Axie Infinity Clone Script

Axie Infinity Clone Script is a digital pet universe-based game where the users can purchase and take part in a war-based game similar to Axie Infinity. The Axie Infinity Clone Script is built with cutting-edge blockchain technology with user-attractive UI design and functionalities.

The Axie Infinity Clone Script is a vast game comprising plenty of characters and sequential updates that would improve the usability of its users. Each character will be bought by the users for a considerable ETH. 

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Maticz Technologies offers White Label Axie Infinity Clone Script operating over Ethereum Blockchain network that enables customization of UI design and core functionalities to meet your business requirements cent percent. We also develop Axie Infinity Clone Software operating over different blockchain networks like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Tron, etc...

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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Battle based pet breeding game inspired by Pokemon. Currently, there are 1,40,000 characters active in the game. The Axie Infinity is bound to aid the users with a considerable share of income on successful participation within the platform. The participants will be insisted to buy three characters at the initial stages mandatorily.  

What are Axies?

Axis is the mainstream element that takes part as collectibles in the platform. These Axies are described as similar to pets to the participants of the platform. Each Axie has 6 body parts and 4 Stats as their basic comprises. These comprisable distinguish one Axie from the other as the strongest and weakest.

Axie Stats

Each Axie is present with 4 basic stats that differentiate its performance in the battle mode. The stats include HP Morale Skill and Speed. These decide the type of the Axie possessed by the opponent before letting it in the battle.


The HP stat of the Axie denotes the withstand ability or its ability to tackle attacks from opponents in the battle. The HP is nothing but Axie’s Health.


Morale Stat increases the Axie's chances to make critical strikes which define the battle results. They are synonymous with Knockout strikes in games.


Skill refers to Axie's ability to use multiple cards or attributes at a stretch. These can impart extra damage to the opponent, damage is calculated based upon the type of card used for attacks.


The speed of the Axies has a direct relation with the attack modes. the Axie with the highest speed will get a ready chance to attack first.

If The Speed of Axies are the Same

If the speed of the Axies are the same then the first come first serve will be based on certain priorities that include,

  • High Speed
  • Low HP
  • High  Skill
  • High Morale
  • Low Fighter ID

This is the priority in which the attack progresses further in case of identical speeds.

Axie Body Parts

The Axies possess six body parts which when subject to upgrades can prove the Axie to be superior to its counterparts. The Axies with the most upgraded body parts can efficiently take part in the battle and overrun their counterparts in the battle. The Body parts include,

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Horn
  • Mouth 
  • Back
  • Tail

Classes of the Axies

  • Plant
  • Aqua
  • Reptile
  • Beast
  • Bug
  • Bird

Types Of Axies

Based on their modes of availability for sale, the Axies were split into two major groups that include Origin Axies which are of limited supply and the other Axie evolved from the original called the Mystic Axies which are very much scarce.

Origin Axies

These Axies were sold with the motto of improving the origin of the upcoming Axies. 4088 of these were sold during the pre-sale which also led to the creation of Axie Origin Coins.

Mystic Axies

Mystic Axies is born out of the Origin Axies which remained during the pre-sale. The Scarcity of the Mystic Axies is very well defined and maintained through the Smart Contracts. In the upcoming years, the Mystic Axies would evolve with special powers.

How to Create NFT Game like Axie Infinity?

If you are looking to build an NFT Game entirely similar in operation to that of Axie Infinity then Axie Infinity Clone will be the more ideal option. You can also build the Axie Infinity-like NFT Game from scratch. 

We Maticz Technologies the pro-player in NFT Game Development develop NFT Games on different blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Tron, Polygon, Polkadot, etc… that outfits your business requirements cent percent.

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Axie Infinity Clone

Axie Infinity Clone is an NFT-based gaming Platform executing its functionalities entirely like the Axie Infinity over the Ethereum Blockchain Network. The Axie Infinity Clone is a 100% Smart Contract Audited Software solution that comes with White Label modes that allow customization of the NFT game developed.

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How does Axie Infinity Clone Script Work?

<< Wallet Integration

<< Load wallets with ETH

<< Download Ronin wallet

<< Ronin wallets deposited with ETH through Ronin bridge

<< Axie Market purchase

<< Sign up through Metamask

<< Email and password set up

<< Get going with the game

Axie Infinity Clone Script Core Functionalities

Axie Infinity Clone Script executes core functionalities that include,


The Prime aim of the platform is to indulge in war with your counterparts. This Battle functionality refers to the act of having a battle with your opponent’s Axie.


The Land Functionality opens up further utility to the game-based assets. The actual game's homeland Lunacia is divided into tokenized plots of land functioning as shelters for the Axies. The Land can sometimes generate AXS tokens. 

Axie Breeding

Axie Breeding is the attribute promoting the up-gradation of Axies right from the purchase of the Axie as a rookie without any features, stats, body parts, and classes. The Axies Breeding will contribute to conquering multiple battles.  


AXS refers to the Axie Infinity Shards which avail the governance feature. The upcoming upgrades and add-ons are very well processed through the AXS Tokens as the basic units of transactions.


The Axies are efficiently traded off and purchased through the Marketplace. The pricing of the Axies is set through their ability to perform well in the battle and their possessions such as the stats and body parts.

Small Love Portion

Small Love Portion is nothing but an ERC20 Token which can be very well used to breed Axies. Though they do not form the Axie Governance, breeding and successful completion of tasks can lead to leveraging benefits to its users.

Why go for Axie Infinity Clone Script?

<< Ranked 86 in DApp Radar listings

<< Ranked 15 in the DApp Radar games category

<< Ranked 7th on the Ethereum based DApps

<< 879 Active users

<< 1.10k active transactions

<< 600k USD Trade volume

<< 52.391 ETH still available for trade-off

Why Choose Maticz for Axie Infinity Clone Script?

We Maticz Technologies the Credible NFT Development Company design and develop the Axie Infinity Clone Script to extend the very same usable features and in-game exposure to the very seekers of the Axie Infinity.

We design and develop the Axie Infinity Clone Script with desirables such as Recreate the user's childhood memories and dreams through combining the ideologies that ruled his/her childhood along with considerable participation of the Blockchain Network. 

We also offer White Label NFT MarketPlace Solutions like Rarible Clone, OpenSea Clone, Sorare Clone, NBA Top Shot Clone to Start NFT MarketPlace similar to Rarible. OpenSea, Sorare, NBA Top Shot, etc. Avail of the Platform with its passive income generation as well as mainstream income generation to the participants.

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