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Maticz the premier DeFi Development Company offers top-notch Decentralized Financial Services like crowdfunding and Insurance over the Dedicated framework.

Maticz aims to improve the usability of the DeFi-based Tron platform by building a DeFi-based Platform like the Uniontron.

UnionTron Clone 

UnionTron Clone is a DeFi-based Community Funded Platform delivering the features of the Tron-based DeFi platform like Our UnionTron Clone is an audited decentralized financial system built on the Tron Blockchain network.

Maticz's UnionTron Clone is completely a White-Label Solution: You can customize our Uniontron clone platform as per your business requirements. Book a live demo & check how our UnionTron Clone works:

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UnionTron Overview

UnionTron is a DeFi-based community funding Platform operating over the Tron Blockchain architecture exhibiting its core functionalities by accepting funding from the direct participants of the Platform.

The Uniontron is currently in trend among the Community funding Platforms offering financial services exclusively making use of the Tron Blockchain with about 4791500 TRX currently available as a trading volume.

How to Build a Community-Funded DeFi Platform like UnionTron?

To deliver the optimal features of Decentralized Finances to its target audience the Uniontron Clone can be developed in two different modes that include,

Developing the Clone Platform from scratch delivering end-to-end services of the DeFi funding platform.

The second mode involves building up a Uniontron Clone Script to deliver the funding services to the active users of the Tron-based platforms.

UnionTron Clone Script

UnionTron Clone Script is a Tron-Based Decentralized Financial System delivering features related to the highly secured community-funded platform like Our Uniontron Clone Script comes with customizable & audited Tron Smart Contracts Protocols & UI/UX designs.

The Uniontron Clone Software is a replica of the Uniontron delivering community-run Crowdfunding services along with Smart Contract powered operations and security audits are done through the experts.

Why go with Uniontron Clone Script?

Though there are ample platforms delivering the DeFi-based financial services there are certain highlighting features that promote the long-run of the Uniontron Clone Script that include,

<< Versatile Accessibility 

<< Sole Proprietorship

<< Autonomy in operations


<< Innovative Business Strategies

UnionTron Clone Script Features

The Uniontron Clone Script comes up with desirable features that establish the Clone Script as an ideal solution for the participants seeking Decentralized Financial Services over the Tron-based Smart Contract Protocol. The features include,

<< Smart Contract Powered Security

<< No Human Intervention

<< Thorough Audited Schemes

<< No Single party ownership

<< Multiple reward Scheme

<< Active Smart Contract Stats

<< Personal Stats option

<< Integrated Insurance Portal

<< Total Transaction History Menu

Uniontron Clone Working

The Uniontron Clone Script exhibits the quality of service through 4 steps that include,

<< Wallet Inclusion

<< Download Setup

<< Fund TRX

<< Integration with Uniontron Clone Script

Wallet Inclusion

The first step in building your Uniontron Clone Script is the Wallet inclusion, the participants seeking Service through the Uniontron must mandatorily enlist themselves with any one of the recognized Tron Wallets like the Tronlink.

There are two types of Tron base Wallets that exhibit the Asset handling service, the types include web browser-based wallets and application-specific wallets. Web browser wallets offer service through the browser extensions while the application-specific wallets serve the participants through the readymade application.  

Download Setup

The Second Step in building up your Uniontron Clone Script is the downloading of setup, the setup for carrying out providing funds into the DeFi platform.

Fund TRX

The Uniontron Clone Script on downloading the setup starts accepting TRX only after which the participants will be able to avail of the services of the Smart Contract-based Tron funding platform.

Integration with Uniontron Clone Script

After accepting TRX from the participants the participants will be able to get benefitted through the Rewards scheme provided by the Uniontron Clone Script.

Uniontron Clone Income Schemes

The Uniontron Clone Script allows for the income to be generated for the participants in 4 ways.

One of the four methods avails passive income while the other three Income modes are done through referral and marketing strategies.

Method 1

This method allows the rewards to be obtained on a daily basis. Every day the participants will be able to generate an income of 1% for a period of 310%.

Direct Commission Method

This method involves the rewards to be generated through the direct downlinks, the sponsor will be able to generate an income of 12% for every downlink. The Participant can have any number of downlinks.

Matching Commissions

This method allows the Sponsors to generate considerable revenue once each and every one of his downlink withdraws or obtains certain revenue.

Bonus Modes

This method readily contributes to the top performers of the platform,3% of the total revenue is added to the top sponsor’s pool. 10% of the total revenue to the pool is given to the top ten performers or depositors while the remaining 90% is provided for the future performance of the pool. 

Levels of UnionTron Payment

There are 4 levels associated with the Uniontron Clone Script,

Level 1 is provided with a minimal range of 500 TRX and a maximum range of 1,00,000 TRX, the second level ranges between 1,00,000 to 3,00,000 TRX, the third Level prolongs from 3,00,000 to 9,00,000 TRX and the final level ranges from 9,00,000 to 2,000,000 TRX. These are the minimal and maximal ranges that group different depositors into different levels based on their amount of TRX deposited.

Why Choose Maticz for Uniontron Clone Script? 

We at Maticz the credible DeFi Development Company have an in-depth analysis of the Crypto world and deliver the optimal services to the requirements of the clients. 

We deliver the Unitron Clone Script with a scalable architecture, advanced encryption protocols, business buildup strategies, and algorithms that bring about the increased number of participants making use of the Smart Contract-based Tron Blockchain Platform primarily working on the basis of the DeFi approach.

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Disclaimer: The term "UnionTron" is used to provide quick understanding to readers. Our services are not meant to brand or influence any entity.

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