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Bitstamp Clone Script

Bitstamp Clone Script is a readily available software that includes all the built-in features, functionalities, and security plugins similar to Bitstamp. With the help of this white-label Bitstamp clone script, you can easily launch your crypto exchange like Bitstamp. As it is a white-label solution you can easily modify the theme, logo, and commission charges (maybe in different countries) and a few other settings based on your business requirements.

With the success rate of Bitstamp, many entrepreneurs are willing to start their crypto exchange like Bitstamp. Are you one of the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start your own Bitstamp-like crypto exchange platform? then launch your crypto exchange with a Bitstamp clone from Maticz is the perfect solution for you. 

Maticz offers turnkey Bitstamp clone software which is highly secure, and faster, and facilitates hassle-free trading of bitcoins, altcoins, and stablecoins. By using our Bitstamp clone script, business owners will be able to provide excellent access to crypto trading for both people and institutions via scheduled order execution and continuous uptime. Earn a massive user base in a short period with Maticz Technologies, we put our clients first and develop & deliver highly effective solutions at feasible prices. 

In this article, we will explore the trendiest crypto exchange clone - Bitstamp clone script, and its features, benefits, definitions, and more.,

Bitstamp - Overview

Bitstamp is one of the oldest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the fintech world. Bitstamp offers access to cryptocurrencies to more than 4 Million active users worldwide, large retail customers, but it also provides access to 5,000 institutional customers, with the inclusion of banks, dealers, family offices, and payment service providers. 

Founded - Slovenia in 2011

Founders - Damijan Merlak, Nejc Kodric

Headquarters - London, England, UK

Why Start a Crypto Exchange like Bitstamp?

Since the early days of Bitcoin, Crypto exchanges have ruled over the crypto marketplace when there was much less control over how cryptocurrencies were bought, sold, and traded. Currently, In the world of crypto, many crypto exchanges provide ample amount of benefits for their users and permit them to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You just can’t buy crypto from a bank or any investment company. Once you are ready to buy cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others., you should create an account on certain crypto exchange platforms to exchange your fiat for digit assets.

Let’s see the key statistics about cryptocurrency. 

(i) Zippia predicts By 2026, the market for globalized blockchain technology is projected to be worth $67.4 billion, growing at a CAGR of 68.4%.

(ii) The size of the Bitcoin blockchain as of January 3, 2023, is over 446 terabytes, nearly twice the size only 3 years ago. (Source: Bankrate)

Currently, the globalized market rate of every crypto exchange is drastically increasing. This shows that many entrepreneurs, business people, and startups are launching their crypto exchanges and boosting the market value of blockchain and cryptocurrency. All this successful growth is achieved by trustworthy fund security, trading speed, guaranteed trading, user-friendliness, and protection from fraudulent activities. 

Apart from that, several highlights may motivate you to initiate your crypto exchange like Bitstamp, let us examine what are those highlights.

Highlights of Bitstamp

(i) During the initial stage, Mt. Gox is the top competitor for Bitstamp. It has beaten the competition by overtaking.

(ii) During the US Expansion, Bitstamp initiated to use of BitLicense to proceed with service in the United States. (Source: theblock)

(iii) Crunchbase says Bitstamp's annual income is roughly $17.9 million. 

(iv) According to Coinmarketcap, Bitstamp’s 24-hour trade volume is $137,273,465.33.

Hope you understand why entrepreneurs prefer their crypto exchange similar to Bitstamp. 

White Label Bitstamp Clone Script

White Label Bitstamp Clone Script is a 100% bug-free and highly customizable crypto exchange platform built with cutting-edge features & functionalities and operates similarly to Bitstamp. This Bitstamp clone script assists business owners in developing a highly secure and hassle-free platform that can be customized based on each business’s requirements. Entrepreneurs and startups can make a quick and massive entry into the crypto world by adopting our White-label crypto exchange

Bitstamp Clone App

Bitstamp Clone App is a prefabricated crypto exchange application that functions similarly to Bistamp. The Bitstamp clone app contains all the features and functionalities that are compatible with all platforms like Android and iOS. This crypto exchange app will permit you to get access to the crypto exchange platform anytime and anywhere. So it will entice potential clients to your exchange platform. Because, this bitstamp clone is currently available in every people’s hands, which means they can easily access their trading via their smartphones. This Bitstamp clone app that we offer contains an admin console and user panel. Each panel has its own functionalities to make your trading quick, and easy in the most secure way for the users. 

