFT and the users buy those NFTs in exchange for cryptos. The NFT may be images, art, virtual land, music, or any digital collectible. Each NFT marketplace is developed on a specific blockchain network. Most of the marketplaces are built on Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Polygon, Cardano, and Solana. Get in touch with Maticz, the leading player in NFT marketplace development to bring your NFT marketplace idea to the crypto world.


Opensea is the famous NFT marketplace with multiple features to attract users and its platform and it's the first NFT marketplace to reach out to the globe. Opensea holds the record of making billion-dollar transactions in the first half of 2021. Maticz develops NFT Marketplaces similar to Opesea with our readymade Opensea clone.  

NFT Gaming

Another promising platform is NFT gaming. NFT games became a gift to the gaming industry, after the entry of NFT gaming it has revolutionized the gaming industry with advanced features and this has attracted most gamers and many new users to the gaming industry. Axie Infinity, a battle-based NFT gaming platform became popular because of its attractive features and game exposure. The gaming industry is a promising industry that has never ended, taking its standards and technology to the next level will gain its reputation and users. Thinking of launching an NFT game then Maticz will be the sure-shot place for your NFT game development needs. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular battle-based NFT gaming platform where the users have to purchase three characters initially and it's mandatory to enter the game at present, it holds more than a thousand active users and is still growing. Maticz provides an Axie Infinity clone solution to create your own NFT game ecosystem like Axie Infinity.

NFT Minting

The NFT minting is the process of creating an NFT from its digital asset format. A digital asset whether it may be art, image, virtual land, or any digital collectivist has to be minted as NFT before it's listed in the Marketplace. All the NFT marketplace has this feature so that the user mints his art or any digital assets and lists it on the NFT marketplace for sale in the auction or open bid. Once the NFT is minted with an NFT minting software, it will have its unique metadata, and the NFTs are minted on a specific blockchain concerning the NFT marketplace.

NFT Lending and Borrowing

NFT lending and borrowing have become trending concepts in the NFT business. The platform works based on the loan concept. The borrower lists his NFT and sets the loan amount the holder needs with a specific duration and the lender gives the loan for the particular NFT and the lender can see all the information of the asset for that specific duration. After the NFT will be locked with the smart contract and once the borrower pays back all his amount the NFT will be listed back. The starter is one of the NFT lending and borrowing platforms performing well in the crypto sphere.

NFT Exchange

The NFT exchange platform where the p2p exchange takes place with NFT. A person will be allowed to swap the NFT with the other person's NFT and will be charged a small amount of transaction fee. NFT trader is one of the NFT exchange platforms performing its best with its ultimate features. The NFT trader is a decentralized platform where the peer-to-peer NFT exchange occurs. Maticz, an expert in NFT exchange development has successfully developed 50+ NFT projects for clients around the world. Get in touch with the team to develop your business idea and launch it in the real world.

Start Metaverse Platform

Metaverse is a virtual environment concept that is at the edge of booming. Metaverse comes into blockchain tech because of the futuristic features of the blockchain. Development of various metaverse platforms has been initiated. As most of the corporate giants join the Metaverse revolution all the products and services related to the metaverse get their new point of view. Metaverse started trending in 2022 and will hit the crypto world in the upcoming days. Maticz, the pro player in metaverse development will develop your metaverse platform with alluring features.


The crypto world has made many unimaginable works come into action in the crypto sphere. Maticz the leading Cryptocurrency exchange development company has developed many crypto trading platforms for entrepreneurs and startups to launch their businesses in the crypto space. Our blockchain developers work on various blockchain networks to develop numerous platforms for clients around the world as per their requirements. Connect with us now to make your crypto business idea to alive in the crypto sphere.

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A Cryptocurrency business is a business that deals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. A cryptocurrency business can come in many different shapes and sizes, from a conventional exchange where customers can buy and sell coins to a more niche enterprise like a mining operation or wallet service.

Here are the top 10 cryptocurrency business opportunities for crypto startups to consider,
1. Crypto exchange business
2. Defi platform
3. Token Launchpad platform
4. Decentralized Applications
5. Crypto Lending and Borrowing platforms
6. Crypto Wallet business
7. Crowdfunding
8. Crypto Payment Gateway
9. NFT Marketplace
10. Metaverse platform

To start a cryptocurrency business, it is essential to develop a secure and tamper-proof blockchain as the first thing. Before beginning, it is preferable to decide how many tokens will be created and how they will be distributed. Create a secure wallet to store your cryptocurrency and allow users to store, send and receive coins. You will need to set up an exchange where users can exchange their cryptocurrencies for other digital currencies. The final step is to develop a marketing plan to promote your cryptocurrency and foster a vibrant user base.

There are many benefits to the cryptocurrency business model to take into account. Because bitcoin payments can be done anywhere in the globe, regardless of location, it is the perfect form of payment for firms operating globally. Customers won't have to wait long for their payment to process because transactions can be completed in a couple of seconds. Cryptocurrencies are highly secure and decentralized which gives users greater control over their funds.

You can launch a cryptocurrency trading company. However, it's important to realize that trading cryptocurrencies carry a significant level of risk, so you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Before beginning a crypto trading business, you should learn about the various trading platforms that are accessible and familiarize yourself with the various categories of crypto assets and how they operate. It is always better to be aware of the various risks before starting a business regardless of what domain it is. 

You can start your crypto business either by creating your cryptocurrency trading platform or just by signing up for an already existing trading platform. In addition to the platform, you need to set up a wallet to store, send and receive digital cryptocurrency. 

Crypto is a profitable business. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be incredibly lucrative and beneficial, with some investors earning hundreds or even thousands of percent returns on their investments in a short period. Investors can take advantage of price swings in the market which can sometimes have the reverse result.

There are several ways to make money in the Crypto business. One can earn money through following a few ways such as investing, trading, staking and lending, mining, using crypto social media, Airdrops, and forks.

It is possible to start a Crypto company with a minimal investment such as the cost of registering a domain name and setting up a website. More complex operations may require large investments in software, hardware, and other resources. Overall, you can expect to start anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars to get started.

Starting a cryptocurrency business might take a few weeks to a few months depending on the amount of research and planning that goes into the business. It also depends on various factors, such as the kind of business, the model you intend to use, the size of the team, and the available resources.

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