Real Estate Apps - Gateway To Property Market 

Real Estate apps are now the powerhouses of the real estate landscape with the progression in technologies. Real estate apps play a pivotal role in transforming the way we deal with selling, buying, and investing in real estate properties. They help sellers, buyers, landlords, and realtors by simplifying the property-hunting process and gaining comprehensive insights and real-time status of the dynamic real estate market. 

Real estate apps offer unparalleled convenience and accessibility to users by allowing them to explore property listings, schedule meetings, and virtual tours, and calculate mortgages.  According to reports from Global NewsWire, the global real estate software market is expected to reach $11.24 billion at a CAGR of 11.6% and is projected to reach $16.41 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 9.9%. Today the digital market is driven by automation and efficiency which has led to the proliferation of innovative real estate apps that are going to supercharge the real estate journey. 

Top 10 Real Estate Apps

The real estate landscape is advancing at a rapid pace and real estate apps will make the real estate process smooth and efficient. This blog will take you through the pool of top-tier real estate apps that cover all your hunting needs. 

1. Zillow

2. Redfin

3. Realtor

4. Trulia

5. LoopNet

6. PropStream

7. Apartments

8. Xome Auctions

9. Rocket Homes

10. DealMachine


Zillow is one of the most downloaded real estate apps that facilitates users to search for real estate listings and find homes, and apartments for sale and rent. Zillow is a US-based real estate marketplace founded in 2005 and known for extensive inventory and access to 130 million homes with MLS numbers. The app comes with a wide array of tools that simplify the home-buying process and even lets the users connect with the local realtor and stay the best in offering a seamless online experience.

Zillow won as the leading real estate app in the fast-paced real estate market owing to the ingenious features it offers such as a user-friendly interface, precise maps, 3D home tours, comprehensive property data, detailed search, and filter options, etc. The app also has a tool named Zestimate that helps estimate home value and calculate mortgage. 

Key Takeaways 

1. 130 million home listings 

2. Completely free

3. Available on Android and iOS 

4. Personal rental profile


Redfin is one of the ideal real estate apps that was launched in 2006 by Redfin the real estate brokerage firm which has its prominence in the United States. The app offers the best services for home purchases and offers the best lists of homes, condos, and townhouses for sale and rent. The app gets updated for five minutes for MLS real estate listings and facilitates users to browse photos, gain up-to-date home details, and schedule free home tours. 

Redfin comes with standout features like home search customization, filter customization, drawing custom home search radius, calculating mortgage, property tax, HOA fee, etc. The app promotes an efficient buying and selling process helping users with accurate estimates and allows investors to make informed decisions.

Key Takeaways 

1. Accurate Estimation

2. Updated MLS real estate listing every five minutes 

3. Tailored home records

4. 40+ filters


Realtor is the most trusted and award-winning real estate app in the market which is primarily designed for real estate agents, professionals, and brokers. The app stands out having tons of tools to offer customized experiences for individuals with listings sourced from 800 MLS nationwide. The app makes home search easier with various filter options like size, price, and other personal needs.

The app is packed with exclusive gallery features and a defined map facility to view neighborhood noise levels, traffic, flood, and wildfire risk. Users can take 3D virtual tours instantly, and access MLS listings with video walkthroughs, and the apps come with unique collaborative tools, an affordability calculator, and a mortgage calculator. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Partnership with the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

2. Collaborative Tools 

3. Free and available on Android and iOS 

4. Detailed Map facility to analyze noise levels, fire, flood 


Trulia is the go-to real estate app similar to Zillow founded in 2005 which helps you find the perfect home of your dreams. Trulia has over one million listings received from various brokers, agents, and multiple listing services. The app is designed to search your home based on your lifestyle and neighborhood offering 33 neighborhood map overlays, 30M+ neighborhood reviews, and virtual neighborhood tours. 

The app remains the best option for home searches owing to inclusive features like search customization tools, custom keyword search, real-time alerts, open homes scheduling tools, and affordability calculators. The app also offers key rental features like i-click requests, easy-find apartments, and condos, and filters by transit and pets. 

