Taxi Apps In USA

The taxi business has made a massive transformation because of digitalization and by now multiple taxi apps are being used in the USA that gain most of the customers and revenue in the taxi business. The taxi booking app development, taxi dispatch software, and other related applications is the main reason for the rise of the taxi business in the global space. 

Best Taxi Booking Apps In USA

Here is a list of the few best taxi booking apps that are widely used by many people around the USA. There are a lot of trending taxi booking applications in the global market that work out well in their own space and region. 

1. Uber

2. Lyft

3. Wingz

4. Curb

5. Gett

6. Via

7. RideAustin

8. Strip

9. Hailo

10. Cabify

11. Easy


Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp are the founders of Uber which started its journey in the year 2009. Uber is the most used taxi booking application in the USA by many people and Uber was the first one to have a view on the modern taxi business era. Uber was the first to introduce a taxi application to book cabs that have revolutionized the taxi business as a whole. The new-age taxi business solutions were followed by everyone around the globe after the success of Uber which has made Uber stand at the top of the business till now all around the world.


Logan Green and John Zimmer are the founders of Lyft which was established in the year 2012 and the Lysft was launched to improve urban transport. Lyft is making its growth in the US market and its slow growth has made it establish its market in the country in most of the region. Lyft hasn’t expanded its market more and is focusing more on its growth in the US market and it has made its footprints into the Canadian market as well. Lyft has its own set of offers and extra benefits for its users like Uber but in a different way.


Geoff Mathieux, Jeremie Romand, Fred Gomez, and Christof Baumbach in April 2011 founded Tickengo which was then called Wingz. Next to Uber, Wingz was the next ridesharing app that got a legal license to operate its business. Wingz could get the market share like Lyft or Uber but even it is making good processes in its business. It introduces a new feature of opting out favorite drivers for their future rides which makes Wingz unique in the sector where other apps are not used to this kind of feature ever before.


Curb's founder Amos Tamam is the person behind the first credit card taxi meter in 1992 which was then called TaxiTronic. Then it merged with Verifone in 2007 and finally acquired Curb which was renamed from Taxi Magin in 2005. The acquisition of Curb by TaxiTronic led to the growth of Curb with the data of TaxiTronic and old TaxiMagic; the renamed Curb has made a significant setback in the Taxi business. Curb is also said to be the best for other services like livery cabs and independent cab owners.


Gett works a similar way to Uber and Gett makes its position strong than Uber when it comes to the UK. But in the US absolutely everyone knows Uber has its call. So where Gett differs from Uber, Gett only hails taxis not ordinary drivers like Uber. Gett was founded in the year 2010 by Dave Waiser who is also the founder of four companies and an angel investor. Gett Inc is a B2B tech platform that organizes corporate fleet, ride-hailing, taxi & limo providers. Gett is being operated in the US, UK Russia, and Israel.


Daniel Ramot founded Via with his partner Oren Shoval in the year 2012. Via is one of the popular ridesharing apps in the market and it is being loved by many taxi drivers because Via is one of the organizations that has a much lower commission when compared to Uber, In most of the cities its service fee fare is almost 10%. In the same way as Gett, it just offers the service and does not own any taxis or drivers, it just connects the passenger with the taxis.


Markus Villig is the founder of the global mobility company Bolt which was founded as Taxify in the year 2013 and then renamed Bolt as the years pass on. Villig started the business with a 5,000 euro loan to build a prototype of the app. The app makes its presence in around 100 cities across 30 countries with 25 million customers making Bolt one of the top taxi apps on the list. 

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The taxi business is one of the businesses that has seen sufficient growth in recent years. Many youngsters and businessmen have started their business journey by launching the taxi app which has let them build a business empire in the future. So, why don’t you kickstart your business journey with the RideSharing app in your region? The taxi market is growing year after year due to several factors like frequent moving population, easy access, making travel more luxurious, and making it on their own time and more.

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End Thought

Maticz is a leading Software development company that offers various software solutions to clients around the globe who work on various requirements. Maticz is powered by the minds of the young which lets us develop and present the most advanced digital platforms and software solutions to clients around the globe. We have successfully developed and launched more than 200+ projects for all clients around the globe.

There are multiple taxi apps in the global market and most of them are doing great in their own space making huge profits. You got an idea to initiate your taxi business, just a step forward to connect with the developers of Maticz and bring a futuristic taxi booking app to your business.

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