Recently, the gaming industry has changed a lot because of the evaluation of Web3 and Blockchain. This evaluation has brought a lot more innovative gaming models, Move-to-Earn Games, Play-to-Earn games, and much more. The adoption of blockchain technology will significantly improve the user's gaming experience, which will attract a lot more gamers to blockchain gaming.

Did you know, according to the DAppradar report, blockchain gaming activity witnessed a growth of 2000% in the year 2024 compared to 2023? That's how the blockchain-based game gained its user base in the past year. Play to Earn plays a major role in achieving this huge milestone. 

What is a Play to Earn Game?

As the name implies, the play-to-earn game lets the user earn assets that have real-world value by playing games. The assets may either be Cryptocurrency or NFT, with the assets that players earn in the game that can be used to do their in-game purchases like costumes and weapons to upgrade their avatars, or the user can sell their assets in a marketplace and get real cash.

Because of its innovative gaming model, gamers begin to start marching towards play-to-earn games, which results in play-to-earn games becoming the driving force behind Blockchain Games, and the below statistics will prove why P2E games are the driving force behind blockchain games.

Interesting Stats and Facts about Play to Earn Games

The report by MarketWatch shows how play-to-earn NFT games have expanded. The global play-to-earn NFT games market was valued at USD 3292.73 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 17.93% during the forecast period, reaching USD 8856.95 million by 2028.

According to BeInCrypto Axie Infinity (AXE) is the most popular and profitable crypto play-to-earn game project with 300k active players and an average daily trading volume of 50.1M 

Axie Infinity holds an average of two million monthly players for eight consecutive months from Oct 2021 to May 2023. As per the news.bitcoin report

Decentraland mana takes over the axle infinity in play to earn token market cap, where MANA is 1.02B USD and axis infinity is 909M USD according to the CoinMarketCap report.

Best Play To Earn Games of 2024

Let's look at some of the most popular play-to-earn games that people enjoy playing.

1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained was founded by James and Robbie Ferguson. This brother intended to launch their first multiplayer blockchain game, which went into development in 2018 and launched its beta in 2019. Gods Unchained is built on an immutable x, which is a layer 2 blockchain built by a leading crypto gaming studio - immutable.

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular play-to-earn tactical card games on the blockchain, which has 52 million worth of cards already being exchanged by the users, and it has over 450000 registered players despite only being in beta, claimed by immutable itself.

Ranking defines who wins the game, and the card can be brought from the other player or by winning in PVP matches. These tactical card games focus more on abilities and strategies than luck, and these cards can be exchanged on any native or public market. 

2. Axie Infinity 

Without even a second thought, Axie Infinity is the most played and liked play-to-earn game among global users. Axie Infinity was launched in 2018 by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese tech start-up which is inspired by Pokemon, Axie Infinity is a metaverse play-to-earn game model in which each character has a unique power in a game.

AXS is a native token that is used by Axie Infinity, and SLP (Smooth Love Potion) is used for breeding their axies and lending their axies to other users and earn a token, or they can search for the treasury or fight with Axies can also earn a token that has an in-game value. And these axies can be resold and they can also be used to earn incentives by playing. 

3. Decentraland 

The virtual world that built on an Ethereum blockchain where you can Play to earn NFTs plots of land can also be sold as NFTs and all sorts of companies are opening their stores within the decentralized world. for example, well-known brands like Samsung, and Nike open their store in this virtual world

You can buy a Decentraland by buying a MANA token and it can be sold when the price increases or you can buy land which is represented by an NFT plot, and you can sell it at any time when the price goes up for the land. Users can earn money in a casino by owning a plot of land, as a casino NFT owner you can earn a community and make money.

You can also host a Metaverse Casino Game which is similar to a dealer you need to interact with the clients, not only that people can also make money by advertising, planning events, and charging people for their service is also a part of the Decentraland ecosystem.

4. Alien World

The Alien World contains six worlds, and each world contains 500 plots of land. Alien World is a decentralized sci-fi play-to-earn game that uses Binance smart chain, WAX, and Ethereum as its network. When you start playing the game, you start to play the role of a space explorer in alien worlds. 

Mining minerals from the world will represent the game version of cryptocurrency; alien worlds use trillium (TLM) as their cryptocurrency; the player needs to hunt down the alien coins, which you can swap or change into NFT of various planets. Players can mine the TLM token or compete against other explorers and also profit from real estate, and if the explorers mine the land you own, you will get your share from the profits. 

5. The Sandbox

One of the best P2E blockchain games for creative people is the Sandbox. the sandbox is built as an Ethereum-based open-world game this is the most popular GameFi crypto project.