Key Takeaways 

1. 1M+ real-time MLS listings

2. Pre-qualified financing

3. 33 neighborhood map overlays & 30M+ neighborhood reviews

4. Open Homes Scheduling Tool


LoopNet is the best commercial real estate app that helps entrepreneurs, and investors find their property for investment. The app is solely for commercial purposes and lists commercial properties at any address in North America for various types like multi-family, industrial, and retail. The app focuses on driving maximum exposure and helps investors and tenants connect with the next prospect faster by spending less time. 

The app offers an intuitive search filter to find properties based on your preferences like price, size, building space, year built, capitalization rate, etc. The LoopNet apps come with unique features such as monitoring favorite properties, instant connections, search customization, review listings, and alerts for matching listings. The app earns revenue from various streams through commissions, listing fees, and advertising fees. 

Key Takeaways 

1. 345 Million minutes spent virtual touring 

2. 357,000 brokers and owners marketing their listings

3. 97% of Fortune 1000 companies are active

4. 305 Million Visits 


Propstream is a leading real estate software that offers a mobile app for real estate agents, brokers, and realtors with a wide set of tools to gain accurate and real-time real estate data. The app helps entrepreneurs get started with real estate business and find real estate investments. It aids real estate professionals in generating targeted quality leads, searching for properties, and helping in growing the real estate business. 

PropStream offers comprehensive features like nationwide MLS, multiple search options, in-depth property details, geolocate properties, customized reports, driving-for-dollars property, etc. The nationwide property data of propStream gives access to a database of over 155 million properties. The app also has advanced filter drawing tools and a rehab estimator tool to estimate rehab costs. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Access REI data for 155 million properties

2. Skip trace and send postcards while driving

3. Built-in marketing

4. In-depth property details


Apartments are one of the best apps that renters rely on to find, and list apartments, townhomes, condos, and houses for rent and lease. The app is best for real estate owners and agents as it helps maximize the exposure for the listings and generate quality leads. It helps in accepting online applicants, generating leases, and conveniently collecting rent payments. 

Through the apartment app finding a home has become more comfortable with the compelling features it provides to the users. The app has smart search filters, personalization to the renting experience, search homes with high-resolution photos, HD videos, 3D walkthroughs, real-time alerts, connect instantly, etc. The app generates revenue through advertising fees and applicant fees which may cost around $29 for 10 applicants in a month. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Access to a large inventory of properties

2. In-depth filters and smart search

3. Best advertising campaigns for real estate owners

4. Manage residents and organize expenses 

Xome Auctions 

Xome Auctions is a great app for finding and buying homes through auctions which was developed by Xome Inc. Xome is the largest nationwide selection of REO and comprises short sale, foreclosure, and luxury properties for auction. The app lets sellers and buyers easily navigate the real estate market by giving full control to search, discover, bid, and win properties. 

The app lets landlords and homeowners conduct business anywhere with a signal and also offers exclusive features. Some of the standout features of the app are pre-auction, contract e-signing, neighborhood statistics, search filters and parameters, and property data like price, beds, square feet, and baths. 

Key Takeaways 

1. E-signing capability for contracts 

2. Pre-auction feature to bid early 

3. Large database of auction properties 

4. Favorite searches

Rocket Homes

Rocket Homes is an excellent app to search real estate, and homes and finance them based on your lifestyle and criteria. The app offers the simplest and most seamless home buying and selling experience that fits best your needs. Rocket Homes has a partnership with Transunion to provide free credit reports and credit scores to ensure you are on the right track for a home search. The app helps to finance your property by connecting with Rocket Mortgage which offers the best financing options. 

Rocket Homes’ notable features are progressive home search, verified home selling resources, a home affordability calculator, a score simulator, a free TransUnion credit report, and monitoring reports. The aids the users to take a virtual tour and in-person tour with the best real estate agent who has a 96% client satisfaction rating and gives real-time updates about the neighborhood. 

