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In this 21st century, cryptocurrencies are ruling the digital era and that has shredded the shackles associated with conventional currency. It’s super-fast, secure, and reliable. Modern business startups like Fintech businesses are growing exponentially. Entrepreneurs are looking to make the crypto wave into revenue. So it is done by starting peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

Are you trying to hit your crypto ball out of the park? well, you are in the right place.

Maticz technologies assist you in developing your peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange website instantly. 

Wazirx Clone Script

Wazirx Clone Script is a readymade Crypto Exchange Script that enables you to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform that uses a peer-to-peer exchange business model similar to Wazirx. Simply, Wazirx Clone Script is a (Peer to Peer) P2P cryptocurrency exchange script to start your own P2P cryptocurrency exchange website like Wazirx.

Our Wazirx Clone Script is a metaphor for top-rate features and a delightful crypto exchange experience intensified with critical security levels. The intrinsic high scalability of the Wazirx clone script mentions its ability to handle lakhs of transactions and concurrent users seamlessly. 

Features of Wazirx Clone Script

• Multiple Coin 

• Real-Time Pricing

• Dispute Resolution 

• KYC/AML Verification 

• Payment Gateway Integration 

• IEO Launchpad 

• Multi-sig Wallet

• Advanced UI/UX

• Faster trading matching engine

• Basic, Advanced, Pro Trading Interfaces

• Liquidity API

• Atomic swaps

• Trading bot

WazirX Clone Script - Security Features

• Anti-phishing software

• Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) protection

• Cryptocurrency price Ticker API

• Server-Site Request Forgery(SSRF) protection

• Jail login

• Two-factor authentication

• HTTPS authentication

Wazirx Clone App

WazirX Clone App is a readymade Crypto Exchange App that helps you to make your cryptocurrency trading application easy and accessible for mobile users and it operates on all mobile platforms like Wazirx. We build Wazirx clone Apps with advanced UI/UX features that are compatible with all devices and ensure the best exchange and trading experience for traders.

With our Wazirx clone app, traders can deposit and withdraw with native currencies by tracking the cryptocurrency price minute by minute.

Features of our WazirX Clone App

• Face Login

• Advanced Security Integrations

• Push Notifications

• Instant Access to Transaction History

• Fully Encrypted Chat

• Multiple Payment Methods

• Multi-currency Wallet

Benefits of Starting a Crypto Exchange like Wazirx

Brand Identification

Trade Any Coin

Large Investment Handling


Quick Market Launch


Reduces Time and effort


Enhanced in ROI

Builds Trust

High Liquidity

Lightning Fast

How to Create a Crypto Exchange like Wazirx?

Developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch is such a big deal. But with Maticz technologies, starting a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform like WazirX from scratch is no more daunting. We provide readymade cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts that help to create clones of popular exchange websites like Wazirx, Localbitcoins, Binance, Coinbase, Remitano, and more.

By using our Wazirx clone script, you can build up your own P2P exchange platform like Wazirx. For anyone willing to launch a first-class platform like WazirX, Maticz is arguably the most trustable choice.

Our WazirX Clone Software Development Process 

Client’s Requirement Analysis - Our team of customer representatives collaborates with users to scribe down their complete requirements and sketch out the website and app vision.

Planning - Once we sketch the requirements from clients, our expert techies spill their genius to present a full-fledged action plan

Designing – In mind, Keeping the intrinsic business sensibilities of crypto, our designers harness their creativity to come up with spectacular iterations of UI design for your app.

Development - Our expert web developers bring revolutionary in-house blockchain technology into the play and code the Wazirx clone website with perfection.

Testing - The WazirX clone platform is deliberately tested with many security tools to ensure the platform is free from any vulnerabilities, disadvantages, and bugs.

Deployment - We take care of the Wazirx clone platform's comprehensive deployment into the client network and make sure that it is instantly compatible to process crypto transactions.

Support - We provide support right from ideation to post-deployment, and any modifications can be infused into their website and mobile app without a bother.

How does Our Wazirx Exchange Clone work?

Signup\Login - Users have to register into the Wazirx exchange clone platform by entering their personal information like email address, phone number, and more. Once registered; the individual wallet is created for users.

Posting Ad- Sellers have to post advertisements about their offering in terms of the exchange rate, currency type, accepted payment method, limits, etc.

Notifications - Buyers receive notifications about the selling ad and they can pick the most suitable and compatible offer that matches their needs.

Authentications - Once the buyer confirms the transfer, a chat head appears and facilitates the negotiation between the two parties.

Payment - The buyer is then prompted to pay the amount through various payment options available on the platform.

Transfer - Finally the seller confirms the transaction, and admins direct the escrows to release the requested amount of cryptos from their wallet to the user's wallet instantly.

Why Choose Maticz's WazirX Clone Script?

Developing genuine cryptocurrency exchange software for more than a decade, we certainly are deep-rooted with what we consider to be backbone crypto- the emphasis on security. That’s the main reason why we have incorporated an all-encompassing development process that includes world-class, universally acclaimed security testing techniques that establish nothing short of an impossible security level. 

Our crypto experts have analyzed thousands of exchanges to assume possible defects and constructed our WazirX clone script in such a way that it is immune to any threats and vulnerabilities. 

Technologies we use

Java Platform: Spring, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring MVC

Nodejs Platform: Expressjs , nodejs 

FrontEnd Framework: Angular, Reactjs , Vuejs

Database: Mysql, Postgresql, and MongoDB

API: REST, graphql, REST and GRPC

Architecture: Microservice 

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WazirX Clone Script is a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script that delivers the Exchange of Cryptocurrency with dynamic and desirable features like the user-friendly UI/UX and multi-currency support including both fiats as well as cryptos.

We at Maticz design and develop the WazirX Clone Script with highly scalable features like the Escrow-enabled security protocol, rapid speed trade engine, integrated payment gateways, and seamless Crypto Exchange.

Yes, WazirX Clone Script can be customized and made available to the basic requirements as suggested by the end-users for delivering the optimal operational performance to the Exchange seekers.

WazirX Clone Script is provided with a Smart Token Fund which allows for the Crypto enthusiasts to build and develop their Crypto network. This attribute allows the participants to improve their portfolio by working with experts.

WazirX Clone Script can be obtained by teaming up with experts who knew nuke and corner of the core concepts related to the Crypto Exchange queries, Maticz can make a deal in mastering Crypto Exchange through its WazirX Clone Script.

Disclaimer: The term "Wazirx" is used to provide quick understanding to readers. Our services are not meant to brand or influence any entity.

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