In Sandbox, you can create and design a game, construct your world, and organize advertisements in the social center. All of this can be sold for good profits. For example, you can create a game and charge people to play it. The land is the most valuable resource in the sandbox; each land is an NFT that symbolizes virtual land ownership. The player can also create their unique location and rent their land to other users. This is why Sandbox became more popular among users by giving the whole control over the game.

6. Splinterland

Splinterlands is a P2E NFT-based card game that operates in the HIVE blockchain. this card game is formerly known as Streem Monsters. when you start playing the game, it provides fewer cards. by winning the additional round with the competitor you can earn more cards. it can also be expanded by combining two or more of the same care and you can level up

Dark energy crystals (DEC) are obtained through winning fights selling cards or engaging in other activities. DEC is mostly obtained by winning fights. DEC is awarded according to your level and your opponent's level. Splinterlands is available on both Android and iOS devices, and you can even play it on a PC.

7. PirateXpirate

PirateXpirate is a play-to-earn NFT adventure game it is a strategy-based game built on the blockchain. you need to recruit your crew, build your fleet, and develop your complete strategies before going into battle with other pirates for money. 

The size of the ship matches the talents of your crew smaller ships can be typically used to employ for the tasks and these tasks can be easier done in returns, but you receive a small amount in return on the other hand largest ship is used for battles and you will get paid well.

8. Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a kind of blockchain-based puzzle game that will give you an RPG kind of game feel. and there are more than 300 blockchain cards available in the game, compatible with Ethereum and Klaytn these cards can also be purchased using crypto tokens at the in-game shop.

You start playing the game with a four-card desk you need to eliminate the opponent before they shoot you in this gameplay, spell plays a major role because each spell has its unique ability which can heal you and protect your card as well as boost the amount of damage to the opponent, to get a strong card upgrade to their higher level or then fuse two copies of the card.

9. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a rich metaverse game that redefines the play-to-earn games space because of its gameplay it is built into a Solana Blockchain network so, it uses an SOL token to process the transaction and track NFTs. The players can make money by buying and selling items in a marketplace.

Star Altas is a multiplayer game there are three primary groups has developed like extraterrestrial species, sentient robots, and humans, and this game has built-in deflationary mechanics that are used to produce and destroy objects for example when you lose your combat with the opponent you will lose the spaceship which is an NFT that is destroyed and burned if you win you will be rewarded more generously.

10. RobotEra

RobotEra is a new play-to-earn crypto game created to improve the key aspects of the game sandbox and it was launched in November 2022 even in the presale is get huge attraction among the user TARO as their native token that is used to buy their in-game purchases.

There is no technical limitation to building on the RobotEra Metaverse. according to the whitepaper that robotera releases, players can connect to other worlds they can open theme parks and attractions, and even participate in every concert this game enables players to enjoy companionship between players by building robots to explore various places and locations (By allowing robots to explore a variety of locations, the game allows players to enjoy companionship).

Why Choose Maticz As Your Technical Partner?

Maticz is a prominent Play-to-Earn Game Development Company with highly qualified professionals. Our vision-driven service is to create a unique and feature-rich play-to-earn game for the competitive gaming industry and an eye-catching game for gamers that meets user expectations with an immersive user experience.

To achieve a successful outcome for your gaming platform, our blockchain experts will evaluate every potential outcome, and we will ensure that your gaming platform will stand out from any other gaming platform. Our developers use cutting-edge technology to deliver a quality outcome for your project. Maticz is a leading Game development company that can be your trusted technical partner to bring your vision into a potential gaming platform.

Future of Play to Earn Games

Will there be any future for playing to earn games? This is the most common question for the business person and the answer to this question is a big yes. According to experts, play-to-earn games are going to be the future of the gaming industry and most users show interest in P2E games because of their gaming model, which allows gamers to earn money just by playing games.

Every month the user base of play to earn games getting bigger and bigger, according to the report that Statista released the Q4 of the year 2022 Alien World has 690K active users, Splinter Lands has 320K active users, and Axie Infinity with 122K active users, which are higher than the Q3.

Play to Earn has the potential to reshape the gaming industry. P2E games with Metaverse, NFT, and crypto compatibility always have a huge demand among gamers. Not only play-to-earn web3 lifestyle applications are also attracting users like a magnet such as Gamefi and Stepn Game the most successful and popular move-to-earn games, which are loved by many users.

Blockchain-based Play-to-Earn games will be the future of the gaming industry because of the huge adoption of blockchain games. Developing a play-to-earn game model is a win-win for creators and gamers.

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