Features of Bitstamp Clone App

Here are the impeccable features that are integrated with the Bitstamp clone app. Let’s see,

(i) Push Notification Alert

(ii) Multilingual Support

(iii) Escrow Security

(iv) In-App Authentication

(v) Subaccounts Switching

(vi) Session Logout Timing

Let’s see how the Bitstamp clone script works.

How does Bitstamp Clone Script Work?

Bitstamp clone provides the best user experience and workflow while including functionalities and security measures. Maticz takes care of the tech stack and development process to create the best solution for the business. The Bitstamp clone app features a very easy operating flow for all users to begin trading any high number of currencies. 

Users can initiate trading by signing up on the platform and submitting the necessary data about their bank details and ID verification.

They get access to e-wallets that are connected to their necessary bank details, where they can hold fiat currencies.

Traders can set a price for the coins and decide on one. Traders can connect via chatbots. Peers can agree on the price and payment method for trading. 

Features of Bitstamp Clone Script

Here are the following are more sophisticated capabilities of our Bitstamp clone Script.


Our Bitstamp Clone script platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more., which permits a seamless cryptocurrency trading experience.

Integrated Crypto Wallet

With our Bitstamp Clone, you can offer your wallet to your users, enabling them to conduct trades involving Bitcoin and other cryptos with other users of P2P Exchange platforms. 

Advanced CMS

We Maticz offer you the CMS-integrated Bitstamp clone platform that will permit you to maintain and update your business easily at any time, without the need for programming expertise.


Our Bitstamp-like cryptocurrency exchange solution extends multi-language support, permitting users to access the content in their preferred programming language. 

Easy Customization

Our white-label Bitstamp exchange clone script allows you to add or delete a trading pair of cryptocurrencies, share orders, payment choices, roll out periodic updates, and more.

Liquidity Management

With our Liquidity Management feature in the Bitstamp clone, you can properly liquidate your earnings the right way. The liquidity is not offered by foreign order books as local order books do.

Robust Trading Match Engine

With the inclusion of the Trade Matching Engine in our Bitstamp exchange script, matches buyers with suitable sellers, which makes the entire transaction simple and more effective. 

Analytics and Insights

With the help of exact data and insights on user activities into the platform, the admin or owner of the exchange platform may make decisions regarding workflow and client engagement. 

Add-ons of Bitstamp Exchange Clone 

OCO Trading

OCO trading or One-cancels-other order is defined as a pair of pending orders, that other one order is carried out, the other will be canceled.

Future Trading

This trading is included in our superior Bitstamp website clone script that permits traders to speculate on the future price of the cryptocurrency. Typically, they are used by investors as a way to lock in profits when trading in fluctuating markets.

P2P Trading

P2P Crypto Exchange Software enables you to buy and sell assets with other buyers and sellers directly. It executes in a way to match you with the right buyer or seller at the time. 

Stop Limit Order

It is an agreement to trade at a particular price when it reaches the determined stop price. There will be no transactions until the stop limit price is reached. 

Trading Bot

Integration of a Crypto trading bot helps you to collect the data it needs to work a trade based on an analysis of the trading platform also it trades cryptocurrencies at the right time.

Atomic Swap

An Atomic Swap is an agreement that allows buyers and sellers to trade tokens from various blockchains. It also permits the crypto exchange of one crypto for another without using centralized intermediates.

Benefits of Bitstamp Clone Script

- Advanced Smart Contract

- Escrow System

- Multi-Payment modes

- DEX trading

- Jail Login System

- Merchant System

- Range of Robust APIs

- Data Encryption

- Margin Trading

- Launchpad

Why Choose Maticz for Bitstamp Clone Script Solutions?

Maticz is one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchange development companies in India that has a proficient team of software developers who have vast experience in crypto projects and specific requirements like creating crypto exchanges like Bitstamp. We provide highly customizable solutions to meet your business’s necessities. If you want to integrate additional features or add other plugins such as biometrics and others, We can help you to integrate the client’s expected platform and create your crypto exchange like Bitstamp that suits their needs. 

Additionally, Maticz offers ongoing support and maintenance 24/7 for their Bitstamp clone software, assuring that this platform is always up-to-date and confirming that the platform is executed more smoothly. Connect with us and get a superlative Bitstamp clone script that enables you to benefit from our expertise and resources to create and develop a high-quality, white-label, and highly secure crypto exchange platform.

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