Built an alternate but stable mode of trade by building up your Cryptocurrency trading platform supporting Derivative trading. If you are thinking of building your Derivative trading platform, then Maticz can be your ideal destination.

Derivative Trading

Derivative Trading takes up the present value from the underlying assets. Derivative trading generally is a general body agreement between the buyer and the seller promoting the eased up transfer of assets in the form of collateral. The collateral here is Cryptocurrencies.

Derivative Trading Software Development

Derivative Trading Software Development refers to the process involved in building up a platform to deliver Derivative Trading to efficiently carry out the trade of Cryptocurrencies for the optimal use of participants seeking asset transfer through Derivative trading.

Derivative Trading Software

The Derivative Trading Software is a Software-driven trading Platform promoting the sell, bid, and buy of securities, contracts, and options based on the current underlying value of assets. Derivative Trading Software operates in two base modes that include Future & Perpetual modes.

The Perpetual mode is synonymous in operation with a market order (i.e) the market value is entirely dependent on the present value, while the futures contract is dependent on a contract specifying an expiration date. 

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The Derivative Trading Script is a ready-made Script designed to deliver Derivative trading services with amplified Liquidity and accessibility to a variety of available Instruments that include swaps, options, securities, and contracts promoting maturity and strike attributes. Maturity refers to the fixed time period over which the derivatives ought to be traded while the Strike refers to the fixed rates at which the Crypto derivatives have to be traded.   

Derivative Exchange Platform Development

Derivative Exchange Development involves the set of protocols that promote the derivatives to remain for a longer period of time in the Crypto transfer market, the strategies include price-period assumption, approximated actual volume of Cryptos available for Derivative Trading.    

 Assets Traded as Derivatives

Derivative trading allows the assets to be traded based on the underlying asset value only after agreeing to certain benchmark agreements that define the stable and definite value of the assets to be traded off at any time in the near as well as far future.

- Swaps




Perpetual Futures




Two modes of carrying out Derivative Trading

<< The Derivatives can be traded over an Exchange.

<<  The Derivatives can be traded directly from customer to customer.

Maturity and Strike Attribute

Derivative trading takes place in the presence of two main base processes that determine the efficient trading of assets. The base process includes,

The predefined dates to accomplish the task and the predefined rates to complete the trade.

The predefined dates to complete the task is called the Maturity of the Platform to be developed, while the predefined rates at which the assets to be sold are called the Strike attribute of the Platform. 

Derivative Trading QOS types

Based on the quality of service delivered the Derivative trading modes can be broadly differentiated into 4 categories, categories include,

<<  Forward 

<<  Futures

<<  Call

<<  Put

Derivative Trading Software - Forward Mode

This is a direct mode of trade, involving the general agreement between the buyer and seller to carry out the exchange of assets. The assets undergo direct transfer between the buyer and seller.

Derivative Trading Software - Futures Mode 

This mode is entirely synonymous in operation with the forward mode of Derivative trading.  The only difference is that the Derivatives are traded over in the Exclusive presence of an Exchange.


The call option avails access to the client to terminate the process anytime he wishes. The call option only gives access to the seller to terminate the derivative trading anytime he wishes.


The Put mode of trade is entirely similar in operation to that of the Call mode. But the termination access is provided to the buyer rather than the seller. The buyer can anyhow terminate the trade anytime he proposes.

Burnout pay

Burnout pay is the pay which the client will be able to benefit from while the beneficiary on one side obliges to terminate the trade at any instance.

When the buyer cancels out trade the seller will receive the burnout pay while the buyer will receive the burnout pay when the seller cancels the trade.

Working Process

The working of Derivative trading takes place in three different steps. The first step in carrying out the derivative trading is client matching. The platform matches the corresponding buyers with that of the sellers.

The second step is the bidding process, involving predefining the dates at which the derivative is to be traded off and predefining the rates at which the assets are to be traded off. 

On completion of the second step, the final step is executed, which calls for the successful completion of the derivative trading. 

Features of Derivative Trading Software

<< Automated Transactions

<< Leveraged Liquidity

<< Advanced order matching

<< Multi-currency Wallet 

<< Ardent Admin panel

<< Robust Trade Engine

<< Multilingual modes of access

<< Cross-platform Compliance

Automated Transactions

Derivative trading takes over involving no middlemen, the transactions are automated and takes place saving time and labor involved for carrying out the trade process.

Leveraged Liquidity

The Derivative Trading platform comes out with leveraging liquidity features that auto generates liquidity on successful completion of the trade aspects. These liquidities will largely contribute to the benefits of the participants.

Advanced order matching

The trading platform has advanced order matching that matches the corresponding buyers with that of sellers based on their requirements without much complexity.

Multi-Currency Wallet 

The platform is capable of interoperating with multiple currencies and offers compliance with recognized wallets available in the current crypto trends. This contributes to the ease of access to the participants.

Ardent Admin Panel

The platform is provided with an ardent admin panel that solves the client queries 24X7. The all-time active admin panel contributes to the scalability of the platform developed. 

Robust Trade Engine

The platform is provided with a Robust Trade engine that counts for the efficient asset management system managing the asset to be delivered to both ends after signing up a formal agreement.

Multi-lingual Modes of Access

The platform is capable of providing interoperability with multiple languages, this counts for the ease of access attribute that eases up the simpler and secured transfer of assets.

Cross-Platform Compliance

The Platform offers cross-platform compliance which increases the number of participants taking part through the use of the platform to efficiently transact their assets and secure their assets through an agreement.

Why Maticz for Crypto Derivative Trading Software Development?

We Maticz the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company have a thorough exposure to the Integrated development Environments that readily contributes to the design and development of Cryptocurrency related entities and develop the quality of service with features that remain online with the globally available solutions. The features include,

<< On-time Product delivery

<< Pre/Post platform development assistance

<< Cost-effective quality of service

<< Time-saving modes of trade

<< Active admin panel

<< Market analysis report

<< Attribute addition at its best

<< Reputed Requirement analysis

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