Key Takeaways 

1. Financing options with Rocket Mortgage 

2. Connect with high-rated real estate agents

3. Free Transunion credit report and score

4. Home affordability calculator 


DealMachine is one of the real estate apps for investors who are striving to achieve financial freedom through real estate. The app helps users and investors to acquire real estate properties and invest in them. DealMachine is an all-in-one app that helps investors easily find, connect, and close profitable deals. The app brings a new dimension to the real estate approach through AI real estate assistants to cover all your needs.  

The key features that make the deal machine stand out are the drive for dollars, list builder, affordable skip tracing, personalized mail marketing, GPS directions, etc. The app also allows the users to easily access property comparables, analyze market trends, and access up-to-date information that helps in making informed decisions that maximize investments. 

Key Takeaways

1. Driving for dollars

2. 150 million opportunities

3. AI real estate assistant

4. List builder and personalized mail marketing

How To Choose The Best Real Estate App? 

In this tech-driven real estate world, the process of finding and acquiring your dream real estate property and investment is simplified. Let's uncover some of the key factors that help you to find you perfect real estate app that resonates with your needs and criteria.  

Extensive Property Listings

A perfect real estate app must hold the best and and wide range of property listings, comprising apartments, houses, condos, etc catering to various needs and preferences. Individuals and investors can opt for a property that aligns perfectly with their needs. 

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy plays a key role when choosing a real estate app as it creates a major impact on user experience and trust. The app should provide accurate insights into the real estate property like price, property history, specific features, market status, and information about the neighborhood. 


Budget is one of the important factors when it comes to choosing the best real estate app. Some apps come for free, some are based on subscriptions and freemium apps. Ultimately, one can choose the app that stands with your budget and preferences. 

User Review and Ratings

User reviews and ratings are critical when selecting the right real estate app they help in gaining genuine feedback about the app based on parameters like app quality, accessibility, convenience, and other updates. 

Exclusive Features 

Real estate apps developed with unique and innovative features will always enhance user performance and retain users. So when selecting the app make sure it comprises features such as advanced filter options, property history, real-time data, etc. 

Customer Support

An ideal real estate app requires a sound customer support system to make the app experience seamless and efficient. This helps in bringing valuable customers and builds the trust of the app in the market. 

Real Estate App - Frequently Asked Questions 

What are real estate apps? 

Real estate apps are mobile applications that are designed to fulfill all real estate needs such as property search, selling, buying, and renting real estate properties. These apps serve property buyers, investors, and realtors to engage in the real estate market at their convenience. 

How do real estate apps make money? 

Real estate apps monetize by following various strategies such as app types like a subscription model and a freemium model, monthly commissions from real estate agents and brokers, in-app advertisements for third parties, and conducting affiliate programs.    

Why does a real estate agent need a mobile app? 

The real estate apps help real estate agents by easing the property listing and buying processes, scheduling meetings with the clients, and creating campaigns to generate potential leads and sales to maintain a competitive edge in the real estate landscape. 

How do real estate apps work?

The following steps will take you through how a real estate app works for tenants. 

1. The initial step starts with the registration process and property search from the property listings based on various filters location, size, price, etc.

2. Based on the property listings users can add the properties aligned with their preferences to the favorites list. 

3. The users can connect with local real estate agents by scheduling in-person meetings to inquire more information about the property.  

4. The users can estimate and calculate the property finances using the mortgage calculator and affordability calculator. 

5. Once the users choose their dream property they can sign and receive the rental agreement from the property owners. 

Which is the best real estate app? 

Determining the best real estate app might be challenging as every app differs based on several factors and parameters. One can analyze these parameters and choose the best app that resonates with their specific needs. Some of the widely used and popular real estate apps are Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Redfin, Apartments, etc. 

Final Words

The real estate market is dynamic and is transcending beyond the traditional real estate approach with the emergence of real estate apps. These are serving as the extraordinary gateway to access real estate needs at the palm of our hands. Real estate apps pave the path for anyone who wishes to purchase their dream property or start real estate investments with precise insights about the real estate market. 

We hope this blog finds you well with the best real estate apps in 2024 that offer you a breathtaking real estate journey. If you are seeking to simplify property search you are at the right destination. Maticz is the leading player in real estate app development specializing in designing and crafting cutting-edge real estate apps that bring the absolute way to real estate success. 

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