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Maticz is an expert Blockchain Development Company, providing services such as wallet development, exchange development, defi solutions, investment platform development, etc. Maticz always aims at providing clients with quality products through our qualified set of developers team.

Tronex.World Overview is a global investment platform operating upon the Tron Blockchain. is a legally recognized and certified organization operating exclusively in the parts of Great Britain. Tronex is desired to deliver the benefits that are brought to the users through the usage of Tron Blockchain network architecture.

Tronex.World Clone Script Clone Script is ready to use Tron Investment Script designed to deliver the desiring features of the Our clone script is the current best performer in the market, functioning based on the decentralized Blockchain architecture.

Maticz Tronex World Clone Script comes out with impressive features that boost user experience in the field of crypto investing platforms through the totally secured Tron Smart Contract.

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Why go for Tronex.World Clone Script?

Tronex arguably had the best-performing DAPP in the industry. Over 2,600,000,000 TRX have been transacted until now, which is an excellent aspect of any available exchange script.

• Reduced enrollment fee

• Reduced risk

• Reduced manpower

• Leverage ROI

• Trustworthy Tron wallet

These are the features that contribute to the factors defining the supremacy of going with the tronex clone script.

Tronex Smart Contract:

Tronex Smart Contract allows users to make trades on their own exchange platform. Tronex smart contract aids an automated process without third-party interference. Tronex smart contract sets the right path for the investors to make their investment.

Starting up your own platform:

To start up with his own investment or exchange platform, the client needs to have a smart contract. The smart contract facility is provided by opting to build a clone version of the recognized exchange platform. We opt to build the clone version of the international best performer, The

Tronex.World Clone Clone is the Tron Blockchain-powered, readymade TRON investment platform similar to Tronex clone is designed to deliver the highlight features of the Tronex to its end users. Tronex clone is available in a readymade mode to avail the users of the features of the original version.

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Highlights of the Clone:

Triple-I scheme:

Triple I refers to Institutional-Investment-Ideology which is the key highlighting feature of our clone script. Through this scheme, investors can earn up to 0.0416% per hour. Investors on average can earn up to 1% every day.

Personal hold bonus:

A personal hold bonus is an extra added bonus, that adds up to the client on taking part with our clone platform. The personal hold bonus is based on the fact that the bonus remains a stake within the account. There will be added bonus for not withdrawing from the platform. On not withdrawing up to a period of 12 hours the client will have a bonus share of up to 0.01%. On the further decline of withdrawing funds for up to 24 hours, the client will get an estimated bonus of up to 0.1%. Personal hold bonus will range up to 5%which is its maximum share of income offered to it. 

The BOB scheme:

The BOB refers to the Bonus on Balance scheme (i.e.) the users will get a considerable amount as income if they are destined to hold a humongous amount of TRX as the balance in their current account. The client while holding a huge sum of over 1,000, 000.TRX will be able to make a further earning of 0.05%.  The maximum possible earning is subjected to the range of about 10%.

The traffic:

The traffic refers to the total amount of Tron that takes part in the trade at any instant of time.

0-2 business days:

There will be around 100,000 TRX that will be involved every 24-hour time limit.

3-6 business days:

There will be a projected estimate of about 200,000 TRX that will be involved every 24 hours time limit.

6-20 business days:

An estimated sum of 500,000 TRX will be involved for every 24-hour time limit.

20-50 business days:

An estimated sum of 1,000,000 TRX will take part in the trade every 24 hours.

Above 50 plus business days:

An estimated sum of 2,000,000 TRX will be generated as a permanent source of returns after the completion of 50 business days.

Updation of the transaction takes place every 24 hours.

Process involved:

Making deposit:

To initiate the process, making a deposit is the first step involved. Connect your link browser or the clone app and make an initial payment. The initial payment can be of any number.

ROR scheme:

The ROR refers to the Return on Referral scheme. The users can earn a passive share income by referring to others.

Track earnings:

Users can very well track the earnings including the initial amount spent on a share by the user and through his return on referral.

Withdraw request:

The user tracking the exclusive performance of his platform can opt for the withdrawal of his funds. 

Transparency: clone comes out with, an extremely stable and secure Smart Contract offering an extremely high degree of transparency. The source code of the projected smart contract is extremely un-customizable which adds up to the degree of security to the end customers.

Why Choose Maticz’s Tronex.World Clone Script?

We the Maticz, through our qualified set of developers, have opted to develop the clone version of the best in market exchange script, The The designed clone is desired to deliver the pioneer features of the original script. Its features appear to be in competition with the original script. It is essential for any white-label solution provider to come out with a clone version of

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